Friday, August 30, 2019

Too many details, just too many details

What is the new NYS Conservative Party Chairman up to  ???

I think that Stephen Witt missed his chance at a really big scoop with his KCP article  ---  "Golden Weighs Options For Rubber Match With Gounardes"......

The article, which strongly quoted from Jerry Kassar's remarks made during an interview with KCP,  focused on two or three races in districts that include big stretches of  Bay Ridge,  Dyker Heights, lower Bensonhurst and other areas,  are quite specific about the goings on with Marty Golden and his former district,  and much less so about the other races

The real scoop is  that Kassar had so much to say about Marty Golden and the NYS Senate going forward  ---  especially the parts where Kassar said:  1) Marty Golden might NOT be the GOP-Conservative Party candidate in 2020;  2) Marty Golden doubts that the Republicans will be able to regain control of the NYS Senate after the 2020 elections;  and  3)  that Marty Golden would  have to give up a very big job with the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens in order to run

Here is everything that Kassar had to say about next year's state senate contest in the Southwest Brooklyn district now represented in the NYS Senate by Democrat Andrew Gounardes:   

“....  'Marty has not made a decision yet. We’ve been talking to him, and he’s not sure yet, as he has a very good job with the Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens,' said Kassar, who served at Golden’s chief of staff when he was in the senate....  Kassar said besides having a good job, Golden does have concerns about Republicans taking back the senate. 'The Senate [minority Republicans] will make gains next year but I suspect it will be difficult [for them] to take back the majority,'  said Kassar....  Kassar said if Golden decides against running, the Conservative Party/GOP has every intention of running someone else, and there are several people asking around and showing interest if Golden decides against running....  'There are certain community activists from Bay Ridge to Gerretsen Beach to Marine Park that feel for one reason or another that Andrew [Gounardes] is not doing a good job,” said Kassar. “I feel strongly his [Gounardes] voting record is not consistent with the majority of the people in the district. Andrew’s progressiveness wants to be fair handed, but it’s fair handed towards progressives.'...” 
(See  ""Golden Weighs Options For Rubber Match With Gounardes" by Stephen Witt,  8/28/19,  King County Politics Blog  []).  

It's obvious that Jerry Kassar is forcing somebody's hand;  and he is trying to make something happen.  However,  whose hand is Kassar trying to force;  and what is Kassar trying to make happen exactly ??? 

I'm pretty sure that what Kassar is trying do with his interview by Steve Witt has little if anything to do with Ted Ghorra or any part of  the Brooklyn GOP.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Sunday, August 4, 2019

There is no longer any formal Republican Organization for the County of Kings

Chairman Defunctus Ted Ghorra is now absolutely and completely a "Chairman" without any portfolio or meaningful cachet whatsoever  ---  It's all due to Ghorra's intentional nonfeasance of his ordinary and proper duties  ---  something,  given his obvious scienter in the matter, that also rises to the category of  "misfeasance" under all of the current circumstances

The Brooklyn GOP has suffered a fate akin to that of the Mary Celeste, and more recently, that of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Somebody has to be made to pay the price for this travesty  ---  and made to pay it quickly.....

If anybody still cares and has an actual interest in the existence (or nonexistence) of an organized  Brooklyn Republican Party,  they would need to head into New York Supreme Court and petition the court for all necessary and proper relief  ---  that should include a cigarette and a blindfold for former Brooklyn GOP Chairman Ted Ghorra, along with all of the other hors de combat and other necessities for a proper execution of sentence.