Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I've been out of town for a while.....

I've been with the spring-breakers, throwing caution to the wind, and risking the health and well-being of my friends and neighbors by cavorting on the beach in Florida and eating in restaurants all the time  ---  until, for some stupid reason, everything was shut down several days ago

I'm glad that President Trump will have it all back to normal in a couple of weeks  ---  possibly three at the most.....

Actually, I'm  holed-up in my well-appointed beachside bunker,  not unlike the Webber family in the movie "Blast from the Past."

If only I could find my collection of baseball cards  ---  I need to send my granddaughter out to barter for some toilet paper.....

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

During times like these, nothing will do like a song

Relax, it'll be short 

....   [All] 
A new GOP'S near, the knots of the old one untied
A new GOP's near, the voice of the people
Cannot be, and must not be denied

How annoying they can have an election to fight for their cause

Inconvenient, our needing to get a majority  ---  
If normal methods of persuasion fail to win us applause
There are other ways of maintaining authority

A new GOP's near, the chains on the voters'll be pried

A new GOP's near, the voice of the people 
Cannot be, and will not be, and must not be denied...."



Okay  ---  Relax, it'll be short  ---  and sweet  ---  Realistic ???  Eh !!!

"....  Dream, when you're feeling blue
Dream, that's the thing to do
Just watch the smoke rings rise in the air
You'll find your share of memories there

So dream when the day is through

Dream, and they might come true
Things never are as bad as they seem
So ---  Dream, dream, dream...."

[I didn't cue Sinatra, because I like Orbison's better;  I didn't cue Orbison, because there are still too many red sauce eaters in the Brooklyn GOP,  and I didn't want to bust their shoes]

Saturday, March 7, 2020

After Vito Bruno, the Brooklyn GOP and the Brooklyn Conservative Party need to be jointly declared as a "Superfund Site"

Bruno is worse pollution than the Gowanus Canal, Newtown Creek and the Coney Island Creek combined

Forget about Vito as a "Dumpster Fire"  ---   Think back to when the New Jersey Meadow Lands dump was burning for weeks and months at a time ---  that's a lot closer to what this is 

Sometimes in the 1950s about one half of the NYC smog came from New Jersey  ---   just think of Vito Bruno as New Jersey personified

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

The drip, drip, drip slow tortured death of GOP State Senate Candidate Vito Bruno has begun

Don't be fooled by the  >>> TITLE <<<  and  the  >>> PHONY PORTRAIT shot of Vito Bruno, apparently right near the Brooklyn Bridge  <<<  this article in the "Brooklyn Paper" was a hit piece done in a polite whisper

Here's the money shot worthy of a "Dirk Diggler" closeup  >>>  "....Bruno’s promise to crack down on crime, however, contradicts his past life as New York’s clubbing king, when his 'outlaw' parties at AM/PM lasted hours after the city’s curfew. In 1983, he told the New York Times that he gave hefty cash Christmas presents to police officers, implying that he bribed them to turn the other cheek to AM/PM’s late-night, drug-fueled parties....  Bruno would also fetch drugs for his celebrity friends, retrieving cocaine and Quaaludes for his good friend John Belushi, according to Bob Woodward’s 1984 book 'Wired'...”

Of course,  the "Brooklyn Paper" also gave Mr. Bruno a chance to rebut that  >>>  in remarks that were attributed to Bruno as follows:   "... [what Bob  Woodward wrote in 1984 is]  —  a claim that Bruno now denies....  'I never gave drugs to anybody'...  arguing that his former club life is water under the bridge. 'Talking about that is a waste of time. Nobody is the same person today that they were 40 years ago.'..."  <<<

Hey, don't believe me, read it for yourself  (See "Nightlife Icon Running For State Senate in Southern Brooklyn" by Rose Adams,  3/4/2020,  The Brooklyn Paper/ Politics   []).

Not long ago, a pro-Vito Bruno comment maker stated that only the folks of  left wing "Bring Back Bay Ridge" and  "Radio Free Bay Ridge" were talking about this stuff  ---  I rebutted that by pointing out that we here at  "The Brooklyn & Staten Island Independent GOP Fountainhead" had been touting those lurid tales for quite some time  >>>  and we are an Alt-center independent libertarian Republican blog  ---  WELL, NOW IT'S IN ONE OF THE LOCAL PAPERS.  And Vito's supporters are free to whine that the "Brooklyn Paper".and the article's writer,  Rose Adams, are left,  right, center, front or back, or sideways or inside out. 

[Cue Lesley Gore]:   
"It's my party, and I'll cry if I want to
Cry if I want to, cry if I want to
You would cry too if it happened to you...."

I hope that nobody thinks that this stuff doesn't have grasshopper legs,  or that it won't keep popping up all summer long and into the fall  ---  everybody has to know that it will.

[Cue Walter Huston]
"Oh, it's a long, long while from Ma[rch] to December
But the days grow short when you reach SeptemberWhen the autumn weather turns the leaves to flameOne hasn't got time for the waiting game....Oh, the days dwindle down to a precious fewSeptember, November....

Monday, March 2, 2020


I got this E-mail this morning from Curtis, and I thought that it might be important to some of you.  ---  So, here it is


On Feb.6th Comrade Bill de Blasio, the part time Mayor, the dope from Park Slope gave his annual State of the City address.

After 6 years of almost single handedly destroying NYC he NOW said that his final 2 years would be dedicated to  saving our city. I was in a Rage. This pretentious, self absorbed and detached Mayor who had spent 6 years avoiding his responsibilities as Mayor is now going to buckle down and focus with laser like efficiency on solving the very problems that he has exacerbated and created. It was BULL FEATHERS and an insult to all New Yorkers.

To prevent this city that we love from falling even further into the abyss it was time to put together a coalition of New Yorkers who "DARED TO CARE." Under the banner of the... 

Urban Reform GOP Coalition 

{W]e came together to bring Republicans, Independents and disaffected Democrats around an Urban Reform Agenda that will address the core issues that are being neglected by our city's elected officials. These include bail reform, an increase in crime, homelessness and the Emotionally Disturbed Persons living in our streets and subways, the deterioration of NYCHA, the subways and our infrastructure, as well as the lack of affordable housing and school choice. We are hell bent to lead our city in a totally different direction than those at the helm that have been MIA while wasting billions of taxpayers dollars.

It began officially on February 11th. Earlier in the day I had changed my registration to the Republican Party. Later our initial group met at the McDonald's at 50th and 3rd Ave. It was 41 years ago on that same day that I had gathered 13 young men into the lobby of the McDonald's
that I managed at Fordham Road in the Bronx to begin our patrols of the crime ridden streets and subways of NYC. 41 years later this new Urban Reform GOP coalition would dedicate ourselves to prevent this city from sliding back to the 1970's and 80's.

The Manhattan GOP invited us into their house and said they would give us a home of our own. Welcoming us that night was the Chairwoman of the Manhattan Republican Party Andrea Catsimatidis, and the NYS GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy. 

The following were our members that were in attendance that night and our core group:  
1) Curtis Sliwa   Former NYS Reform Party Chairman....    2) Joel Anabilah-Azumah  2018 ran for the Congressional seat of Yvette D. Clarke on the Reform Party line....   3) Patrick Delices 2017 ran for the city council seat Dist 17 as a Republican in the Bronx   2018 ran for the State Senate Seat Dist. 32 as a Republican in the Bronx  2020 he is running for the Cong.  Seat as a Republican that is being vacated by Jose Serrano....   4) Fernando Acosta Is a Conservative/ Young Republican from the Bronx.....   5) Gabriel Montalvo  Is from Queens and serves as the Vice Chairman of the Republican National Hispanic Alliance....   6) Lou Puliafito  2018 ran for the Assembly Seat of District 76 on the NYS Reform Party line in Manhattan  2020 will run for the same Assembly seat again this time on the Republican line....   7) Bob Capano   2008 ran for the Assembly Seat Dist 46 Brooklyn on the Rep, Cons, Indep. lines....   2009 ran for the city council seat Dist. 43 in Brooklyn on the Republican & Conservative lines    2017 ran for the city council seat Dist 43 in Brooklyn on the Reform Party Line....   8) Robert Hornak   2009 ran for the Queens Boro President on the Republican Line   Author of the Urban Republican Platform..........

/S/ Curtis Sliwa
Guardian Angels.... 
[other references]

John Quaglione is so proud that he is the "Republican District Leader, 46th Assembly District"

Seriously, John, there's no "THERE" there.....  In the 46th AD  ---  In the Republican Party  ---  In any space where you are standing

Your advocacy or actually "OPPOSITION" to "Bail Reform" shows that you know nothing about the law or what we have been conned into thinking is  "LAW ENFORCEMENT".....

Elections have consequences  ---  and almost everything that you are telling people you support or oppose  ---  ain't going to go the way you're telling people it should.  And it is all because of how you have done your various jobs in government, ie. being an absolute toady for Marty Golden and Jerry Kassar, or in politics, ie. being an absolute toady for Marty Golden and Jerry Kassar

Elections have consequences, and the biggest consequence is the complete inability to get anybody better than you as a GOP candidate for anything (actually, you might be the best of a bad lot [but I can say that about McCabe and Capano too]); and really more important than the "candidate" stuff, as a so-called Republican Leader of any sort. Take your current 100% support of Vito Bruno  ---  that's brilliant, just f*cking brilliant..... Real MENSA stuff.....

I still love yuh, like the brother I never had.....

Hang by your thumbs; and write if you get work.....