Saturday, July 27, 2019

Why Isn't the Queens DA Primary decided yet ???

Some say that the "slow walk" to a conclusion is part of the "Queens establishment-Democrat" plan  ---  with Melinda Katz declaring "victory" each step along the way

According to several reports, the "official" Queens BOE recount will "certify" Melinda Katz as the Democrat nominee for Queens DA early next week  ---  with a paper thin margin of about sixty (60) votes

Then the case will go back into "Queens Supreme Court"  ---  however it will be in front of a Brooklyn conservative Republican judge  ---  Hon. John G. Ingram, a very long-time Acting NYS S Ct Justice  ---  yes,  the retired Naval Reservist Captain and law-and-order type, who was on Mike Long's list of Court of Claims appointees that was rubber stamped by Pataki back in the day, who as a NYS judge/justice has almost aged-out completely

If Melinda Katz wins "again" in court, expect that some meaningful "gratitude" will be shown towards the Brooklyn Conservative Party, now "headed" by.....  (Oh, what difference does it make  ---  like Judge Ingram, everybody involved is still a Mike Long sock-puppet  ---  meaning what he says goes.)

And (show of hands)  who here believes that as long as Mike Long still draws breath, he will sit still and allow Tiffany Caban to take a giant leap toward becoming the Queens DA  ---  or even one small step in that direction ?????

.....  and then there's the recent Marty Connor addition  (with a possible backdoor connection to  NYS Justice Ingram ).....   Curiouser and curiouser !!!!!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Don't look now, but the NYS Republican Party is flat broke

The Cox departure as the NYS GOP Chairman was accompanied by a strong whiff of scorched earth

Based on the most recent BOE filings, the NYS GOP Campaign Committee has way less than $20,000 on hand  ---  after former chairman Edward Cox handed over almost four times that amount to his most loyal friends and supporters in the GOP since the last reporting period

Let's see what the incoming Langworthy regime does to dig its way out of this deep hole.....

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Brooklyn GOP has failed to properly organize for its functioning in 2019, 2020 & 2021 --- Will that pave the way for a NYS GOP takeover of the Brooklyn Republican Organization

Brooklyn GOP "Chairman Defunctus" Ted Ghorra has again failed to perform one of his official duties properly  ---  that sort of  has become his apparent recurring management style  

Rumor has it that Ghorra is telling some folks that "the State" has given him permission to hold-off the 2019 Brooklyn GOP County Convention until September 2019

One big question is  ---  WHY ???

Almost needless to say  ---  this isn't "rocket surgery"  ---  and the question begs:  did our bumbling Brooklyn GOP Chairman get his law license in a box of Cracker Jack ?????

The Kings County Republican Party rules appear to be clear and unambiguous:


SECTION 3. The County Committee shall meet within twenty days after its election for the purpose of organizing the County Committee, at a time and place designated by the Chair of the outgoing County Committee, who shall preside at the meeting until a Chair is elected, provided however that the Chair of the outgoing County Committee may designate any enrolled Republican to preside until a new Chair is elected. The following shall be the order of business at the organizational meeting: (1) Call of official roll; (2) Adoption of rules; (3) Filling vacancies in the County Committee; (4) Election of officers; (5) Report of Treasurer; (6) Unfinished business; (7) New business; (8) Adjournment...."

So why wasn't the convention of 2019 Kings County Republican Committee noticed and conducted in a timely fashion by the "Chair of the outgoing County Committee" or his designee ?

Monday, July 8, 2019

The recount in the Queens DA primary begins tomorrow

Only 16 votes separated the two leading candidates in the initial primary count  ---  with Melinda Katz nosing out Tiffany Caban at the wire with a big lead in "valid" paper ballots

Without a doubt, this case is headed to court eventually  ---  where the fix will be in for somebody

Just like in the 2016 Clinton-Sanders primary,  the Democrat Party establishment has demonstrated how far it will go to protect its interests against any encroachment by "Reformers".....

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Just how openly CRIMINAL are the Queens Republicans and Democrats willing to be to try to stop Tiffany Caban ???

It's all there in black and white in the Queens Daily Eagle  ---  "GOP nominee for Queens DA would step aside for 'good...  Surrogate’s Court assignments — lucrative opportunities to administer wills and estates while collecting a percentage of the assets[']...."  --- That is a clear and unambiguous  >>>  CRIMINAL QUID PRO QUO  <<<  for a access to the ballot on the Queens GOP line

This article is a "smoking gun" even before the commission of a crime  ---  NOW, THAT'S A FIRST  ---  and it breaks new ground for stupidity even FOR REPUBLICANS

Right now, the Queens Democratic machine has the Surrogate's work in Queens locked up tight as a drum  ---  with the fiasco of Tiffany Caban headed toward being the Queens DA, some in the Queens GOP see an opportunity to pry away some of that source of "lucrative opportunities" for some of the more deserving GOP lawyers in Queens  ---   AH!  WHAT A COUNTRY.....

Hey, don't take my word for it, read it for yourself  (See  "GOP nominee for Queens DA would step aside for 'good candidate' Lasak" by David Brand,  6/27/19,  Queens Daily Eagle  []).  Don't be fooled by the title,  even though it names Greg Lasak and was intended as a puff piece for him (and everybody knows that his man Quirk loves political puff pieces and has long been quite comfortable with criminals and criminality),  the article makes it clear that the same deal would go for Melinda Katz as well.