Monday, April 27, 2020

Let's make this very clear --- if there is one person in America that has "BLOOD ON HIS HANDS" in this whole Coronavirus Pan-scramble it is ANDREW CUOMO

It's all there in black and white  ---  and blood red

All the overreach and failure of the "listening to the medical experts" and  "following the science" crap that have been used to justify robbing America of its right to really LIVE AND PROSPER in spite of any purported "CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC" is brought home in a very simple to understand journalist indictment of Andrew Cuomo

Michael Goodwin didn't use the term  "BLOOD ON HIS HANDS"  ---   However,  it's all there in his excellent  >>> opinion piece <<<  in yesterday's Sunday NY Post and it's entitled "Nursing Home Shame" in the print edition of the Post.....

Although it is an  >>> opinion piece <<<   it is fully of facts   ---  And for many people, it's NEWS about one of the left wing heroes of the current killing lock down of America, Andrew Cuomo

You don't need to take my word for it  ---  but please,  heed Michael Goodwin  (See "State lacked common sense in nursing homes coronavirus approach: Goodwin"  by Michael Goodwin, 4/25/2020,  NY Post/ Opinion  []).....

This is the stick for right thinking Republicans to beat the Dems and their hard left, pro-Dem MSM allies until figuratively their brains and blood are all over the place  ---  the time has come to "paint a jakes" with them.....

Monday, April 20, 2020

A scandal is brewing and it involves NY Governor Andy Cuomo and the Operators of Nursing Homes in New York State

Under cover of the COVID-19 pan-scramble nursing homes in New York State were given sweeping immunity from lawsuits, except in very stringent circumstances  ---  those protections against law suits cover such clearly negligent circumstances as woeful  >>> UNDERSTAFFING <<< 

Andy Cuomo did the operators of NYS nursing homes' dirty work, first by an Executive Order, and then by legislation buried in the NYS Budget Bill,  which passed most of what was in Cuomo's order into law

The very high death rates in nursing homes from the COVID-19 Coronavirus are about to blow up as a national scandal....

Governor Cuomo and his friends among the nursing home operators saw all of this coming   ---   and one of the first things that Cuomo did when they saw the pandemic coming, and who it was likely to hit the hardest, was to protect his friends in the nursing home industry,  ie. the  >>> owner-operators <<<

A recent article in the Albany Times-Union by Robert Gavin is an interesting  puff piece about Governor Cuomo's protecting caregivers and staff from suits during the emergency that completely missed the point where it came to what lawsuits against nursing homes are all about (See "Pandemic leads to 'unthinkable' in medical malpractice in NY" by Robert Gavin, 4-19-20,  Albany Times-Union/  News   []).

Nursing home suits are aimed at the owner-operators not the staffs and caregivers.  Nursing home operators are not "Good Samaritans" at all  ---  nothing close to it.  They are emotionally detached real estate speculators,  who will cut costs at every turn, irrespective of life and death consequences,  until it's time to flip the property.  Oh !!!  And they are big political donors.....

The recent story out of New Jersey is illustrative of how bad these jokers can be.  Do to a tip, some-teen number of COVID-19 patients' bodies were found in a storage container at a New Jersey nursing home  ---  their excuse was that they were too busy to call the local coroner.  Well, well, well !!!  I'm sure there is literally some other skulduggery afoot; and that scam might be discovered sooner rather than later,  if my hunch is right.

Will the GOP get a Manhattan assembly seat by default ?

Andrea, don't hold your breath.....

Rebecca Seawright's campaign's failure to file any cover sheet with her petition to get on the 2020 ballot should be a fatal error,  however there are many actors in the mix that can "remedy" fatal errors and bring a "dead" petition back to life

If nothing else, there will be the One-Off COVID-19 special exception  ---  let's just wait and see

After all, there are even some people that eat their meals off of once-broken plates.....

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Why should anybody believe Nicole now ???

For almost a day now on her Facebook page,  Nicole Malliotakis has made a claim that she has been giving out face shields to certain institutions in the community  ---  and she includes pictures of herself doing it  ---  all masked-up like she's out in some front line facility,  herself.....

Given Nicole's history, isn't this purported passing out of masks or shields, even claiming that it's in somebody's memory, very likely to be seen as another phony photo-shopped non-event ?

After all,  why should anybody believe this proven phony pol about anything anymore ??

Furthermore,  isn't this a very inappropriate and odd time for a photo opp  ---  amidst all the death,  with people still dying  ---  doesn't it have a certain  "Send out your dead !"  ghoulishness about it ???

It's all on what is made to look like her "personal" FB site []  ---  Nicole certainly wouldn't want anybody to think that this is just a cheap political stunt at the expense of the dead and the dying  ---  Nah !  Certainly nothing like that.....

Too bad, it's too late !!!   Given what's already gone down,  what this really looks like is a bit of rank opportunism,  taking advantage of a family's loss and that family's generous attempt to honor somebody that had succumbed to the disease.


Clearly, what is involved is a cynical but pathetic attempt by the Malliotakis campaign to back fill for its earlier similar stunt,  which was shown here,  and by some of Nicole's other Republican opponents, and in the national media to have been a complete lie.....

Friday, April 10, 2020

Kassar pretty much says that, as far as he's concerned, lying is the same as the truth

With his "Jewel in the Crown " candidate caught way off base with a phony photo-shopped picture showing Nicole Malliotakis about to deliver COVID-19 supplies to those in need  ---  Jerry Kassar said he was fine with it  ---  and then tried to blame  >>> those who noticed <<<  the phony picture of Nicole and the supplies

This story made the city-wide papers  ---  and it has legs  ---  at least one Dem operator thinks that this might be the worst poison pill yet for what's left of Nicole's campaign

Kassar's remarks pretty much indicate that all of his side's literature in 2020 will be a "fake news" operation

There will be more about this in due course.....

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

SHHHHH !!!!! >>> It's a big secret <<< The Bruno Campaign starts out with what looks like a "Velvet Rope" approach

Don't take it from me  ---  take a look for yourself at  "Vito Bruno for State Senate --- @VitoBruno718  ---  Candidate for New York State Senate 22nd District" (See  Vito Bruno's Twitter Page    [])

SO PREDICTABLE !  ---  SO 1970s, 80s AND 90s  !!!  ---  SO PATHETIC !!!!!

What is it that they say about "... old dogs and new tricks" ???

For now, its all about exclusivity  ---  Vito Bruno obviously doesn't want any "Guidos"  ---  "with gold chains"  ---  "from Brooklyn" messing up the look and feel of his campaign at its beginning.....

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Vito Bruno's recent interview questions and answers don't go far enough for the people to really know what he's all about..... (PART 1)

HOWEVER  ---  they do reveal some glaring shortcomings in Vito Bruno as a candidate for the state senate in THIS race in the 22nd State Senate District against Andrew Gounardes

In March, Vito Bruno did an interview with the Brooklyn Reporter's John Alexander  (See "GOP Senate candidate Vito Bruno wants to put 'common sense' back into government" by John Alexander,  3/9/2020,  Brooklyn Reporter/ South Brooklyn/ Politics & Government   []).  Before this campaign is over, the questions and answers in that interview will turn out to be both:  too little to give the public any insight into the real Vito Bruno of the last forty years, a major force in the "Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll" nightlife of NYC for almost two whole generations;  but at the same time,  be enough to see that in so many ways, Vito Bruno is what he has always been in Brooklyn politics,  a rank  >>> PARVENU <<<.

In this instance,  the Brooklyn Reporter's Q & A reveals that Vito Bruno is a complete outsider and dilettante when it comes to the physical, social and economic governance of places like Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights, where he claims to be from, and Bath Beach, Graves End, Kings Bay, Gerritsen Beach and Marine Park. You know, that special type of dilettante Republican that sweeps into a race from a place like the Village or Chelsea or the Flatiron District, completely unprepared  ---  sort of like Michael Allegretti did for congress before Mike Grimm cleaned his clock.

This is a good starting point (and mercifully,  it will be my finishing point as well):

[From the John Alexander interview in the Brooklyn Reporter]  "Why do you think a Republican Senate win is essential for this community and district right now?

Bruno: We need to get back to basics. And that means serving all of our constituents fairly. The only way to do that is to ensure a balanced government. This district represents homeowners, small business owners, Third Avenue, in schools, in police stations, firehouses, sanitation. We have union laborers, judges, lawyers, housekeepers, homemakers and community activists. We need someone who will represent all of them, not just those that agree with him...."   
Maybe there are a few words missing iin Vito Bruno's answer, or maybe even a whole line  ---  but let's not worry too much about the lack of real meaning and syntax  ---   what else is missing ?????
Except for the mention of "Third Avenue," which seems dropped in and completely out of place, there is nothing in Vito Bruno's answer that describes anything unique or specific about Andy Gounardes' 22nd State Senate District.  Everything that Vito says sounds generic,  pre-cooked and synthetic.  Does Vito Bruno even  know the names and/or numerical designations of all the major shopping avenues through the widespread and far flung state senate district ?   I am sure that Democratic State Senator Andy Gounardes does.....   
Does the choices of jobs that Vito thinks are typical in our community  --- "union laborers, judges, lawyers, housekeepers, homemakers and community activists" ---  reflect what most of the people in the 22nd Senate District do day in and day out ???  Where are the cops, firemen,  transit workers, sanitation men and teachers ?  AND that's just in the public sector.....  He seems to have intentionally left out non-union folks completely (that's indeed very interest for a Republican-Conservative). And what about the professionals that aren't  "judges [and] lawyers," or the countless other white collar types in finance, insurance or other commercial pursuits ??   And what's this "housekeepers [and] homemakers" ???  Boy, isn't that too PC by half.....  Shouldn't a real Republican-Conservative be comfortable with "housewives and mothers" ????  However, Vito can be very Republican and elitist in his own way;  how many different kinds of  "OWNER" did he describe  ---  it seemed like a million.  Doesn't Vito Bruno care about tenants at all ?  Or about the customers of the small business owners,  most of whom don't live in the district ??  Or about retirees living on fixed incomes ???
AND THE MOST TROUBLING IS THIS LAST BIT  >>>  "We need someone who will represent all of them, not just those that agree with him...."   Why does Vito Bruno refer to all the real people living in the 22nd State Senate as  >>>  "THEM" <<<  ?????   It's because he sees them in a very special Manhattan behind "the velvet rope" way.....  Vito Bruno sees most of the people living in the 22nd State Senate District as  .>>> OUTER BOROUGH RUBES <<<  or as he has put it in bygone interviews during his Manhattan days and nights:  "Guidos" --- "in gold chains" --- "from Brooklyn".....

Now, let's see if Vito and his minions foolishly step into this well-laid trap.....

I can hardly wait.....