Monday, October 28, 2019

Ian Walsh Reilly's lawsuit against State Senator Gounardes will be the gift that keeps on giving for the Dems and their candidates in 2020

Doormen need to be able to open doors,  and occasionally maybe hail a cab  ---  only a lunatic fringe would select a marginal somebody, like such a doorman, to run a major Republican Club in the old Silk Stocking District of Manhattan   

Now, any Republican candidate running in Brooklyn in 2020 will suffer the fallout of a very public conniption fit by an obviously unhinged doorman 

In an obvious blunder of mammoth proportions,  Ricki-Ticki-Reilly has gone off on a toot  ---  He and some Canal Street area shyster named Dennis Houdek decided that they will try to sue a Democrat State Senator,  several of his supporters, and a couple of Democrat affiliated organizations in Bay Ridge,  Brooklyn for something that was clearly fair comment and constitutionally protected free speech  ---  Furthermore,  what was said might have hurt the professional doorholder's feelings, but none of it caused him any damage whatsoever

What it comes down to is that some of Bay Ridge's leading politically active citizens expressed their outrage at Reilly for being a willing acolyte for an Alt-Right bunch of thugs and street hooligans called the "Proud Boys,"  who used an opportunity provided to them by Reilly to break some heads in front of the Metropolitan Republican Club.

This guy Reilly is an example of everything that is now very wrong with the GOP in NYC in general, and the Brooklyn GOP in particular.  This clown Reilly had a close association with both former State Senator Marty Golden and Golden's Chief of Staff Jerry Kassar,  who is now the NYS Conservative Party Chairman.

Reilly's patently frivolous, vexatious,  and ill-considered  lawsuit might well allow an in depth inquiry into many of the more outrageous things that Golden's staff,  on which Ian Walsh Reilly had served,  and  the Golden-Ghorra faction of the Brooklyn GOP have been up to these last couple of years.....

Monday, October 14, 2019

Christine and Liam's Wedding --- a social success that underlined the power couple's continuing political clout

Liam was dapper and Christine lovely at their very proper, yet quite trendy affair at the Liberty Warehouse at the end of Conover Street in Red Hook  ---  the Statue of Liberty, Governor's Island, Lower Manhattan at sunset --- perfect.....

And the politicos on hand were a Who's Who of the newest generation of GOP and Conservative Party types from Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan and the rest of the metropolitan area  ---  with a good smattering of another generation of "oldtimers"

Virtually the whole Malliotakis team,  including everybody from the candidate herself to its newest members,  were working the room hard  ---  as much to wish Liam and Christine well as talk up their good, bad or indifferent campaign for congress in Staten Island and Southwest Brooklyn

This wasn't a "football wedding" at the Sheridan K of C,  your run of the mill catered affair at the Bay Ridge Manor, or even something like they might throw in what's left of the Dyker-Bensonhurst catering palaces.....   It was classy, glitzy and trendy;  and it was very much downtown and "New Brooklyn".....

Christine's dress was something that moved many of those traditionalists present,  especially the women.....  Her bare shouldered silky sheath dress, with its complex crystal halter were the perfect dynamite look for the church wedding and evening reception.

Liam was in his glory, as he looked like Cary Grant,  Sean Connery,  Bradley Cooper and  Hugh Jackman rolled into one in his classic dinner jacket tux.

Even though the wedding event was social and sociable,  when it comes to a couple like Christine and Liam,  politics is never far away;  and last Thursday night was no exception. So many of the toasts and testimonials were about who met whom during what campaign,  the non-political folks in the large crowd must have felt out of place,  or at least in the dark.

The room was full of the latest generation of conservative Republican movers and shakers, as well as by-now-old-timers like Jerry K. and  Fran V-M;  and they were all there to celebrate Liam  and Christine.  The love and affection were real.

Although there were some soto voce "comments" here and there about some past screw-ups of this, that or the other;  but none of it could diminish the fact that it was Christine and Liam's night.  More than once in the evening, during very animated conversations,  Liam McCabe all but burst out singing Stephen Sondheim's  "I'M STILL HERE"..... 

Based on what was obvious last Thursday night, he's right;  and Christine is right there by his side. It is clearly a very formidable "two for the price of one" team in Brooklyn GOP and Conservative Party politics going forward.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Saladino Tweets a devastating anti-Malliotakis clip --- Where Nicole repeatedly slams Trump

"Joey Salads" has the goods to win the GOP primary  ---  or at least make sure that Nicole Malliotakis loses

It's simple, it's straightforward,  it's accessible,  it's on Joseph Saladino's Twitter site  

Joey Salads has zeroed in on our oh so lovely Greek goddess' Achilles Heel  ---  her convoluted square dance of non-support-support for President Trump. If the clip that was worth a MILLION words wasn't clear enough for some in NY's 11th CD,  then he had these tidbits to chew on:

"This is my NEVER-TRUMP RINO Primary opponent. Staten Island is Pro-Trump. This will be an easy Primary Win!" ---3:16 PM - 4 Oct 2019

and then this:
"Share this with all your Staten Island Friends and Family, Nicole Malliotakis is a NEVER TRUMPER!" ---3:18 PM - 8 Oct 2019

Take a look;  it makes one wonder how Nicole M. moved from her strong anti-Trump stand,  where she couldn't think of anything good that he'd accomplished,  to her current position of strong support for President Trump..... (See  "This is my NEVER-TRUMP RINO Primary Opponent" 10/4/19, Saladino for Congress Twitter Site  []).

The hornets nest of replies for and against Joey Salads' Tweet shows what this primary fight will be all about   >>>   all ad hominem,  all the time.....

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Are the wheels coming off any campaign for Nicole Molly O'bupkis ???

What do you think when you read something like this:

"....  Malliotakis – a vocal opponent of President Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda – is trying to be the Republican Congressional candidate for the 11th District in New York to take on incumbent Rep. Max Rose in next year’s general election. Her campaign has failed to gain momentum in its early stages, and now it is in jeopardy of falling apart due to this bribery scandal...."

                      --- by Joshua Finkelberg from "The Schpiel"

That's just one of the multiple stories about Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis' staff-challenged operation of late (See:  "Putz:  Malliotakis Congressional Campaign in Shambles as Campaign's Mob Ties are Revealed  --  Her Primary Opponent, Joey "Salads" is Now the Candidate to Beat"  by Joshua Finkelberg,  10/4/19   []).

In case you missed it, one of Nicoles' most recent staff hires,  is widely reported to have been arrested and turned out looking a little "mobbed up."  It's all because of a federal probe of  local mob operations to fix NCAA basketball games.....

Nicole "M" (no relation to the "M" in the James Bond) quickly threw her latest staff guy,  Benjamin Bifalco,  under the buss  ---  leaving everybody to question why he was even on her bus in the first place.....

Nicole's Republican Primary opponent,  Joseph Saladino,  aka "Joey Salads,"  was quick to make hay while the sun was still shining.  He was quoted as saying:  “This is just another item in the long list of her political history that makes her unqualified to hold a political office, especially in the House of Representatives....”

Hasn't Nicole heard of "vetting" potential staff hires ? ---  Or was she >>>told<<< to hire this jamoke  ??  ---  Or is it all Greek to her ???

Don't that beat all.  Yuh, just can't make this stuff up !!!