Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cuomo's Electoral Reform Includes Proposal to Allow Third-Party Cross-Endorsement, but Would Repeal Need for a Wilson-Pakula Authorization

Plan calls for a simpler petitioning process for candidates who are not party members to gain ballot access to another party’s line  — Opposition is expected from Working Families, Conservatives and Other "Third Parties"

Governor Cuomo released legislative language containing a provision that would repeal the Wilson-Pakula Law of 1947, provide a new oversight counsel at the Board of Elections and institute an expedited process for registering in a political party ( See “Cuomo Unveils Wilson-Pakula Repeal, Electoral Reform” by Nick Reisman, 4/30/13, YNN Capital Tonight [http://capitaltonightny.ynn.com/2013/04/cuomo-unveils-wilson-pakula-repeal-electoral-reform/]).

The Governor’s proposed legislation calls for the repeal of the state’s Wilson Pakula law, which requires approval from certain political leader(s) of a permanently organized party in order for a candidate not enrolled in that party to run on that party's line on the ballot.

In what is part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s response to the latest corruption scandals to rock New York State, the Governor’s proposed Wilson-Pakula repeal comes in the aftermath of the arrest of Democratic State Senator Malcolm Smith and others on charges that Smith sought to bribe his way onto the Republican line    of New York City's mayoral ballot by coaxing Republican leaders to utilize the current Wilson-Pakula authorization process to put him on their party's line.

However, Cuomo’s plan would not abolish fusion voting – allowing a candidate to run on more than one party line and counting as the total vote for the candidate the combined results from all the lines. The Governor’s  plan would replace the Wilson-Pakula waiver process with a direct petitioning process for non-party members to gain ballot access on multiple party lines.

Such a move is seen as a major blow to the power of the leaders  of  smaller, but still very influential third parties such as the Working Families and Conservative Parties. Each of those parties hold significant sway over the major parties in New York State. At this stage, ending Wilson-Pakula is generally opposed by the leaders of  those and other third party organizations.

According to the report of Nick Reisman, Cuomo’s proposed bill has the support of the State Senate’s IDC Chairman Jeff Klein.

Monday, April 29, 2013

John "Catman" Catsimatidis Speaks to the Brooklyn Young Republican Club then heads to Bay Ridge event

Mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis weathers stormy questioning  from Brooklyn Young Republicans Downtown  —  Finishes on an upbeat note of camaraderie and civic pride at Bay Ridge Memorial Day Parade fund raiser

In a meeting at the Ceol Pub on Smith Street,  for the first time the President of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, Glenn Nocera, and a representative of the rival Brooklyn Young Republicans, Frank Morale, were both in the house for the appearance of Republican mayoral candidate —  John Catsimatidis. Being a gracious host for the event, Glenn Nocera introduced his counterpart  representative, whose Brooklyn YRs is the officially recognized Young Republican organization by Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton and the Kings County Republican Party; and the gathered members of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club gave the recently elected Vice President of the competing Brooklyn YRs a hearty welcome.

A similar warm welcome was given to the Brooklyn Young Republican Club’s marquee guest, John Catsimatidis, after he was introduced by Bay Ridge and Staten Island Assemblyperson Nicole Malliotakis. Things continued to go smoothly for the Republican billionaire candidate throughout his short but pithy presentation; after which, as  he and his advance team had promised, he opened the floor for questions with a tag line something like  —  make them tough, I’ll answer anything you want...

Based upon the commentary by President of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club Glenn Nocera and the Catsimatidis advance-people before the candidate arrived, as well as John Catsimatidis’ own opening remarks, the billionaire candidate for the Republican nomination expected some degree of confrontation from the crowd of Brooklyn Young Republicans and their guests. More than that, the candidate, who referred to himself in front of the group as the “Catman,” indicated that he would be ready for whatever came his way and solicited tough questions.

The more intense questioning started with an obviously libertarian leaning questioner, who wanted to know why the government needed to have its hand in his pocket to bail out victims of last year’s non-hurricane “Sandy.” John Catsimatidis fielded that along with three of four follow ups on the same theme, with patient and well reasoned explanations that large scale disaster relief is part of what government does to take care of all of its citizens  —  especially in light of the aid that we send all around the world.

That was followed by a problematic political joust with a person that a well-known political reporter described as a “Bay Ridge Republican gadfly.”  That questioner opened with a reference to the apparent split between Brooklyn Republicans, and asked whether Catsimatidis would give assurances that neither he nor his mayoral campaign would get directly involved in this year’s Republican organizational primaries. The candidate obviously expected that his quick answer that State Senator Martin Golden had made a commitment that he would be announcing his support for Catsimatidis’ candidacy after the primary on September 11th would end the discussion. However, a testy exchange erupted instead. That happened when the long-time gadfly pressed the candidate about the Brooklyn GOP leadership races, including battles over  State and County Committee slates. After saying he knew nothing about it and then quibbling about being a politician, Mr. Catsimatidis pivoted and upped the ante with comments indicating that he always reciprocated loyalty for loyalty, across the board and non-stop. "...full-stop... full stop" (??? Mannheim Steamroller style ???)

Finally, the president of the Brooklyn Tea Party, Frankie Russo, engaged the candidate in what evolved into a debate as to whether Catsimatidis actually had a specific program of governing to back up his campaign of “new ideas.”

>>>>>   [ Apparently not seen, and previously not reported upon anywhere other than here]  After the Downtown Brooklyn speech by John Catsimatidis, and the completion of the caloric question and answer period that followed; there was a short tete a tete between the old Republican gadfly at the Young Republican meeting and two members of  John Catsimatidis’ advance team, which led to an exchange of handshakes between the candidate and the gadfly  –  followed by bear hugs back and forth. <<<<<

Mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis closed his Brooklyn afternoon by going to an event at the Salty Dog Restaurant & Bar on 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge in support of  the Kings County Memorial Day Parade. The parade, which is in its 146th year, has been held in Bay Ridge for the past 20 years and is the oldest continuously run Memorial Day Parade in the U.S.  Local leaders, musicians, and the Kings County Memorial Day Parade Committee have joined together for an annual fund-raiser to ensure the parade has the resources to continue. Candidate Catsimatidis joined in this effort on Sunday and commended the work of all those in attendance. The Kings County Memorial Day Parade will be held  in Bay Ridge on Monday, May 27th.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

“We the People: BETRAYED” By Brian Kieran — the consternation and recrimination of an Obama-era Democrat following on a small technical defeat in one small part of the gun control “debate”

“Forty-one Republican Senators ... prevent a law for background checks of gun buyers at gun shows. President Obama described it perfectly: 'We’ve been betrayed by liars and cowards. It’s shameful'.”  —   Whah !  Whah ! Whah !  Whah !  Cry baby, Obama !  

“Mayor Bloomberg characterized it accurately: ‘The children lost ... and the criminals won’.”  —   Whah !  Whah ! Whah !  Whah !  Cry baby, Bloomberg ! 

“If 45 senators ... are permitted to thwart the will of 90 percent of Americans who support background checks, then we have disgraced ourselves.”  —   Whah !  Whah ! Whah !  Whah !  Cry baby, Brian Keiran !    

All of the material quoted above appeared in Brian Kieran’s weekly column that appeared in the Home Reporter/Spectator earlier this week ( See “We the People: BETRAYED” by Brain Kieran, 4/23/13 [http://www.homereporternews.com/opinion/we-the-people-betrayed/article 854883a8-ac43-11e2-a7d6-001a4bcf887a.html]).

Obama, Bloomberg, Keiran and many Obama-era Democrats believe that “It is no infringement on the rights of a gun owner to insist on a reasonable background check before a gun purchase.” Let’s not get into the fact that there is a complete breakdown of syntax in that sentence; and let’s just say  —  it simply isn’t true.

Now, of course, I do admit —  all of that was, and continues to be, debatable.

Some sample of bodies somewhere in America have indicated to observers and spokespersons like Brian Keiran that there is a number like 90% of unidentified somebodies in an otherwise undescribed sample who expresses “the will of 90 percent of Americans who support background checks.”  Oddly, I know lots of people, and not one of them has expressed that to me  — ever — !  So please, excuse my incredulity.  Again, everything I just writ, except as to my incredulity — debatable.

These “90%” of  “Americans” certainly have not made anything like that expression in any way that Brian Keiran might call “debatable” or in debatable form; as in: “...this shameful refusal to debate a sensible measure to provide accountability for gun purchasers....”   Unless, of course, Brian describes “debate” in the same way that most of the Obama-era Democrats seem to define “debate” —  a neatly circumscribed talk, moderated by an Obama-era sycophant, followed by 100% agreement with whatever proposition Obama and/or the Obama-era surrogates have proposed.

Now, if we were going to have an unlimited debate on the issue of background checks for gun purchases, I might tell you what I really think....  Nah, I’d never do that.

Btw, how did  “Forty-one Republican Senators” get to a vote count of  “forty-five senators” ?

Joseph Hayon’s efforts for conservative Democrat Erick Salgado for mayor resulted in significant Brooklyn gathering

Brooklyn event for mayoral hopeful Erick Salgado was hosted by community activist Joseph Hayon — featured the Democratic candidate and Orthodox Jewish Community leaders, but also included some Republicans 

—  In addition to Hayon, Rabbi Avrohom Nekelbaum, Rabbi Auziel Admony, Rabbi Beni Rachmanov, Rabbi-Mohel Romi Cohn, Gregory Davidszon and State Senator Ruben Diaz addressed the crowd during the evening.

Brooklyn’s socially conservative and family values Republican Party activist, Joseph Hayon, acted as a combination host, master of ceremonies and ring master for conservative Democrat Rev. Erick Salgado and a gathering of Orthodox rabbis and other leaders in the communities in Southwest Brooklyn.

The purpose of the meeting on Thursday evening was to raise money and garner support for Salgado’s run for  mayor in the New York City Democratic Primary in 2013. To that end, everybody had gotten together in the basement of Ahi Ezer Congregation on Ocean Parkway and Avenue M in the Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn. The group would not be what one might have expected to see at an event for somebody running in a Democratic Party Primary. In addition to about twenty Orthodox rabbis and community leaders, there were several Republicans, Tea Party members, supporters of the “School Choice Party,” and  “Jews for Morality.”  In addition to Hayon, the recognizable Brooklyn Republicans at the event included David Storobin, Moshe Muratov and Jacob Kornbluh.

David Storobin’s presence was also noteworthy because Storobin was the only candidate for City Council from the 48th District present at Democrat Salgado’s event, even though there are five Democrats running in the forty-eighth –  Igor Oberman, Michael Treybich, Ari Kagan, Chaim Deutsch and Theresa Scavo.

According to published reports, a number of rabbis addressed the crowd. They spoke out, not only against gay marriage, but also about Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial regulations for metzizah b’peh, a ritual Jewish circumcision practice (See “Democratic Mayoral Hopeful Headlines Event Wary of Democratic Party Values” by Colin Campbell, 4/26/13, NY Observer/Politicker [http://politicker.com/2013/04/democratic-mayoral-hopeful-headlines-event-wary-of-democratic-party-values/]).

According to the Campbell post in the New York Observer’s Politicker blog, Rabbi Avrohom Yaakov Nelkenbaum, was the first to speak and criticized pornography, polygamy and bestiality, as well the main issue that apparently united  the group, opposition to the notion of  “marriage” between gays and lesbians. Rabbi Nelkenbaum said he feared the presence of these perversions, as he called them, would inherently influence the innocent audiences who witness them, leading to the overall downgrade of society. Unless, that is, Mr. Salgado was there to help fight back. With that, he intoned, “Therefore we’re backing Mr. Erick Salgado because he’s … committed to stopping these perversions and corruptions of the mind.”

As the program moved along, Hayon introduced the Reverend Rubén Díaz, Sr., a Democratic State Senator from the Bronx, who said he was there to make a few introductory statements before turning the floor over to the mayoral candidate everybody had come to see. Diaz forcefully asserted that, “It is my party–my Democratic Party–that takes away everything I believe in.... It is the Democratic Party–my party–that imposes in our communities gay marriage. It is the Democratic Party that wants to impose abortion. It is the Democratic Party that takes away our rights.”

When Reverend Erick Salgado spoke, he vowed to push back against “the left wing” and “the liberals.”  According to the Democrat who seemed to relish his position as an outsider in the Democratic field, “We have a tough choice in this election. There’s many career politicians … They do know how to express themselves well. They know how to talk about politics. They know how to move around and change the words.” Then Mr. Salgado singled out Council Speaker Christine Quinn,  for attacking him as anti-immigrant during a debate Wednesday. “How many people saw the debate yesterday? At one point, the Speaker tried to twist my words. And she’s an expert at twisting things.” Then Salgado returned to his outsider theme —  “They like to say, ‘You have no chance. You have no money. You have no name recognition,’” he mocked his detractors. “But still, If I have the children of God with me, I’m going to achieve the victory.”

It was clear from the enthusiasm of a large part of the crowd of about eighty, that Erick Salgado’s remarks were warmly received and his campaign to be the Democratic candidate for mayor of the City of New York was heartily supported.

According to Colin Campbell’s report in Politicker, “Mr. Salgado, of course, has an uphill battle to the mayoralty. The Democratic electorate, with the exception of some communities, tilts much more to the left than he does and many of his party rivals have institutional support, full campaign war chests and citywide profiles. But the reverend believes that by uniting Hispanic, Orthodox Jewish and other immigrant communities, he has a path.”

For additional coverage of David Storobin’s possible race for the City Council see: “David Storobin Files for Council Run” by Colin Campbell, 4/26/13, NY Observer/Politicker [http://politicker.com/2013/04/david-storobin-files-for-council-run/]; and for additional details of the event hosted by Mr. Hayon for Mr. Salgado see: “Erick Salgado Vows Resilience With Hispanic, Russian and Jewish Coalition” posted by NYC 2013, 4/26/13 [http://nymayor.blogspot.com/2013/04/erick-salgado-premises-defiance-and.html] [with video links of speeches by Rabbi Nelkelbaum, State Senator Ruben Diaz and Reverend Erick Salgado].

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Berardelli-Gallo Team at Brooklyn GOP Radio, which apparently is no longer sponsored by YKW, finally came up with something worthwhile

—  the  “Let’s Blame the American” segment had some very good stuff in it

Some of Russell Gallo’s  better quotes  —  “There is something wrong with the ‘leftist brain’...”  —   “You know what you get when you get leftists in charge of the Justice Department, the FBI, the Department of Defense, you get these people with warped senses of reality running these organizations that are supposed to keep us safe and instead they run it like social experimentation and this is what you get...”  —   and that “Obama Knew” [about the Boston Marathon Bombing] 

The Dynamic Duo introduced  a new feature “Let’s Blame the American” by burying their lead with a discussion of the apparently wrongly charged Elvis impersonator, Paul Kevin Curtis, who had been arrested by the FBI as the ricin mailer.  Soon the discussion moved to the Boston Marathon Bombing fiasco. After Gene Berardelli said to Gallo, “I’ll go along with you on this... Wow ! You’re on fire tonight...”, he put on a recording of  Arkansas Republican Congressman Thomas Cotton.

It’s worth a listen to Congressman Tom Cotton’s clip on the show. Speaking on the record before the Congress, Tom Cotton said  —  “I rise today to express grave doubts about the Obama Administration’s counter-terrorism policies and programs. Counter-terrorism is often shrouded in secrecy, as it should be, so let us judge by the results. In barely four years in office, five jihadists have reached their targets in the United States under Barack Obama: the Boston Marathon bomber, the underwear bomber, the Times Square Bomber, the Fort Hood shooter, and in my own state—the Little Rock recruiting office shooter. In the over seven years after 9/11 under George W. Bush, how many terrorists reached their target in the United States? Zero! We need to ask, ‘Why is the Obama Administration failing in its mission to stop terrorism before it reaches its targets in the United States?’ ” ( The following is a video link to the remarks of Arkansas Republican Congressman Cotton [http://uneditedpolitics.com/arkansas-congressman-tom-cotton-floor-speech-obama-failing-at-counterterrorism-42413/]).

On balance, Gallo makes a little more sense on the show when he is sober. However, it looks like he might have made a small mistake when he said that the terrorists had illegal unregistered guns.  —  As of this moment it looks like the Tsarnaev brothers  had only one real gun, as in firearm, between them.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Orthodox Political Blogs are targeting the Orthodox Jewish Office Holders, who are both Democrats, that have been endorsed by the Kings County Conservative Party

Jerry Kassar and his Brooklyn Conservative Party should take note that “Religious” Orthodox Jewish groups are stepping up their attacks on Councilman David Greenfield and State Senator Simcha Felder for their ties to the “Married” Lesbian candidate for mayor, Christine Quinn, and possibly to others on “The Left”

According to the relatively new Orthodox Jewish political blog “United to Save America – not to inform but to CHANGE”: “...it seems City Councilman David Greenfield might also be supporting Christine Quinn.  Why else would he jump all over a non political jew's support of Anthony Weiner because of immorality but not over a "askan" like Ezra Friedlander's support of a "married" lesbian. ***  Also David Greenfield's appointee to head Community Board 12, Yidel Perlstein has already indicated support for Christine Quinn.” (See “David Greenfield Has No Problem With Christine Quinn, But Does With Anthony Weiner...” by Robert Adler, 4/23/13, United to Save America [http://unitedtosaveamerica.blogspot.com/2013/04/david-greenfield-has-no-problem-with.html]).

The next day the same blog contained another provocative posting apparently trying to get  Hamodia into the act of OUTING David Greenfield for his apparent support of Quinn in her run for mayor (See “Does The Hamodia Also Think[ ] David Greenfield Is Supporting The "Married" Lesbian Quinn?” posted by Robert Adler, 4/24/13, United to Save America [http://unitedtosaveamerica.blogspot.com/2013/04/does-hamodia-also-thinks-david.html]).

Another interesting post appeared on another political blog, which often focuses on certain issues of interest in the Frum communities of Brooklyn.  Jacob Kornbluh posted a cryptic but clearly  uncomplimentary item about a few people, obviously targeted at State Senator Simcha Felder, that included a problematic “unpublished” photo with attribution to Ezra Friedlander ( See “VIN Follows Press Release Lead In Leaving Out Speaker Quinn's Role From Child Care Credit Legistlation” by Jacob Kornbluh, 4/22/13, Let’s Talk Dugri [http://www.jacobkornbluh.com/2013/04/vin-follows-press-release-lead-in.html#more]). In an odd bit of dissonance, one of the Twitter items from the Hamodia piece above in “United to Save America...” indicates that Simcha Felder is “4 deBlasio” !

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No more need for Skelos-style Republicans in the NYS Senate — they won’t even be a speed bump for Cuomo and the Democrats

People like Dean Skelos and Marty Golden don’t even have the force of a sneeze in Albany. In the past they were rightfully called RINOs, it's time for Republicans in Brooklyn  to cure themselves of RINO-itis or the RINO Virus ASAP 

--- Brooklyn Republicans can start by running a strong Republican conservative against Democrat City Councilman David Greenfield, who is supported by Golden and Golden's Chief of Staff Jerry Kassar;  and for 2014 by getting ready to run a strong Republican conservative against Democrat State Senator Simcha Felder, who is supported by Skelos and Kassar

Maybe, it’s just a bad day, but it seems that Sean Skelos is coming up on the wrong side of things in altogether too many of today’s posts on the Capital Tonight Blog ( Capital Tonight, 4/23/13 [http://capitaltonightny.ynn.com/]).

A perfect example is the way Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos telegraphed that New York GOP State Senators see some wiggle room for nine out of the 10 points in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s women’s agenda proposal. Skelos began by saying more abortion rights are off the table. Then Skelos indicated by cleverly using the word “compromise” that Republicans would be willing to go along with some kind of legislation on the remainder of Governor Cuomo’s women’s agenda. “...For a refresher, the women’s agenda includes pay equity, curtailing sexual harassment and employment, [dealing with credit and lending discrimination], strengthening human trafficking laws, ending housing discrimination of domestic abuse victims and blocking pregnancy discrimination in the workplace.” (See “GOP Flexible On 9 Out Of 10 Points On Women’s Agenda” by Nick Reisman, 4/23/13, Capital Tonight [http://capitaltonightny.ynn.com/2013/04/gop-flexible-on-9-out-of-10-points-on-womens-agenda/]). Oddly, how can Skelos know that his side is willing to compromise, when Skelos acknowledges that the Governor has only “... given us a broad outline of a number of the other nine issues which we will discuss... I  have not seen a specific proposal.”

Another bizarre appearance by Skelos was beside Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver, as Silver pushed for anti-corruption measures that included public financing of elections to NYS offices. Skelos is reported to have said, ““It’s like everybody is just trying to outdo each other right now....  So I think we’re going to have conversations where there could be agreement, where there won’t be agreement, and then we can move forward.”  For his part, Silver said “I would just suggest we intend to pass our bill, he should pass his bill, and we’ll open conference committees to discuss the issue in an open and public forum.” (See  “Skelos: Public Financing Wouldn’t Stop Those ‘Crooks And Idiots’ ” by Nick Reisman, 4/23/13 [http://capitaltonightny.ynn.com/2013/04/skelos-public-financing-wouldnt-stop-those-crooks-and-idiots/])

There were several other posts that indicated that the Republicans in the New York State Senate were going to be rolled on issue after issue after issue  –  including increasing abortion rights in New York –  if votes on any of those matters are scheduled in the State senate.

What will Skelos and his acolytes, like State Senators Martin Golden and Simcha Felder do next ?

Washington paper publishes charge that Obama Administration policies hampered FBI’s efforts to stop and then catch Boston Marathon bombers

After reading this article, you could easily conclude that  —  From his position in the Oval Office, President Barack Hussein Obama infected our national and international defenses against Islamist terrorism with a severe case of  “paralysis by analysis”

In a lengthy and detailed article, it has been reported by the Washington Times that: “U.S. officials familiar with the FBI’s counterterrorism training program and its controversial public outreach program to Muslim groups said FBI policy toward Islam—that it should not be used to describe those who seek to wage jihad or holy war against the United States and others they regard as infidels—has prevented both effective counterterrorism investigations and training. ***   The officials said the problem is that most field agents understand the nature of the threat but have been hamstrung by policies imposed by senior FBI leaders who are acting under orders of political appointees in the Obama administration, including Islamic advisers to the White House. The policies have prevented the FBI from conducting aggressive counterterrorism investigations of Islamic radicals or those who are in the process of being radicalized.” (See “Blind Eye: Conciliatory FBI policies toward Islamism hampered probe into Boston bombers” by Bill Gertz, 4/23/13, Washington Times [http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/apr/23/blind-eye-conciliatory-fbi-policies-toward-islamis/?page=2&utm_medium=RSS&utm_source=RSS_Feed#ixzz2RIgpXnI7
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As part of its report, the Washington Times cited security and counterterrorism experts as follows: “The fact is religion has been expunged from counterterrorism training,” said Sebastian Gorka, a counterterrorism specialist with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “The FBI can’t talk about Islam and they can’t talk about jihad.” ***  “... Patrick S. Poole, another counterterrorism specialist, about FBI policies on Islam: “I have zero doubt it affected their investigation of Tsarnaev.”

Although it was done in a subdued way, the Times’ author, Bill Gertz, finally directed some of his verbal fire at President Barack Obama and Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to congress.

Gertz pointed out that on Friday President Barack Obama said that in the age of instant communications people should not “jump to conclusions” about the attacks. He called for further investigation of the attacks and the use of courts, stating “that’s why we take care not to rush to judgment — not about the motivations of these individuals; certainly not about entire groups of people.” On Monday, the White House said  that Dzhokar Tsarnaev would be tried in civilian courts and not as an enemy combatant like the al Qaeda terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. [In addition, it was decided to give the surviving Tsarnaev brother Miranda warnings very early in his time in custody.]

Gertz also noted that Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress, said on Monday that even though there are indications that the Tsarnaev brothers’ attack was linked to the majority Muslim Russian enclave of Chechnya and its dispute with Russia. “It is not necessarily the case that anyone should jump to the conclusion that there was any religious motivation here.” [Ellison specifically did not describe many of the international Islamist and domestic Muslim links to the Tsarnaev brothers that have been widely reported in the main stream media.]

A choirboy image won’t hold up against the story of a GOP scandal that stained the hand of any person who was in touch with it

This is a succinct version of recent events in the Malcolm Smith case according to Celeste Katz: “Former GOP honcho Vince Tabone has lawyered up -- and his new rep says the ex-operative will beat the bribery charges against him.”

Ms. Katz’ wordier version went on like this:  “On the same day U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara raged against a pervasive corruption culture he said can only be changed through wholesale reform, Tabone's attorney called her client a "pillar" of his community who will be vindicated by the truth. ***  Tabone, former vice-chairman of the Queens County Republican Party, is charged with accepting payoffs to help state Sen. Malcolm Smith score a pass into the GOP mayoral primary while remaining a Democrat. ***  Lawyer Deborah Misir pushed back against characterizations of Tabone as a greedy, self-impressed hack in the wake of the federal case, which also resulted in charges against [State Senator Malcolm] Smith, Queens City Councilman Dan Halloran, former Bronx GOP Chairman Jay Savino and the mayor and deputy mayor of Spring Valley.” (See “Lawyer: Vince Tabone Will Be Exonerated By Truth In Alleged Pay-To-Play Mayor's Race Plot” by Celeste Katz, 4/22/13, NY Daily News/Daily Politics [http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2013/04/lawyer-vince-tabone-will-be-exonerated-by-truth-in-alleged-pay-to-play-mayors-]).

This quote by Tabone’s lawyer: “Vince Tabone was an unpaid Republican Party volunteer, one of eight unpaid party Vice-Chairmen on the 59 member party Executive Committee of the Queens Republican Party.  He never received a salary, pension or benefits for the thousands of hours he spent as a political party volunteer....” probably won’t get much mileage, and the rest of the “choirboy” defense would probably work only on a handful of jurors in federal court.

Monday, April 22, 2013

White House and House Speaker Boehner defend FBI’s pre-bombing handling of “Suspect Number 1” — Other Republicans are on the attack over the FBI’s apparent mishandling of the case

The FBI is in full damage control mode after several blunders connected to its handling of information and on-going investigation of the now-deceased “Suspect Number 1" in the Boston Marathon bombing have come to light 

According to a lengthy and detailed report in Bloomberg News, among the missed items that might have contributed to the success of the alleged terrorists’ bombing at the Boston Marathon was the FBI’s apparent failure to take note of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s 2012  trip to Russia (“FBI Handling of Russia Boston Bomber Tip Draws Scrutiny” by Terry Atlas & Roxana Tiron, 4/22/13, Bloomberg News [http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-04-22/fbi-handling-of-russia-boston-bomber-tip-draws-scrutiny.html]).  So far there has been no explanation why this happened, even though Tsarnaev's name was on a federal travel watch list. However, it has been mentioned that this particular trip might have been “missed” by the FBI because Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s name had been “misspelled” on Russia’s Aeroflot airline records.

FBI Director Robert Mueller will testify to a closed-door Senate Intelligence Committee hearing tomorrow afternoon; and it’s expected that certain members of the House of  Representatives will get a classified briefing on the bombing tomorrow, according to a notice sent to lawmakers – according to the report in Bloomberg News,  Sean Joyce, deputy FBI director, Rand Beers, homeland security under secretary, and Matthew Olsen of the National Counterterrorism Center will discuss the case with congressional representatives from both parties.

The Republican chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Michael McCaul of Texas, asked the FBI and other security agencies for all documents on Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the elder of the two brothers linked to the bombing. According to a letter released today and signed by McCaul and Representative Peter King, a New York Republican who heads the Subcommittee on Counterterrorism and Intelligence. “While the Russian inquiry and Tamerlan’s Tsarnaev’s subsequent behavior might have provided warning signs, the elder brother ‘remained at liberty in this country to conduct the Boston attack, and it took days to publicly identify him as a suspect’....”

According to Bloomberg News, White House spokesman Jay Carney today defended the FBI’s actions, saying, “They investigated it thoroughly and did not find terrorist activity, domestic or foreign.” In addition, not every Republican was immediately critical of the FBI’s work on the case – House Speaker John Boehner, an Ohio Republican, urged restraint, indicating that it’s ‘way too early’ to say whether the FBI lapsed in its investigation and that congressional committees will help determine whether the FBI  “dropped the ball or didn’t drop the ball.”

The Day the Cops Arrested Boston — April 19th 2013 — Un-patriots’ Day

After several days of trying to chase down a pair of “Wild and Crazy Guys” –  and looking like fools doing it  – federal, state and local authorities apparently “agreed” that “something had to be done to save lives” –  since all of the government’s [s’] attempts to disarm these two “Wild and Crazy Guys” [by then, just one “Wild and Crazy Guy”] weren’t going all that well, somebody decided to put Boston under house arrest.

Patriots' Day was once  a civic holiday in several states commemorating the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. These battles were fought in Massachusetts and they are generally called the first battles of the American Revolutionary War.  Thanks to the cops of the Metropolitan Boston Police, the Massachusetts State Police, the FBI and assorted security bureaucracies whose trails lead to all the way to Beacon Hill and the White House, April 19th will have a new meaning for the people of Massachusetts and real Americans across this country. April 19, 2013 will forever be the day that the Democrat Government of America and the Democrat Government of Massachusetts and the Democrat Government of Boston arrested the whole city of Greater Boston and put it into some kind of  “protective custody.”

In case you missed it, don’t worry. In the era of Obama you can expect something very much like it soon in a city near where you live. For those of us here in Brooklyn remember, New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg is originally from Boston; and he has made it obvious that he has wanted to put all of New York City in protective custody for a very long time.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Marathon Bombing — Another Security Breakdown on the Obama Watch — But also on the Watches of other key Democrats

Benghazi-Boston, Boston and Benghazi — inaction in advance and at critical moments during the two unfolding events caused additional deaths in each case. Will a stonewall or “a paralysis by analysis” in the aftermath of each guarantee  repeats of similar events with even higher death tolls in the near future? 


Probably so, if real Americans leave Democrats in charge of any part of the security apparatus of this country.

It is now obvious that “Russian authorities warned the FBI in early 2011 that suspected bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev may have been a follower of “radical Islam,” a revelation that raised new questions in Congress on Saturday about whether the Boston Marathon attacks that killed three and wounded more than 170 could have been prevented....” ( See “FBI was warned of alleged bomber’s radical shift” by Mark Arsenault, Bryan Bender, Milton J. Valencia and Maria Cramer, 4/20/13, The Boston Globe/Metro [http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2013/04/20/bombmain/IQ48jNsFSG21X8jkkcSsMJ/story.html]).

According to the Globe report, “The FBI acknowledged Friday that it had investigated [Tamerlan] Tsarnaev in 2011, even interviewing him and his family, but ‘did not find any terrorism activity,’ either domestic or foreign. ***  ‘The FBI had this guy on the radar and somehow he fell off,’ said the congressional aide, who said oversight committees on Capitol Hill are seeking answers from counterterrorism officials. ‘We heard for several days leading up to this there was no intelligence. Now we know there could have been intelligence’.”

The most disturbing aspect of this Boston Globe article is the very telling passage that follows: “The bureau [FBI] declined to answer questions Saturday about whether it revisited its 2011 investigation of Tamerlan Tsarnaev after the Marathon attack, or why the bureau was unable to identify the suspects in race day security footage two years after interviewing him and his family.”

The next most bothersome item involved the Presidential response to the terrorist spree in Boston, as follows:  “President Obama convened the National Security Council on Saturday for 90 minutes in the Situation Room on the Boston attacks, including an update on the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The president ‘underscored the need to continue gathering intelligence to answer the remaining questions about this terrorist attack going forward,’ according to the White House.”  So it already is beginning to look like the Obama White House intends to go into the same kind of post-Benghazi-style defensive crouch over the Boston Marathon massacre and its aftermath as it did following the Libyan fiasco.

The Obama Administration in its various facets was 100% to blame for the multiple American deaths at the hands of terrorists in Benghazi in September 2012. That includes the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who was an integral player in the complete disarray that preceded and continued into the night of death in that “diplomatic” outpost in Libya, as well as in the coverup that followed and persists to this day.

The same cannot be said about the Patriots week killings that started with the bombings near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in the afternoon of April 15, 2013,  then continued a few nights later onto the MIT campus in nearby Cambridge, and then out along Memorial Drive into Watertown, both in the metropolitan area of Boston, Massachusetts. Responsibility for those Greater Boston area killings falls in varying degrees on the Obama Administration, the state administration of Governor Deval Patrick and the city administration of Mayor Thomas M. [no doubt an initial for “Mumbles”] Manino. Obama, Patrick and Manino are all Democrats; and the fact that they are speaks volumes as to why they were unable to protect all their citizens from a menace that should have been well known since 9/11/2001 and reinforced by many events since that momentous date.

It should be clear to Republicans, conservatives and even clear-thinking Democrats, that the orthodox world view of most Democrats now in office [together with their even more anti-American allies on the left], along with the Democratic Party’s total immersion in an ideology of mandatory diversity and cultural relativism, makes most Democrats at any level or any position in local, state or federal government uniquely incapable of carrying out their duties of defending all Americans.

Russell Gallo showed us a corpse, damned it to hell and generally missed the mark again

In the midst of some uncontrollable rage, one of Craig Eaton’s right hand guys lashed out at a dead man, but failed to ask any of the right questions

I am not surprised that Russell G. has again engaged in some very tasteless and intemperate internet behavior for reasons that were not immediately disclosed by Mr. Gallo or readily discernable (See “Boston Scores A K.O.” by Russell Gallo, 4/20/13, Brooklyn GOP Radio -Official- Show Blog [http://brooklyngopradio.blogspot.com/2013/04/boston-scores-ko.html#comment-form]).

He could have better used his energies exploring some very important unanswered questions about why the horrific events occurring in Greater Boston during Patriots week 2013 were allowed/enabled  to happen in the way that they did by the authorities charged with public safety, keeping the peace and maintaining order. Federal, state and local authorities have a lot to answer-for in the upcoming days, weeks and months, concerning the killing spree of a brace of ethnic Chechen brothers, who were living here almost completely under the radar until the two of them [ and perhaps some others unknown] decided to attack parts of Boston and surrounding communities and to keep the rest of that metropolis under siege.

Showing a picture of the body of one of the alleged Boston Marathon bombers, Tamerlin Tsarnaev, serves very little purpose beyond some hollow chest pounding.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Are the Republican Party and Orthodox Jews drifting apart in Brooklyn ? — Leading Orthodox Republican sought out a Democrat Social Conservative, Erick Salgado, as his best mayoral choice for Orthodox community

Brooklyn Republican and Orthodox Jewish activist, Joseph Hayon has stated that   —  “...the Republican Party failed the Orthodox Jewish community ... [in allowing gay marriage to pass the New York State Senate] Dean Skelos has openly violated Republicans’ values which are also the values of the Orthodox Jewish community....”  

On a Youtube video introducing Erick Delgado to a group of Orthodox Rabbis in Brooklyn, Hayon gave the above quoted material as one of his reasons to support the socially conservative minister now running for mayor, Democrat Erick Salgado. The other main reason for Hayon’s seeking out Salgado as his candidate for mayor is the fact that every candidate seeking the GOP line for mayor were also supporters of gay marriage (See “Joseph Hayon: NY Republican Party Has Failed The Orthodox Jewish Community” posted by Jacob Kornbluh, 4/13/13 [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_Vt2FQpeEo]).

Hayon specifically rejects the expressed positions of Conservative leaders Mike Long and Gerard Kassar, who have maintained that mayoral candidates’ positions on social positions simply don’t matter.

When confronted with the points raised by RNC Chairman Reince Preibus that the Republican party had to be more open to gay rights and to become ethnically diverse, Hayon counters that certain members in the leadership of the Republican Party do not see diversity as a narrow slogan or a principle that would exclude social conservatives like Orthodox Jews. "Didn't both Preibus and Ed Cox visit the socially conservative pastor A.R. Bernard as part of their new move to be more diverse ?"

Hayon then points out that late in 2011 Republican State Chairman Edward Cox did much the same thing when he wrote an Op. Ed. in a prominent Jewish paper. Going to the link provided by Hayon showed that  Cox wrote, “If Democrats continue to assail Israel, promote social policy contrary to Jewish law and attempt to remake the socioeconomic system that allowed Jews to flourish here, Jewish Americans may well find a new home in the Republican Party.” ( See “Why Jews should vote Republican” by Ed Cox, 11/4-10/11, Jewish Tribune /Op. Ed., Long Island Jewish World  [http://www.nygop.org/page/9]). At that time, Cox made specific  note of  the ultra-conservative social teachings of Orthodox Judaism as follows: “Orthodox Jews, those who shape their lives around Jewish law and religious tradition, oppose the politically correct liberal positions on many social issues precisely because they conflict with Jewish law, which forbids homosexual relationships and permits abortion only to protect the life of the mother.”

Joseph Hayon adds this to what Cox said in 2011,  “Nothing has changed in the last two years in the Orthodox Jewish Community about any of what Chairman Cox said. If their has been any change at all, it’s with Republicans like Dean Skelos, who didn’t govern and continues not to govern with any interest in morality.”

Even though he is now openly supporting a Democratic candidate for mayor, Joseph Hayon has maintained his good but open-ended relations with NYS Republican Chairman Cox and Kings County GOP Leader Craig Eaton. In addition, Hayon points out that he obviously is not the only Republican or Conservative not supporting any of the Republicans now running for mayor. He again mentions State GOP Chairman Ed Cox, who even after candidates like enrolled Republicans Joseph Lhota and John Catsimatidis were openly campaigning for mayor, continued to openly court the noted social conservative, the Pastor A.R. Bernard, to run as a Republican candidate for mayor.

What would Hayon do if the Reverend Bernard entered the GOP Primary ?   “Easy, I would work for both of them, A.R. Bernard in the Republican Primary and Erick Salgado in the Democratic Primary.”

Thursday, April 18, 2013

One of Brooklyn’s younger “Republicans” called and asked me to take a look back on one of Craig Eaton’s lesser known hits of 2012

Published report of 2012 Brooklyn meeting linked Eaton with Jay Savino and Malcolm Smith, and with Smith’s professed intention to get back in touch later on in his pursuit of getting onto the Republican ballot for mayor 

In the aftermath of my report of  “Republican” goings-on at the Conservative Party Brunch, Glenn Nocera gave me a call. He said that he had gotten an unexpected call, and as result he wanted to remind me that Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton had introduced Democratic State Senator Malcolm Smith to an October 2012  meeting of  Republicans in Brooklyn, where a possible Wilson-Pakula run for by Smith for mayor in 2013 was “first” discussed.

Here’s how one of the key individuals charged in the federal criminal complaint for trying to corruptly obtain that Wison-Pakula had referred to Craig Eaton back in 2012:  “[Malcolm Smith] wasn’t shy about heaping praise upon Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton, who he said ‘is clearly going down in history as one of the stronger Republican leaders in the State of New York, and you can mark my word’.” (From: “PAINTING THE TOWN RED – New York Republicans Look Towards 2013” by Colin Campbell, 10/23/12, NY Observer/Politicker

What makes that meeting even more interesting, especially in light of later events, is the fact that the Bronx Republican Chairman Jay Savino was in attendance at Eaton’s Brooklyn meeting. Savino has since resigned his GOP post after being charged in the Wilson-Pakula scandal along with Malcolm Smith and Queens Councilman Dan Halloran.

“IT’S NOT A WHITE GUY ! ! ! – I’LL APOLOGIZE NEXT WEEK IF I’M WRONG....” — Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton again needs to listen to his right-hand guys, Berardelli and Gallo on their show

This time Gene and Russell went completely out of control with racist whining about media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing — while making various  racist charges about Koreans and Iranians, and they even did a riff against immigration because of the bombing

The ranting morons of the Brooklyn GOP  failed  to make any real sense on last night’s Brooklyn GOP Radio program. Was one or both of them drunk ?

Hint: Gene Berardelli said the show was being sponsored by Budweiser Platinum and Russell Gallo clearly was slurring his words (Gallo’s best slurred word of the evening was “shenshitivity”... among so many more).

Gene Berardelli said that the "measured response" of the White House just isn’t cutting it, while Russell Gallo melted down saying that it’s not a white guy who did it [the Boston bombing], it’s a Muslim extremist. (Although, later on Gene Berardelli said that everybody should withhold judgment until the FBI finishes its job  — obviously, a “measured response’ is only appropriate when Gene and Russell say so.)

Both buffoons soon turned to some tasteless taunting of Boston fans over the Knicks v. Celtics upcoming first round playoff series; followed by a celebratory end-zone dance that the U.S. Senate killed yesterday’s bi-partisan effort at achieving a gun control bill, with Berardelli stumbling over his explanation of the need to achieve a 60-vote majority in the 54-46 vote in favor of the amendment.

A guest on the show, Yakov Bard,  then restarted the rant about the media’s mentioning and hoping for the possibility of the Boston Marathon terrorist’s being a white male, calling it “white wishing” the issue. With that, Gallo came back on the air and said that nine out of ten times terrorists in this country are not from America, but are some foreign sponsored  “eerabic  eshreemist” .... then there was complete silence as “technical difficulties” interrupted what Gene B later said was Gallo’s best rant ever.... (“best” to Berardelli no doubt meaning “worst” in the real world).

Then, Russell Gallo picked the perfect night to say how articulate he thought Dan Quayle was at a recent appearance where Gallo had a chance to have a personal conversation with the former Vice President.

Gene Berardelli’s quote of the night – talking about Gallo – “That’s the Bud Platinum talking !”

As a final outrage to have a title for this show even suggesting that it was about "Prayers for Boston" is almost sacrilegious.

Mr. Eaton, how long will you keep sponsoring these two as the voice of your organization ?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Internal Republican Party Politics Chatted-up at Conservative Party Function

Some Republicans in attendance at the Brooklyn Conservative’s Annual Brunch were being pigeonholed to set up future discussions to get rid of GOP Chairman Craig Eaton  —  Oddly, some of it was being done by the Conservative Party Chairman

Ross Brady’s coverage of the Conservative Party Annual Brunch was simple enough:
“A large crowd enjoyed honoring civic leader Arlene Keating, listening to John McLaughlin discuss politics in America, as well as hearing from a number of elected officials who stopped by including State Senator Marty Golden, Assemblywoman Malliotakis, Congressman Michael Grimm, City Councilmember David Geenfield. In addition three candidates for Mayor- in alphabetical order – John Catsimitidas, Joe Lhota, and Rev. Eric Salgado were in attendance, as well as Council candidates John Quaglione, David Storobin and Elias Weir, and representative on behalf of State Senator Simcha Felder. Thank you for all who joined us or supported our effort. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.” ( See “Brooklyn Conservatives’ Annual Brunch Draws Crowd of Members, Civic Leaders, Elected Officials and Candidates” by Ross Brady, 4/15/13, Brooklyn Conservative Party Blog [http://brooklynconservativeparty.com/?p=822]). That doesn't nearly tell the story of the practice of realpolitik that went on at the event held on April 14th at The Bay Ridge Manor.

It isn’t surprising that many of the Brooklyn Republicans present on Sunday at the Conservative Party Brunch would be talking about the political news of the day, including the outbreak of the “Dump Eaton” movement, especially given the venue – The Bay Ridge Manor – as well as the make up of the atypical sample of GOP worker-bees in attendance, the most notable being some of those not reported in Brady’s post above.

The buzz-buzz-buzz from Kassar was about some future planning session on the topic, “what to do about Eaton” at a not-yet-decided time and place.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Queens GOP Leadership Fight Becomes an Issue for John Catsimatidis -- What About The One in Brooklyn ?

Catsimatidis has placed himself squarely into the middle of the Queens GOP scrum with a personal defense of embattled Queens County Chairman Phil Ragusa.  —  Will John C do the same for Chairman Craig Eaton in Brooklyn, who was  late-on-board the Catsimatidis bandwagon?

It’s been reported that John Catsimatidis has become personally involved in the Republican leadership squabble in Queens (See “NYC Mayoral Hopeful John Catsimatidis Fires A Shot In Queens Republican Party's Civil War” by Celeste Katz, 4/13/13, NY Daily News/Daily Politics [http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2013/04/nyc-mayoral-hopeful-john-catsimatidis-fires-a-shot-in-queens-republican-party-]).  The intramural sparring in Queens has its parallel in Brooklyn, where state Sen. Martin Golden and supporters of party chairman Craig Eaton have also openly traded  jabs recently. It all comes against the backdrop of recent federal corruption allegations involving GOP county leaders and an abortive attempt to get a Wilson-Pakula authorization for Democratic State Senator Malcolm Smith.

Catsimatidis, who has the backing of Queens Republican Chairman Phil Ragusa, attacked Republican City Councilman Eric Ulrich for his call to oust Ragusa from his chairmanship. John Catsimatidis criticized Ulrich for waging what he called a "character assassination" whisper campaign that's part of a "cynical, self-serving attempt to take control of the Queens County Republican Party."

Since a parallel civil war has arisen among Brooklyn Republicans, one has to wonder whether the mayoral candidate supported by the Brooklyn County Organization will similarly become embroiled in that flap as well. Many are arguing that State Senator Martin Golden is just as much or even more out of line trying to oust another Catsimatidis supporter, albeit a late one, Craig Eaton.

For some time now, Catsimatidis has given generously to various branches of the local, state and federal GOP; Eaton's Brooklyn GOP is no exception. For example, John C has been credited with largely underwriting the most recent of the Brooklyn GOP’s Holiday Parties; and it has to be assumed that since he will be a major honoree at the Brooklyn Republican Party’s upcoming Lincoln Dinner, John Catsimatidis will put up a chunk of cash toward that bash, as well. That’s why some think the supermarket and fuel oil mogul might be inclined to put his mouth where his money is in the County of Kings, as much as he has in the County of Queens.

It should also be noted that the logic of  Catsimatidis’ public agreement with New York State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox’ opinion that management by revolution is not the way of the Republican Party, would apply equally to the fights in Brooklyn and in Queens. However, having already personally involved himself in the internecine strife ravaging the Queens Republicans, it might well be a very significant blunder for the wealthiest, but least subtle and most heavy-handed, Republican candidate for mayor to do exactly the same thing in a separate intra-party fight in the adjoining Borough of Brooklyn.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Salvatore Perrone Case Continues to Make News — Perrone wants MTA Station Video to prove his alibi — Like everything else Perrone has said, Judge Alan Marrus shrugged it off with openly expressed disdain

The judge, the prosecutor and the press continue to show extreme bias against this unlikely elderly Italian-American from Bensonhurst and Staten Island, who has been accused of being a serial killer of three Brooklyn shopkeepers, after NYPD detectives had been looking for a completely different kind of suspect

The case against Salvatore Perrone continues on its bizarre path toward an extremely possible travesty of justice. By the time the Brooklyn DA and the New York State Courts are finished with the case against Mr. Perrone, “The People of the State of New York” will not know, or even be able to find out, whether justice was done in their name, regardless of the final result. Even the families of the murdered victims are being used as bit players by the prosecutors and the press — being stoked to express outrage and disgust about a man trying to defend himself, whose guilt or innocence of the charged crimes is far from clear.

Criminal Court Judge Alan Marrus continues to preside over this mess like he is a Ring Master for Ringling Brothers – Barnum and Bailey Circus instead of an Acting Supreme Court Justice. On Friday April 12th, when Salvatore Perrone read his prepared statement to the court about his need for the MTA surveillance video from the Parkside Avenue Subway Station to prove his alibi based on the timing of the alleged third murder, the judge felt free to openly express his bias against the defendant and his purported alibi. The ADA was equally dismissive when she tossed-off the fact that she had 127 video surveillance tapes, when the court told her to try to provide the defendant with what he was looking for. It is also quite telling that Perrone felt forced to give his own prepared statement, with possible negative legal consequences, while the court appointed attorney, whom Perrone wanted  replaced by the court earlier in proceedings, stood by like a statue.

Based upon the report of the Friday court proceedings that appeared in the New York Daily News, it went down like this: “...Salvatore Perrone insisted Friday that subway security footage would exonerate him from the third murder he is accused of committing. ***  ‘I need the video,’ he pleaded during a Brooklyn Supreme Court hearing. ‘The office of the district attorney or Charlie Hynes either directly or indirectly have suppressed my alibi.’ ***  The 64-year-old apparel salesman, charged with the murders of three Brooklyn shopkeepers, argued the tape shows him enter the Parkside Ave. station at about 6:05 p.m. on Nov. 16, 2011 and never coming back out. Rahmatollah Vahidipour, 78, was killed around 7:15 p.m. *** ‘I can't be at two places at once,’ Perrone went on. ‘For sure the MTA does not lose videos. They don't get lost or stolen’.” ( See “Accused ‘Son of Sal’ serial killer claims MTA tapes will exonerate him” by Orin Yaniv, 4/12/13, NY Daily News [http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/accused-son-sal-serial-killer-claims-mta-tapes-exonerate-article-1.1314993#ixzz2QMnlzdKz]; [oyaniv@nydailynews.com]).

Somewhat cynically, Judge Marrus answered, "I don't quite have the same confidence in the MTA that you do, Mr. Perrone." But then he said, "But I will say this: if they have it, you will get it."  The judge also felt compelled to warn the defendant about admitting his presence near the scene. However, neither Judge Marrus nor Perrone's attorney seemed to intervene to have the defense counsel make a formal application for the video material purportedly needed by the defendant, by more artfully presenting a similar description of the potential alibi potential contained in the MTA video instead of letting the defendant read his own prepared statement in open court.

As to the DA and/or the DA's Office, there was no apparent response to the defendant Perrone’s charge that the DA or somebody in the DA’s office either directly or indirectly suppressed the evidence of the defendant’s alibi for the November 16th killing. For her part in responding to the defendant’s demand for the MTA video made in open court, ADA Melissa Carvajal said she had 127 DVDs containing video surveillance relating to the case. The report in the Daily News doesn’t indicate whether she acknowledged the existence of the specific MTA video sought by the defendant, much less whether she would actually provide it in a timely fashion.

Although the hearing on Friday April 12th did deal with substantive matters, clearly relevant to the defendant’s defense, the reporter for the News, chose to portray Salvatore Perrone as being deranged and disruptive. Here is how the article by Orin Yaniv began, “In a bizarre courtroom rant, accused serial killer "Son of Sal" Salvatore Perrone insisted Friday that subway security footage would exonerate him from the third murder he is accused of committing.” Nothing in the Daily News report indicated that the defendant was reading from a written statement.

This is yet another example of the majority of the press buying into the narrative of NYPD Commissioner Kelly and Brooklyn DA Hynes that Salvatore Perrone is some kind of homicidal maniac who intended to kill again if he was not confronted and put into protracted "voluntary custody"  in the way that he was in November.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton and Executive Vice Chairman Gladys Pemberton are the first to “Cross the line of no return” — each signed letters personally attacking the Brooklyn GOP’s only elected government officer, State Senator Marty Golden

In an attempt at political judo, the Brooklyn Republican Organization’s two senior members have tried to make State Senator Martin Golden appear to have done something improper when he demanded that the GOP County Leader who was described but not named in a federal corruption complaint be disclosed and made to resign 

Although Golden’s demands definitely had a clear political intent, the announcements and reports of Golden’s demands were not in the nature of attacks personally directed at Brooklyn Republican Party Chairman Eaton. On the other hand, letters signed by both Eaton and Pemberton were unambiguous personal attacks on Senator Golden.

Pemberton’s letter to “all of Brooklyn’s Republican District Leaders” was the first publicized, and the following passage is illustrative of her direct and personal attack on Marty Golden: “...Sen. Golden is using this race in an attempt to oust Craig as the Chairman. What a total disgrace. To learn this is being orchestrated by Senator Martin Golden is beyond the pale! I call upon all of our State Committee members to join with me in denouncing what Senator Golden is attempting to do. It is once again a case of another Senator on a power trip. He now wants to control Kings County completely. We cannot stand by and watch our party torn apart once again.” (For a copy of the entire letter: see “Document Drop: Props For Brooklyn GOP Boss” by Celeste Katz, 4/10/13, NY Daily News/Daily Politics [http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2013/04/document-drop-props-for-brooklyn-gop-boss-0])

Mrs. Pemberton's main pitch is that Golden is trying to usurp Eaton’s position as County Leader, because of a dispute about Eaton’s and Golden’s  selections of mayoral candidates. Interestingly, Golden's earlier request for the public disclosure of the ID of  "Chairman #1" in a federal corruption complaint alleging a conspiracy to rig the GOP primary is not mentioned by Pemberton .

Eaton’s letter was a joint deal with two other GOP County Leaders (whose direct authorship has been attributed to Manhattan’s Dan Isaacs). Eaton subscribes the publically released missive that says this about the State Senator who had been one of Eaton’s staunchest supporters: “It is outrageous that you [Golden] would insert yourself into the midst of an ongoing Federal investigation. As a former member of the New York City Police Department you should know better; you should allow law enforcement to do their job. ***  Considering that you released your letter to the media the same day that you called a meeting of District Leaders of the Brooklyn GOP, one can only assume that this is a cynical attempt on your behalf to stage a coup in advancement of your personal political agenda. ***  Perhaps you should be more judicious in your political mudslinging. We can’t imagine that you would be thrilled if a county chairman called for your resignation the next time one of your fellow legislators is charged with a nefarious deed. ***  The voters of the Republican Party want elected officials who will build our party, not those who break it down through illegal deeds, ill-chosen words or Machiavellian action.” (For a copy of the entire letter: see “Document Drop: GOP Chairs V. Martin Golden”  by Celeste Katz,  4/11/13, NY Daily News/Daily Politics [http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2013/04/document-drop-gop-chairs-v-martin-golden]).

It’s clear from the above that Eaton and his allies among the Brooklyn and City-wide GOP leadership have decided that offense is the best defense to whatever Golden might have had in store for Eaton. However, by making it personal first, Eaton’s crowd probably committed a tactical blunder, especially with respect to  any Brooklyn GOP Organization leaders that might have been on the fence when all this began, and are still waiting to see how things shake out.

So far Golden and his insiders have been counter-punching the individuals making the charges against the State Senator; I expect they have another shoe or two to drop on Eaton, or they wouldn’t have baited  “their Republican County Chairman” this way.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Marty Golden Calls on U.S. Attorney to Reveal “County Chairman #1 ” and Also Calls on “County Chairman #1 ” to Resign --- Suddenly, defenders pop up for Craig Eaton

Press conjecture is that “County Chairman #1 ” is probably Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton (See “Document Drop: Who's Chairman #1 ?” by Celeste Katz, 4/10/13, NY Daily News/Daily Politics [http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2013/04/document-drop-whos-chairman-1]).  However, what if there is another “County Chairman” who was solicited to sway a Wilson-Pakula endorsement for Malcolm Smith and that “County Chairman” also worked as State Senator Golden’s Chief of Staff ?  Would Golden be so quick writing letters to the U.S. Attorney if he thought it might be his own ox to be gored?

It’s very odd that State Senator Golden would attempt to take political advantage of the Malcolm Smith Wilson-Pakula scandal, since there has been a very strong report to this blog that Golden’s own Chief of Staff  Jerry Kassar was solicited to use his influence to obtain the Conservative Party’s Wilson-Pakula for Malcom Smith by the accused Queens City Councilman Dan Halloran.

Instead of the letter that State Senator Golden did send to Hon. Preet Bharara, the federal prosecutor, probably as a lever to force out the Brooklyn GOP Chairman, Golden should have sent a letter volunteering to have his Chief of Staff Kassar come into Foley Square to give a sworn statement about his Chief of Staff Kassar's communications with the accused Dan Halloran and others about the matter under federal investigation and prosecution. Of course, if Golden really cared about the case, he would have done that a long time ago.

Things are happening very fast tonight. Watch this space for a post or an "UPDATE" comment in due course about the later “document drop” by Celeste Katz of the letter from the Brooklyn GOP Executive Vice Chairperson Gladys Pemberton (See “Document Drop: Props For Brooklyn GOP Boss” by Celeste Katz, 4/10/13, NY Daily News/Daily Politics [http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2013/04/document-drop-props-for-brooklyn-gop-boss-0]).

Quaglione Rolls Along --- Sullivan Stumbles and Grumbles

Hardhat and Blue Collar Guy, Andrew Sullivan, is learning the nuts and bolts of running for public office in the school of hard knocks and bare-knuckle politics  —  John Quaglione’s campaign just rolls along and announces some key endorsements

In an Email entitled  “Corrupt Behavior ...Again!!? ” Andy Sullivan lashes out at the Republican, Conservative and  Independence Parties;  AND  MOST  OF  ALL,  AT  STATE  SENATOR MARTY GOLDEN  —  In the meantime the Quaglione Campaign announces key endorsements

Sullivan starts out by saying,  “I'm a private citizen who has worked for both the GOP and the Conservative Party. I have donated my time and money to help all of the incumbents and candidates who ran under those flags.... But when ...the GOP, Conservative and the Independence Part[ies] ALL endorse [my opponent John Quaglione] because [his employer and political boss, State Senator Marty Golden] said so  —  THAT I have a problem with.”

In an Email with a rather wide distribution sent out earlier today,  Mr. Sullivan recounted that somebody named  “Mike Zumbluskas” from the Independence Party called to tell Sullivan that the Independence Party Chairman Frank McKay had decided to endorse Sullivan’s opponent, John Quaglione.  According to Sullivan, this Mr. Zumbluskas then gave Hardhat Andy the down-low that Chairman McKay was doing Marty Golden  “a favor and supporting his guy” so the whole  interview process wouldn't make a difference for the Independence Party endorsement.

Again stepping into his role as everyman in the street, Sullivan wants to know, whether it is right for one man like Marty Golden to have all of that power; and whether Golden should get to tell the chairmen of three parties to endorse an “office boy out of [Golden's] office who has never had any other job except for him.”

During the same time frame, the fully up and running campaign of that “office boy” arranged for a public gathering to fully amplify the fact that at 10 a.m. today, “New York City Council Candidate John Quaglione” would announce he had received the endorsement of the Conservative and Independent Parties; and that all of that would happen at the New Utrecht Reformed Church, 18th Avenue and 84th Street, Brooklyn.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

When will Craig Eaton’s “ENDORSEMENT” of John Catsimatidis ever see the light of day ?

The supermarket billionaire’s most embarrassing endorsement to date [the one by Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton] has been kept under wraps for a very, very, very long time ...

Wait a minute !  This just in !  


According to Celeste Katz, “After months of mayor's race machinations, it's official: Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton is supporting John Catsimatidis. ***  Eaton, long expected to grant the endorsement, praised the billionaire businessman in a lengthy statement -- and made a concerted effort not to slight anyone else...” ( See “Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton On Board With John Catsimatidis For Mayor” by Celeste Katz, 3/9/13, NY Daily News/Daily Politics [http://www.nydailynews.com/blogs/dailypolitics/2013/04/brooklyn-gop-chairman-craig-eaton-on-board-with-john-catsimatidis-for-mayor]).

Ms. Katz does a lengthy piece including comments by Eaton and Carrion.  I wish that I could comment about all of that right now; but, quite frankly very little of those comments seem credible or even make much sense when taken “whole cloth.”  I will have more to say once I’ve had a chance to analyze all the quotes and other background information that I have over the next few days.

Until then, somebody should find out if Eaton will make himself available for questioning concerning all the circumstances of his Catsimatidis “endorsement”; and in addition, what, if any, was Eaton’s part in the scandal surrounding the attempts to get a Wilson-Pakula authorization for State Senator Malcolm Smith. You know, stuff like --- what did Eaton know and when did he know it ?

Margaret Thatcher and Annette Funicello died on the same day — I feel moistened by a dual loss, a double sadness; and a nostalgia for one that is more like mist than rain, and for the other more like fog than mist

I can’t picture Annette ever being a woman attaining a level of recognized greatness that Margaret Thatcher did; and I can’t picture "The Iron Lady" of Downing Street with the patently powerful girl-into-woman influence over the once-upon-a-time boomer mid-generation, both girls and boys, that a young Annette had. However, when it came to having "IT" when that counted most for themselves and the world around them both of these women did.

Certainly for Americans, Annette was famous far ahead of Margaret Thatcher. For that mini-generation who came of age when Sputniks and dogs in space gave way to men in space capsules, atop real moon-rockets, Annette was all about what “coming of age” was really about. In so many ways, Annette always had more babe in toyland in her than Mouseketeer, because even early-on her very being suggested that she was one of those babes in the woods, who was fully capable of turning anybody from boyland, who was remotely masculine, into a toy in her beach blanket version of babeland.  If the name, “Annette Funicello,” could scan and rhyme as well, I’m sure the song in “Grease” would have been more about her and not “Sandra Dee”; and it would have been sweeter, purer, more dreamy, and less cynically sexual than the one about the little poodle blonde.  After all, even as written, that song is clear  "...Would you pull that crap with Annette?" 

Margaret Thatcher was a different sort of Dame entirely. When you needed an All-Star team to win a Cold War, Maggie was exactly the kind of gal you wanted in your lineup. Getting striking miners back into the pits — Maggie’d shoo them back to work faster’n the coal dust would blacken their collars and their lungs. A slogan like, "I'm for workers not for shirkers !" clearly showed that to her progress meant prosperity and “Devil take the hindmost.” And even now, it might not do to mention her name in Argentina; her version of  “Don’t Cry to Me About Malvinas” still has them clamoring in the stalls and the Halls of Buenos Aires. But even the "Argies" benefited from that drubbing, the loss of that war brought down the ruling junta of generals and democracy was restored.

Both Annette and Margaret came from modest backgrounds. And even though both achieved a level of fame and recognition on a large scale, both were also rather conventional wives and mothers, and grandmothers. Neither had perfect lives. Both women suffered from long, debilitating diseases, one of them made it her cause.  They are and will continue to be remembered fondly by many, probably most. It's not likely that we will see anybody like either one of them again.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Did the NY Post intend to highlight something to look like a Bloomberg smack at Eaton

Why did David Seifman mention Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton by name as still having ties to the Bloomberg Administration, only to have somebody in the administration apparently contradict it in the next sentence ?

First, the Post's political columnist/reporter David Seifman said, "With the federal indictment of two party leaders for allegedly taking bribes for ballot access, only Brooklyn Republican Party chairman Craig Eaton still has ties to the administration."  That would seem pretty clear and unambiguous, but look at what Seifman had to say immediately following that: " 'There are no more relationships,' said one source close to the mayor. 'It’s not likely they’re going to get any more'.” A little further along, Seifman concluded that "[Mayor Bloomberg]'s not willing to get near anything that smells of scandal, if he can help it." ( See "Scandal-stung GOP loses out on Bloomy bucks" by David Seifman, 4/7/13, NY Post

Brooklyn's GOP AND CONSERVATIVE PARTY leaders are not in the clear from this scandal yet -- their almost absolute silence about the scandal or what they must know about it speaks volumes.

I have reported in two comments to earlier posts on this blog that there was some  talk about a direct communication between one of the Republicans charged in the Malcolm Smith Scandal and a high Brooklyn party official in connection with obtaining a Wilson-Pakula authorization for Democrat Malcolm Smith's run for mayor in 2013.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Brooklyn Republican Joseph Hayon endorses a Democratic Party Candidate for Mayor — Erick Salgado

Latest move by a leading Orthodox Jewish Republican activist signals complete failure of Craig Eaton’s Brooklyn GOP to incorporate Orthodox Jewish voters into the Kings County Republican Party in any meaningful way

It was a long time coming. Joseph Hayon, a very active socially conservative Orthodox Jewish Republican, had repeatedly reached out and made overtures to the Brooklyn Republican organization. His work was instrumental in obtaining key support in the Frum communities for Bob Turner and David Storobin in their special election victories. Hayon has run for party office and public office as a Republican, usually as the candidate personally favored by County Chairman Craig Eaton.

In 2013 Joseph Hayon has decided to turn his back on everything and everybody that the GOP is putting forward at the top of its city-wide ticket. For this election cycle, Mr. Hayon has formally and publically come out for the Democratic Candidate for Mayor. Erick Salgado.  He chose to announce this endorsement and support of Mr. Salgado by several public acts, including his  appearing on the steps of City Hall at Erick Salgado’s formal announcement, along with several other Orthodox Jewish religious and political leaders and State Senator Ruben Diaz, one of Mr. Hayon’s strongest allies in politics.

Mr. Hayon accompanied his personal endorsement and appearance at City Hall with an electronic blitz that included the posting of an article by Robert Adler, entitled “United to Save America,” and a statement signed by several Rabbis who said, “It's a mitzvah chiyuvis to support Erick Salgado because he is ‘committed to fighting for morality and religious freedom for the Jewish Community’.”  The seven rabbis who signed or supported this statement are: Rabbi Avrohom Yaakov Nelkenbaum (Mir Rosh Yeshiva); Rabbi Chaim Benoliel (Rav B'nai Yosef, and Mikdash Melech Rosh Yeshiva); Rabbi Eliyahu Ben Haim (Av Beis Din, Rav Kehillah Yotzei Mashad, and YU Rosh Yeshiva ); Rabbi Yisrael Neuman (Lakewood (Beis Medresh Gevoah) Rosh Yeshiva ); Rabbi Moshe Green (Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva D'monsey); Rabbi Shlomo Tzvi Stern (Debreziner Rav (Khal Yesodai Hatorah); Rabbi Amram Klein (Ungar Rav); and  Rabbi (Samuel) Shmuel Dovid Krausz (Udvari Rav) [The statement was accompanied by a photographed copy of a mitzva letter of endorsement signed by several of the rabbis].

In response to this statement by the Rabbis, Joseph Hayon announced that, as a former Republican assembly candidate he had decided to donate money to Erick Salgado’s campaign and that it was  >>>>  THE FIRST DONATION HE HAD EVER MADE TO AN INDIVIDUAL CANDIDATE. Hayon also made postings and social media announcements that —  “If anyone want's to donate to fulfill this mitzva here's the page to donate. https://salgadonyc.nationbuilder.com/donate”

Hayon has said that he informed the Brooklyn GOP county leader of his intent to support Erick Delgado’s run for mayor. However, perhaps more illustrative of Hayon’s intent to put the Republican Party at arm’s length is one of Hayon’s recent Facebook communications with the leader of the Republicans of New York State, Ed Cox. Although it does not formally state that he is resigning from the Republican Party, Joseph Hayon’s comment did suggest that he thinks the Republican Party in New York City might have kicked  him and his socially conservative coalition, Jews For Morality, to the side of the road when it came to mayoral selections  —  “I am sorry Mr. Cox, but the Republican candidates running for NYC aren't reaching out to religious voters. I know you tried hard to get AR Barnard, and I applaud you for that, but with the options left, I have no other candidate besides Erick Salgado.”

Although a formal re-registration may be in the offing, my most recent communications with Mr. Hayon indicated that he intended to remain personally associated with the Republican Party in order to help change its direction in Brooklyn. His latest move will certainly cause a little stir inside the Brooklyn GOP, or at least catch the attention of Brooklyn Chairman Craig Eaton and some of his key players, even with all kinds of other turbulence swirling around them.


The President of the Brooklyn Tea Party changes the venue of monthly meeting

Frank Russo the recently elected President of the Brooklyn Tea Party has chosen  a change of scenery in an attempt to generate some new followers for the Tea Party in the Marine Park and Mill Basin sections of Brooklyn.

An Open Meeting of The Brooklyn Tea Party will be held on
 Sunday, April 7th, at the KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, FLATBUSH COUNCIL 497,

Andy Sullivan does counter-point off corruption stories in attempt to kick-start stalled campaign

Referring to himself as the "The Andy-Boti to New York's Political Virus‏," Bluecollar Andy Sullivan sends one of his trademark Email releases to his favorite press and media contacts

The Republican City Council Candidate for the 43rd Council District makes no specific mention of the current GOP corruption scandals or any particular news story or stories; however, his text does use phrases like the following:  "...Party Bosses...";  "... politician ... caught taking money";  "...bought and paid for and owe every standing official, chairman, committee member and lobbyist"; and "...all of the greed, power grabs and influence peddlers."  So it's fair to say that his intended  targets are rather obvious.

Rather than pick and choose which points to emphasize, I'll reprint Mr. Sullivan's text here, in full:

From the Desk of the Andy Sullivan Campaign for City Council,

Now so more then ever we need to begin to recruit and choose more new potential candidates who actually represent the people of their districts and not the " Party Bosses". The fact that not a week goes by where another New York politician is caught taking money or sexually abusing young staffers and how their enablers actually used Tax Payer monies to silence their victims ( Hush Money) is an absolute outrage. Even with all of this unethical behavior the incumbent gets back into office with a 98% re-election rate. The reason for this is simple. A well funded machine that grants favor jobs and influence. This is only the tip of the ice burg. It's like roaches - if your seeing them during the day ?... boy are you infested and that is the state of New York politics.

The solution is to pick from the tree and not the barrel. The ones in the barrel are already rotten and bought and paid for and owe every standing official, chairman, committee member and lobbyist. We need the candidate free from this grip. One whose loyalty is to the electorate and nothing else. Can it happen? Yes, but the possibility is so rare we need to begin to change the entire infrastructure and the only way to do it is with the candidates free from political debt. This will allow them to act in the interest of the people and not the Political Elite. Imagine, actually feeling like you have a voice in the way your local government enacts laws and responds to your demands .Instead of these endless excuses and blaming of others for their own greed and quest for power.

Ladies and Gentleman ,
 This is your government. Those who represent you should remember that. Instead of this upside down scenario where they feel you owe them. I stand before you as the solution. A solution to all of the greed, power grabs and influence peddlers. I will be a politician that we haven't had in quite a while...one who actually acts on behalf of the people and not the elites who clamor to control us.
My record as a blue collar construction man who worked his way up to Supervisor is the private sector credentials I believe we need in office. Not only that my invention of a tool that is being sold across the country or my activism regarding the rebuilding of Ground Zero and the moving of the Khalid Sheik Mohammed Trials from downtown and back to Gitmo shows leadership qualities that are sorely needed in today's government. Finally the one battle that pitted me and my supporters against a popular President and the most powerful Mayor in the country was the stoppage of the building of the Ground Zero Mosque. We were victorious but personally the price was great for me and my family. I was told to stand down and decided to stand UP for the values and principles I teach my kids. I did it once and will do it again as your City Councilman. 
Andy Sullivan    

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Federal Probe is not the only source of charges of corruption in Republican mayoral selection process — GOP Candidate for Mayor sticks by his claim that GOP County Leaders Delivered a “Pay for Play” Message to him at 2012 meeting

The charges by the U.S. Attorney and one of the Republican mayoral candidates spotlights the corrupt nature of how the city’s Republican leaders tried to peddle their support to various potential mayoral candidates

George T. McDonald clearly states that he was stunned while at a “sit down” with five Republican County Leaders, they told him that everyone of them needed money. According to Mr. McDonald, the process of selecting a Republican candidate for mayor was more about what the county leaders needed from that candidate than what was in the best interest of the Republican Party ( See “A G.O.P. Candidate Heard His Party’s Message: To Run, You Pay” by Michael M. Grynbaum, 4/2/13, NY Times [http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/03/nyregion/transactional-politics-for-new-york-citys-gop.html?pagewanted=all&_r=1&]). Also Mr. McDonald said the five Republican County Chairmen told him they wanted to support a mayoral candidate who could make significant contributions to their party organizations. According to the NY Times, calls to each of the Republican Chairmen for a response to Mr. McDonald’s charges were not returned.

Since the Times’ article appeared, its main charge was publicly denied by only one of the Republican County Chairmen, Dan Isaacs, who said that the McDonald version of what happened at their meeting was “...absolutely categorically untrue.... [t]he only questions that were asked of him that night was [sic], ‘Do you have the money to dependably run a race for the mayor of the City of New York?’.” (“McDonald Not Done With Isaacs” by Liz Benjamin, 4/4/13, YNN/Capital Tonight [http://capitaltonightny.ynn.com/2013/04/mcdonald-not-done-with-isaacs/]). For his part, George McDonald is sticking by his guns  —  “I stand by my statement to the New York Times.... I will serve the people and won’t be beholden to party leaders for patronage, donations or favors.... No more bribes. No more scandals. No more patronage. No more sellouts....”

In addition, to the charges made against all five Republican County Leaders, McDonald clearly stated that, in spite of Leader Dan Issacs’ early “endorsement” of John Catsimatidis, Issacs was an early GOP County leader to favor allowing State Senator Malcolm Smith to participate in the GOP mayoral primary.  If you believe Mr. McDonald on that point, the almost inescapable conclusion is that Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton would have to be the “County Chairman #1” mentioned in the federal complaint concerning Democratic State Senator Malcolm Smith’s attempts to get the GOP Wilson-Pakula.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gagged Brooklyn GOP Radio Tries Gags and Other Diversions

Gene Berardelli and Russell Gallo were obviously sporting their studded collars and short leashes on this week's "Brooklyn GOP [blog-talk] Radio" Program after a very bad week for the Brooklyn GOP and its Chairman Craig Eaton

The April 3rd show had a title that suggested something material was going to be discussed ( “Slow News Week? Never in NYC!” on "Brooklyn GOP Radio,"   April 3, 2013 08:00 pm [http://www.blogtalkradio.com/brooklyngopradio/2013/04/04/slow-news-week-never-in-nyc]); however, the real interesting stuff about the involvement of the Brooklyn GOP and the likes of "County Chairman #1" in the federal corruption case surrounding State Senator Malcolm Smith was treated more like "the elephant in the room...", which would have been the more appropriate title for the show.

Amid a few  moments of seriousness concerning the arrests and charges against Dan Halloran, Jay Savino and Vincent Tabone, and some discussion about the cooperating witness, Russell Gallo made a joke of hiding out away from the FBI. That was a real laugh riot. It was a strange joke since no report has specifically connected the scandal to Brooklyn [except perhaps Gallo, himself; see below], and Gallo mentioned that nobody offered him envelopes of cash, so why would he need to be hiding out.

One moment was a clear indicator of the kind of brief that Russell and Gene had been given by their Brooklyn GOP boss, but that they botched it badly.  It occurred at the 16:38 minute/second mark of the show, right after Gene Berardelli had mentioned an aspect of the corruption case that involved transportation funds and officials in Rockland County.  Russell Gallo jumped in excitedly uttering, something like "... Rockland County... lots of bad things happening there... Rockland County..." then Russell clearly says, "Let's get the attention off Brooklyn..."; and Gene interrupts "Absolutely! Absolutely!  So..." But then Berardelli stalls and says, "I can't believe you just did that, but whatever..."

No doubt, Gene Berardelli realized that Gallo had given too much away with his line about getting the attention off Brooklyn. Later on in the show, Berardelli showed a little of his frustration at what was coming from Gallo when he said, "Remember [garbled] I've got to burn these tapes too."

Other than a few "F-bombs" in the middle of some Gallo rants, the rest of show was a spirited but uneventful recitation of things having little to do with the Brooklyn GOP (other than mentioning things like the "Official" GOP blogs and YRs,  and the Lincoln Dinner).

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


This scandal, involving obtaining Wilson-Pakula entry into the Republican Mayoral Selection Process, has already reached a GOP County Leader, a GOP City Councilman, a New York State Senator mentioned as a possible GOP candidate for mayor, a top GOP consultant to another GOP mayoral candidate  and others  ---  all of whom already have been charged in federal complaints

How far will this probe go?

So far it hasn't reached the top members of the Brooklyn GOP, the story is just breaking, but given the nature of the corruption being investigated and those already directly charged with criminal activity, it is difficult to see how certain members of the Brooklyn GOP establishment would not have some material involvement in this exploding scandal.

Follow for "UPDATES" to this post

Flurry of releases by Brooklyn YR Club's President shows off heavy activity during April


According to several social media messages and an Email,  Brooklyn YR Club President Glenn Nocera has told his membership that Republican Mayoral Candidate John Catsimatidis will be appearing during The Brooklyn Young Republican Club meeting to be held on April 28th at 2:00 O’Clock Sunday Afternoon at the Ceol Irish Pub, 191 Smith Street, Brooklyn NY . 


Glenn Nocera says that for three weeks he “watched with utter amazement as politicians like Charles Barron and Jumaane Williams pander[ed] to gang members” ( “Why Do Politicians Pander to Gang Members Who Are Holding Our Neighborhoods Hostage ?” by Glenn P. Nocera, President Brooklyn Young Republican Club, 4/1/13 [http://www.brooklynyr.com/2013/04/01/why-do-politicians-pander-to-gang-members-who-are-holding-our-neighborhoods-hostage/]). Nocera specifically addressed the behavior of certain Democrat politicians who only stoked up community tensions in the aftermath of the shooting of an armed “Bloods” gang member in early March 2013.

Mr. Nocera indicated that he had reached out to Councilman Jumaane Williams to lead an effort to stop gang violence for the good people in Councilman Williams’ district and the rest of the citizens of New York City. Nocera called on the Brooklyn Councilman to lead a march in his community against gang members that are holding those Brooklyn neighborhoods hostage.


Glenn Nocera sent out this Email to his club’s members:
“please vote for our club as yr club of the year the link is below.
http://www.nysyr.us/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=226 ” 

According to Glenn over twenty (20) members of the Brooklyn YR Club have responded to the NYS YRs thus far.