Sunday, November 3, 2013

Social Conservative Republican Hayon Slams Liberal Democrat Greenfield as JUST NOT CONSERVATIVE — on most social issues

In Final Days of his 2013 Campaign Republican Joseph Hayon has turned up the heat on his  LIBERAL Democrat opponent David Greenfield

Hayon campaign demonstrates that Greenfield is a false conservative running under a false flag  —   AND that it's clear that Kassar's Conservative Party endorsement is a farce and a fraud on the citizens of the 44th Council District and the rest of Brooklyn

Republican City Council candidate Joseph Hayon called out his opponent, liberal Democrat David Greenfield, to explain his left-wing record on the City Council to the socially conservative residents of the Councilman Greenfield’s 44th Council District. In response, Greenfield has either changed the subject or remained silent. As you can see below, Greenfield’s  reason to evade what Hayon has shown is obvious.

Hayon has proved that over the four years that Greenfield has been in office, he has voted and even sponsored funding for Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT) organizations across the City of New York.  A careful review of his earmarks reveals that Greenfield requested over $85,000 for LGBT organizations and causes. He also voted for a resolution to recognize gay relationships for immigration purposes. It’s Hayon’s position that this is money that should have been used for cash-strapped Yeshivas or other parochial schools right in Greenfield’s 44th Council District or near enough for them to be available to 44th Counc. Dist. students.

Mr. Greenfield has been recognized for his generous support of the LGBT community to the extent that the Pride Rainbow Independent Democrats even endorsed David Greenfield for City Council!  In addition, David Greenfield went against Rabbonim of the Orthodox  community in the 44th Council District by supporting various pro-gay marriage candidates —   in particular was one of Christine Quinn's biggest supporters!

Greenfield’s liberal stands on social issues are not limited to his support of so many LGBT matters. Mr. Greenfield voted for a City Council resolution that called for an amendment permanently authorizing Late-Term Abortions in the New York State Constitution. ( it is notable that Greenfield’s fellow Democrat Senator Simcha Felder opposed the measure so strenuously that he was prepared to spend Shabbos in Albany to see this bill defeated during a late Friday session of the State Senate! Mr. Greenfield has also voted to increase government funding for abortions on demand, even though NYC already has the highest abortion rate in the country!

Another piece of evidence of David Greenfield’s liberalism is his endorsement by the NYC public school  teachers union, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT).  It would take too long to catalogue all the abominations perpetrated and/or supported by the UFT. It’s main sin against so many of the people represented is blocking all forms of real school choice for parents. That is done most directly by blocking funding for many Yeshivas and parochial schools programs and tuition assistance for parents who choose other than public schooling for their children.

Politically, Greenfield opposed the interests of a majority of voters in his home district by opposing a unified congressional district that would properly represent the social conservative values of his largely Orthodox district.  In fact, during the redistricting battle  Mr. Greenfield argued in court in defense of a district where the ultra-liberal Democrat Jerry Nadler of Manhattan continues to represent large chunks of Borough Park and Flatbush, instead of supporting a unified Congressional District for the Jewish community.

Just yesterday on the campaign trail, Republican City Council Candidate Joseph Hayon reiterated many of the charges above, saying, "Many of the votes taken by David Greenfield are out of step with the values of the orthodox Jewish community....  We need a representative whose values align with those of the frum community and understands our priorities, I'm proud to be that candidate".

Hayon also pointed out that the only connection that Greenfield has to anything conservative is his endorsement by a morally bankrupt and corrupt Conservative Party that apparently thought that Greenfield’s support by deep-pocketed donors, who could been steered toward the Conservative Party and some of its favored candidates was all the conservatism that Greenfield needed. Conversely, Conservative Party County Leader Jerry Kassar has worked very hard to head off any sources of funding for Hayon’s social conservative Republican campaign.


Anonymous said...

Hayon fit all that information on a business card?

He must have used both sides.

Anonymous said...

Hayon must have many sides to his business card.

Galewyn Massey said...

I don't know about how many sides he had to his business cards, but his campaign had many sides, especially in the last week or ten days. Several "parades" with Salgado with floats and sound cars, literature, ads in community newspapers, robocalls, support from specialized and local blogs, outreach to and response from many influential rabbis and community leaders, and now many volunteers, have all made Hayon and his campaign a presence in most of the 44th Council District.

AND YES, in the early going there were those Joseph Hayon for City Council business cards that generated real interest by real people that have been doing real things for the Hayon Campaign for City Council --- AGAINST the LIBERAL DEMOCRAT DAVID GREENFIELD who very oddly is running on the Conservative Party line.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Joseph Hayon the people of Boro Park, Flatbush and Gravesend know that the real Councilman Greenfield is a "TALE of TWO Greenfields." With the Conservative line obtained from that party and Republican Marty GOlden in some crazy backrooms dealings, Greenfields used the COnservative's Party endorsement and has been taking the conservatives' voters for granted, and now they know he votes for liberal gay laws and supports liberal gay leaders.

Also voters know that Greenfield is anti-business aaand pro-union poodle lap-dog...mostly like the UFT who blocks Yeshivas and parents school choice for their kids. Last time Greenfield made a promise about getting $2500 tax break for Yeshiva or parochial school, which was not delivered, but Greenfield delivered for the UFT and took their endorsement from them.

Greenffield also supports liberal Democrat Obama, Obamacare and Obama's anti-small business taxes and regulations. and He supports liberal Democrat Congressman Jerrold Nadler and liberal Democrat and lesbian Christie QUinn for Council leader and mayor.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So make a prediction Gale. A "real presence" in the 44th must be able to get at least 45%?

Galewyn Massey said...

Against a "popular" and "well-financed" incumbent, and the strong support of Kassar and the usual Conservative Party suspects - who have said they want to humiliate Hayon, and a bunch of price is right Orthodox political operators ! Those kinds of factors make any percentages in this race "too tough to call" --- but the race itself probably won't be "too close to call"....

Anonymous said...

If Quaglione Does Not Do Better Than Capano In 2009, He Is Done For Future..

Anonymous said...

Capano had a unified Brooklyn GOP behind him and a good campaign team. If it weren't for Kassar and Kraus he might have had a real shot.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Gallo Did A Great Job For Capano And HE Was A Good Candidat With A Personal ReCord In Community Not Just A Staffer To One Elected Official..Kassar Definitely Hurt him..

Galewyn Massey said...


Former Congressman Bob Turner made the following statement of support for Republican City Council Candidate Joseph Hayon:

"Voters in the 44th City Council District face a clear choice on Tuesday. They can elect a principled, honest, conservative in Joseph Hayon OR a liberal Democrat....
Joseph Hayon is a man of integrity who will respect the values of the people and serve residents of the district with honor and passion. I'm proud to support Joseph and urge voters in the 44th Council District to join me in supporting Joseph Hayon for City Council"

Anonymous said...

I am a conservative Republican and I support David Greenfield 100% against Hayon. He is a fraud.

Galewyn Massey said...

I have three questions for "Anonymous ... 7:36 PM":

Why would you support a liberal Democrat like David Greenfield if you are really a conservative Republican ?

Do you live and vote in the 44th Council District ?

In what way is Joseph Hayon, the Republican candidate for Council from the 44th CD, a fraud ?