Thursday, November 14, 2013

Jerry Kassar tries to put the 2013 Elections into his “...Lock Box”

In 1948 George Orwell’s “1984” had its “Memory Hole”  —   In 2013 Jerry Kassar’s “Common Sense” has its “Lock Box”

No mention of the disastrous 2013 elections for Kassar’s Bosses Marty Golden and Mike Long, and for Kassar’s Conservatives and Golden’s faction of the Brooklyn GOP 

For some reason, Jerry Kassar thought his Home Reporter readership was suffering from some kind of collective insomnia and needed the narcotic of one of his most vapid and vacuous columns ever. I would refer to it all as “fluff” except that I have too much respect for the commercial marshmallow topping of the same name.

Jerry, leading with the Brennan-Golden “lockbox bill”  —   Seriously !  I mean, SERIOUSLY !

“As would be expected, the legislation has a great deal of support from the Straphangers Campaign as well as .....................................................................................  ............................................  numerous other mass transit and good government groups.” (Sorry, I fell asleep in the middle of that thoroughly consuming quote.)

Needless to say, this week’s “Common Sense” column by Mr. Kassar is just otiose verbiage pounded-out on his keyboard to achieve an evasion of the real news of the week concerning his two bosses State Senator Martin Golden and NYS Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long, as well as, Gerard Kassar himself, as the Kings County Conservative Party Chairman. The city-wide and local Brooklyn ticket crafted by these guys in 2013 not only crashed and burned  —  it crashed and burned in complete ignominy and infamy.

The words and the principal overall theme of the race on behalf of mayoral candidate Joseph Lhota were extremely divisive and in no way effective  —  especially those parts of it that said in various ways that “We” didn’t want to go back to a Mayor David Dinkins’ kind of New York City.

Far more offensive and equally unproductive were the thoroughly reactionary racially-tinged pitches aimed at “g-d knows who for who knows what” on behalf of Brooklyn DA Charles “Joe” Hynes. It was a campaign so ugly and tawdry that the New York Times saw fit to denounce it in a journalistic post mortem several days after 2013's Election Day  ( See “After Ugly Campaign, Finding Little Grace in Brooklyn District Attorney’s Exit” by Michael Powell, 11/11/13, NY Times []). This article was far more than a story of  “...a broken-down horse of a politician [who came] up lame.” That would have been a “Last Hurrah” kind of story. It certainly wasn’t that kind piece.

Instead, the Times piece by Michael Powell was more of  a statement condemning  “ ugly and cantankerous howl of a final campaign ....”  in large part “... as the candidate of the Republican and Conservative Parties, in the general election. Hurling accusations, stirring communal fears, [ending the Brooklyn DA’s] once proud career in a manner akin to crashing a car into a brick wall.”  Where “[n]o grace attended.”

Kassar is trying to flim-flam his side’s policy and practice of “radio silence” following big setbacks into the look and feel of his normally weak weekly column in the Home Reporter. Rather than address his own monumental failure, the monumental failures of Marty Golden, Mike Long, and the Golden faction of the Brooklyn GOP and the Brooklyn Conservative Party in the 2013 elections, Jerry Kassar published pablum puke in the hope of buying time. Kassar obviously did that expecting that his remaining loyal readership and partisan followers would be willing to swallow something very bland and tepid, and keep it down after the weeks-long gut-wrenching effluvium of the campaigns on behalf of the Republican-Conservative ticket in Brooklyn, and the historic failures of those tickets the week before.


Anonymous said...

The election of 2013 has been purged by the Conservative party Minister of Propaganda.
As the "know it alls" who posted predictions that all came up short, I say dont quit your day jobs.

Anonymous said...

Not fair to blame Kassar for the Hynes race card fiasco. That was Hynes own act of genius.

Galewyn Massey said...

Kassar and the other usual suspects were at various stops on the Hynes bus tour at the last stages of the campaign -- that was after the racial stuff had been reported on and was out there for everybody to see. Even more important, before he jumped ship at the last minute, JK's favorite City Councilman David Greenfield was in the middle of a specialized variant of the race-baiting in the DA race that was directed at the Orthodox community.

Anonymous said...

Gale your missing both the forest and the trees on this. The whole Republican-Conservative campaign for was pushed by Kassar's boss Marty Golden. Just like Godfather III, Hynes bowed out of it after the primary until "they kept pulling him back in" in what turned out to be another bad idea by Golden and his buds.


Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone reads Kassar's column. It's probably used as a filler. Maybe if the paper sells more ads they will fill the space and the column will go away.

Galewyn Massey said...

I said that I thought DA Hynes would out-poll the rest of the ticket. Although he underperformed by 10-15 points, so did the rest of the ticket top-to-bottom.

I also criticized some of the negative stuff in the campaign, especially in the Greenfield district.

Galewyn Massey said...


A couple of days back, Governor Andrew Cuomo vetoed the Brennan-Golden bill passed by the legislature that would have constrained the governor’s ability to move money out of the MTA to projects not related to transit. This veto applied to the "lockbox" bill, mentioned in the post above, which would have required that the governor publish a transit "impact statement" whenever he takes money dedicated to the M.T.A. or other transportation authorities throughout the state and redirects it elsewhere. That bill had been sponsored by Republican State Senator Martin Golden and Democratic Assemblyman Jim Brennan, both of Brooklyn (See “In one week, Cuomo vetoes two M.T.A. transparency bills” by Dana Rubenstein, 11/14/13, This is How New York Works - Capital []).

Anonymous said...

The Home Reporter?

The ice man used to deliver that.

Anonymous said...

isn't the veto of a unanimous bill a big deal? if there is no override - that would mean something is going on - wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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