Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The slogan for the Anthony Testaverde Campaign for City Council must be “Better Late Than Never” — Equally valid would be the old adage that Testaverde's Campaign is “A day late and a pound short !”

Under-scheduled and relatively underfunded, things have gone so far down a wrong path with Testaverde’s Campaign that only a large dose of heavy lifting by State Senator Martin Golden and Golden's  A-list of campaigners and supporters can help make Testaverde’s candidacy look respectable 

One of the early surprises of the 2013 election cycle was that a motivated Anthony Testaverde was going to go all out in a campaign for City Council in the 46th Council District  —   A campaign by one of State Senator Martin Golden’s key operatives running in a district that contained much of Golden’s bedrock stronghold looked like something that could be possible or even formidable  —   That just hasn’t panned out so far.

Between a hopeful roll-out at the end of May and the third week of October was a completely enervating summer primary campaign that still has Republicans in the southern tier at each others’ throats; and the Anthony Testaverde Campaign down on the canvas wondering what has hit it. Even if Anthony Testaverde isn’t himself completely debilitated as a candidate, his City Council campaign apparatus certainly does appear to be so.

The fundraising appears to have been just okay with a little over $10,500 in donations reported to the New York City Campaign Finance Board.  However, even with 6:1 matching funds this level of financing would seem inadequate against an established Democrat like Assemblyman Alan Maisel, who won his primary with sixty percent (60%) of the vote, and who has raised over $80,000 to date, with cash still available for a full-scale run against Testaverde.

At this very late date, the latest news from the Testaverde Campaign is that a handful of  “volunteers” showed up at his storefront yesterday evening “for a planning meeting!”  It was only last week that Testaverde even opened his  “new store front at 2702 Gerritsen Avenue” where he asks that people come by “...to volunteer, pick up lawn signs or just say hello.” Meanwhile, it looks like the biggest thing planned by the Anthony Testaverde team is an October 27th Halloween Party.

With under two weeks until election day, there should be a raft of events planned along with the Lhota and Hynes campaigns, both of whom should running strong races inside the 46th Council District; and Testaverde’s boss State Senator Golden needs to do the heavy lifting for all of them, especially for his own staff member. The only thing that stands between Anthony Testaverde and complete humiliation is an all out blitz for Testaverde by his boss Marty Golden, together with a full-fledged unified campaign along with Joe Lhota for Mayor and Charles “Joe” Hynes for DA.


Anonymous said...

The Republican with the best chance is Starobin.
He has Rep,Con & Ind line.
Dems split with WFP & write in.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Testaverde the idiot who recruited a convicted felon, out on bail for sexual assault, to run for City Council four years ago?

Anonymous said...

Was that only four years ago ? It seems so much longer.... So much has happened between then and now.

George Smith wasn't it ? Actually, a fellow quite close to Mr. Testaverde. They knew each other a very long time. A while back the "Office" where Testaverde worked even did a "favor" for Smith involving calling a City agency to arrange for a franchise or contract or permit for Smith --- something to do with the Parks Department, I think. I don't know if the main "officer" in Testaverde's place of employment might have made calls himself, but some people might be looking into it.

btw, in addition to the "priors" -- Smith had pending charges when Mr. T was pushing him for a run for the City Council. If you don't believe me -- look it up, it was in all the local papers.

Anonymous said...

Testaverde is very close with Eaton, it's just as much on him to make sure Anthony's campaign isn't a complete embarrassment! God forbid this chairman lift a finger to help ANYBODY this election season besides Cats. The county fight is over, he won - congrats, now do something, somewhere for at least one GOP candidate.

Galewyn Massey said...

"The county fight is over..." --- are you on drugs ! ! !

I am working on a post on how the Golden faction and its members are still fighting --- after the primary --- after the convention --- on the 2013 campaign trail. The most recent example was the Burnett-Grimm appearance at 86th Street and Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge.

"Testaverde is very close with Eaton..." sort of like Iago was with Othello ?

Anonymous said...

Testaverde is close to Eaton so he can report back to his real Master, the Golden One.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:12 - you are an idiot, you obviously seem extremely out of the loop and do not follow anything going on on this blog. Did you not hear about the lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

>>>“volunteers” showed up at his storefront yesterday evening “for a planning meeting!”

>>> what are they planning a Christmas.Hannuka Party?

>>>Less than two weeks less until election day >>>Less than two weeks

Anonymous said...

Has anyone forgotten that it was Testaverde who was the person who would have been BOE Commissioner, prior to Golden engaging in his behind the scense back door politics...and then Testaverde has his family vote against Eaton for County Chair....what a stab in the back that was........I guess Testaverde was hedging his bet, and lost big time...why would anyone in the Brooklyn GOP want to help a man who did something like this?

And as for the Republicans for Change - they just had another loss in a string of losses....they filed a Spec to defeat the Certificate filed to fill vacancies in County Committee - this is their way of sayng to these 63 republicans that we DONT WANT YOU. This makes me want to just scream that a Republican State Senator keeps attacking republicans. First the Chairman, then the BOE Employees who support him, then the District Leaders who support him, and now County Commitee Members who want to be part of the Republican Party. When will this all end Gale, it makes me want to SCREAM like Timmy Hot Dog Cochrane.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of the County Committee members that Golden et al. are trying to throw out of the Republican Party are black or Jewish and live in the 43rd Assembly District.

They were not placed on the County Committee because of an administrative error with their cover sheet. Their District Leader, Stuart Balberg, oversaw the collection of more than enough signatures for these ethnic Republicans to be qualified to be part of our party's County Committee but I guess that isn't the type of "change" that Republicans for Change and Senator Marty Golden want.

2014 can't come soon enough.

And primaries are healthy for the party....

Anonymous said...

Marty has Testaverde, Annarumo, and Nocera on his side. How can this go badly?

PS- I heard Peter Cipriano is in "no-man's land." He is stuck between a rock (BK GOP) and a corrupt place (BK Cons).

Anonymous said...

Testaverde is another fat peice of work, along with Kassar, Marty and Nocera. Can't you picture these little elves in Marty's fifth avenue office devising plans against the Brooklyn GOP? I sure can.