Sunday, June 30, 2019

A Query by Jess Askin

Did Dennis Quirk "succeed" in getting Tiffany Caban to be the Democrat DA nominee in Queens by pushing former top ADA and recent hack judge Greg Lasak for DA right to the end ???

On the surface, it looked like the Brooklyn Democrat County Leader Frank Seddio was engaged in some solid analysis of the wheels coming off of the Democrat "Machine" in Queens  ---  the reality is that he was engaged in a fake news blast and an "in plain sight" cover-up of his own dirty involvement in Queens DA race

There was a pretty good pop psychology, self-help type book from the late 60s and early 70s called,  "I'm OK, You're OK".....  Without getting into the more solid aspects of transactional analysis, I'll cut to the chase of one of author Thomas Anthony Harris' main themes  ---  it is almost never "OK" to tell anybody  >>>  "I'm OK, and you're not OK".....   However that is exactly what Democratic County Leader Frank Seddio did in a Stephen Witt blessed article that appeared in Kings County Politics a couple of days ago  (See "Seddio Blasts Caban Win In Queens DA Race"  by Kelly Mena (w/ Steve Witt obviously breathing down her neck)  6/27/19,  Kings County Politics/ Elections   []).

The article starts out with this very intriguing lead paragraph:  "Kings County Democratic Party Boss Frank Seddio took a shot across the bow at both Queens County District Attorney-elect Tiffany Caban and the relentless progressive movement where millennial neighborhoods turn out in droves for their candidate, overwhelming neighborhoods of color in what some call political gentrification...."   But after that, it's very clear that it was all a bait 'n' switch for Big Frank to cover his trail in the Queens DA race; and more important, cover his ass along with that of an important political ally, Dennis Quirk.

Here's what Frankie-Boy doesn't want anybody to know  ---  post-2019 primary ---  Malinda Katz would be the Democrat nominee without question if Denis Quirk did not push the Greg Lasak campaign for DA right to the very end.

There's some real ferment to pick up one of the top Democrat LOSERS to be the GOP Queens DA nominee instead of Dan Kogan.  The talk is that it is likely to be Ms. Katz  ---  but I wouldn't count Quirk's guy Lasak quite yet.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

It's Primary Day --- EH !!!

Since I moved out of Brooklyn  ---  I can't legitimately vote in this year's Republican Primary there  ---  Thank the Lord for small favors.....

That about covers it.....