Monday, August 21, 2017

Bob Capano again cashes in with >>> EARNED MEDIA

BOB CAPANO HAS THE STAGE ALL TO HIMSELF  ---   at least briefly  ---  in Julianne Cuba's detailed report in the Brooklyn Courier of her interview of the GOP's apparently most media-savvy candidate running for the City Council in 2017

Maybe, this is only the first of a series by the very lovely Ms. Cuba.....   However,  for at least one sun-shiny day in late August 2017, Bob Capano has his leg up on all his Republican opponents in the 2017 Primary for City Council in the 43rd Council District

You can see it all in "Coutier Life's -- Brooklyn Daily" for August 21, 2017  ( See  "Our sit-down with Bay Ridge Council candidate Bob Capano" by Julianne Cuba,  8/21/17,   Courier Life's -- Brooklyn Daily   []).


Here was my personal favorite item in Julianne Cuba's  article from the horse's mouth about many of candidate Bobby C's positions and beliefs:

"....   On connecting with the district’s growing Muslim and Arab community:
Capano has been a very vocal supporter of President Trump and opponent of local Arab-American activist Linda Sarsour, but he said does not feel that has alienated him from that community.
'At National Night Out, I had a number of Arab Americans come up to me and say, "Bob, keep doing what you’re doing, Linda Sarsour doesn’t represent the views of our community."  I will reach out to all Arab Americans in that community, and if they disagree with me about Linda, then you know what, don’t vote for me. If you want to count going door-to-door, speaking to members of the Arab-American community, I absolutely do....”


The good news is he qualified  ---  the bad news is Bobby C. didn't max-out.....

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Was there or wasn’t there a debate last night ??? --- Well, maybe THAT depends on whom you ask !!!

When is a "City Council Debate” not a debate  ???  ---  Maybe, when the "debate" participants neither address each other or the relevant issues; and instead,  they are asked to talk about themselves, and then asked to give answers "en masse" to a few random questions !!!

There is no question that the current GOP primary for City Council in the 43rd District is part and parcel of the ongoing fight inside the Kings County Republican Party to keep embattled State Senator Marty Golden from taking over the whole GOP show in Brooklyn  ---  Why didn’t any of the Republican candidates mention that ???  ---  The answer,  of course,  is that they were never asked.....


The Home Reporter's  "DISTRICT 43 - CITY COUNCIL DEBATE"  at Xaverian High School started out with a flap about its being scheduled on the Feast of The Assumption; and it ended up with a flop caused by a changed, ersatz format that left almost everybody involved unfulfilled and extremely disappointed…..

Enough has been said on this blog about the scheduling flap and the hurt religious sensibilities resulting from that; but this latest flop by the Courier Life/ Home Reporter folks on the night of the so-called "debate" needs a fresh set of invective remarks  ---  And here they are:   

The original format was supposed to be general introductions by all the candidates assembled,  followed by Q& A for the Democrats for an hour,  then Q&A by Republicans for an hour,  and then then final remarks by each of the candidates in attendance.   That’s not what happened at all.  The Republicans and Democrats were trotted out in a bunch,  all nine of them [ well, eight at first, and then nine] and that's how they stayed throughout the entire tedious presentation.

First and foremost,  the candidates and political operators that I’ve spoken to say that this wasn’t in any way or kind a debate at all  ---  “It was more like a ‘cattle call audition’ than anything else,”   said one old Republican sage;  and  another participant described it as like “… a cavalry charge by a bunch of people heading in lots of different directions….”


John Quaglione kicked things off by not being there at the start,  and losing his assigned place in giving introductory remarks  [however, it should be noted that one of his opponents offered that JQ’s tardiness might have been due to the changed format;  whereas  a spokesperson for another opposing campaign said he would have been late under the earlier proposed format,  as well,  saying,  “It was typical Quaglione,  a day late and a pound short….”].   When he did speak,  Johnny Q made it clear that he worked closely with and for Marty Golden…..  [and he was clearly going to ride on his coat-tails].

According to one observer,  Liam  McCabe came off looking and acting more like a “Rock Star” than a candidate,  and he seemed to be all over the lot when it came to what he would do and what he thought was important;  however,  his own corner was happy with his performance, and he also left at least one Democrat observer impressed that he’d be the toughest Republican opponent in the fall;  and it can even be said that somebody linked to a candidate opposed to Liam in this primary contest acknowledged that Liam is starting to look and sound very much like a credible candidate. 

A few thought that Bob Capano was sort of lost in the shuffle,  until late in the program when he started slamming the Democrats hard enough that one of his GOP rivals thought that he sounded like somebody from the “Alt-Right” end of the spectrum  [hey, if that "Alt-Right" branding does take hold, Bob still might win this GOP primary].  On the other hand, one of Bob's close supporters definitely asserted that Bob did very well throughout the evening,  start to finish,  and even when he got partisan it wasn't strident or extreme.....   Hmmmmm !!!

Lucretia Regina-Potter seemed most comfortable in the stew-like tenor of the evening.  She made the most of her introductory time explaining her position in the Republican field; and then, later on,  she pivoted on most of the questions asked with answers raising issues that SHE wanted to discuss.

One longtime GOP observer said that:   “No knockout blows were scored…”;   “… Quaglione was noticeably late…”;  and that Bob Capano seemed a little harsh when he went after the Democrats.


I’d be very interested to know what Craig Eaton, Ted Ghorra and SSMG thought about the GOP candidates’ performances…..  They were all reported to have been in the house.

More important than that, right now,  I’d like to know whether there might have been any side conversations going on between CE, TG and/or MG while the various candidates were talking up on-stage.   One wag reported to me that they saw CE and TG talking;  but that has been vehemently denied by one of the alleged participants in that tight band of brothers moment  ---  and certainly,  TG must have chatted-up MG at some point in the evening.



Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bob Capano does it again --- Gets a boost of "Earned Media" as other aspects of his campaign falter

Prominent national conservative news outlet quotes Bob Capano's prediction that drug dealers would be setting up shop close to Bay Ridge's 86th Street stop on the "R" line if one of Mayor de Blasio's drug injection facilities were to be located nearby

Capano's dire predictions about what it would look like if it were to be tried in his Council District was given prominent placement in a news item about actual data concerning the negative consequences of the first so-called "sanitary drug injection facility" located in a Canadian city

Brooklyn City Council Candidate chides Mayor de Blasio and the New York City Council for sitting on the results of their own study about similar facilities in New York City

According to a report in the Daily Caller  ---  "....  During his final news conference of the Parliamentay session, [Canadian] Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested that the federal government’s promotion of  “safe consumption sites” would be a means of combating the opioid crisis in Canada....  Vancouver was the first city in North America with a drug injection site, where addicts can go and legally inject heroin. These facilities are sometimes described as “safe” because the addicts are supervised by medical orderlies while they shoot-up. [Vancouver recently opened up a second site and the Trudeau government is actively encouraging other Canadian cities to open similar facilities]...."   (See "Drug Deaths Skyrocket In Vancouver Despite Legal Injection Sites" by David Krayden, 8/5/17,  Daily Caller   []). 

However, the article also specifically noted that statistics show "...  people continue to die of drug overdoses at record rates in Vancouver, British Columbia [the place of the first supervised drug injection facility in North america]. During the first half of 2017, 780 people have died from using illegal drugs — 88 percent more than the same period in 2016...."


Here's how the "Daily Caller" quoted our own Bob Capano in its feature about the thus far negative Canadian results with publicly funded injection sites:

"....  All of this worries Bob Capano, Republican candidate for New York City council. The city is considering being the home of the first drug injection site in the U.S. and initiated a feasibility study in September 2016. Capano wonders what happened to the study and if it the results are being held back for the benefit of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s reelection bid.
'New York City voters deserve to know the status of this study; where is it and when will it be released? It’s been almost a year since the City Council allocated the funding for the study. One has to wonder if the delay in its release is merely a stall tactic so that the voters don’t catch wind of this crazy plan before the election,' Capano said in a news release.
'Drug dealers are true entrepreneurs; they’ll relocate close to a Supervised Injection Facility to better serve their customer; the addict. If one were to open close to 86th Street in Bay Ridge common sense tells you that there will be dealers setting up shop between the subway entrance and the facility,' Capano said."


Even though his fund raising, petitioning and physical coverage throughout the district appear to have lagged behind those components of some of his fellow GOP candidates for the council in the 43rd District, Bob Capano still seems to have the knack of being ahead of the pack and getting real mileage out of his press releases.  

That particular ability might go a long way toward keeping his continued campaigning more than relevant, it might even result in its all being quite competitive.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Did Liam McCabe, John Quaglione and the NYCCFB just turn the 43rd Council District Republican Primary into a BINARY CONTEST AMONG THE TWO FRONT RUNNERS ???

Did the Campaign Finance Board finding that candidates Liam McCabe and John Quaglione were entitled to >>>  an initial maximum payout from the City coffers <<<  turn the Republican Primary for City Council in the 43rd District into a "Two Man Race"  ---  AND  ---  IF NOT,  WHY NOT ???

Somebody very early on in this 2017 election cycle (almost two years ago) told me that the principal show of support for City Council candidates in 2017 in the 43rd District would be  ---  FINANCING ! ! !     That person was Bob Capano, and it was after a Holiday Party in 2015.....  He then presented a very convincing argument as to why he would be in a far better position to out-fund- raise people like  ---  let's just say,  "John Quaglione," for starters.

Quite apart from obvious questions like,  "What happened ???"  ---  let's address something like this:  "Why isn't that initial proposition still true ???"

Saturday, July 29, 2017

There seems to be a growing debate about a "debate" at Xaverian HS by the 2017 Council Candidates for Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Bath Beach

The Brooklyn Reporter debate at Xaverian H.S. is scheduled for August 15th  ---  THAT'S A SIGNIFICANT HOLY DAY IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH

So far, some City Council candidates, at least one Catholic clergyman and some other interested folks seem to have weighed in on this, one way or the other

First, there were the arguments back and forth on Facebook ---  and then came some recriminations. [However, I've been able only to track down  a fraction of the stuff that was described to me as comprising the whole debate on this issue; so I can't fully report on all that's been said by all of the participants.....]

Nonetheless, based on what I have seen, our position here on this blog is simple  ---  this is a screw up  AND the date must be changed.

It's that simple.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Who is behind this anti-Liam message ? ? ?

I received the following missive by E-mail from an anonymous source.

Does anybody out there know its provenance ???

It starts like this:


"From: Rtaffy2 <>
To:  .....
Sent: Wed, Jul 19, 2017 5:19 pm
Subject: Brooklyn GOP reorg fireworks

Liam McCabe candidate for GOP primary in 43rd had rage fueled temper tantrum during Bklyn GOP reorg petition processing.

McCabe instructed his team to steal signed petitions from the petitioning room. He held them in an attempt to extort control of several county committee positions in the upcoming reorg. Those present were stunned by this outrageous stunt.

This is Chairman Ghorra's first reorg since officially becoming chair in Nov 2016.

Unnamed sources who were present are willing to speak to you.

McCabe is CEO of political consulting firm, Steeplechase Strategies.
Many have said McCabe is not ready to run.   He is referred to as unstable and undependable.

On July 12th he instructed his Steeplechase associates to steal signed petitions from the Bklyn Gop processing room.  Christine Sisto, President of the Brooklyn South Conservative Club and McCabe's girlfriend and Alexandra Sherer, a Manhattan GOP Leader ran like bats out of hell from the Bay Ridge Manor and into a car that sped away.  These petitions were signed by hundreds of voters and were for several candidates in addition to McCabe.  Once these petitions were signed they became a legal document.  It was a crime to remove them and hold them to extort control over several County Committee seats during the Brooklyn Reorg.

When McCabe returned to the Manor with the petitions he entered and stood in a menacing and threatening way.  He insisted he was justified in stealing the petitions.  Such childish behavior can not be tolerated.

McCabe in a fit of rage, threw a temper tantrum,  screaming and yelling for several minutes.  His team, including Manhattan Political Director and Steeplechase business partne, Robert Morgan,  just watched as their candidate had a melt down.  No one attempted to get him under control.  

Chairman Ghorra was present for this tantrum.  

A woman stepped in front of McCabe when he stepped towards a young male operative.  She stopped him from hitting the younger man.

With his history of arrest and reckless use of social media.  Those present believe this is news worthy.  

If you are interested in speaking with those in attendance, please give me a phone number to call." 


I think that the source of this E-mail is a bigger story than its contents.  Please, let's unravel this together.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Series of surprises in GOP Council filings for the 43rd Council District

Liam McCabe leads the pack filing a very strong number of signatures at or near Two Thousand (2000)*;

A little off the pace was the early 2017 favorite Bob Capano, with about Thirteen Hundred (1300)* signatures;

In the running as the biggest surprise at this stage of campaigning for the City Council in the 43rd District is Lucretia Regina-Potter,  whose Nine Hundred to a Thousand signatures (900-1000)* showed tremendous strength inside the hallmark districts of the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Club,  the 46th A.D. and the 49th A.D., which form the core of the 43rd Council District;  and

Definitely,  taking the cake as the biggest surprise among the various campaigns' efforts to garner signatures was the Quaglione Campaign,  which came in last among the GOP Councilmatic signature gathering operations,  with a paltry Eight Hundred Fifty (850)*  signatures.....

It is fair to describe and analyze all of this as follows:

Liam McCabe and his campaign over-performed again;   this is about the sixth or seventh very well done activity by a campaign that was at the beginning made up from scratch;

In a race where one has to be  "...  in it to WIN IT..." it sure looks like Lucretia Regina-Potter --- is on the ballot all the way through until the GOP September primary;

Bob Capano did what he needed to do by filing a nominating petition that has enough heft that he almost tripled the signature requirement required under the Election  Law;  however

When it comes to a colossal underperformance in the very significant campaign metric  ---  signature gathering  ---  John Quaglione's  team  showed that they are all smoke and mirrors.  What happened to all of the much-heralded Marty Golden signature gatherers ???


All of the above numbers are approximations of what the four (4) GOP candidates filed as their petitions with the New York City Board of Elections  ---  the source of those "approximations" is a very senior GOP operative that said they conversed with analysts who did real counts.....  The report was as to >>> quantity <<< only.   There was specifically NOT ANY OPINION as to the >>> quality <<< of most of the signatures,  either as submitted or as analyzed.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Kathleen Fox McCall --- R.I.P.

We always got along with Kathy  ---  for a very long time  ---  and now she's gone

Galewyn always "GOT" Kathy,  and Kathy never "GOT" Galewyn, even a little bit  ---  More often than not, she forgot Galewyn Massey's name completely

Kathy always thought Marty Golden was tops, Kathy was never a Baker Street Irregular,  and sometimes she'd even ask,  "What are you doing on that computer now ?"  Nonetheless, she more than most made it all possible.....

Lots of people will miss Kathy Fox McCall,  but none as much as we at "The Brooklyn Independent GOP Fountainhead" will  ---  AND THAT'S A FACT.....


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Bob Capano and his campaign packed a big Sunday Punch along with their very nice Summer Lunch

Earlier today,  crusading Bob Capano did one of his almost copyrighted releases slamming the now-National Face of  American Jihad,  the veiled Bay Ridge Beaut  ---  Linda Sarsour  ---  in the same piece,  Bob Capano called out a fellow City Council candidate,  the Palestinian cleric, the Reverend Khader El-Yateem to denounce Sarsour and her hateful use of “religious” language in a naked attempt to foment  “JIHAD” here in America

Later on this afternoon,  it wasn’t as packed as his launch event that was held at the same venue,  but Bob Capano and his campaign had a nice crowd  ---  quite a nice crowd  ---  at his Summer Party fund raiser at the Bean Post


According to Mr. Capano’s mid-Sunday “News Release”:

"The words uttered by radical Muslim activist Linda Sarsour are truly shocking and repugnant and have no place in a secular society. Today, I call on Khader El-Yateem to denounce her words as hate speech, because that's what it is….   Khader El- Yateem has never hidden the fact that he is a cleric. If he is a man of god, he needs to speak out against Linda Sarsour hate-filled rant. If he won't denounce Sarsour, then he should explain to the voters why not. He already has refused to disavow the endorsement of the radical New York City Demoractic Socialist of America who oppose 'an economy organized for private profit' in a city that was built on capitalism….   There is absolutely no excuse for a speech like that to be delivered in the first place. Linda Sarsour has used words that have inspired terror attacks around the world; that is shocking and wrong. I await Khader El Yateem's response to my question."   (From:  BOB CAPANO FOR CITY COUNCIL

It should be noted that  ---  Linda Sarsour recently called for an American “JIHAD" against President Donald Trump while she was speaking to the Islamic Society of North America's convention in Chicago.   It’s also noteworthy that Ms. Sarsour is a long-time friend and supporter of Rev. Yhader El-Yateem [now a Democrat candidate for the NYC Council]; and the two have served together as officers of the Muslim Democratic Club of New York.


A great crowd gathered at the Bean Post for a Summer Party & fund raiser for Bob Capano;  and it was great to hear Curtis Sliwa talk about the values that Bob Capano wants to bring back to the New York City Council.

Here are some of the key points made by media celebrity and NYC activist Curtis Sliwa: 

* "Bob Capano will speak out and defend America, New York and District 43 in the City Council !"
* "I never ever forget my roots. Bob is unique because he knows where he came from; like me"
* “Elect the real deal Bob Capano & let's bring patriotic pride back into NYC city council.” 
* "Bob Capano has had more exposure than any other candidate because he worked hard to get his name to the people!" 

And here is what Bob had to say for himself:

* “Thank you to everyone who came out today to show their support! We are another step closer to winning this election!

* "I am the only life long republican in this race. The rest of my opponents never stood by who they are!"

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Why is Marty Golden’s face always in the picture ??? It depends on who you ask…..

Are John Quaglione and Marty Golden Siamese twins  ---  a lot of recent photos of the two of them together would possibly make you think so  ---  If so, why weren’t they separated at birth???

A recent photo posted on the social media for both John Quaglione and Brooklyn GOP Boro President candidate Vito Bruno graphically demonstrates the problem of the Golden-Quaglione connection thingy

Both the social media for JQ and newby GOP candidate for Borough President Vito Bruno present the same photo  ---  Quaglione and Bruno together in some kind of bagel or sandwich shop  ---  the text says that Vito Bruno endorses John Quaglione for the City Council   (See  “Thank you to @BklynNYgop Borough President candidate Vito Bruno…” [];  see also  Vito Bruno for Brooklyn with John Quaglione for City Council 2017 and 2 others…”  []).   That’s all very nice, but who is Vito Bruno ???  

But there is a rub, and here it is  ---  there are two other mugs in the frame; one looks like a potato salad kind of guy and the other is the ubiquitous New York State Senator Marty Golden,  Quaglione’s boss for the whole of JQ’s adult life. 

There are so many instances lately where Marty has appeared with his down the totem pole staffer John Quaglione;  and that has to mean something…..  My guess and it’s shared by a couple of long time Brooklyn GOP activist-consultant types is that Marty’s boy John Q. is in trouble, and that Golden and the Golden team pros know it.


Marty G. seems to be banking on his belief that he is “popular” inside the Brooklyn GOP;  and that his political popularity is transferrable to his boy Quagsy.  So he is hoping to cast a giant shadow that will cover up all of the manifest shortcomings of the John Quaglione campaign.

I think that State Senator Golden has made a very bad bet by going “all-in” on John Quaglione.   Even if JQ  were to squeak out a win in the 2017 GOP primary,  how does that help Marty going forward ???   

Even if John Quaglione were to become the GOP nominee for City Council from the 43rd District,  he most likely would lose in November by an even wider margin than he did in 2013, even with the seat being “open” without an incumbent running.   However, the way things look now, even with Marty always at his elbow,  John Quaglione is likely to lose in the September 2017 primary.   There is even a chance that JQ comes in third in the three-way race with Bob Capano and Liam McCabe.

Anything less than an outright primary win by John Q. Republican will show just how weak his boss SSMG’s hold is on the Brooklyn GOP and its prime voters.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Did somebody tell John Quaglione to get lost ? -- OR -- Is he trying to get the rest of us lost, or at least off of his trail/ tail ???

Is this JQ's idea of a good idea ?  ---  Having an anti-Citibike demonstration at the corner of Clinton & Congress Streets, in deep Downtown Brooklyn

For those unfamiliar with Brooklyn,  that is >>> MILES & MILES & MILES <<< outside of his boss's State Senate District and also the City Council District in which he is running  ---  So what's up with the far away venue for this demo ???

More important than that, Johnny Cakes doesn't even seem to comprehend the whole problem of Mayor de Blasio's pro-bike,  anti-auto policies, and what they are doing to traffic in and around Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and surrounding neighborhoods

The best place to start our discussion of Quaglione's approach to the new New York City bikerism is to look at his own very recent words on the subject.  Here's a copy of the Quaglione "Media Advisory" about Friday's far off demonstration:

July 6, 2017
Contact: Alina Agusti (631) 525-8486; (212) 725-2378

 John Quaglione, Candidate for New York City Council, Calls for Community Approval of CitiBike Expansion
“We believe CitiBike is great for our community, as long as it doesn't take away our parking spaces,” says John Quaglione, Candidate for City Council’s 43rd District
What: John Quaglione will stand with local residents and members of Community Board 10, June Johnson, to offer practical solutions for CitiBike expansion, while keeping premium parking areas in the 43rd district and involving the community in the decision making process.
When: Friday, July 7th at 11 AM
Where: The intersection of Clinton Street & Congress Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Who: John Quaglione, Candidate for City Council District 43 and June Johnson , member of Community Board 10.


As my headlines above clearly wonder,  what the heck is Mr. Q.  ---  the media master ---  up to now.  Why hold this media event in the middle of some other Brooklyn neighborhood instead of here at home in Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, lower B-hurst or Bath Beach ???


The "Citibike" issue is only one small part of the TRAFFIC  PROBLEM created by Mayor de Blasio's new New York City bikerism  ---  the bigger problem is the traffic snarl already created by bike lanes on major commercial avenues,  which cause delivery trucks to double park out to the center line on many thoroughfares, while attempting to avoid tickets for blocking bike lanes.  

A smaller scale, but still annoying  problem is the effect of the bike lanes on side streets around our neighborhood during alternate side parking days.

Maybe John Q. Republican will address all of this in his appearance downtown tomorrow  ---  but I sure won't be there to watch and listen,  who wants to risk falling asleep that far away from home.....

Monday, July 3, 2017

Among the GOP candidates in Bay Ridge and other places nearby, there are parties and rumors of parties

For Liam it was a much bally-hooed gathering with the lovely Nicole M. at what some people call the "Gingerbread House"  ---  and others call the "Stone House"  ---  and still others call the "Gorilla House".....  [ Can somebody verify for me that the "Gingerbread -- Stone House" was also the "Gorilla House" where Jumbo lived.  I was repeatedly told that by a friend that has since passed,  but a I fear that she might have had this one wrong]

For Bobby C. it's going back to an earlier venue and maybe better times  ---  with a July 9th bash at >>> The Bean Post <<<  for a "Summer Party"  with Curtis Sliwa,  the Reform Party and a cast of assorted Capano Republican Party backers

And for Johnny Cakes it's.....   Hey, will somebody wake-up John Q.  ! ! !

To me it looks like everybody running in the GOP primary for City Council in the 43rd Council District is trying to make it look like there is some there -- there in their campaigns.  Petitioning gets into its final stages after the July 4th celebrations,  and that stuff saps most small campaigns,  especially if they aren't well organized.   What to do ???   What to do !!!

OK,  throw a party  ---  small scale stuff in the mid-summer  doldrums.....

What a "TO DO" about almost nothing.....


Sorry, that's the best I got since that's the best they got.....

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Liam leaps out from the pack --- and --- the response is “More of the Same” from the usual suspects

Maybe, Liam McCabe is nothing like Keyser Soze;  then again, remember what you have to be aware of when it comes to analyzing any events arguably attributable to KS.....

Liam has had a pretty good week or two;  and his main competitors Bobby “C” and Johnny “Q,” have had to react, quickly……   perhaps more quickly than they would have liked, if they had been left to their own devices and timetables

Suddenly, after last weekend, Johnny Q’s posters and signs are popping up like mushrooms in out-of-the-way places all over Bay Ridge  ---  I haven’t really been around the rest of the district,  so I can’t comment about those locations [but, surely, some of you can]  ---  almost with equal intensity, Bob Capano has gone on one of his patented press release blitzes…..

What Bobby “C” and Johnny “Q” have in common is they are relying on tried and true techniques and tactics,  which they and their advisers  and/or consultants think had worked in the past and might work again at least one more time

Make no mistake, all three of these Republican campaigns for City Council are facing stiff headwinds in their petitioning efforts.


Those headwinds against all GOP petitioners are so significant, that I know of at least one GOP insider, who has counselled his/her favorite in the race to look very closely at his opponents’ petitions once they are filed.  Then have his candidate's folks do a real risk-reward analysis of knocking one or both of his opponents off the ballot with properly crafted general objections, well-founded and detailed specifications and all by a really capable election law advocate in the various proceedings against one or both Republican opponents. 

Thus, the possibility of one or more candidates acing their serve at “The Board” and/or “In Court,” apparently has focused the minds of all of the candidates and their campaigns on tightly-run, close to the vest petitioning efforts.  Whether it's stiff headwinds or terrain that is all-uphill-all-of-the-time,  these campaigns are apparently soldiering on to get enough "legit" signatures to withstand any and all possible challenges.  Remember, the local Federal Court pretty nearly has a substantial compliance or "close enough" standard for NYS Election Law ballot access cases.


With the energy and resource drains all three candidates are suffering as a result of their very difficult petitioning efforts and their need to be prepared to defend their petitions throughout the challenges process;  it is almost a wonder that these three chuckle heads have anything left in their tanks to run an early-to-mid-summer campaign of any sort.

So far  at least,  Liam McCabe seems to have gotten the biggest bang for his buck with his well-orchestrated-and-reported antics concerning reduced garbage collection, and the wanton destruction of neighborhood trees by contractors working for rogue housing re-developers interested in creating more multiple-dwelling sights in our residential communities.

Johnny Q’s and Bobby C’s  attempted push-backs are remarkable because they happened at all.  However,  they are completely unremarkable in what they are actually doing  in the face of Liam’s  repeated leaps forward in the early- and mid-campaign phases.  "More of the same"-type  general campaigning is not a real solution to what Liam has been doing, and  is doing right now.

Unfortunately for "C" and "Q"  ---  the title above says it all,  "...  'More of the Same'  from the usual suspects..."

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Liam McCabe‘s hits just keep on coming

Knocking a big branch off a tree in Dyker Heights caused much more than a swarm of confused and angry bees to spread out and menace the epicenter of the 43rd Council District….

It was yet another instance that allowed Liam McCabe to strut the kind of stuff that makes it look like he’s not only gonna walk away with the GOP nomination for council in the 43rd Counc. Dist. come primary day,  but also be in a position to take on all comers in November as the area’s new Republican  “King of the Hill”

The Brooklyn Reporter tells this basic story clearly and succinctly,  as follows:   “A hive of bees and the tree that it called home fell victim Friday, June 23 to a construction truck working nearby, according to local residents who alerted this paper to the “chaos” unfolding on an otherwise quiet Dyker Heights street….   ‘I got a call about a few hours ago from [local resident] Anthony Ceretti saying that his son watched this garbage truck back into a 100-year-old tree [knocking off a large branch],’ local resident and City Council candidate Liam McCabe told this paper. ‘Then they proceeded to just leave it there.’…   The truck, McCabe said, was a private carting vehicle, raising suspicions that 934 78thStreet, the property the construction crew was working on, might be another alleged illegal conversion, an issue that has long-plagued the Dyker Heights community….”  (See  “Dyker buzzing over damage to century-old tree in course of home construction workby  Meaghan McGoldrick,  6/23/17,  Brooklyn Reporter   []).


Almost mimicking the Dyker Heights’ swarm of bees caused by the collision of the truck hauling industrial debris from a house in middle of Dyker,   Liam’s words, photos and video shots buzzed all across various social media outlets.   What they showed is Liam McCabe being completely on top of a very important local issue to many of the, dare we call them >>>  VOTERS  <<< in his prospective City Council District.

Don’t take my word for it,  see some of it  for yourself…..  (See  “This is outrageous!”  at Facebook: Liam for City Council @BK Liam [w/photo array],  6/23/17   [];  see also  “Not only are they illegally redeveloping the block,” at Liam for City Council @BK Liam [w/photo & multiple comments],  6/23/17  [];  and  On the site of an illegal demolition on 78th Street….”.at Twittter:  Liam McCabe @BKLiam [w/photos, Retweets, etc.], 6/23/17,   []).


Of course there is much more to this story,  but I’m on a deadline this week-end;  and this is a case of good enough for now being the enemy of much better, much later.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tomorrow is another day !!! --- But will it be another BIG DAY FOR LIAM ??? That’s what McCabe, the McCabe Campaign and the McCabe fund raisers are hoping

Liam McCabe is having a bit of  blast at the Salty Dog tomorrow evening  ---  I know, because I received a robo-call from Liam himself telling me so  ---  also part of that robo-call was Liam McCabe's explaining in his own words what he did at Gracie Manson to dramatize the sad plight of some of his Bay Ridge neighbors  ---   Yes, Liam was getting specific about his >>> collect the garbage and bring it to the mayor <<<  demonstration

Liam also got his share of earned media with a major broadcast network's local affiliate CBS 2 New York coverage of his protest of changes in Sanitation Department practices that are leaving perhaps hundreds of NYC citizens without the right to full and complete garbage pickup like most of their neighbors, near and far --- these are rights to routine garbage pckup that they had enjoyed for their whole lives, but which were ended by fiat recently by some faceless bureaucrats in city government

The sudden flurry of earlier comments at the end of the comments thread to my most recent post immediately prior to this one doesn’t come close to telling the full story about Liam McCabe's garbage collecting and delivering antics.   To be sure there was some nitpicking about Liam’s “stunt”;  and to be sure there was some preening about the TV news coverage.   But really, all that was about the issue itself  ---  what the folks were complaining about, the very recent non-collection of garbage on a local terrace mews in Bay Ridge ---  and Liam's demonstration to highlight the issues by personally collecting the garbage at his neighbors homes and then carting it into Manhattan, all the way to to Gracie Mansion as a "gift" to Mayor De Blasio.   

Some say that Liam didn’t do enough or go so far as engage in civil disobedience (puhleez,  we are Republicans,  we leave the real law-breaking to the crass Dems).   Clearly, some people who know news thought that what Liam did as well worthwhile,  it was a good local TV news story to boot  ---  and mind you not a local-local station,  it was a national network-local with a nice low number (See "Garbage Is Piling Up With City’s New Pickup Rules, Bay Ridge Residents Say" Staff Writer(s) [w/ video link to segment about McCabe], 6/19/17,  CBS 2 NY   []).

However, until now, nobody had mentioned how the McCabe campaign has fully integrated this issue, along with Liam McCabe’s highlighting it with his personal ballsy demonstration immediately into the McCabe of City Council campaign.  Not only that, Liam's robo-call shows that he and his fund raisers have incorporated it into their next fund raising event  ---  the one tomorrow night at the Salty Dog.

In the past, Liam has shown an uncanny ability to parlay his successes  ---  let’s see if his luck holds out through this event at the Salty Dog…..

Friday, June 16, 2017

I smell a rat --- maybe a lot of them --- Kings County Politics article about 77th Street drug treatment center gives all the “CREDIT” to State Senator Golden



Since when do we give anybody “credit” for opening drug treatment facilities on residential streets in Bay Ridge  ---  like that sort of thing is a good thing  ! ! !

According to the Kings County Politics article by Kadia Goba,   somehow a troika of Marty Golden,  Khader El-Yateem and Larry Morrish  facilitated or enabled a “drug treatment expert” named Donna Mae Dipola to open “a substance abuse counseling and treatment center” in the heart of Bay Ridge  (See  “Substance Abuse Center Head To El-Yateem: Where’s the money?” by Kadia Goba,  6/14/17,  Kings County Politics/  43rd  District City Council Race   []).  

This article really caught my eye,  because that drug center is located at 408 77th  Street on a block that is near to my heart.   That is a block with which I am very familiar, because my mother owned a house and lived there on and off for many years before she finally sold the house moved to Florida for good.   Also, I had a family doctor that conducted his practice on the very same block.    


Kadia Goba’s article on the subject of the drug center at 408  77th  Street focused on the issue of funding or the lack of it for Donna Mae Dipola’s drug treatment facility.   According to this article and Donna Mae DiPola,  who is quote on the point,  all credit for the key funding for this drug treatment facility should go to State Senator Martin Golden…..   Oucha-magoucha ! ! !   MARTY GOLDEN IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS  ? ? ?   WHAT THE HECK HAS HAPPENED  TO MY BAY RIDGE ? ? ?


Then I thought about it some more.    There seems to be something wrong with this Kings County Politics article.    I think that I am right identifying the initial political troika as Golden, Morrish and El-Yateem…..   However, according to the Kadia Goba-Kings County Politic piece,  Reverend Khader El-Yateem is painted as the villain of the piece;  and with equal measure, Marty Golden is put on a pedestal as a hero.   I’m sorry folks  ---  THAT DOG WON’T HUNT ! ! !


This  story stinks to high heaven as a planted piece.  Now,  who has the juice and the motivation to do that kind of planting job ? 

As far as I’m concerned,   Marty Golden and Khader El-Yateem both come off as villains in this thing…..

Now,  who would unequivocally benefit from this article ? 


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

White House is doing a "War Dance" over [among other things] Mueller's appointment of partisan anti-Trump assistants

Has the time come for Trump to dump Special Counsel Mueller ???

Since the appointment of Mueller was engineered by a long-time associate, former FBI Director Comey,  according to Comey's own testimony  ---  the appointment is now suspect  ---  and since Comey also is a likely witness to various matters in the investigation, Mueller's continuing as a "prosecutor" does appear to violate DOJ rules and guidelines

Records indicate that several of the Mueller-selected Special Counsel assistants are partisan anti-Trump donors

According to the "Gateway Pundit"  a well-know and heavily followed  internet website  ---  "Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to President Trump and the first woman to successfully manage a presidential campaign, took to Twitter Tuesday night to call out Special Counsel Robert Mueller for hiring lawyers who gave heavily to Democrats and opposed Trump’s candidacy, writing,  “FEC report: Mueller’s team includes big Democrat donors. Some maxed out, none wanted Trump to be POTUS.”  Mueller was appointed to investigate alleged, so far unproven, ties between the Trump campaign and Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election...."   (See  "WAR? Kellyanne Conway Calls Out Special Counsel Mueller for Hiring Anti-Trump, Democrat Donors"  by Kristin Taylor, 6/14/17,  The Gateway Pundit   []).

The Kristin Taylor-Gateway Pundit article also note that   "....  Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, a Republican firebrand, was first to call out Mueller for his hires with a tweet early Monday morning. Gingrich had previously supported Mueller’s appointment but told Sean Hannity Tuesday night he changed his mind after fired FBI Director James Comey said he tried to orchestrate the hiring of a special counsel by leaking confidential memos to the press which resulted in the appointment of longtime Comey friend Mueller. Gingrich wrote, 'Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair. Look who he is hiring.check fec reports. Time to rethink.'...”

Others have observed that former FBI Director Comey's testimony and his history with Mueller clearly showed a significant closeness between someone that is now intertwined as an actor in the case and the prosecutor  ---  that fact in itself violates DOJ rules and guidelines.


There have been  many reports that presidential "friend" Chris Ruddy was telling everybody that President Trump was considering firing DOJ Special Counsel  Robert Mueller after a visit to the White House ( See e.g.,  "Trump's friend Christopher Ruddy says President considering firing Mueller"  by By Saba Hamedy, Jim Acosta and Kevin Liptak, 6/13/17,  CNN/  Politics   []).


With the recent disclosures about the questionable staffing decisions by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and with the even more recent remarks by White House insider  Kellyanne Conway;  it looks like presidential advisers are becoming increasingly and more openly critical of Mueller.  All of the goings-on of the last week at the White House are increasingly taking on the look of a "war dance" in advance of a formal presidential move against the Special Counsel.


In spite of Congressional testimony to the contrary. as reported in the Washington Post  (See  “”Jeff Sessions testifies: Refuses to say whether he spoke to Trump about Comey’s handling of Russia investigation”  by       ---  “.... Earlier Tuesday, Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein appeared before lawmakers on the Senate Appropriations Committee. He responded to questions regarding comments Monday from Christopher Ruddy, the chief executive of Newsmax Media and a friend of Trump, that the president might fire special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. Mueller was recently appointed to lead the investigation into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia to influence the 2016 election....   Rosenstein said that if the president ordered him to fire Mueller, he would comply only if the request was 'lawful and appropriate.'...    Rosenstein, who has been on the job for six weeks, said only he could fire Mueller and only if he found good cause to do so. He described Mueller as operating independently from the Justice Department in his investigation...."  ---  there is clearly "good cause" to dismiss  this dour-faced clown Mueller.