Friday, November 1, 2013

Hynes will lead the Republican-Conservative Ticket in Brooklyn

In spite of an uphill slog against strong negative trends across NYC, including Brooklyn, Hynes critic says “It looks like the election next Tuesday may be a close one.”

It is November 1st and it seems a lifetime ago that George Arzt was speaking on behalf of Brooklyn DA Charles “Joe” Hynes, and saying, his boss “wanted to leave in a classy way.” That was just over three weeks in the past, but don’t forget, the world has turned over twenty times since then, and it will do it five more times before Election Day.

On Primary Day, which was less than two months ago, Charles Hynes received about 45% of the Democratic vote in his Democratic Primary contest with Kenneth Thompson. If Mr. Hynes can pull the same percentage of the Democratic voters to either of the Republican or Conservative Party lines in the general election against the very same opponent, Hynes will pull one of the biggest upsets in election history.

During this week, the Hynes Campaign for DA has been the most visible Republican-Conservative race in Brooklyn. Some Democrat wags have dismissed it as a bunch of “Sound and fury signifying nothing”; other critics of the key Republicans and Conservatives, who are intrinsic to the belated Hynes effort to hold onto his post, have pointed out that the current Hynes campaign is an old fashioned Bay Ridge oriented operation aimed at a demographic that no longer exists, either in Brooklyn as a whole or Bay Ridge in particular. However, just as important as all of that is a subrosa whisper campaign among the many Democrats who do not support the candidacy of Kenneth Thompson.

It is the unseen “whisper campaign” that has the Democrats supporting Thompson most concerned. I have personally received a call from a Democratic Party leader and another from a close advisor of Kenneth Thompson; and both were inquiries about under the table activities against their candidate Thompson. The calls have since been followed up by calls from other intermediaries who are for Thompson. I had only a few things that I could tell them, but even that little bit was enough for one of them to ask, “Do you think this is really happening ?” And  through one of the intermediaries, “Do you think [Hynes] can pull this out ?”

Frankly, I have my doubts that there are any where near enough pro-Hynes and/or anti-Thompson cards in the deck for Hynes and his people to be able to play a winning hand next Tuesday, even with a little legerdemain. Nonetheless, the nervousness on the other side is palpable.

In an odd article that recently appeared on a blog that is generally critical of incumbent DAs, and which was particularly critical of Brooklyn DA Hynes, the detailed article paradoxically ended with this dose of very good news for the incumbent Brooklyn DA (and his Republican and Conservative allies and supporters)  —  “It looks like the election next Tuesday may be a close one.” ( See “The Brooklyn DA Race: Why Six-Term Incumbent D.A. Charles Hynes May Lose His Job” by "Jane,” 10/30/13, The Open File [])

I don’t know how close it will be between Hynes and Thompson, but I’m certain that Hynes will lead the Brooklyn Republicans, with the possible exception of one City Council candidate, who should and might well be a winner.


Anonymous said...

two candidates will do better than hynes

Anonymous said...

ONLY storobin may do better than Hynes..

Galewyn Massey said...


The Hynes mail is beginning to hit. A Democrat friend, who supports Thompson, called to say how good looking and effective Hynes’ “Democrat” piece looked.

Why would he do that ? He’s a wag, and he can’t help himself — also he thinks that it’s a hoot that the Thompson true believers are getting so nervous about all of this.

Anonymous said...

I agree.
Hynes will lead the ticket of losers.

Anonymous said...

The only vote hynes still has is the pedophile vote.

Galewyn Massey said...


Vivian Yee of the NY Times wrote that “Charles J. Hynes, the Brooklyn district attorney, knew it would be an uphill battle to win re-election as the Republican nominee in November after decisively losing the Democratic primary in September. But perhaps not this uphill....” (See “Hynes Faces Tough Road in Brooklyn District Attorney Race” by Vivian Yee, 10/1/13, NY Times []).

If you have just followed the Hynes campaign on this blog, you would be up to speed on most of what Ms. Yee had to say about the Hynes campaign. Specifically, both Yee and we dealt with some of the Hynes campaign’s problems with inflammatory messaging in certain communities and pushback on that from the Thompson side and others; also both this blog and the Times piece dealt with the questionable emails between DA Hynes and former NYS Chief Judge Wachtler. It should be noted, however, that Ms Yee’s article does supply this important additional piece to the Hynes-Thompson puzzle: “...Though Mr. Hynes’s campaign manager has estimated he would need to raise about $1 million to win, he has raised only about $210,000 in the weeks before the general election, far less than the Democratic nominee, Kenneth P. Thompson, who has raised about $410,000....”

The Times article also lists more of what DA Hynes is up against in his “uphill battle” against Kenneth Thompson than what has been described heretofore on this blog.

Anonymous said...

All of Kings Countys Hacks
And all of the DA's men
Will never get Breezy Point Joe elected again.

Anonymous said...

Hynes might hold that to be a sexual orientation right.

Galewyn Massey said...


JK's social media megaphone has announced that Republican Congressman Peter King and former GOP Congressman Bob Turner are pitching in to help the GOP-Conservative Party effort for incumbent DA Charles "Joe" Hynes --- The Nassau County King by way of an endorsement of the re-election of the Brooklyn DA; and Queens County Bob Turner by means of a walk around with candidate DA Hynes along the Brooklyn shore front.