Sunday, August 4, 2019

There is no longer any formal Republican Organization for the County of Kings

Chairman Defunctus Ted Ghorra is now absolutely and completely a "Chairman" without any portfolio or meaningful cachet whatsoever  ---  It's all due to Ghorra's intentional nonfeasance of his ordinary and proper duties  ---  something,  given his obvious scienter in the matter, that also rises to the category of  "misfeasance" under all of the current circumstances

The Brooklyn GOP has suffered a fate akin to that of the Mary Celeste, and more recently, that of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Somebody has to be made to pay the price for this travesty  ---  and made to pay it quickly.....

If anybody still cares and has an actual interest in the existence (or nonexistence) of an organized  Brooklyn Republican Party,  they would need to head into New York Supreme Court and petition the court for all necessary and proper relief  ---  that should include a cigarette and a blindfold for former Brooklyn GOP Chairman Ted Ghorra, along with all of the other hors de combat and other necessities for a proper execution of sentence.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Why Isn't the Queens DA Primary decided yet ???

Some say that the "slow walk" to a conclusion is part of the "Queens establishment-Democrat" plan  ---  with Melinda Katz declaring "victory" each step along the way

According to several reports, the "official" Queens BOE recount will "certify" Melinda Katz as the Democrat nominee for Queens DA early next week  ---  with a paper thin margin of about sixty (60) votes

Then the case will go back into "Queens Supreme Court"  ---  however it will be in front of a Brooklyn conservative Republican judge  ---  Hon. John G. Ingram, a very long-time Acting NYS S Ct Justice  ---  yes,  the retired Naval Reservist Captain and law-and-order type, who was on Mike Long's list of Court of Claims appointees that was rubber stamped by Pataki back in the day, who as a NYS judge/justice has almost aged-out completely

If Melinda Katz wins "again" in court, expect that some meaningful "gratitude" will be shown towards the Brooklyn Conservative Party, now "headed" by.....  (Oh, what difference does it make  ---  like Judge Ingram, everybody involved is still a Mike Long sock-puppet  ---  meaning what he says goes.)

And (show of hands)  who here believes that as long as Mike Long still draws breath, he will sit still and allow Tiffany Caban to take a giant leap toward becoming the Queens DA  ---  or even one small step in that direction ?????

.....  and then there's the recent Marty Connor addition  (with a possible backdoor connection to  NYS Justice Ingram ).....   Curiouser and curiouser !!!!!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Don't look now, but the NYS Republican Party is flat broke

The Cox departure as the NYS GOP Chairman was accompanied by a strong whiff of scorched earth

Based on the most recent BOE filings, the NYS GOP Campaign Committee has way less than $20,000 on hand  ---  after former chairman Edward Cox handed over almost four times that amount to his most loyal friends and supporters in the GOP since the last reporting period

Let's see what the incoming Langworthy regime does to dig its way out of this deep hole.....

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Brooklyn GOP has failed to properly organize for its functioning in 2019, 2020 & 2021 --- Will that pave the way for a NYS GOP takeover of the Brooklyn Republican Organization

Brooklyn GOP "Chairman Defunctus" Ted Ghorra has again failed to perform one of his official duties properly  ---  that sort of  has become his apparent recurring management style  

Rumor has it that Ghorra is telling some folks that "the State" has given him permission to hold-off the 2019 Brooklyn GOP County Convention until September 2019

One big question is  ---  WHY ???

Almost needless to say  ---  this isn't "rocket surgery"  ---  and the question begs:  did our bumbling Brooklyn GOP Chairman get his law license in a box of Cracker Jack ?????

The Kings County Republican Party rules appear to be clear and unambiguous:


SECTION 3. The County Committee shall meet within twenty days after its election for the purpose of organizing the County Committee, at a time and place designated by the Chair of the outgoing County Committee, who shall preside at the meeting until a Chair is elected, provided however that the Chair of the outgoing County Committee may designate any enrolled Republican to preside until a new Chair is elected. The following shall be the order of business at the organizational meeting: (1) Call of official roll; (2) Adoption of rules; (3) Filling vacancies in the County Committee; (4) Election of officers; (5) Report of Treasurer; (6) Unfinished business; (7) New business; (8) Adjournment...."

So why wasn't the convention of 2019 Kings County Republican Committee noticed and conducted in a timely fashion by the "Chair of the outgoing County Committee" or his designee ?

Monday, July 8, 2019

The recount in the Queens DA primary begins tomorrow

Only 16 votes separated the two leading candidates in the initial primary count  ---  with Melinda Katz nosing out Tiffany Caban at the wire with a big lead in "valid" paper ballots

Without a doubt, this case is headed to court eventually  ---  where the fix will be in for somebody

Just like in the 2016 Clinton-Sanders primary,  the Democrat Party establishment has demonstrated how far it will go to protect its interests against any encroachment by "Reformers".....

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Just how openly CRIMINAL are the Queens Republicans and Democrats willing to be to try to stop Tiffany Caban ???

It's all there in black and white in the Queens Daily Eagle  ---  "GOP nominee for Queens DA would step aside for 'good...  Surrogate’s Court assignments — lucrative opportunities to administer wills and estates while collecting a percentage of the assets[']...."  --- That is a clear and unambiguous  >>>  CRIMINAL QUID PRO QUO  <<<  for a access to the ballot on the Queens GOP line

This article is a "smoking gun" even before the commission of a crime  ---  NOW, THAT'S A FIRST  ---  and it breaks new ground for stupidity even FOR REPUBLICANS

Right now, the Queens Democratic machine has the Surrogate's work in Queens locked up tight as a drum  ---  with the fiasco of Tiffany Caban headed toward being the Queens DA, some in the Queens GOP see an opportunity to pry away some of that source of "lucrative opportunities" for some of the more deserving GOP lawyers in Queens  ---   AH!  WHAT A COUNTRY.....

Hey, don't take my word for it, read it for yourself  (See  "GOP nominee for Queens DA would step aside for 'good candidate' Lasak" by David Brand,  6/27/19,  Queens Daily Eagle  []).  Don't be fooled by the title,  even though it names Greg Lasak and was intended as a puff piece for him (and everybody knows that his man Quirk loves political puff pieces and has long been quite comfortable with criminals and criminality),  the article makes it clear that the same deal would go for Melinda Katz as well.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

A Query by Jess Askin

Did Dennis Quirk "succeed" in getting Tiffany Caban to be the Democrat DA nominee in Queens by pushing former top ADA and recent hack judge Greg Lasak for DA right to the end ???

On the surface, it looked like the Brooklyn Democrat County Leader Frank Seddio was engaged in some solid analysis of the wheels coming off of the Democrat "Machine" in Queens  ---  the reality is that he was engaged in a fake news blast and an "in plain sight" cover-up of his own dirty involvement in Queens DA race

There was a pretty good pop psychology, self-help type book from the late 60s and early 70s called,  "I'm OK, You're OK".....  Without getting into the more solid aspects of transactional analysis, I'll cut to the chase of one of author Thomas Anthony Harris' main themes  ---  it is almost never "OK" to tell anybody  >>>  "I'm OK, and you're not OK".....   However that is exactly what Democratic County Leader Frank Seddio did in a Stephen Witt blessed article that appeared in Kings County Politics a couple of days ago  (See "Seddio Blasts Caban Win In Queens DA Race"  by Kelly Mena (w/ Steve Witt obviously breathing down her neck)  6/27/19,  Kings County Politics/ Elections   []).

The article starts out with this very intriguing lead paragraph:  "Kings County Democratic Party Boss Frank Seddio took a shot across the bow at both Queens County District Attorney-elect Tiffany Caban and the relentless progressive movement where millennial neighborhoods turn out in droves for their candidate, overwhelming neighborhoods of color in what some call political gentrification...."   But after that, it's very clear that it was all a bait 'n' switch for Big Frank to cover his trail in the Queens DA race; and more important, cover his ass along with that of an important political ally, Dennis Quirk.

Here's what Frankie-Boy doesn't want anybody to know  ---  post-2019 primary ---  Malinda Katz would be the Democrat nominee without question if Denis Quirk did not push the Greg Lasak campaign for DA right to the very end.

There's some real ferment to pick up one of the top Democrat LOSERS to be the GOP Queens DA nominee instead of Dan Kogan.  The talk is that it is likely to be Ms. Katz  ---  but I wouldn't count Quirk's guy Lasak quite yet.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

It's Primary Day --- EH !!!

Since I moved out of Brooklyn  ---  I can't legitimately vote in this year's Republican Primary there  ---  Thank the Lord for small favors.....

That about covers it.....

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Time to get serious --- Is the Brooklyn GOP soon going to be dead, like in "forever" ???

Does anybody think that Nick Langworthy will make some kind of positive difference for any Kings County team headed by Ted Ghorra and Marty Golden with Jerry Kassar in the wings pulling the strings ???

Ed Cox was a routine catastrophic presence as NYS Republican State Chairman  ---  for Republicans his results were pretty much like those of the "Titanic" or the "Hindenburg," for his full tenure taken as a whole,  maybe even like 9/11.....   That's lots of very bad stuff for a very long time,  but life went on.

Langworthy the unworthy's impact on NYS GOP politics could well be on the scale of the long-awaited blowing off the top of the Yellowstone Caldera.....

Now, go do your Geology homework.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Jim Keegan --- R.I.P.

Bay Ridge & New York Metro Area RTL and ultra-conservative activist and organizer, and good friend and former co-worker of mine, James Keegan, passed away last week after a long and fruitful life

He will be missed by many more than his children, grandchildren, other family members and close personal friends.  I am referring especially to those folks who had been active with him in Catholic Church matters in the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens and the Archdiocese of New York, and in a variety of other kinds of conservative "issue-related politics" throughout NYC, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut.

He will be waked at Clavin's funeral home in Bay Ridge [7722 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209]  on Tuesday; and his funeral mass will be celebrated at The Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help [60th Street & Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn, NY] at 10:00 AM on Wednesday.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Maybe, Phil Vetrano can't help himself and he really wants to be caught....

In a very recent interview with NANCY GRACE since Chanel Lewis was found guilty after a re-trial, the victim's father, Phil Vetrano, re-established how near to the time of Karina Vetrano's actual time of death he was out in the same patch of weeds in the Gateway National Park supposedly "looking for" his daughter at a particular spot along the route where she said she would be running.  That spot was closer than the supposed "sneaker throw" away from where HE LATER 'FOUND' HER BODY

So much anticipation  ---  Phil Vetrano started having "a bad feeling" only fifteen minutes after his daughter had left to go jogging on the August 2016 day that she died. He went out into the weeds looking for her a short time later.

If you believe some of this Howard Beach mamaluke's twisty-turny story,  it sounds like Phil Vetrano was ready to start looking for Karina's body BEFORE SHE DIED....

That leads to a few key questions:

Why wasn't he able to save her, if he was out and about, and so nearby ?

Why didn't he see or hear anything indicating that Karina was in a life and death struggle; or right after that, that somebody was cleaning up and rearranging the "crime scene,"  including re-posing Karina Vetrano's body at the crime scene ???

Why didn't Phil Vetrano see Chanel Lewis either kill is daughter or doing any of the stuff that he supposedly did around the "crime scene" after her murder ?????

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

A series of TRAVESTIES led to the "GUILTY VERDICT" and "JUDGE ALOISE' SENTENCE" of lifetime imprisonment of Chanel Lewis

NYS SUPREME COURT JUSTICE MICHAEL ALOISE is the keystone in the faulty arch of white "criminal justice" that has put CHANEL LEWIS in jail for life 

Chanel Lewis is going to be one of the historic names in the  >>> evolution <<<  of real justice for black people caught up in the "criminal justice system" and winding up in the sewer pipe of America's criminal courts


---  And if that evolution doesn't happen quickly and in due course, the call for justice for Chanel Lewis will quickly become revolutionary.....   


In April 2019 in Queens County, in the CIty and State of New York,  the arch of white criminal justice and the arc of racial justice in the history of the United States are completely out of alignment  ---  that is a major structural flaw  ---  and that is a dangerous situation

More radical groups have suddenly taken up the cause of Chanel Lewis.....   

It won't be long before this becomes a "NO JUSTICE --  NO PEACE" thing  ---  this time I think that they will be right.....

A typical report on the retrial and sentencing of Chanel Lewis by Queens Judge Michael Aloise recently appeared on the internet  (See "With Hints of the Central Park Five, Activists Charge That Disabled Black Man Possibly Railroaded Into Murder Charge" by Angela Helm,  4/23/19,  The Root/ Crime/  Chanel Lewis   []).

Here is only a little bit of what Ms. Helm had to say about it:   "....  There was an uproar in the Queens County Criminal courtroom after the judge rendered Lewis’ sentence, as some believe that the 22-year-old developmentally disabled Brooklyn man did not receive a fair trial in the high profile case....   Since Lewis’ conviction April 1—after five hours of jury deliberations in a retrial—an activist named Mo Glover started a Color of Change petition, “Chanel Lewis Deserves a Fair Trial,” alleging that Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown and the judge presiding over the case ignored critical evidence of juror misconduct and condoned racial profiling...."

That seems to put the crosshairs right on the key culprits in the railroading of Chanel Lewis  ---  the engineer was in the DA's Office and the conductor was the man in charge of the trial, Queens County NYS Supreme Court Justice Michael Aloise.  Make no mistake, Ms Helm also mentions the cops and the very vituperative Vetranos.

Let's see what happens sooner  ---  JUSTICE  ---  or  ---  a significant BREACH OF THE PEACE with much more brio than was seen at the courthouse when the sentence was announced by Judge Aloise.....

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Serious charges of "juror misconduct" leveled at multiple jurors in the Chanel Lewis retrial

At least three jurors allegedly acted in an imperious and improper manner to ram through their prejudiced views and conclusions regarding Chanel Lewis and his  "GUILT" on all charges

The boldness and overbearing attitude of at least three offending jurors suggests that they felt confident and well-placed to control the outcome of the verdict, as well as insulated from any negative fallout from their unlawful activity

As one veteran Brooklyn GOP observer might say,  "The Question Begs"  ---  Did New York State Court personnel in Queens assist Queens County prosecutors by  "seeding" the jury pool with a bunch of specially chosen "hanging" jurors immediately in advance of the retrial of Chanel Lewis

In the past few days,  multiple media outlets have reported on (an) affidavit(s) claiming that several improper acts by several jurors seriously tainted jury deliberations in the Chanel Lewis retrial;  and at least one counter affidavit submitted by the Queens DA's office.

Special attention needs to be given to two articles in particular  (See "Vetrano trial juror affidavits detail allegations of misconduct and counterclaims" by David Brand, 4/18/19, The Queens Daily Eagle   [];  and   " 'My Mind Is Made Up': Affidavit Details Alleged Juror Misconduct In Chanel Lewis Trial" by Jen Chung, 4/19/19,  Gothamist/ News   []).

At least one post-trial submission indicates that at one juror certainly is still actively cooperating with the Queens DA's office.

Don't expect much from any hearing on these matters by Queens County NYS Supreme Court Justice Michael Aloise.  He is a pro-prosecution hack; and is a "Cracker Jack Jurist" only to the extent that he obtained his credentials as a jurist as prizes in boxes of Cracker Jack(s).

Friday, April 12, 2019

Journalist documents >>> "Sandbagging" <<< and >>> "Trial By Ambush" <<< at Chanel Lewis retrial by prosecutors, the trial judge and the OCME's twisty-turny testifier Dr. Margaret M. Prial

“Queens DA makes a mockery of due process in Chanel Lewis trial”                                 

                 ---Ted Hamm in  “The Indypendent”

 A senior reporter and now a college don at a small but esteemed Brooklyn institution of higher learning  >>> bells the cat <<<  about the “[re]trial by ambush” of Chanel Lewis 

“Mid-trial disclosure of significant scientific evidence is trial-by-ambush and makes a mockery of a defendant’s right to a fair trial....  What is the defense supposed to do when sandbagged in this manner?” 

                --- Former Prosecutor,                                                     and now a top tier advocate                                        for the improperly convicted

Hamm also gives some detailed dirt about the OCME’s Margaret Prial,  who testified at both the trial and retrial of Chanel Lewis,  but had some very new material in her presentation for the prosecution at the second trial of the diminutive young black man from Brooklyn

This is what the journalism professor in the County of Kings chose to make his lead in a recent article about a terrible miscarriage of justice in the County of Queens:   At the outset of day four (Thursday, March 21) of the retrial of Chanel Lewis for the murder of Karina Vetrano, Queens prosecutor Brad Leventhal walked over to the defense table with paperwork in his hand….   ‘We just got a new report from the medical examiner about Lewis’ hand injury,’ Leventhal informed Lewis’ team. As they read through the material, Lewis’ lawyers were visibly concerned….   Leventhal then told Judge Michael Aloise that they had just received the new findings. Aloise advised the defense that since there was no motion to include the evidence, there was nothing for him to rule on at that point. But on day six (Tuesday, March 26), Aloise, a strident ally of the prosecution, determined that Leventhal could indeed use the material. And the next day, Dr. Margaret Prial of the Office of Chief Medical Examiner of New York City took the stand….”   (See  “Queens DA makes a mockery of due process in Chanel Lewis trial”  by Ted Hamm,  4/11/19,  The Indypendent   []).  

Journalist and Professor Hamm continued with this:   "....   After Dr. Prial provided a graphic description of Vetrano’s brutal death by strangulation, jurors went to lunch. When they came back, they learned details of a report that Prial had not presented when she testified at the November mistrial. Based on blood cultures taken from the hand injury that brought Lewis to SUNY-Downstate Medical Center the day after Vetrano’s murder, Prial now argued that the bacteria in the cultures came from a mouth and anus, and from brackish water. In one of his two confessions, Lewis said that he had wiped off his bloody hand in a puddle at the murder scene....   Prial’s updated findings made only a minor splash. But they formed a dramatic part of Leventhal’s marathon closing statement on Monday, April 1. The already-high volume prosecutor shouted that the bacteria proved that after killing Vetrano, Lewis probed her cavities and that 'he had his way with her!'..." 

--  Former Prosecutor and now a top tier advocate for the improperly convicted says:  “Mid-trial disclosure of significant scientific evidence is trial-by-ambush and makes a mockery of a defendant’s right to a fair trial....  What is the defense supposed to do when sandbagged in this manner?”  

-- Other defense advocate quoted as saying the prosecution violated the Criminal Procedure Law of New York State during the retrial of Chanel Lewis

Professor Hamm's article included statements from several top defendants' advocates indicating that the late disclosure of the additional material from a new report by OCME  Medical Examiner Margaret Prial was very prejudicial to the rights of the accused and was a direct violation of the Criminal Procedure law of the State of New York. And that Dr. Prial's new [changed] testimony might well have led to the conviction of Chanel Lewis.

Ted Hamm's piece also contained some key pieces of negative history involving  Dr. Prial's shifting testimony in other cases.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

The saga of the retrial of Chanel Lewis should not END without special mention of the NY Times' coverage of the case by Jan Ransom

The title of Ms. Ransom's most recent article about this case, "Mystery of Karina Vetrano’s Death Ends With Murder Conviction" does not bespeak the very pithy content of her reporting about the summations and the "guilty" verdict handed down by the retrial jury in the Chanel Lewis case  ---  it is probably not  >>> HER <<<  choice for a title,  that being the province of some NY Times headline editor

In some ways, her lead paragraph says it all  ---  "A Brooklyn man was found guilty late Monday of murdering a woman while she jogged in a Queens park, ending a two-week trial that had raised questions about coerced confessions, racial profiling and police practices...."  (See  "Mystery of Karina Vetrano’s Death Ends With Murder Conviction"  by Jan Ransom,  4/1/19,  NY Times/ New York   []).

A little later in her piece, Ms. Ransom says that,  "....  Mr. Lewis’s first trial, five months ago, ended with a hung jury. Some jurors then were swayed by defense arguments that Mr. Lewis’s confession was coerced and that the DNA evidence was contaminated....   But after only five hours of deliberation on Monday, at his second trial, a different jury found Mr. Lewis guilty of first-degree murder and other charges for the strangling of Ms. Vetrano...." 


For the prosecution there was this:   "....   With each witness, prosecutors sought to show that the DNA evidence had not been tainted and that Mr. Lewis had not been pressured into confessing to a crime he did not commit, as the defense argued....   The lead prosecutor, Brad A. Leventhal, said it was '376 billion times more probable it’s his DNA under her fingernails' than somebody else’s. Mr. Leventhal said the argument from defense lawyers that Mr. Lewis gave a false confession 'makes no sense.'...   Mr. Leventhal said evidence from cellphones placed Mr. Lewis in the area of the park at the time of the murder. He also stressed that Mr. Lewis’s cellphone contained downloaded images of the crime scene and internet searches about 'second chances.'..."

And for the defense, this:  "....  Mr. Lewis’s lawyers had sought to poke holes in the prosecution’s case, suggesting that the investigation into Karina Vetrano’s murder was 'sloppy.'  Investigators and the medical examiner, they said, had not checked for DNA evidence at the crime scene or on other parts of Ms. Vetrano’s body — aside from her neck and nails....   'This is tunnel vision clouding judgment,' said Robert Moeller, one of Mr. Lewis’s lawyers. 'You see things that could have been done were not done.'...   Mr. Moeller told jurors that reasonable doubt exists. He said there was no video of Mr. Lewis entering or leaving the park and no fingerprints or hair, or 'the kind of DNA that will tell you what happened.' He argued that Mr. Lewis’s DNA could have ended up on Ms. Vetrano through transference if they touched the same surface at some point....   He also argued that Mr. Lewis’s statements to investigators were inconsistent with evidence at the crime scene. He told the police she drowned in a puddle, for instance, yet autopsy results show she was strangled."

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

One thing is clear about the Chanel Lewis retrial --- Justice Michael Aloise acted like he was Judge Roy Bean

From the beginning to the end, this most overturned trial judge in Queens County ran roughshod over Chanel Lewis' defense team during the retrial  ---  the last thing being his forcing the jury to work over a day and a half on their first day of deliberation  ---  leading some jurors (about 3 of them) initially leaning towards "not guilty" to switch to "guilty" shortly after they had dinner late

Some Legal Aid attorneys have even suggested that some of Judge Aloise' actions were unprecedented

Maybe, it's all because Judge Aloise' daughter, Nicole Aloise, is an ADA in Queens County  ---  and  ---  there was a feeling around the courthouse that the Queens DA's Office and everybody that has an interest in continuing most of the old Queens DA's ways and means of "getting things done" needed a "win" in the Chanel Lewis retrial very badly.  [For example, can you even whisper the name "Gregory Lasak" and not get an old-fashioned thrill in your loins ???] 

All of this is still percolating.....

Monday, April 1, 2019


What more needs to be said, right now.....

....  Well, I'm sure I'll think of something  ---  soon enough.....

Judge Michael Aloise just keeps doing one outrageous thing after another.....

During the defense summation, the trial judge, NYS Supreme Court Justice Michael Aloise, stood on the bench next his chair and mugged at the jury

I think some of the jurors had enough of this trial already  ---  first ADA Brad Leventhal ranted at them during a large part of his summation  ---  then, Judge Aloise scowled at them during part of the defense summation 

Is it any wonder that one of the first notes out of the jury room during early deliberations at the retrial was that the retrial jury says it is deadlocked already.....

The day started as expected with Judge Aloise summarily dismissing the defense application for additional evidentiary hearings in light of last week's "anonymous letter."

However, this judge's  hank-panky really got off the ground during one part of defendant counsel Robert Moeller's summation.  It's interesting that Mr. Moeller focused on the failure of investigators and OCME technicians to do a complete battery of "elimination DNA testing"  ---  meaning that there had to be almost  tons [ and that would be 29166666666666664 picograms per U.S. ton] of unidentified DNA at the crime scene and even on Karina Vetrano's body.

Sorry to be so brief, but that's all my BSIs with eyes and ears in the courtroom had for me.

Let's see if this retrial jury has the balls to dump this stinkin' case a second time.

Saturday, March 30, 2019









According to an up-to-date report from ABC News,   “….  Defense attorneys said that the three-paged typed letter pointed attorneys to several meetings among investigators during the first two weeks of the probe during which -- according to unknown author of the letter -- NYPD Deputy Chief Michael Kemper ‘stated on several occasions at these meetings’ they are ‘looking for two jacked up white guys who are from Howard Beach.’…"   (See  “An anonymous letter from an alleged law enforcement source says Karina Vetrano's killers were 'jacked up white guys' “   by  Christina Carrega,  3/30/19,   ABC News   []).

The ABC News report also stated that a Legal Aid spokesperson said that   “….  We received troubling and reliable information indicating that the police withheld critical Brady information about other potential suspects, which was never turned over to the defense….   Moreover, we learned that the police approached our Mr. Lewis to obtain a DNA swab as part of a race-biased dragnet, which involved the swabbing of over 360 African-American men in Howard Beach and other neighboring sections of Brooklyn and Queens….   In light of this case-altering information, we plan to submit motions on Monday seeking a hearing as to the prosecution's failure to disclose this exculpatory evidence and a new hearing challenging the [New York Police] Department’s unconstitutional racial profiling throughout their investigation....”

Perhaps as significant as the other bombshell insights contained in the letter,   ABC revealed that detectives working the case didn’t think that Det. Lieut. John Russo’s attempt to specifically finger Chanel Lewis for special scrutiny was credible.  Here’s what ABC’s Christina Carrega said another detective on the case thought of Russo’s tip:   According to the three-paged typed letter sent to the defense team, after Lewis' sample was taken, one of the detectives ‘reported back to Lt. John Russo the following,  "He's not the perp. He's too puny and dimwitted."…   Nonetheless, Lewis was arrested, allegedly confessed and was charged in February 2017 with first-degree murder, second-degree murder and aggravated sexual abuse.'...”

Friday, March 29, 2019

In a surprise pair of moves, both sides in the Vetrano-Lewis Murder Trial rested

Summations and jury instructions likely on Monday.....

Defense team sees the same dynamics in play as there had been near the end of the first trial of Chanel Lewis  ---  lead defense attorney appears confident in a very conservative defense strategy focusing on the cumulative shortcomings of the police and prosecution case

The same prosecution OCME DNA expert talked about similar DNA results from a "new" set of tests  ---  and she was more feisty on cross-examination by defense counsel about contact DNA  ---  saying that "...  DNA can't fly..."

Early in proceedings during the retrial of Chanel Lewis, one of the defense team confided to an esteemed senior member of the press that,  if the prosecution pursued a similar trial strategy to the first trial, the defense would hunker-down in a very tight passive-defensive position  ---  make similar arguments to the jury as were made at the first trial  ---  and be sure to preserve a  "good record for appeal".....

From the very beginning, the defense was shooting for a second hung jury; and failing that, has been confident that several  preliminary admissibility rulings by Judges Lasak and Aloise, and multiple trial rulings by Judge Aloise, were jointly and severally so bad that an appeal to the Second Department would be likely to be successful.

BTW, I don't know if the defense intends to go there during summations,  but DNA certainly can fly.....

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

A really big win for President Donald Trump over the puny-looking Dems in Congress

House Republicans only suffered defections by fourteen of their members in the key vote to support the President of the United States

Here's how Fox News reported on the House failure to override the President's veto of the passed congressional resolution to invalidate President Donald Trump's "Emergency" measure shifting allocated military funds to his Border Security program:

"House Democrats on Tuesday failed to override President Trump’s first veto as part of their battle over border security, representing a victory for the administration that allows the president's declaration of a national emergency at the U.S.-Mexico border to stand....   The president had vetoed a Democrat-backed measure to cancel that emergency. The House voted 248-181 on Tuesday in favor of overriding – but this fell 38 votes short of the two-thirds majority needed. Only 14 Republicans voted in favor of the veto override....   Trump had declared the border emergency under a law that lets him shift budget funds to address dire situations. His plan is to shift an additional $3.6 billion from military construction projects to work on border barriers. Congress voted this year to limit spending on such barriers to less than $1.4 billion, and Democrats accused Trump of ignoring lawmakers' constitutional control over spending....   The failure to pass[ ] the veto override earned praise from [T]rump, who in a tweet called it a 'BIG WIN today on the border.'...   Trump's emergency declaration drew unanimous opposition from congressional Democrats and opposition from some Republicans, especially in the Senate, where critics objected that he was abusing presidential powers...."  (See "House Dems fail to override Trump veto in fight over border emergency declaration" by Andrew O'Reilly, 3/26/19, Fox News/ U.S./ Border Wall  []).

Other media outlets, like NPR and Politico are trying to say that the President's immediate success is  ephemeral or only temporary, because there is  still a battle to be fought in the Federal Courts.  However,  that is nothing but "sour grapes" by the MSM at this momentous victory by the President over a balky and disorganized Congress, led in the House by the Speaker of the House, Democrat Nancy Pelosi.

For her part, Pelosi promised another confrontation and vote in six months,  which is allowed in the same law that allowed the President to act the way that he did in an emergency, and also gave the Congress the right to have a vote to block him if he used that authority move budgeted and appropriated funds at six month intervals.

The replay of the "confession tape" at the retrial of Chanel Lewis

Daily News reports that the prosecution hopes that the taped confession works better with this jury than it did the first time it was used by the prosecution

According to the lead paragraph is some editions of the "Daily News" today,   "A taped confession from the man accused of killing jogger Karina Vetrano was played for a second Queens jury Monday, and prosecutors are hoping it has better results than the first time they showed it...."  (See "2nd jury hears taped confession in murder trial of Vetrano suspect"  by Leonard Greene & Mikey Light,  3/25/19 [print editions 3/26/19],  NY Daily News/  Queens/ New York  []).

The article went on to say this:  "The defense claims the confessions were coerced, and the videos were not enough to convict Lewis last year when his first trial ended with a hung jury in November....  But Det. Barry Brown had a new audience, and he walked jurors through the hours Chanel spent in a Queens holding cell, watching cartoons until he was ready to talk...."

The Daily News coverage by Messrs. Greene and Light gives certain highlights about what appeared on the tape  ---  however, it didn't mention the obvious confusion that Chanel Lewis displayed at many of the questions, and it didn't show that Chanel Lewis' description of the crime scene and account of what he did to Karina Vetrano are not accurate depictions of what did happen. Most of all it didn't show all of the "questioning" of Chanel Lewis before he made his confession.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

What David Brand didn't say about Phil Vetrano in his article last week.....

David Brand did an article about Phil Vetrano's testimony ---  it appears for March 20th in the online version of the Queens Daily Eagle

David Brand's report of Phil Vetrano's testimony seems straightforward enough.....   However, don't let that fool you  ---  David Brand knows a lot more about all of this than he is letting on.....  

And one of the reasons he ain't talkin' [yet] should knock your socks off.....

Here's what seems like the straight scoop from David Brand:  "The father of Karina Vetrano, the 30-year-old woman killed while jogging near her Howard Beach home, took the stand for the second day in a row Wednesday to describe the events leading up to his daughter’s death.... Phil Vetrano began his emotional testimony on Tuesday in the retrial of Chanel Lewis, the East New York man accused of killing Karina during a random encounter in Spring Creek Park on Aug. 2, 2016.... 'What I said today is exactly what I said before,' he told Assistant District Attorney Brad Leventhal after Leventhal asked if he had 'tailored' his testimony in 'any way shape or form' from his testimony in the first trial.... Phil, who wore a light purple shirt and purple tie under his suit jacket, said he put a fresh screen protector on Karina’s cellphone while she was in her bedroom eating a slice of pizza and changing before her jog. Leventhal played a surveillance video of Karina picking up food from a pizzeria on Cross Bay Boulevard earlier in the afternoon.... 'Are you going to go in there?' Vetrano said he asked her, referring to Spring Creek Park. 'I don’t think it’s a good idea.'... Vetrano had injured his back the day before and did not accompany her, he said.... the next time he saw Karina was when he found her bruised body in a thicket of weeds, feet from the trail.... 'I put my hands, my arms under her arms and picked her up towards me,' he said, adding that police officers nearby pulled him away.... 'I got her up and if felt like instantaneous that they were swarmed all over me,' Vetrano said during cross examination by defense attorney Julia Burke...." (See "Murdered Jogger's Father Testifies Again In Murder Retrial"  by David Brand, 3/20/19,  Queens Daily Eagle   []).


Needless to say to those familiar with this case,  that does not track with how Phil Vetrano testified at the first  trial of Chanel Lewis.  ---  In other words, among other things both ADA Leventhal and Phil Vetrano were lying to the jury in the second trial about what Phil Vetrano told the jury in the first trial  ---  in more other words, Phil Vetrano's testimony was different in many ways, shapes, and forms from the first trial --- and during many interviews about how he found his daughter and what he did with her body before police took her away from him.

To be fair to David Brand, he does tell us that. However, it is coded in a very off-hand, by the way manner; and it was apparently isolated to a "... phone call about the dirt bikers [that] was not mentioned during the first trial...."


No, I haven't buried my lead.....  I am not ready to give a full report on what my BSI in the Queens Courthouse told me happened to David Brand, which might have thrown him off of his "A" game reporting on Phil Vetrano and Phil Vetrano's testimony.

It seems that somebody, who apparently wants to see Chanel Lewis convicted really badly, might have put some Howard Beach style gorilla moves on reporter David Brand, and implied that there could be real problems if the reporting on Phil and his testimony wasn't a certain way.

Rumors about this incident have worked around to several of the reporters and other close observers of this retrial  ---  I promised to hold back on the details to let some pros in the press handle it their own way.....

Saturday, March 23, 2019

WOWZUH ! WOWZUH !!! WOWZUH !!!!! John O'Hara seeking to run the Estate of Charles Hynes

Maybe it's just a technical step in maintaining his lawsuit against former DA Charles Hynes, or maybe it's something bigger than that  ---  BUT  ---  in a "MAN BIGHTS DOG" scenario, John O'Hara formerly prosecuted by Hynes  ---  and, according to his federal lawsuit, persecuted by Hynes and others  ---  has now petitioned the Surrogate's Court in Kings County to be named the "Administrator" of Hynes' estate

Now there's a story you don't just see everyday.....

Friday, March 22, 2019

Early in the Karina Vetrano murder case, Phil Vetrano was treated like a top suspect by police

Did the police have the real murderer of Karina Vetrano in their sites >>> right at the beginning <<<  and then for some unexplained reason let him off the hook for the crime ???

According to the testimony of Phil Vetrano at the retrial of Chanel Lewis, NYPD detectives asked Karina Vetrano's father for a DNA sample at his daughter's funeral  ---  oddly, Phil Vetrano was glad to cooperate, even under those circumstances

Vetrano also testified that he was "helping police" search for his daughter at the time that he found her,  "because he knew the terrain"  

According to an ABC News report,   "On the stand Wednesday Phil Vetrano confirmed a frantic voicemail message he left for his daughter while he searched desperately for her along the trail....  The 30-year-old was found severely beaten, lying face-down in 8-foot weeds, with her front tooth knocked out, her pants pulled down and her socks wet....   During cross-examination, Phil Vetrano testified that when his daughter was found he picked up her body, but was pulled away almost immediately. He said he helped with the search "because I knew the terrain...."  (See "Dad of slain jogger Karina Vetrano says he was asked to give DNA sample at daughter's funeral"  by  N.J. Burkett & Emily Shapiro, 3/20/19, ABC News  []).

In earlier coverage of this moment, Phil Vetrano was somewhat more descriptive.  He described lifting the dead body of his daughter and pressing her against his chest without turning her face towards him.  He also described giving out a loud yell, which attracted the police to where he was with his daughter's body deep in the weeds well away from the trail.  Also earlier on,  Phil Vetrano actually said that he tried to take his daughter's body away from the crime scene and back to his home  ---  and it was only then that police took her away from him.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Whooo-whooo !!! The Rail-roading Re-Trial of Chanel Lewis in a Queens Courthouse goes down a different track after only two days

Look at what passes for "Criminal Justice" in 21st Century America.....

Openings by both sides seemed to track what was said at the earlier trial  ---  but then the older and much-whiter-than-it really-should-be-jury heard some really non-probative and very prejudicial emotion-laden "testimony" from both of Karina Vetrano's parents  ---  they could only have actual detailed knowledge about their daughter's murder if they were directly involved in it, somehow.....

Suh ev'n aftah only a cupplah days,  a blahnd sqwhirl won't gottah dig tuh much tuh find dat duh man say dat dis niggah, Chanel,  gunnah get lynched hah dis tahm-uh-round.....

In addition to adding in an appearance by an overought mom,  the one and only Catherine Vetrano, the Queens County prosecution team led by Brad Leventhal added even more spice to the stew he is cooking up and feeding to the very white older-than-the-first-time jurors "serving" on the second trial of Chanel Lewis  ---  this time throwing in some phone recordings by the seemingly distraught dad, Phil Vetrano.....

Police witnesses testified how they "secured" the "crime scene" out in the weeds next to Howard Beach  ---  but everybody knows that was after they let Phil Vetrano and "a cast of thousands" [only slightly exaggerated] stomp all over the area "looking" for the missing Karina Vetrano for hours, before Phil himself found her himself and man-handled her body way off the beaten path.....

Next up, the professional witnesses from the OCME to spin-spin-spin their ersatz-non-scientific mumbo-jumbo DNA "evidence" that Judge Lance Ito,  oops I mean Michael Aloise, should not be letting in as evidence, since he should be bound by the the most recent rulings of the App. Div. for the Second Department.....  Believe me, this ain't no harmless error by the most overturned "Justice"  on the Queens bench.


Saturday, March 16, 2019

Does Ray Denaro have a clue about..... well, anything ???

Not content to be running another one of those GOP "also ran" campaigns for the NY State Assembly,  Ray Denaro has decided to poke one of the hibernating bears inside the Republican Party, who was happily ignoring people like Ray during a late winter siesta in the bear's  funk hole penthouse on Staten Island

I would have thought that Ray might have other things on his plate,  but I guess not.....

I do have one bit of free advice for Mr. Denaro  ---  don't poke the bear unless you plan to feed him very quickly;  or, unless you are ready to have some after-hibernation luvin'  ---  of course, culminating in his mating with you,  in due course and in all the traditional bearish ways

Ray Denaro's latest Tweet was intriguingly provocative and way off whatever mark he was aiming at.  Here's what he writ:

"Ray Denaro @RayDenaro...   A very good weekend to all! Even the haters and losers who post negativity about me on @chtjasalo blog! You guys give me motivation to win! ... 4:56 PM - 15 Mar 2019 from Manhattan, NY"
This Tweet by Mr. Denaro is quite intriguing to me, because once upon a time I used to Tweet at "Galewyn Massey @chtjasalo"..... However, as far as I know, that Twitter account has been silent since 2016 --- certainly, I have been silent on that account. More important, I never had any blog associated with that Twitter account.....

So, what the heck "@chtjasalo blog!" is the benighted Mr. Denaro talking about ?????

And finally this: Nothing could be more irrelevant in this whole world than Ray Denaro's "... motivation to win!" some assembly race anywhere in Brooklyn, much less against the likes of long-time Democrat incumbent Assemblyman Bill Colton.

Now, Ray, go back to your sleepy little campaign for the Assembly seat for the 47th A.D.; and don't get my attention again any time soon --- trust me, you won't like the attention that you get one bit.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Trial Judge Michael Aloise all but threatened Chanel Lewis with more beatings if he didn't stop making 311 calls and calls to the NY Post

The treatment that Chanel Lewis has gotten between trials just received the Imprimatur of  "Justice" Michael Aloise in pre-trial proceedings Tuesday

It sure looks like bizarre, Third-World penal practices are now normal in New York State  ---  NY Post reveals coercive reason why Chanel Lewis was shipped out to Riverhead to be beaten

Some people think that anything can fly in the name of "law and order"  and "good order and discipline" these days  (See "Queens jogger’s accused killer transferred for overusing phone" by Elizabeth Rozner & Emily Saul,  3/12/19, NY Post/ Metro  []).

Judge Aloise made it seem that the whole "Shipped-out-to-Riverhead" caper was an administrative punishment for Chanel Lewis' overuse of his phone to make 311 complaints and to talk to the NY Post.  So what, that security was lax and Lewis got a beating !!!  Even though Chanel Lewis was hit from behind,  Judge Aloise pretty much described it as the defendant having a confrontation with another prisoner, and not Chanel Lewis'  being the victim of a attack.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Why was Chanel Lewis in a jail in Suffolk County ? --- And why was security so lax that he had to be hospitalized after a beating there ???

Chanel Lewis, the Brooklyn man in the NYPD-Queens DA frame for the Karina Vetrano murder in Howard Beach was shipped out to Riverhead under unexplained circumstances,  whereupon he was supposedly beaten by a fellow inmate, and Lewis received injuries that required his hospitalization

Reporting on this has been less than minimal, especially since the Vetrano-Lewis murder case got so much news coverage earlier in police and prosecutorial proceedings.

One report of the incident appeared in Newday last month.  According to that very sketchy report,  "....  The Brooklyn man accused of killing and sexually abusing Howard Beach jogger Karina Vetrano more than two years ago was checked out at a hospital after he got into a fight with another inmate at a Suffolk County jail, officials said Saturday....   According to a spokesman for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, Chanel Lewis, 22, got into a fight on Friday and was sent to nearby Peconic Bay Medical Center where medical staff there cleared him for a return to the Riverhead Correctional Facility. Chanel is being held there while awaiting retrial....   The spokesman couldn’t elaborate about the nature of the fight or any injuries but said that after Lewis was returned to Riverhead he was housed in a different part of the jail. Internal disciplinary charges could result because of the fight, the spokesman added.... A spokesman for the Legal Aid Society, which is representing Lewis, declined to comment Saturday. Spokeswomen for the Queens District Attorney's Office, and the New York City Department of Corrections, which had originally housed Lewis at Rikers Island, didn’t return email messages for comment....   It remained unclear over the weekend why Lewis, who lived in East New York, was being housed in the Suffolk jail. Last December, Lewis had reportedly complained about his living conditions at Rikers, alleging that the city jail traumatized him..."  (See "Karina Vetrano slaying defendant in Suffolk jail fight, officials say" by Anthony M. DeStefano, 2/10/19, Newsday/LongIsland/Suffolk []).

One local paper gave it similarly terse coverage.  That complete report is  as follows:  "Chanel Lewis, the accused killer of Howard Beach jogger Karina Vetrano, has been quietly transferred to a jail in Suffolk County for security reasons, officials said this week....  Lewis, 22, had been held at Rikers Island since he was arrested in February 2017 after police said his DNA was found at the crime scene....  His first trial last fall ended in a hung jury last November....  On Feb. 1, just 10 days after Lewis appeared before a Queens Criminal Court judge to set a date for a new trial, the city’s Department of Correction took the rare step of sending him to a jail in Riverhead, more than 70 miles away....  Officials declined to comment, but transferring prisoners to another jurisdiction is considered a last resort when officers feel they cannot guarantee the safety of someone in custody in a city jail....  News of the transfer did not became public until last weekend when Newsday published a report that Lewis had been sent to a nearby hospital for treatment following a fight with another inmate in Suffolk last Friday....  A spokesman for the jail there declined to characterize the extent and nature of his injuries but said he was returned to the Riverhead lockup the same day....  Lewis’ second trial is set to begin March 12 at the Queens Boulevard courthouse."  (See "Lewis being held in LI jail for safety sake" by Michael Shain,  2/14/19,  Queens Chronicle/ Home/  Editions/ Queenswide  []).

Monday, March 4, 2019

Many in the Brooklyn GOP hope that a Democratic Party initiative gets passed into law, because it would instantly wipe-out any Conservative Party influence in any race throughout the state

It has been widely reported that the New York State Democratic Party today voted in favor of a resolution calling for an end to “fusion” voting   ---  that's the adding together of votes that one candidate gets on multiple lines

If the Democrat-controlled NYS Legislature follows through and passes legislation reflecting their state party's resolution, it would virtually end the influence of  minor parties throughout New York State  ---   and that would result in an immediate and significant change in  New York State’s political landscape


Sunday, March 3, 2019

Did the insiders know that Republican State Senator Marty Golden was TOAST by July 2018 ??? --- OR --- Debunking some of the myths about Marty Golden's 2018 loss

It now looks like one of the best kept secrets inside the Brooklyn GOP during mid-2018 was that Marty Golden was in the fight of his life to hold onto his state senate seat right from the beginning ---  and maybe it wasn't just some "Blue Wave" in November that gave Marty the boot

A July 14th 2018  article in "City & State" actually has these words in its lead paragraph  ---  "State Sen. Martin Golden's....   time in office is finally up...."  ---  the real verbal stiletto is that the words "has been" appear next to Marty's name in the first six words of the piece  ---  all that was missing were a couple of quotation marks to make the message clearer  "State Sen. Martin Golden['] has been[']..."

I had reported here that people advising the Golden Campaign were not happy with some of the indicators inside Golden's early polling numbers  ---  while his staff and normal flacks were telling everybody that Golden was well ahead of all possible challengers and everybody was satisfied with where he was

Lately, several items have appeared saying that Marty Golden intends to continue leading Brooklyn Republicans, because he intends to take "his" state senate seat back from State Senator Andrew Gounardes,  the man who beat Golden back in 2018.  That main pitch was packaged along with some patter about reorganizing the Brooklyn GOP with a stronger crew of GOP State and County Committee members.

Folks, that is a prescription for more disasters for the Brooklyn GOP going forward into 2019 and 2020.  It's like your doctor telling you that, even though it makes you sicker and sicker, keep taking the same medicine.....   Or, as Harry Nilsson put it half a century ago  ---  "Put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up...  DOKTOR !!!"

Basically, Golden wants to put his same crew of hacks, flacks and ciphers that gave us all the GOP losses in 2018 back in charge of the Brooklyn Republican organization so they can win it all back in 2020.  That ain't "pie in the sky";  it's blueberry stains and crumbs on your shirt.

The truth is political comebacks are rare;  Marty Golden looks and sounds older all the time;  and he is using Colleen as a "stand-in" more and more  (Now, don't say that I am suggesting that he is like Woodrow Wilson in 1919;  I am NOT.....).

Possibly, more important than that,  an analysis of Golden's loss in 2018 shows that he completely lost Bay Ridge in 2018, even while Nicole Malliotakis was carrying some of those EDs.  What 2018 showed is that the people across Marty Golden's state senate district were tired of him,  and his old-style Bay Ridge accent and, most important, his old-style Bay Ridge attitudes.  

For some reason, the reports about old man Golden show that he is fighting to stay relevant in politics.....  He is willing to do that on the backs of and at the expense of some of his most loyal supporters,  many of them long-time activists in the Brooklyn GOP.  The sorrow and the pity there is that Marty Golden has not been the real "Old Marty" for a long, long time.  Unfortunately, for people who actually care about the Republican Party in Brooklyn and the rest of New York State,  Brooklyn Republicans don't seem to get how out of step they are with so many of their neighbors in their continued affection for Marty Golden.


Last week, Craig Eaton burned up the phone lines or micro-wave transmitters calling his faction of Brooklyn GOPers and telling them that he has some things going for 2019, 2020 and 2021.....  On a different, more localized front, Lucretia Regina-Potter was reported to be planning to take back her GOP leadership spot, with her own slate in the 46th AD.

Craig and Lucretia aren't cut from the same cloth.  Mrs. Potter was never a passionate Golden supporter,  whereas Eaton was once Marty's strong right arm inside the Brooklyn GOP.  However,  now,  they do agree on one thing  ---  that the Marty Golden-Ted Ghorra team is NOT the  "Back to the Future"  solution for the Brooklyn Republican organization  ---  but something involving Lucretia and Craig might be.....