Friday, November 29, 2013

Craig Eaton needs to make a list and check it twice --- Then decide who's being naughty or nice when it comes to reuniting the Brooklyn GOP

There is only one  Kings County Republican Chairman at a time -- right now that Chairman is Craig Eaton

Eaton's job is to do his best to reunify the Brooklyn GOP in advance of the 2014 elections ---  everybody who persists in interfering needs to be outed and then booted

Needless to say achieving party unity would necessitate disposing of all the distractions that are hanging over from the aborted coup engineered by the faction that liked to refer to itself as the "Republicans for Change"; although "Republicans 100% for the State Senate Coalition" would have been a more accurate appellation for that group. In particular, that means getting rid of the ill-conceived and even more poorly executed lawsuit that only serves to give vain hope to the hopeless dead-enders.

Once that has been dealt with, Eaton needs to tamp down any budding insurgencies within his ruling caucus, applying the simple hard logic that everybody who benefitted from the alliance that put Eaton back in charge needs to follow his lead and stand fully behind his attempts to re-unify the party. It doesn't matter whether the rambunctious ones are primarily interested in running against this or that incumbent, or are currently not satisfied with each and every modifier to the title of their party position.

There is one and only one relevant negotiation in the offing.  The war with State Senator Golden has to end with terms clearly indicative that Eaton and his supporters won.  That must include, but not be limited to the following items:  the immediate resignation of Commissioner Simon Shamoun from his post at the BOE for reasons that are obvious; and the complete shakeup of State Senator Golden's staff to reflect the primacy of the Kings County Republican Party as the engine that elects Brooklyn's only Republican official.

Once that is accomplished, unity behind our 2014 Republican candidates will not only be possible, it will be a reality.

Now, Craig let's start with that list...

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Why I AM Thankful for State Senator Martin Golden

I am thankful for Marty Golden, because he is very lucky, generally good humored, somewhat talented, occasionally generous and works pretty hard.

For the most part, he brings all that to his vocation as a public official; and we all get some benefit from it.



And always remember, living well is the best revenge --- and we should all be thankful for that as we endeavor to achieve it.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Golden's Silence on Security Hearings is Reaching a Critical Mass

Over a Week and No Report or Comment from State Senator-Chairman Martin Golden about his participation in "massive" hearing about "an even greater threat than nuclear war"

"Host" State Senator-Chairman Joseph A. Griffo did post an item about  the hearing after it was held  --  but that release wasn't picked up by "Co-host" Golden

I'm sure that things weren't intended to turn out this way for Brooklyn Republican State Senator Martin Golden.  He was going to get a trendy-sounding chairmanship of an arcane and very broadly defined "State Senate Select Committee on Science, Technology, Incubation & Entrepreneurship." From that point forward, I'm sure the plan was for it to be all lulus and bennies, and every inventor of a better mousetrap, computer app or online business beating a path to State Senator Golden's door (actually more important, that  their lobbyists and representatives beat a path to Golden's fundraisers).

There has been a little bump in the road for our State Senator from Bay Ridge  -- Golden has to actually do something in his new position.  No, he has to come up with a little more than just "do something" to justify his added staff and budget.  State Senator-Chairman Golden actually has to give an account of what he is doing as Chairman of the State Senate Select Committee on Science, Technology, Incubation & Entrepreneurship to show his constituents back home and the taxpayers of the State of New York that they are being well represented and getting their money's worth from their new "Chairman" and his new "Select Committee".

That's one of the reasons that I am harping on State Senator Golden's doing a little more about last week's "Public Hearing: Cybersecurity: Defending New York from cyber attacks" than posting an unannotated  four and a half hour (4 1/2 hr) video of the hearing with my State Senator sitting out in left field at the end of the line of six state senator-chairmen.

I don't believe that any of the pre-hearing buildup of the hearings about cybersecurity and defending New York from cyber attacks was in any way hyperbolic or overheated.  The threats are as real as any posed by terrorists or any other of our nation's and society's enemies.  And, their targets can include anything from the water we drink and the food we eat to the sewage we expel, with everything that goes into paying for it, powering it and moving it along. That's why seeing these hearings pass without comment or even mention seems more than merely perfunctory indolent nonfeasance.  It's beginning to look like this is becoming an incredible malfeasance of a necessary and profound duty.

Maybe, the goings on at the hearings on November 18th were too deep and complex for State Senator Golden to present to the public in a simple and understandable fashion -- that's why Golden has a staff  --  to put stuff like that together  in a simple and understandable fashion. Another participant  in the hearings, State Senator Joseph A. Griffo  issued a brief release about the hearings last week. Golden didn't even republish his own version of the same remarks. It's up to Golden or somebody high in his organization to whip the staff to do the job of making Marty Golden look like he's doing his job and not being guilty of a possible "incredible malfeasance of a necessary and profound duty."

Turnabout is fair play.  I'll use Golden's words about Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton against the State Senator himself.  If State Senator Golden isn't up to handling the duties of Chairman of the State Senate Select Committee on Science, Technology, Incubation & Entrepreneurship, then he needs to step down from that position.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Let's Say the Headlines Said, “Attorneys for State Senator Martin Golden Fight Alongside Sheldon Silver against Anti-corruption Moreland Commission Subpoenas” ! ! !

In what significant way would anything be different than its being NY State Senators Dean Skelos and Jeff Klein instead ?

Golden’s conference/caucus leader Dean Skelos says he alerted his members about the intended legal fight against the activities of the Moreland Commission addressing public corruption, conflicts of interest, and ethics in State Government that are in part aimed at the “employers of all legislators” that give more than $20,000 income to the legislators



Marty Golden himself has indicated that he had been fully informed of Leaders Skelos’ and Klein’s, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s legal plans and maneuvers opposing the Moreland Commission’s actions weeks ago

According to Kenneth Lovett’s report  in the Daily News, “Now it's Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos alerting his members to the Moreland Commission goings on today. ***  Skelos said the Legislature has worked to enact ethics reform and is open to "sensible" ideas moving forward. ***  But he said the Legislature will fight Gov. Cuomo's anti-corruption commission for what he says is its attempts to pressure the lawmakers into a new ethics deal....” (See “NYS Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos Says Legislature Won't Be Coerced Into Ethics Deal” by Kenneth Lovett, 11/22/13, Daily News/ Daily Politics []).

On November 10th State Senator Martin Golden seemed fully briefed about the plans to fight the Moreland Commission subpoenas. He clearly stated that the Governor’s Commission’s overreach had united the members of both chambers, and that everybody was back behind Sheldon Silver after it looked like he had lost control on anything related to ethics issues.

A lawsuit was actually filed yesterday on behalf of the leaders of the New York State Assembly and Senate against the governor's commission, created via the Moreland Act, claiming that the commission is overstepping its authority by trying to get protected information from the lawmakers' clients and business associates in lawful “private businesses” (See “Document Drop: NY Pols V. Moreland Subpoenas” by Celeste Katz, 11/22/13, Daily News/ Daily Politics []).

What is clear is that the trio of leaders, Skelos, Klein and Silver aren’t carrying this lawsuit forward just for their own benefit. Its being done for every state senator and member of the assembly whose outside employers, clients and associates might be generating $20,000 or more in income for the effected New York State legislator (btw, can you say Bay Ridge Manor ?).

Senator Golden’s constituents should ask him if he completely supports his joint conference/caucus’ joint leadership and Shelley Silver in their lawsuit against the Moreland Commission; and if Golden does, the constituents should ask why he thinks that’s right.  However, if by some chance State Senator Golden says that he does not support the Skelos-Klein-Silver lawsuit; then Golden's constituents should ask Golden if he isn't benefiting from it, and whether he’s doing anything to distance himself from it.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Jerry Kassar’s Memory Hole, a/k/a his “Common Sense” column — elsewhere Marty Golden gets a sort of “Old Fashioned Love Song” about his big night by a few graveyard whistlers

Where is Kassar’s commentary on the botched 2013 City-wide and County-wide elections ?  —  How about the embarrassing defeats by two members of Golden’s own staff endorsed by Kassar’s own Conservative Party, both of which ran in Senator Golden’s strongholds ?  —  Maybe a few words by Jerry about how State Senator Golden’s botched attempt to take over the Brooklyn GOP and install that toady to the Conservative Party, Timothy Cochrane, as Brooklyn GOP Chairman will all be put right by the Brooklyn Supreme Court ... 

Cochrane chirps  —  Quaglione re-chirps like a nightingale  —  and on, and on..... 

This week’s column by Mr. Kassar, “Common Sense: Abomodable care” continued the obviously tight “radio silence” surrounding this year’s election results imposed by his boss the state senator  (See “Common Sense: Abomodable care” by Jerry Kassar, posted 11/18/13, Home Reporter/ Spectator []).

Meanwhile, Tim Cochrane was all atwitter about all the support shown for Marty Golden during his big night Wednesday night. Tim, that’s called whistling past the graveyard. And that whistling was picked up by JQ; and then again in at least three part harmony from the sound of it....  Just wait, guys, until the real "Three Dog Night" arrives  —  it's coming in 2014   brrrrrrr !  Try whistling while your teeth are chattering....

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


There is proof that Marty Golden was there  —  he appears in published photos and videos  —  it’s mentioned by him on facebook and twitter

Suspicions are growing that the Republican-Conservative State Senator from Brooklyn might have been the victim of a cyber attack himself

Two days have passed since our State Senator was “co-host” of this “massive” event at the Griffis Institute in Rome, New York.  The NY state senators were gathered there to hold hearings to discuss “a threat even greater than nuclear war”; and State Senator Golden was there in his capacity as Chairman of the New York State Senate Select Committee on Science, Technology, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship.

In spite of the momentous import of the event, there has been no press release or other communication from State Senator Golden or his staff about what happened at the hearings, or what State Senator Golden  did or said while he was there. Furthermore, there has not been any explanation or excuse as to why neither State Senator Golden nor his staff has made an informative and timely report of these proceedings; it has been more than two days since the event.

If these matters have been “Classified” in any way, I apologize for this snarky post.

Carl Paladino: In case some people don’t think my threats against the NYS GOP are CRAZY enough, let me clarify....

Paladino continues to back up his threats against the GOP with a renewed promise to align with Mike Long’s NYS Conservative Party in 2014   —   IF THE GOP DOESN'T DO EXACTLY AS PALADINO SAYS

Former quirky GOP candidate lashes out at rumors that he might be getting more reasonable, as follows: 

“On Friday I spoke with both Ken Lovett of the N.Y. Daily News and Rob Astorino and explained to each of them my current position on New York State Republican politics. This morning Ken Lovett wrote an article interpreted by the pretenders of the Republican establishment that I have weakened in my position. Not true.” 

According to a report that appeared in the Albany Times Union, “The surprise Republican gubernatorial nominee in 2010, [Carl] Paladino in a widely distributed email pushes back against Ken Lovett’s Monday column suggesting that he’s feeling warmer about the idea of a 2014 run by Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino. Paladino says this should not comfort anxious Republicans.” (See “Paladino: Bring me the heads of Skelos and Kolb” by Casey Seiler, 11/18/13, Times Union

Kicking off with an homage to Sam Peckinpah, TU’s Casey Seiler sees Carl Paladino’s most recent e-mailed conniptions like this: first. Paladino has restated his demands that there must be no RINO gubernatorial candidates put forward by the NYS GOP; and second that there must be the “...voluntary or forced resignation of previously identified RINO County Chairs like Vinny Reda, in Rockland County, as well as Dean Skelos as Majority Leader of the Senate and Brian Kolb as the Minority Leader of the Assembly....”  The Seiler report further quoted Paladino’s screed, thus: “... Their neglect of the values of those who put them in office and failure to provide legitimate opposition to the State’s Democratic Party machine is unforgivable.... The coercion to leave office will come when Republican and Conservative State and County leaders call on their Republican Senators and Assemblymen to send Skelos and Kolb packing with the threat of denying endorsements if they don’t cooperate....”

In case anybody had forgotten his earlier threat, Paladino renewed it like this:  “If they think I’m bluffing and are willing to risk the survival of the party, it only confirms their spineless hypocrisy. My ‘to go’ bag is packed.”

In the past, I’ve been a big fan of Carl Paladino. He had a directness that was refreshing. Lately, that has morphed into a Machiavellian ruthlessness that isn’t quite as charming. Since Seiler kicked things off with some Peckinpah, let me close with a little Brian De Palma  number. Somebody in the New York GOP needs to take the baseball bat out of Carl Paladino’s hands and do a de Niro-Capone tattoo on Paladino’s head.  Who knows! Then, maybe, he’ll be more likeable again.

Has the final chapter been written on rogue former police officer Christopher Dorner ?

The DA of Riverside, CA and the Court have closed the book on Dorner, should everybody else ?

Press and other usual critics accept LAPD’s self-exoneration against charges contained in Dorner’s manifesto

About two weeks ago it was reported that “Riverside prosecutors have dismissed the criminal case against the former rogue LAPD police officer, Christopher Dorner, whose rampage across Southern California in February led to the deaths of four people, including two police officers and an Irvine couple, before a fiery shootout ended in Dorner’s fiery death ( See “Riverside DA dismisses criminal case against Christopher Dorner” by Doug Saunders, 11/4/13, The Sun []).

According to the Saunders’ report in the San Bernadino Sun, “Dorner died near the San Bernardino Mountains community of Barton Flats after a fiery shootout with law enforcement [sometime after] Dorner was discovered holed up in an empty cabin, [and] San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies along with other law enforcement agencies surrounded it. The first two deputies on scene were ambushed when Dorner fired his high-caliber rifle, striking them both and killing one before they had an opportunity to even draw their weapons....  The firefight continued, and Dorner found himself surrounded by SWAT teams from all over Southern California. ***  Officers fired hot tear-gas into the cabin trying to flush Dorner out when a single shot had rung out from inside the cabin. ***  The firefight was over and the cabin was engulfed in flames. ***  It took authorities two days after the firefight in the forest to confirm that the charred corpse in the burned-out cabin was Dorner. ***  The coroner determined Dorner’s death was caused by a single self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.”

No matter that Dorner went out with a bang, the telling of the story seems to end with a whimper. No doubt, that’s because there is no adequate explanation of so many things that led up to Dorner’s death. The story of Christopher Dorner is so problematic, that many people have gone out of their way to be sure that the former police and naval officer remained dead and buried. One of the most notable such attempts to bury Dorner and his story was the Op Ed piece by Connie Rice in the LA Times that appeared several months after Dorner’s death (See “Christopher Dorner's web of lies about the LAPD” by Connie Rice, 6/26/13, LA Times/ Op Ed []). Clearly, somebody wanted to separate Dorner completely from any narrative about or history of LAPD racism. Ms. Rice pretty much dismisses Dorner’s complaints of racism against his former employer, the LAPD, because Dorner’s charges didn’t comport to her experience and vision of how such things normally transpired.

In his personal manifesto, Christoher Dorner had accused the LA police of discriminating against some of its officers based on race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation; and that there was retaliation against any of those officers who reported problems. Needless to say, the LAPD exonerated itself of Dorner’s charges. According to an article in the LA Daily News, posted on the Huff Post LA webpage, “In a report to the Police Commission, Police Chief Charlie Beck and Inspector General Alexander Bustamante said the department followed all the correct procedures in removing Dorner from the department in 2009 after he filed a false complaint against a training officer, accusing her of kicking a suspect who had been restrained. ***  Beck had ordered the review after Dorner's manifesto, a 17-page document called ‘Last Resort,’ raised questions over the procedures used in his firing....” (See “Chris Dorner Firing Review Officially Complete, LAPD Defends Termination”
by Rick Orlov, 6/22/13, LA Daily News/ Huff Post LA []).A similarly detailed article about the LAPD review appeared in the LA Times ( See “LAPD's firing of Christopher Dorner was justified, report says” by Joel Rubin, 6/21/13, LA Times []).
In his LA Daily News article, Rick Orlov also reported that Gerald Chaleff, special assistant for constitutional policing to Chief Beck, made a report that detailed the problems Dorner experienced at the Police Academy and while on the force up to his dismissal, as follows: "After a review of all the evidence ... and the allegations of Christopher Dorner, it has been determined that terminating him from the department was not only appropriate, it was the only course the department could take based on the facts and the evidence.... The record is clear that Dorner fabricated allegations against his training officer, and later, against his peers and superiors..... The decision to terminate Dorner was sound and just. Dorner's documented proclivity to concoct allegations and evidence to advance his personal agenda support the conclusion that Dorner was rightfully terminated from the LAPD." Chaleff also noted that the LA Police Department has acknowledged past problems, including a code of silence, but that steps have been taken over the past decade to address these problems. Most recently, a federal judge lifted the consent decree over the LAPD, noting the gains that had been made in dealing with problem officers.

Unfortunately, all of the above reports and findings leave more questions unanswered than answered; and even those that have been answered are not answered with any high degree of credibility.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Will DA Hynes’ intra-office fallout taint the Brooklyn GOP ?

Dirty transition at the Brooklyn DA’s office   —   with talk of a Special Prosecutor's investigations   —   is a tar bucket for everybody involved   —   The Brooklyn GOP needs to be in the clear in order to move forward

The Brooklyn GOP has to ask, "Will Hynes' Problems Become Dan Donovan's and rebound back on the GOP as a whole ? "

According to the New York Post, somebody in the Charles “Joe” Hynes brain trust thinks that Hynes, a short-timer in the Office of Kings County District Attorney, needs to prove he is no bigot; and that the sitting DA must to call on a special prosecutor to probe a recently dismissed ADA for allegedly forging an arguably racist or racially insensitive series e-mail messages exchanged between the Hynes and a the former Chief Judge of New York State, Sol Wachtler (See “Outgoing Brooklyn DA wants probe of ‘forged’ bigot e-mails” by Josh Saul, 11/18/13, NY Post - Metro []).

The story in the Post is quite specific and states, as follows:. “Hynes’ office believes former Brooklyn prosecutor Barbara Burke cooked up an online message to the DA from former Judge Sol Wachtler that used a derogatory Yiddish word for a black person, “schwarze,” to refer to DA-elect Ken Thompson, law-enforcement sources said. ***  When the e-mails were leaked to the Web site BuzzFeed before the election, they tarnished Hynes as racially insensitive for failing to object to the epithet against Thompson, who is black. ***  But a probe of the e-mails by Hynes’ office has concluded that the letters were fabricated by Burke, sources told The Post.”

The Post story goes on to state that the investigation of former ADA Burke is just one sign of a troubled transition as Hynes leaves office. Burke was fired November 8th, allegedly for “poor evaluations”; however the very same Barbara Burke also had been suspected of speaking with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn about allegations that Hynes’ office acted unethically in its response to a $150 million wrongful-conviction suit. Speaking up in Burke’s defense, her lawyer, Mark Bederow, said the DA’s claiming his client is a forger is nothing but a  “pathetic”
attempt to smear Ms. Burke.

Now here’s the partisan rub, and a field full of land-mines that GOP operatives need to head off, right away: “... Hynes’ office plans to ask that an outside prosecutor from Staten Island be appointed to further investigate the matter and possibly bring charges,” says the Post’s Josh Saul. The last time I looked, that would be Richmond County District Attorney Dan Donovan, the only Republican-Conservative DA in the City of New York.  Unfortunately, everything that Hynes and Company are complaining about came up during and within-the-context-of  Hynes’ 2013 Republican-Conservative campaign to hold onto his DA seat.

How much of this stuff needs to flow down hill into any part of the City-wide GOP ?  In New York City, the GOP already has soiled itself so much in 2013, that it desperately needs to move on ASAP ? It doesn’t need any more connections with the soon to be former Brooklyn DA.

The same is also true of the Brooklyn GOP.  As with so much of its 2013 campaign strategy that was far closer to being embarrassing than successful in 2013, the book has to be closed on all the disastrous 2013 campaigns  —  especially this hangover of the Hynes’ Republican-Conservative campaign.  That will be best served with a clean break that leaves Hynes and his transition team to fend for themselves   —   and, if they think that investigations and prosecutions are in order, just leave anybody in the GOP out of all of that completely.

They need to tell the Staten Island DA Dan Donovan in no uncertain terms that involving himself in the Hynes’ mess inside the Brooklyn DA’s Office connected to the 2013 Republican-Conservative campaign will have the stench of impropriety attached to it. They need to ask him this question, “ Will Hynes’ Problems Become Dan Donovan's and rebound back on the GOP as a whole ? "

Monday, November 18, 2013

Is State Senator Golden now also Herr Doktor Professor, Il Dottore di Ricerca and a throw-back to TV’s ‘Mister Wizard’ ? — OR, is this all a send-up like Bob and Ray’s ‘Mister Science’


Golden will participate in a “Massive Cybersecurity Hearing” on Monday, November 18th

In case you missed it, State Senator Martin Golden (R-C-I, Brooklyn) was named chairman of a newly formed New York State Senate Select Committee on Science, Technology, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship on or about March 1, 2013.

The Senate Select Committee was set up to focus on “expanding the state’s entrepreneurial culture, by creating economic opportunities for New York State residents through incubators and economic development programs....”  Senator Golden was awarded the chairmanship of the new select committee in recognition of his efforts to influence the creation of the “Bio-Bat at the Brooklyn Army Terminal, and for his interest and understanding of science, technological, and economic development issues facing New York State.” (See “Senator Golden Named Chair of Senate Select Subcommittee on Science, Technology, Incubation and Entreprenuership” posted by the staff of  Martin J. Golden, 3/1/13, NY Senate Homepage – State Senator Martin J. Golden []).

A select committee is a committee with a special focus. Its job is to conduct meetings, conferences, examinations, and public hearings, and to gather information and make legislative proposals, reports, and recommendations. One of the reasons that State Senator Golden was chosen to head the Senate Select Committee on Science, Technology, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship was that “[h]e has had a long history in science, technological, and economic development issues facing New York State....” In the words of the resolution creating the select committee, its charge is to “provide outreach to and interaction with private and public organizations that provide incubation, innovation, and entrepreneurship programs, and, make recommendations on efforts to strengthen entrepreneurial and job creation including related legislative proposals and resolutions before the State Legislature in such areas, all with the aim of growing the spirit of enterprise and innovation in New York.”

Later today (Monday, November 18th, 2013), State Senator Golden’s Senate Select Committee on Science, Technology, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship is scheduled to participate along with six other state senate committees in a joint hearing to take testimony from experts in law enforcement, finance and computer science about the state’s preparedness against cyber-attacks. several other relevant State Senate committees in a “Public Hearing” on “Cybersecurity: Defending New York from cyber attacks” at  The Griffiss Institute, 725 Daedalian Drive, Rome, New York  Although Sen. Joseph A. Griffo, who chairs the Senate Banking Committee and is hosting the event, undoubtedly State Senator Golden will be one of the key contributors (See “NY Senate to Convene Massive Cybersecurity Hearing in Rome” posted by Martin J. Golden’s staff, 11/15/13 NY Senate Homepage – State Senator Martin J. Golden  []).

Concerning the cyber-security issue, Senator Martin Golden has said: "As the Chairman of the committee on Science, Technology, Incubation, and Entrepreneurship I know all to well that both individuals and corporations are seeing an increased risk of having their identity and financial information stolen online. Thousands of people each year suffer from cyber attacks, which can take months to repair the damage caused. We need to ensure that personal information is kept protected and we must look at ways to ensure that cyber security in New York stays ahead of those who wish to cause harm."

Since March, Golden’s select committee also appears to have participated in an “Industry and Entrepreneurs Roundtable: Growing Computer and Video Game Development in New York” at NYU-Poly in the Dibner Building, Pfizer Auditorium, 5 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY, on September 20th, 2013; and then held a similar “Public Meeting:” to gather information for the development of policy on Growing Computer and Video Game Development in New York at the Rochester Institute of Technology at the RIT Center for Media, Arts, Games, Interaction and Creativity (MAGIC), 1600 Student Innovation Hall, Bldg. 87, 102 Lomb Memorial Drive, Rochester, New York on October 22nd, 2013.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Jerry Kassar tries to put the 2013 Elections into his “...Lock Box”

In 1948 George Orwell’s “1984” had its “Memory Hole”  —   In 2013 Jerry Kassar’s “Common Sense” has its “Lock Box”

No mention of the disastrous 2013 elections for Kassar’s Bosses Marty Golden and Mike Long, and for Kassar’s Conservatives and Golden’s faction of the Brooklyn GOP 

For some reason, Jerry Kassar thought his Home Reporter readership was suffering from some kind of collective insomnia and needed the narcotic of one of his most vapid and vacuous columns ever. I would refer to it all as “fluff” except that I have too much respect for the commercial marshmallow topping of the same name.

Jerry, leading with the Brennan-Golden “lockbox bill”  —   Seriously !  I mean, SERIOUSLY !

“As would be expected, the legislation has a great deal of support from the Straphangers Campaign as well as .....................................................................................  ............................................  numerous other mass transit and good government groups.” (Sorry, I fell asleep in the middle of that thoroughly consuming quote.)

Needless to say, this week’s “Common Sense” column by Mr. Kassar is just otiose verbiage pounded-out on his keyboard to achieve an evasion of the real news of the week concerning his two bosses State Senator Martin Golden and NYS Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long, as well as, Gerard Kassar himself, as the Kings County Conservative Party Chairman. The city-wide and local Brooklyn ticket crafted by these guys in 2013 not only crashed and burned  —  it crashed and burned in complete ignominy and infamy.

The words and the principal overall theme of the race on behalf of mayoral candidate Joseph Lhota were extremely divisive and in no way effective  —  especially those parts of it that said in various ways that “We” didn’t want to go back to a Mayor David Dinkins’ kind of New York City.

Far more offensive and equally unproductive were the thoroughly reactionary racially-tinged pitches aimed at “g-d knows who for who knows what” on behalf of Brooklyn DA Charles “Joe” Hynes. It was a campaign so ugly and tawdry that the New York Times saw fit to denounce it in a journalistic post mortem several days after 2013's Election Day  ( See “After Ugly Campaign, Finding Little Grace in Brooklyn District Attorney’s Exit” by Michael Powell, 11/11/13, NY Times []). This article was far more than a story of  “...a broken-down horse of a politician [who came] up lame.” That would have been a “Last Hurrah” kind of story. It certainly wasn’t that kind piece.

Instead, the Times piece by Michael Powell was more of  a statement condemning  “ ugly and cantankerous howl of a final campaign ....”  in large part “... as the candidate of the Republican and Conservative Parties, in the general election. Hurling accusations, stirring communal fears, [ending the Brooklyn DA’s] once proud career in a manner akin to crashing a car into a brick wall.”  Where “[n]o grace attended.”

Kassar is trying to flim-flam his side’s policy and practice of “radio silence” following big setbacks into the look and feel of his normally weak weekly column in the Home Reporter. Rather than address his own monumental failure, the monumental failures of Marty Golden, Mike Long, and the Golden faction of the Brooklyn GOP and the Brooklyn Conservative Party in the 2013 elections, Jerry Kassar published pablum puke in the hope of buying time. Kassar obviously did that expecting that his remaining loyal readership and partisan followers would be willing to swallow something very bland and tepid, and keep it down after the weeks-long gut-wrenching effluvium of the campaigns on behalf of the Republican-Conservative ticket in Brooklyn, and the historic failures of those tickets the week before.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Former Bronx GOP Leader Jay Savino Cops a Plea to Three and faces Thirty

Savino pleaded guilty to taking a $15,000 bribe from an undercover agent in exchange for agreeing to help Democrat Malcolm Smith obtain the approval of three Republican County Chairmen, so as to compete in the 2013 GOP mayoral primary without switching his party designation    former Bronx Leader to be sentenced in 2014 and faces thirty (30) years in a Federal lockup

According to Daily News sources, Jay Savino, the former Bronx Republican Chairman, appeared in a Federal Court in White Plains make his plea of guilty as part of a cooperation deal with authorities (See “Former Bronx GOP Chairman Jay Savino Pleads Guilty To Corruption Charges” by Celeste Katz. 11/12/13, Daily News/ Daily Politics []). In essence Savino admitted that he and others were part of an illegal conspiracy to deprive the NYC GOP and its members of the honest services of its County Chairmen by devising and executing a scheme to subvert the processes of the New York City Republican Party. As part of the scheme, Savino admitted that he had taken a bribe in exchange for a promise to deliver a Wilson-Pakula certificate permitting a Democratic New York State Senator to run as a Republican for Mayor of the City of New York.

The overall scandal caused by the charges of bribery, conspiracy and wire fraud made against Jay Savino and others led to many political consequences in 2013 and going forward. One of those consequences of  charges involving Savino, as well as other cases of political corruption, was Governor Cuomo’s empaneling of the Moreland Commission, which has brought on a confrontation between the Governor and the NYS Legislature. Another consequence has been a wholesale upheaval inside the NYC GOP.

In Brooklyn that has taken the form of an intra-party fight between two main factions of the Brooklyn GOP. That fight having been kicked off by a letter from State Senator Martin Golden that attacked Brooklyn Republican Party Chairman Craig Eaton for his suspected involvement with the conspirators named in the Federal criminal charges. Although subsequently such attacks connected to the conspiracy of Jay Savino and others proved to have been unfounded, the Republican intra-party conflict in Brooklyn has since taken on a life of its own and morphed into other attacks and counterattacks, with various claims, innuendoes and insults flying in all directions.

The scandal involving the Bronx GOP chairman and others contributed to an atmosphere that poisoned the entire 2013 election cycle. Many have maintained that it was one of the major factors in causing the entire GOP ticket to suffer brutal loses throughout the City of New York  —  although it does not explain why it all seemed worse in Brooklyn than most of the rest of the city.  After all, the Brooklyn GOP should have been little touched by the scandal.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013




Exactly, who is threatening the GOP – AND – what exactly is it that they are threatening the GOP with  ? ? ? 

“In an interview [scheduled] to [have appeared] Monday night on Fox Business Network’s ‘Cavuto’ (8 p.m.), Carl Paladino says he’d consider a 2014 gubernatorial run — but not as a Republican. *** Asked if he would be up for taking on Andrew Cuomo a second time, Paladino says, ‘Well, yeah. On the Conservative line.’ *** ‘We have to get rid of the leaders of our New York state legislature who have been selling out to the opposition,’ he tells Neil Cavuto, according to excerpts sent out by FBN.’ ‘ … I’m threatening the establishment. I’m saying “enough” Republicans in upstate New York and in Long Island can’t relate to the Republican party in New York State.’ ***  In September, Conservative Party Chair Mike Long told Ken Lovett he wouldn’t be opposed to Paladino trying to secure the party’s nomination.” ( See “Paladino says he’d consider Conservative run” by Casey Seiler, 11/11/13, Albany Times Union
[]; see also “ Paladino reiterates gubernatorial plans to Fox Business Network; likes Cruz, but not Christie” by Robert J. McCarthy, 11/11/13, The Buffalo News [] ).

According to the Albany Times Union, “If Paladino follows through, it could set up the prospect of a downstate-centric Republican mainstream candidate such as Rob Astorino contending with an upstate Conservative siphoning off anti-Cuomo votes. The leaders of the state GOP, of course, would sooner feed their favored legislative candidates to wild dogs than they would support the idea of buying a ticket to ‘Paladino II: Still Mad as Hell’.”

As if threats by Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long and Carl Paladino against the NYS GOP and its mainstream adherents weren’t enough, along comes New York State Republican Chairman Edward Cox to throw his own little potatoes into the stew ( See “State Republican Chairman Ed Cox could tap himself to face Gov. Andrew Cuomo” by Kenneth Lovett, 11/11/13, NY Daily News []).

Is somebody pulling somebody else’s leg, or some shorter member ?

If there is anything that would guarantee a Paladino run on the NYS Conservative line, and the Conservatives winding up on Row “B” after the next statewide election, it’s Ed Cox becoming a GOP gubernatorial front-runner and then candidate. All of which leaves us with both the NYS GOP and NYS Conservative Party Chairmen both appearing to threaten the New York Republican Party with Row “C” status.

Well, that’s sort of like agreeing to the whole thing, isn’t it ?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Something is not “Right” between the Conservatives and the Republicans in New York State

Relationship between the GOP and the Conservative Party is an abusive one  —  And it’s the Conservative Party that is the repeat abuser

There are too many threats, intrusive behavior, contradictions and coverups between these parties for the relationship to go on  —  It’s time for a DIVORCE

There is plenty of fault to go around for both the Republicans and the Conservatives who are fully invested in maintaining whatever the current relationship is between their two parties. However, it is long past the time for REAL Republicans and REAL conservatives inside the Conservative Party to critically look at what the current relationship has done to those parties.

On the surface it is easy to figure out what is going on; and to understand why some people are opposed to any changes in the current way of doing things. The Conservative Party provides a critical buttress for many Republican office holders, who under New York's system of fusion voting benefit from having their name appear on both the G.O.P. and Conservative Party lines. That explains why the Republican office holders, who need it, not only want to keep the status quo in full force and effect, they don’t want the Republican-Conservative Party interaction examined or questioned in any way.

What is the obverse motivation for the Conservative Party ?  In other words, what is in it for the Conservative Party ?

In Brooklyn, the Republican Party and the Conservative Party share one and only one officeholder ( Right now, I am not going to deal with the fractional possessory problems related to the majority- Staten Island officials named Malliotakis and Grimm, who also clearly are Republican-Conservatives that are shared with Brooklyn).  That one Brooklyn Republican-Conservative is State Senator Martin Golden.

Can anybody explain to me how State Senator Martin Golden keeps getting lower and lower grades on the Conservative Party Ratings of NYS Senators and there is not a peep about it out of Golden’s supporters and fellow Bay Ridgeites Michael Long and Gerard Kassar, respectively the New York State and Kings County Chairmen of the New York State Conservative Party. For the year 2013, State Senator Golden was rated a lowly 56% on twenty-four (24) key votes followed by the NYS Conservative Party ( See ““Conservative Party Rates Senate Republicans too accomodating” by Jimmy Vielkind, 10/15/13, Capital – This is How New York Works
[]; see also the Conservative Party Ratings of NYS Senators at]).

Don’t even get me started on the pretzelized logic that Conservative Party leaders used in arriving at the choice of Joseph Lhota as their endorsed candidate for New York City Mayor in 2013.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the Conservative Party is simply treating the GOP and its office holders and candidates too gently.  Inside anything that seems like a pair of soothing velvet gloves on the hands of Mike Long is a pair of balled mailed fists ready to inflict mayhem and do harm upon a weakened NYS GOP.  The nature of the NYS Conservative Party threat to the statewide GOP in 2014 is clearly laid out in Yesterday’s article in the Buffalo News (See “Paladino-style conservatism nettles GOP –  ’14 governor race criteria may result in repeat run”
by Robert J. McCarthy, 11/10/13, The Buffalo News []). Try to focus on the Conservative Party stuff, as opposed to the Paladino agenda items that would have some appeal to many conservative-minded Republicans.

Clearly, the threat posed by the Conservative Party is profound and goes to the very existence of the NYS GOP. Make no mistake, any fight for “Row ‘B’” would be a fight for the life of the Republican Party.  That the Conservative Party tried it once and are willing to try it again, shows how abusive and dysfunctional is the Republican-Conservative  relationship or deal or marriage or whatever it is. If there is any Republican who believes that it all might improve if it were to become the “Conservative-Republican relationship” are deep in the denial and delusion of a battered bride.

Wake Up !  Once things have gotten as bad as they have between the Republicans and the Conservatives, it’s time for a DIVORCE. After such a split, the GOP will be able to grow like the Republican Parties in the states where there is no Conservative Party to keep the GOP in line and under their thumb.

Who knows, some of the decent members of the Conservative Party might make good conservative Republicans when they have no place else to go.

Roger Stone spoke at Bay Ridge Manor to contingent of The Brooklyn Young Republican Club

State Senator Golden and BYRC President Nocera greet author and long-time GOP firebrand

The Brooklyn Young Republican Club hosted Roger Stone, the notable and notorious political strategist, author, former White House operative and former national chairman of the Young Republicans at their November 10th meeting at the Bay Ridge Manor.

About thirty people attended and enjoyed cheese and crackers along with coffee, cookies and soda provided compliments of State Senator Marty Golden in the main hall of the Manor. Prior to the scheduled program, Mr. Stone casually spoke for some time with several of those gathered there early, including State Senator Golden.

At about 2:15 Golden welcomed all of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club members and their guests and spoke about how necessary organizations like the BYRC and other Republican Clubs were to a healthy GOP in Brooklyn. Club President Glenn Nocera then followed with thanks to the state senator for the refreshments and the use of the hall, and made his introduction of the speaker Roger Stone.

Mr. Stone talked about the material from his latest book “The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ.”  The presentation was different from a typical author’s reading and/or signing  – notably absent were piles of Stone’s book, which he mentioned  is already into a fourth printing. The whole thing seemed exactly like what you would expect from Roger Stone along with plenty of lurid details of murder and sex, both before the Kennedy assassination and since. There were a hand-full of people that Stone knew personally, or with whose work Stone was completely familiar, that he personally skewered for their lack of journalistic or academic ethics because they knowingly worked to keep the historical record on Johnson's multiple involvements with the assassination and the cover up that followed under deep seal and cover – Robert Caro and Bill Moyers being two that I recall being “mentioned.”

The Q &A showed that many in the audience were very up on their Kennedy Assassination conspiracy details. Stone mentioned that a lot of his work covers what is well established in the record, but that he tightly weaves it into a narrative with some new material that demonstrates that not only was LBJ the biggest direct beneficiary of the assassination, LBJ had all the necessary contacts to carry it out. Johnson had the motive, the opportunity and behavior indicative of intent to carry out the deed. In addition, a complete rundown of the multitude of additional murders following the assassination of John F. Kennedy also shows many additional links to Johnson.

In a brief mention of local politics, Roger Stone expressed how badly he felt about the recent mayoral election. He mentioned that he knew and supported the election of Joe Lhota, but the way things are in NYC politics at this moment, Lhota’s election was a near impossibility.

Jacob Bard won the raffle drawing for a copy of the book, which was endorsed  “To Jacob from Roger Stone.”

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Warning: Is State Senator Martin Golden in danger of being one of the first Republicans to sign on for Mayor-elect deBlasio’s “Rich Person’s Tax” to fund Universal Pre-K ?

Key Democrat of Golden’s senate-ruling coalition already backs deBlasio’s plan 

Will Republican-Conservative State Senator Martin Golden be one of the first dominoes to fall into line for Mayor deBlasio

An often quoted and well-placed GOP wag put me onto this story a few days ago. And rather than have him ring me up to ask why I haven't gone with it yet, I'll do it right now.

Everybody knows that State Senator Golden has enjoyed being the NYS Senate lap dog of the mayor. That special relationship with the Mayor of New York City looks like it may end on or about December 31st of this year. Will Golden have any hooks at all in deBlasio’s wing of City Hall? Well maybe there is a chance that he will; if he plays his dominoes correctly.

To get a clear picture of this,  all one needs to do is get the answers to a few simple questions. For example, does Marty Golden support a Democratic Party proposal that’s becoming more and more popular — universal pre-kindergarten education ?  If Golden says “yes” outright; or more likely, that he is willing to consider it; then ask him, how he would pay for it ( really meaning -- how would he want you to pay for it) ?  And lastly, ask Golden straight out. would you consider supporting deBlasio’s “Tax the Rich” scheme ? Of course there are many more tougher questions that need to be asked about all this, but let's leave them for another day.

This all isn’t that far-fetched. Maybe, you missed this very important story in the runup to the election last week. One of the key leaders of State Senator Golden’s Albany coalition, IDC and NYS Senate Co-Leader Jeff Klein already has said he would lead the fight for deBlasio’s tax in the NYS Senate ( See “Lovett: Bill de Blasio's planned pre-K tax on wealthy gets support in Legislature” by Kenneth Lovett, 11/4/13, NY Daily News []). Klein said he intended to push that new tax a part of the next budget.

One can expect that Klein’s fellow IDC Democrat colleague, Diane Savino, will be one of the first dominoes to fall into line on this because of her knee-jerk positive response to what the UFT wants. She’s also the domino next to Senator Golden’s; and he’ll need to please Savino’s UFT friends very much in 2014 for reasons that are very obvious.

Golden has paired up with Savino and Klein on interesting things in the past. And this is something that the new mayor wants and Governor Cuomo has said he’d consider. So far the GOP State Senate leadership has not said absolutely not.

What do you think Marty Golden has to say about all this ?   Just as interesting, what do you think his Chief of Staff Jerry Kassar, a so-called "conservative" with "common sense," has to say about it ?

We do live in interesting times. Let’s try to keep on top of this, okay !

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Brooklyn Young Republican Club is Featuring the incomparable ROGER STONE at tomorrow's meeting.

Whenever he gets "Hoist on his own petard..." the crowd can shout  ---  "Hoist the Jolly Roger" !

Remember before there was any "Roger the Rabbit," there was Roger Stone

Join the Brooklyn Young Republican Club [ possibly not the "Official" but certainly the "Original" Brooklyn YR Club ] at their Sunday, November 10th meeting featuring notable political strategist, author, and former national chairman of the Young Republicans Roger Stone. 

Mr. Stone has worked in the Nixon administration,  the Bob Dole and Ronald Reagan campaigns and various other political misadventures. At the BYRC meeting he will be talking about his latest book “The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ” (and maybe you can coax some good political gossip out of him, as well).

Date: Sunday, November 10, 2013 
     --- Time: 2 pm – 4 pm  ---

Place: Bay Ridge Manor 
          476 76th Street (very near 5th Ave)
          Brooklyn, NY  11209

Mass Transit: Take the R train to 77th street (rear exit on the "95th Street-Brooklyn bound"  side is at 76th Street & 4th Avenue); or the B4 bus to Bay Ridge Parkway and 5th Ave or the B63 bus to 5th Ave and Bay Ridge Parkway or 77th street


A good time should be had by all.  And when the guest leaves the hall, it will be, "Roger, over and out...."

Is Jerry Kassar's "Radio Silence" for now really a cry for help ?

One of the architects of the 2013 Republican-Conservative fiasco in Brooklyn, Golden's Chief of Staff and the Conservative Party Chairman would rather talk about last year’s disaster than the one that happened just three days ago

Kassar, Golden & Co. are showing a pattern here

If nothing else, the Golden political apparatus remains true to form. Going back quite a while, and through several reversals for Marty Golden, Jerry Kassar and company, the typical response from the Golden-Kassar team has been a period of “radio silence” –  that’s why it was no surprise when Jerry Kassar’s “Common Sense” column this week had nothing to say about this year’s election results.

Last Tuesday was a day of cumulative  reversals for Mr. Kassar and his two bosses, State Senator Martin Golden and NYS Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long.  Kassar, Golden and Long were heavily invested in the races of Joseph Lhota for Mayor, Charles “Joe” Hynes for Brooklyn DA and John Quaglione for City Council, the latter two from their home base area of Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights. All three candidacies crashed and burned like they were mid-fifties rockets trying to orbit America’s first satellite.

The individual failed candidates – Lhota, Hynes and Quaglione  –  shared the same fate and identifying markings, even though they had very different genealogies. All three ran as Republican-Conservatives, but how they got that way was very different, one to the other. Hynes, a lifelong Democrat, was picked without opposition, as the long-time incumbent DA.. Quaglione was picked early by Jerry Kassar for the Conservative line, but faced a primary on the GOP line until a deal was made to lure Andy Sullivan into the adjoining district, with the offer of an uncontested Republican-Conservative line there for Sullivan. Lhota, who was in no way conservative, was picked early by Mike Long and Jerry Kassar to be the Conservative Party’s nominee for mayor; however he didn’t secure the GOP line until a narrow primary victory over John Catsimatidis in September 2013.

Through each tortuous step of each of these Republican-Conservative candidates were the guiding hands of Kassar, Long and Golden – nudging things along. According to the best laid plans, all three of these candidacies were supposed to be mutually supporting and held the early promise of  possible cumulative successes.

The glitches with these plans began almost with each of the initial roll-outs. And additional heavy lifting and last minute adjustments had to be made to coax DA Hynes out of his initial concession following a surprise Democratic primary loss, and to give his Republican-Conservative DA campaign virtual top billing on the ticket in Brooklyn.

Early on, a real wet blanket fell on all of this when Golden, Kassar and company became embroiled in the 2013 GOP organizing process. Who knows what motivated it (there have been some whispers that it is part of a 2014 master plan, but let's wait and see). In any case, it came into the open with Marty Golden’s unprovoked  surprise attack on his longtime GOP ally Craig Eaton. There was a major uptick in the drama and intensity of all of it when mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis joined the fray; and both the Lhota and Quaglione campaigns were drafted into the global war in a teapot under the banner “Republicans for Change.” That fracas went through the summer, into the fall, and because of a bizarre lawsuit continued through election day. That nominally "intra-party" fight soiled and encumbered everything up to that fateful end.

The final failure of this election cycle was there for everybody to see on November 5th. Typical of the Kassar-Golden approach to failures and other inconvenient facts of life is a period of silence on their part. If they continue true to form, stand by for their next stages, denial and dissembling.

As with so many who show patterns of destructive behavior, these guys really do need an intervention of some sort.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Brooklyn GOP Radio Back on the "Air"

The Brooklyn GOP Internet Radio Program, hosted by Berardelli and Gallo, does post-election show

Says terrible Election Day performance by Republicans was the "product of a factional war" among Brooklyn's Republicans that is the "fault of State Senator Marty Golden"

Lhota's numbers in Brooklyn  ---  worse than his city-wide 24%  ---  destroyed chance of good showings by the Brooklyn GOP City Council Candidates

The “Brooklyn GOP Radio” program returned to the “air” (internet) recently.  Their second show since returning was on Wednesday, November 6th, the day after the 2013 Election Day debacle.  After a short humorous segment with the new District Leader William S. Davidson  (remember the "S" stands for progress), Gene B. and Russell G. went into a lengthy discussion of Tuesday's elections for various offices.

It started with what would have seemed like an unvarnished view that across the board things went very badly for the Brooklyn GOP in the 2013 election. That quickly turned to a full-throated condemnation of the attempted coup by State Senator Golden’s “Republicans for Change” and its devastating effect on all the Republican campaigns in Brooklyn – especially those of the two Republican City Council candidates who had a chance to win, but who came-in at or just below 40%.

Starting with the now-obviously wrong headed support of Lhota’s candidacy, the dynamic duo hammered the “Republicans for Change” for trying to return the Brooklyn GOP to the old ways of being content only electing one Republican in Brooklyn, State Senator Martin Golden. They also noted that Lhota’s bad performance leading the ticket; especially in Brooklyn, where he was somewhat behind his 24% city-wide number;  probably contributed to the loss of at least one potential GOP seat on the City Council. Later, in the program there was a specific discussion of the fall-off in the vote for David Storobin, since he had won his Senate Seat in a special election, in the “Super-Russian” Council District.  Also  mentioned was how the silly “Republicans for Change” lawsuit hurt all the Republican candidates running in Brooklyn.

Andy Sullivan appeared on the show and was hailed as “the only Brooklyn GOP candidate in any race that exceeded expectations” —  largely by his constant campaigning  “The man is a beast out there.”  And Gallo was quick to add, “We definitely need to get him right back out there somewhere in 2014....”

After a short introduction that the Brooklyn YRs are the only officially recognized Young Republican Organization in Brooklyn, YRs President Diana Sepulveda briefly spoke about how members of her YR Club were active in the races of every Republican running in Brooklyn in 2013.

The show closed during a rendition from the “Nocera Files” of the President of the other Brooklyn Young Republican Club’s singing “ ’Merican Soldier”....

Fiorello LaGuardia Club Calls for Unity as Brooklyn GOP nears “ANNIHILATION” following 2013 Elections

Says that Brooklyn GOP needs to regroup and strategize to avoid complete wipe-out of all Republican elected officials in Brooklyn

Calls on leaders of all factions in Brooklyn GOP to come together

Lucretia Regina-Potter and Marcus Aurelius Nussbaum the GOP State Committee Persons and District Leaders of the 46th AD have sent out the following  “Open Letter” to their fellow District Leaders in Brooklyn. It speaks for itself; so, I have reproduced it below:

November 2013

An Open Letter To All Republican District Leaders

Dear Brooklyn Republican District Leaders:

Now that the annihilation of the Kings County Republican Party is only one elected official away from being completed, we must regroup and strategize an effective way to prevent such an annihilation in becoming a fait accompli. We must assure that a united effort will return the status of our party to the days when the Republican Party was able to elect public officials and judges.

We must face the future with an eye on the recent past with learning and understanding.
Dissidence and disagreements have for too long been a part of our political activities within our Party. Fears and destructive internal battles have cursed the Republican Party in Brooklyn into becoming what it is nowadays.

We strongly urge that the leaders of both sides of the two factions partitioning the Republican Party in Brooklyn to lay down their swords and turn to a more peaceful solution for their adversarial actions. Most of all we urge all those Republican District Leaders in Brooklyn, who have dedicated themselves to enhance our party and who are the real backbone of our countywide organization, to exercise their rights as Leaders through the process of selecting and electing those who our party represents and who our elected officials should be.

Only through a unified effort of the true loyal and dedicated Republicans who have no ulterior motives in mind, nor are interested in protecting a private or personal interest, will the catalyst for change become viable.

We ask our fellow leaders to join with us to improve our prospects for the Brooklyn Republican future with dedication, hard work and by sharing the responsibility of choosing and supporting candidates for all public office and judiciary that run in their district.


Lucretia Regina-Potter and Marcus Aurelius Nussbaum
Republican District Leaders-46th Assembly District

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Joe Lhota, the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time — OTHERWISE LHOTA WAS A GREAT CANDIDATE ON PAPER

Mayor of the City of New York is not the kind of job for which anybody should submit their resume  —   Why weren't Joe Lhota and his campaign people told ?

Nobody loved Lhota, but the people who probably loved him the least were the ones who rolled him out to take one for their team, whoever that might be

The narrative of the Lhota campaign for 2013 looked too much like the words and music of one of Cole Porter’s later melancholy songs especially at the start: “It's the wrong time and the wrong place ***  Though your face is charming, it's the wrong face *** [Not a winners face], but such a charming face ***  And it's alright with me”

When you come down to it, was there any point in the 2013 election cycle that Joe Lhota looked like the right man to be Mayor  —  or for that matter, was there any point in the 2013 election cycle that Joe Lhota looked like the right man to be the Republican candidate for Mayor  — almost half of all Republicans clearly thought not.

Did anybody ever buy-into the resume reasoning that was the biggest part of the early argument in favor of Joseph Lhota ?  Can anybody name any NYC deputy mayor, head of the OMB and/or MTA Chairman that later was elected Mayor of the City of New York ?  Even when Rudy Giuliani was introducing the relatively unknown Joe Lhota back in January, his introduction was a dry as sawdust recitation of various job titles  –  it was a verbal resume. When finished, Rudy added this: “I told him [Lhota] very directly it's hard, very difficult. Electing a Republican is always a longshot. I got elected in '93, but only by 2.5 percent. Mike [Bloomberg] got elected in 2001, only by 3 percent. And we had a lot of things going for us when we got elected. But the reality is, I think it would be very good for the campaign, it would be very good for the city, because I think Joe will raise the level of the debate....” ( See “Giuliani Introduces Joe Lhota on NY1” by Dana Rubenstein, 1/9/13, Capital []). For all that, when did Joe Lhota’s campaign ever raise the level of the debate from January through November 2013 ?  The answer is never.

Republican activists should have listened to Giuliani’s testimonial a little closer, because in that one paragraph above he nearly accomplished a rhetorical impossibility  —  he raised expectations at the same time that he diminished expectations. An equally important revelation in the article was that even at that early date, based on a Quinnipiac poll, Joe Lhota was losing to a generic Democrat 60% to 9% with 24% having no opinion. ( Don’t those numbers look oddly familiar to those from election day ?)

Near the end of the summer, even before the general election campaign had started, a formally neutral editorial board, which had interviewed Mr. Lhota, pointed out that a mere superior resume was not by itself a qualification to be mayor or a guarantee of election (See “For Mayor: Joe Lhota – The Republican Nominee” by The Editorial Board, 9/3/13, NY Observer []). The same point was even driven home with some of the post-election commentary.  “[Lhota] has a business degree from Harvard, a Wall Street background, major experience as a Deputy Mayor, and service as Chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. ***  But even that kind of pedigree wasn’t enough for 59-year old Joe Lhota to make a significant dent in Bill DeBlasio’s lead in the race for Mayor of New York City....” (See “Even with ‘perfect’ resume, Lhota lost big” by Mary Murphy, 11/5/13, PIX (11) []).

When else has anybody tried to become the mayor of New York by pitching their resume ?  It just isn’t the way that it’s done. It makes me wonder if the consultants and Lhota’s other insiders knew something that they still haven’t said even with the election behind us. Maybe, it’s that Lhota can’t come across to the typical voter  —   or that Lhota is a bit detached from the things he’s talking about  —  or that Lhota has to be the hands on boss regardless how mundane the task  —  or that for some reason, Lhota is a much better candidate on paper than he ever could be in the flesh.

By the time this was all over on Tuesday night, all that was left of the Lhota campaign was the knowledge that almost nothing worked-out the way it was supposed to. Clearly, there was no outpouring of love and affection for either this candidate or what he was trying to sell. Even as Lhota gamely went through the motions on Sunday at various stops here in Brooklyn, he seemed to have a far away look about him, even when trying to seem impassioned about this or that. It’s almost like he was looking back through a telescope to where this all started and was wondering  — “Who got me into this ? And why ?”

Everybody else who touched this campaign need to be asking the same questions after campaigning with the guy who got 24% of the vote, but otherwise seemed like such a good candidate on paper.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

For the Brooklyn GOP the election results are not pretty — for the Golden faction of the Brooklyn GOP they are probably fatal

The tarnished Golden part of the Brooklyn GOP and the 2013 candidates that it selected and pushed forward into the fray have been found wanting in every facet, and from every aspect and vantage 

For everybody else who wanted any sort of  victory for the Brooklyn GOP and its candidates in 2013  —   look in some parallel universe  —   run a different program in the Matrix  —   roll back the clocks and calendars to happier times   — or do something else equally out-of-the-box that would require large dollops of science fiction and fantasy

[This post has been written with only partial, though substantial, election results on all of the races discussed. The numerical values will be recomputed and revised, where necessary and/or appropriate]

It is now obvious that the real big loser of the NYC Primary on September 9,  2013 was Joe Lhota  — however, it took until November 5, 2013 for him and his team of insiders to experience the full impact of their pyrrhic primary victory over John Catsimatidis. Yes, Lhota  is a bigger loser than Anthony Weiner; yes a bigger loser than Elliot Spitzer  —  Either one of those guys can probably get a talk show if they wanted it; for Joe Lhota, probably not.

His total of about 24% of the vote on the Republican and Conservative lines is consistent with the historically low numbers that candidates who run for mayor on both the Republican and Conservative lines have usually obtained. For a fully contested race it was the worst since 1969 (in that election John Marchi in a three-way race received 542,411 votes and 22.7% on the GOP and Conservative Party Lines, when Mayor Lindsay got 42% on the Liberal and other lines, and Mario Procaccino, a conservative type Democrat obtained 36% on the Democrat and other lines).

John Burnett fared even worse than Lhota did, getting under 20% of the vote in his race for Comptroller.

In the race for Brooklyn DA, incumbent DA Charles “Joe” Hynes lost his re-election bid on the Republican and Conservative Party lines. His numbers turned out to be lower than even the sternest critics of his renewed run on the GOP and Conservative Party lines had predicted. With respect to our prediction here on this blog, Hynes mostly did lead the GOP ticket in Brooklyn, even though he received under 26% of the total votes for Brooklyn DA. Even so, he garnered a higher percentage than all but three other GOP candidates in Brooklyn, with only three of the Brooklyn GOP City Council candidates that out-polled him.

As a group, the Brooklyn GOP City Council candidates didn’t do as well as expected, either. The individual results are listed,  as follows:

36th  Counc Dist:  Veronica Thompson under   3% - Loss
43rd  Counc Dist: John Quaglione under 37% -    “
44th  Counc Dist: Joseph Hayon under 20% -    “
46th  Counc Dist: Anthony Testaverde under 27% -   “
47th  Counc Dist:  Andy Sullivan under 28% -    “
48th  Counc Dist: David Storobin under 40% -   “

From the look of all of the numbers above for all of the municipal offices mentioned above, 2013 was not a banner year for the Kings County Republican Party. However, it must be remembered that any kind of front-loaded top shelf operation for any candidate supported by the Brooklyn GOP was made impossible by the insurgency ignited by State Senator Martin Golden and carried to completion by the so called “Republicans for Change,” who were lined up behind Timothy Cochrane.

It should also be noted that the performances of the candidates supporting and supported by the “Republicans for Change” faction were especially problematic. Those candidates would include John Quaglione, David Storobin and Anthony Testaverde. When one additionally looks at the election day results for Joe Lhota and DA Hynes, both of whom were focal candidates, visibly and closely associated with Marty Golden and the “Republicans for Change” faction, the complete and signal failure of the campaigns fostered by the Golden-related faction of the Brooklyn GOP is completely manifest.

The failures of most of these individual campaigns might have been attributable to the candidates having been damaged fruit from the outset, faulty campaign strategy, tactics and execution, and profound non-support by larger organizations. However, far more burdensome for these campaigns was the negativity and inability of most of the Golden-supported candidates to reintegrate with their colleagues in the mainstream Brooklyn GOP after the 2013 GOP Primary had passed.

That prolonged primary hangover was no doubt directly attributable to the failed attempt of the “Republicans for Change" to pull a belated coup at the GOP County convention in the latter days of September; the flawed conception and execution of which was further exacerbated by an ill-advised lawsuit against the mainstream GOP in October 2013.

As an end-note to all that happened from the early bomb-throwing by Golden against Chairman Craig Eaton through Election Day on November 5th, it should be noted that the most likely consequence of the particular abysmal showings of the “Republicans for Change” candidates is the likelihood of the complete demise of that failed Golden-generated enterprise, as well as the sun-setting on those of its candidates that fail to  reintegrate with the mainstream in a suitable and timely fashion.

Going forward, if the Brooklyn GOP wants to serve its Republican registrants and voters, it needs to think well “outside of the box.”  The mainstream GOP  needs to use this 2013 fiasco as a big stick to beat whatever part of the 2013 “old hands insurgency" that might  keep plugging along into the 2014 election cycle. Eaton, Gallo and company need to use all of this as a recruiting tool against all “former establishment challengers” that don’t make amends for what they did to everybody else in 2013.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Attacks by Hayon’s Campaign and Orthodox Anti-pedophile Blogs on Councilman David Greenfield Force Conservative Party  to Come Out of Its Funk Hole to Defend Him

Brooklyn Conservative Party Chairman Jerry Kassar Forced to Deliver a Syllabus of Lies   —   Some, his own; and some, those of other Greenfield cronies  

Right off the bat, Conservative Party Chairman Jerry Kassar makes his statement  in support of David Greenfield  as if he is newly announcing that support.  That’s a very odd thing to do, because everybody knows that such an “announcement “ had already been made almost eight months ago. Then Kassar opened his new re-“announcement” with the biggest lie of all  —  “David Greenfield is the only Conservative candidate in this race....” (See  “Brooklyn’s Conservative Party Urges Voters To Support David Greenfield On The Conservative Line” by YWN Desk, 11/4/13, Yeshiva World News

Sadly, it seems that Mr. Kassar has himself wandered so far from his conservative roots because of a career of compromising dirty deals, he cannot tell a liberal Democrat from a conservative one. He certainly cannot tell the difference between a genuine social conservative Republican and the liberal Democrat that his party originally and prematurely endorsed way back in March 2013  (See “Brooklyn Conservatives Nominate City Councilman David Greenfield Endorsing Re-Election,” by Ross Brady, 3/12/13, Brooklyn Conservative Party Blog []; see also “Conservative Party backs Greenfield’s re-election bid,” by Paula Katinas, 3/13/13, Brooklyn Daily Eagle []). At that time, even I had hit Kassar and his Conservative Party with a brickbat about the haste in selecting a candidate as inappropriate as Greenfield   —   “...[H]ow can the Conservative Party explain the haste that attended its endorsement process in 2013....”(See “Conservatives endorse Democrat David Greenfield — Independent Republicans look around for “Organization GOP” support for an independent GOP stop-Greenfield opponent” by Galewyn Massey. 3/13/13 [ below on this blog]).

Hayon has again hit a nerve of the falsely named  “Conservatives” and their endorsed falsely identified and labeled liberal candidates like Greenfield and Lhota.  They are buzzing and swarming like a bunch of hornets, whose nest has been knocked to the ground.  Kassar and his ward, Greenfield, have been forced to pull out all the stops at the Eleventh Hour to try to impede Hayon’s momentum; these included tar buckets wielded by Kassar and Kalman Yeger, and a quick rewrite of history by State Senator Simcha Felder, a similarly endorsed Democrat-Conservative.

Monday, November 4, 2013

’Twas the Night Before Election Day ... And all through the County, Not a Creature.... Is finding the choices a bounty

Now is not the time for Republicans  to assign blame or fault for the 2013 City- and County-wide campaigns     Or what happened to this, that, or the other City Council candidate  —  There will be time enough for that in a few days

Republicans need to hang tough with a ticket that is largely uninspiring especially at the top  —  and let’s hope for the best for some of our down-ticket candidates

Let’s start with the top of the GOP ticket.

MAYOR —  For a conservative minded voter, or even a mainstream Republican, the race comes down to the Republican-Conservative Candidate Joseph Lhota, who isn’t really in any way conservative and a Democrat Sir Taxalot, whose heroes include the Sandinistas and some Carribean and South American leaders for life. Between these two there is no choice it’s Lhota for a lot-a-reasons. However, there is also a candidate in the race that has run a campaign almost solely on social conservative issues, Reverend Erick Salgado, who is running on the School Choice “Party” line.  My recommendation is that everybody follow the advice of Jerry Kassar, edited slightly as follows: “...[V]oters need to have a laser focus on the issues. [These] candidates have spoken on them many times.  And there is clearly a world of difference [among them].  So take the time to review their positions and make an informed decision before you walk into that polling site....”

COMPTROLLER — Since the office of New York City’s Public Advocate is not contested by a Republican candidate, the next position for your consideration is the CFO of the City of New York, the Comptroller.  Unquestionably one of the surprises of the 2013 election cycle is John Burnett. John has been a natural entrepreneur, who demonstrates an innate business sense, he is also an accomplished financial executive and manager. Throughout John’s career in the financial services industry, he learned how to manage money and people in a highly interdependent global economy. John has said, “My experience working with a myriad of investment products, audit and governance affords me a unique perspective on what is needed to optimize pension fund performance and operational effectiveness of our city agencies.” John Burnett is not only a fitting choice for NYC Comptroller, he is the only fitting choice to be in charge of the City’s fisc and to audit the performance of the various NYC agencies.

KINGS COUNTY DA  —  Inasmuch as there is no Republican candidate for Borough President of Brooklyn, the next office to be considered is the Kings County District Attorney. Charles “Joe” Hynes is the long-term incumbent DA for Brooklyn. For several of his terms in office he has been endorsed as the candidate of the Republican Party. This will be DA Hynes’ first opportunity to be elected principally as the Republican candidate. He is the best and most competitive Republican candidate for DA in my lifetime. His main campaign pitch that his past good performance in the office of DA, as compared to his opponent’s flimsy resume for the position is incontrovertible. In order to win re-election, DA Hynes needs a very high vote on the Republican line. Republican voters need to pull the GOP lever for DA Hynes to continue to keep Brooklyn streets safe  —  Any change of DAs now would just be too big a risk to take with such a new man waiting in the wings.

CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATES  —  Candidates for the Council, John Quaglione, Joseph Hayon and David Storobin have all run excellent campaigns and stand excellent chances of being very competitive in the 43rd, 44th and 48th Council Districts respectively  —   and reasonably one or two of those districts should pass into the Republican column. The remaining Republican candidates for City Council, Veronica Thompson in the 36th Counc Dist,  Anthony Testaverde in the 46th Counc Dist and Andy Sullivan in the 47th have been ready, willing and able campaigners, who mounted the best campaigns possible given the financial and other constraints on their campaign efforts  —  they deserve your vote as an item of party gratitude and loyalty, as well as to encourage their further efforts at elective office under more encouraging and conducive circumstances.

Vote from the ticket above for as many candidates as you can, and for all offices that you deem appropriate.

Social Conservative Republican Hayon Slams Liberal Democrat Greenfield as JUST NOT CONSERVATIVE — on most social issues

In Final Days of his 2013 Campaign Republican Joseph Hayon has turned up the heat on his  LIBERAL Democrat opponent David Greenfield

Hayon campaign demonstrates that Greenfield is a false conservative running under a false flag  —   AND that it's clear that Kassar's Conservative Party endorsement is a farce and a fraud on the citizens of the 44th Council District and the rest of Brooklyn

Republican City Council candidate Joseph Hayon called out his opponent, liberal Democrat David Greenfield, to explain his left-wing record on the City Council to the socially conservative residents of the Councilman Greenfield’s 44th Council District. In response, Greenfield has either changed the subject or remained silent. As you can see below, Greenfield’s  reason to evade what Hayon has shown is obvious.

Hayon has proved that over the four years that Greenfield has been in office, he has voted and even sponsored funding for Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) organizations across the City of New York.  A careful review of his earmarks reveals that Greenfield requested over $85,000 for LGBT organizations and causes. He also voted for a resolution to recognize gay relationships for immigration purposes. It’s Hayon’s position that this is money that should have been used for cash-strapped Yeshivas or other parochial schools right in Greenfield’s 44th Council District or near enough for them to be available to 44th Counc. Dist. students.

Mr. Greenfield has been recognized for his generous support of the LGBT community to the extent that the Pride Rainbow Independent Democrats even endorsed David Greenfield for City Council!  In addition, David Greenfield went against Rabbonim of the Orthodox  community in the 44th Council District by supporting various pro-gay marriage candidates —   in particular was one of Christine Quinn's biggest supporters!

Greenfield’s liberal stands on social issues are not limited to his support of so many LGBT matters. Mr. Greenfield voted for a City Council resolution that called for an amendment permanently authorizing Late-Term Abortions in the New York State Constitution. ( it is notable that Greenfield’s fellow Democrat Senator Simcha Felder opposed the measure so strenuously that he was prepared to spend Shabbos in Albany to see this bill defeated during a late Friday session of the State Senate! Mr. Greenfield has also voted to increase government funding for abortions on demand, even though NYC already has the highest abortion rate in the country!

Another piece of evidence of David Greenfield’s liberalism is his endorsement by the NYC public school  teachers union, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT).  It would take too long to catalogue all the abominations perpetrated and/or supported by the UFT. It’s main sin against so many of the people represented is blocking all forms of real school choice for parents. That is done most directly by blocking funding for many Yeshivas and parochial schools programs and tuition assistance for parents who choose other than public schooling for their children.

Politically, Greenfield opposed the interests of a majority of voters in his home district by opposing a unified congressional district that would properly represent the social conservative values of his largely Orthodox district.  In fact, during the redistricting battle  Mr. Greenfield argued in court in defense of a district where the ultra-liberal Democrat Jerry Nadler of Manhattan continues to represent large chunks of Borough Park and Flatbush, instead of supporting a unified Congressional District for the Jewish community.

Just yesterday on the campaign trail, Republican City Council Candidate Joseph Hayon reiterated many of the charges above, saying, "Many of the votes taken by David Greenfield are out of step with the values of the orthodox Jewish community....  We need a representative whose values align with those of the frum community and understands our priorities, I'm proud to be that candidate".

Hayon also pointed out that the only connection that Greenfield has to anything conservative is his endorsement by a morally bankrupt and corrupt Conservative Party that apparently thought that Greenfield’s support by deep-pocketed donors, who could been steered toward the Conservative Party and some of its favored candidates was all the conservatism that Greenfield needed. Conversely, Conservative Party County Leader Jerry Kassar has worked very hard to head off any sources of funding for Hayon’s social conservative Republican campaign.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Good News Garbage Morsel is Really a Bitter Mouthful for Lhota Campaign and His Conservative Supporters

Politicker article about "Anti-Trash Station Democrats" rallying with Joe Lhota highlights major contradictions of his campaign

Quotes by Lhota’s liberal supporters shows-up a justification given by Long, Kassar and Golden for supporting social liberal-libertarian Joe Lhota for the lie that it is  


This is the takeaway from yesterday’s bit of  “good news” for the Lhota campaign reported by Jill Colvin in the New York Observer’s Politicker blog:  “ ... ‘I feel that there should have been some kind of more appeal to people who are Democrats—some kind of outreach,’ [a woman Democrat supporting Lhota] said, arguing that Mr. de Blasio had managed to paint Mr. Lhota as a typical, national Republican, even though he’s far more liberal on social issues. *** ‘That’s what a lot of people that I’ve met have felt frustrated about with his campaign,’ she said. ‘Most of us are so frustrated and angry at the national Republican party right now. So I think that hasn’t been said enough. He hasn’t been able to separate himself enough from the national Republican party’ ” ( See “TRASH TALK –  Anti-Trash Station Democrats Rally for Lhota” by Jill Colvin,  11/2/13, NY Obeserver/ Politicker []).

The “good news” for Republican-Conservative Candidate Lhota, of course, was that there was a reportable breakthrough with a group of self-identified Democrats. However, in digging into the nature of that support for Lhota’s candidacy by these Manhattan-style Democrats, you would see that their support is based on two things. First and foremost, Joe Lhota was able to make a local connection with a group of voters, whose predominant concern is halting the implementation of a plan to make a 91st Street facility into an East River Sanitation Transfer Station. Second, that Lhota, the Republican-Conservative candidate for mayor, actually holds many liberal Democratic positions on a variety of issues.

The Politicker post also reported that these Democrat supporters of Joe Lhota were extremely critical of the Lhota Campaign in two key areas: 1)  a lack of organization and outreach to liberal Democratic voters, who would be willing to join with Lhota on specific issues; and 2) that the Lhota campaign has not separated itself from the National Republican Party.

Jill Colvin’s article about Joe Lhota’s “TRASH TALK” Democrat supporters actually points out the problematic and contradictory logic of the Lhota campaign as a whole, and the key conservative Republican and/or Conservative Party reasoning in support for the Lhota candidacy.

Especially perplexing is the open tolerance by Conservative Party leaders like Mike Long and Jerry Kassar, as well as certain self-styled social conservative Republicans like State Senator Martin Golden of Lhota’s often-expressed liberal social policy positions. The glib dismissals of the importance of those positions in a race for mayor, by the likes of Long, Kassar and Golden is completely shown to be “the lie that it is” when liberal Democrats, like those quoted in Colvin’s article, always mention up front that they are necessary elements of their support for Lhota.