Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Some local GOP Nabobs met last Friday --- As you should know by now, that meeting wasn’t great shakes for ANYBODY there


According to my erliest source, who must have E-mailed me right after the gathering at the Bridgeview broke up,   State Senator Marty Golden was there with Congressman Dan Donovan, along with two-out-of three  of the announced Republican candidates for the city council, from Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights, John Quaglione and Liam McCabe.  They all were breaking bread together in order to figure out who would be the consensus Republican candidate to be supported by the newly installed Republican organization in Brooklyn; and to smooth things out with whomever was going to be asked to bow out.  As  rumor would have it, the meeting at the Bridgeview lasted less than hour and finished at an impasse with no deal between Golden and Donovan, and/or either of the candidates involved in the talks.


Not long after the first tip, this is what I was told by another source: the elected Republicans, who showed up at the Bridgeview meeting obviously want only a single candidate to oppose Bob Capano, whom the NEW BROOKLYN GOP COUNTY ORGANIZATION has figured out they can't control. Furthermore, everybody at the meeting wanted a decision on a candidate sooner rather than later, before the independent Republican candidate Capano's momentum would be more than the NEW BROOKLYN GOP COUNTY ORGANIZATION thinks it could handle.


At the time,  that source told me that they couldn't betray the confidence of the person who was >>> present at the Donovan-Golden-Quaglione-McCabe-Bridgeview-Meeting on Friday,  but that  someone present at the meeting
not only confirmed that it did take place as previously described to me,  but that Golden and Donovan were  obviously unable to reach any kind of agreement.


I discussed the Friday meeting at the Bridgeview Diner with a very informed source who was looking in on Bob Capano’s fund raiser at the Bean Post on Sunday afternoon (much of this person’s version was recounted to me for deep background only)  ---  but this source says that they had discussed various aspects of this story with Congressman Donovan himself.

Also, part of the general chatter at Capano’s gathering at the Bean Post indicated that Donovan and Golden were at loggerheads over who should bow-out of the City Council race, between McCabe and Quaglione.  

Lastly, since Friday many people on all sides of this asked me why the Kings County GOP Chairman Ted Ghorra apparently wasn’t there at the  Bridgeview Diner meeting and doesn’t seem to have  participated in any discussions with/about Quaglione's and McCabe's candidacies.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

NEXT WEEK-END the first of the Triple Crown Races will only be several weeks away --- and Baseball’s Opening Day will be on us in half that time…..

---  But ---  To:  the political reporters and the political commentators,  PUHLEEZ ! ! !   DO NOT get into any sports and entertainment news (even the goings on at the Oscars tonight) and keep talking about things like the 2017 NYC Council races, whether there will be any real challenger for deBlasio,  or even occasionally something about this guy, Trump

Lately, I live in fear that folks like Gerry Kassar will be writing his weekly column about sports and entertainment instead of his insider political stuff, long-beloved in days gone by  

ENOUGH OF ALL THAT CREEPING PASTIME AND LEISURE CRAP ---  sports and other entertainments are like the weather, everybody feels free to talk about it/them,  whether they know anything about it/them or not

Let’s keep that sort of open-ended BS limited to our discussions of all things political,   ---  Political commentators need to keep their focus on POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT 
---  especially what should be a couple of interesting City Council races here in Southwest Brooklyn  ---  instead of anything and everything non-political from soup to nuts  

Gerry Kassar’s column has gotten to be very watery gruel lately.   There is less there – there – all the time.   “… [P]itchers and catchers…”;   “…’President’s Day’…the day to honor all president’s…”;   and OMG not this “…Ringling Brothers Circus…” and “…Cirque du Soliel...“

Maybe, Gerry is beginning to have some problems with the cerebral synapses,  but saying something real and/or interesting on the sports and entertainment beat is a tougher gig than the politics.   If Gerry’s Px told him to get some more mental exercise,  the Conservative Party Chairman and part-time amateur columnist should get some cross-word puzzle books and leave the rest of us out of his declining year's therapies.

Within two weeks,  the City Council race(s)  ---  for the primaries and the general  ---  in the 43rd Councilmanic District should take on  some more form and substance.   The various candidates will have  a clearer idea of their early resources and their early support.   Then the spinning and intra-party campaigning will start to have some substance behind it;   and the rest of us will see much more clearly who is for real and who are the pretenders.  AND --- the political panderers and pundits need to keep everybody informed --- especially the other political panderers and pundits.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Linda Sarsour --- EXIT, STAGE LEFT ! ! !

Maybe she’s been a local for mostly her whole life, but Linda Sarsour has decided that the stage in Bay Ridge is >>> TOO SMALL AND PROBABLY TOO HOSTILE <<< so just ahead of being run out of town,  Sarsour has pulled up her tent in Brooklyn and is going  to God knows where to do who knows what

After questionable charges against somebody commenting on a blog  ---  Sarsour makes her own escape, if not from New York, certainly from Bay Ridge

Don’t make any mistake about it, for some reason or other, the  Islamist-Palestinian activist Linda Sarsour is getting out of town…..  Other than obviously leaving her local platform here in Bay Ridge, her plans are plainly unexplained, and her comments rather vague,  even contradictory. 
Here’s Paula Katinas' take on this from her recent breaking story in the  “Brooklyn Daily Eagle” online edition  ---  “Linda Sarsour, a Bay Ridge political activist whose public profile has been raised to a national level thanks in part to her role in organizing the historic Women’s March on Washington last month, is leaving her job as executive director of the Brooklyn-based Arab American Association of New York (AAANY)….   Sarsour, who served at the helm of the association for 11 years, announced her decision to leave her post in a letter to the group’s supporters and community members on Tuesday….   ‘We are in a critical moment as a country and I feel compelled to focus my energy on the national level and building the capacity of the progressive movement, so it is with a heavy heart that I announce that I will be leaving my post as the executive director of the Arab American Association of New York,” Sarsour wrote….”  (See   Sarsour leaving post at Arab American Association of NY”  by Paula Katinas,  2/21/17,  Brooklyn Daily Eagle   [http://www.brooklyneagle.com/articles/2017/2/21/sarsour-leaving-post-arab-american-association-ny]). 

Paula Katinas and the folks at the Eagle also noted that  ---  “Sarsour said she plans to continue living in Brooklyn and will remain active in the Arab-American community in Brooklyn but that the election of Donald Trump has necessitated that she become more active on a national level….   She also indicated that she is thinking of writing a book….”

Like so much about Ms. Sarsour,  this all just doesn’t add up…..  
It’s just like all the hoopla about the so-called threats against Sarsour.   Almost a month before the most recent charges against this “Glenn Maccioli”  ---  the Brooklyn Eagle had reported about Sarsour’s facing more threats  (See  “Brooklyn's Linda Sarsour, Muslim activist, faces more threats after Women's March”  by Deepti Hajela & Mary Frost, 1/27/17,  Brooklyn Daily Eagle   [http://www.brooklyneagle.com/articles/2017/1/27/brooklyns-linda-sarsour-muslim-activist-faces-more-threats-after-womens-march]).   The problem with all of that was that THERE WERE NO THREATS mentioned in the article, except a rehash of the more than two year old story about the besotted street guy, "Bobo."   

Well, that was sort of remedied by Sarsour’s last week with her most recent tissue-thin complaint against the internet commenter,  “Glenn Maccioli.”


Possibly, the reason Linda Sarsour is ON THE RUN has more to do with an expose about her that recently appeared in the Jewish Press  (See  “Arab Regimes Behind the Women  March? The Linda Sarsour Connection” by  Mudar Zahran,  1/24/17,  The Jewish Press/ In Depth/ Opp Eds   [http://www.jewishpress.com/indepth/opinions/arab-regimes-behind-the-women-march-the-linda-sarsour-connection/2017/01/24/]).  A lot of this in depth article is about where Sarsour comes from and who’s behind her in the Arab lands around Israel.  One interesting sidelight is that “SARSOUR” MEANS COCKROACH  according to that article’s author.

Also there is a possible ISIS connection mentioned in there by Mudar Zahran.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Is Bob Capano literally trying to run his campaign out of the Trump playbook ? ? ?

THE ANSWER IS  “YES ! ! !” if you ask JUSTIN BRANNAN’S  “Campaign Rep”  --- JON GREENFIELD

According to a report from Julianne Cuba, my favorite young reporter working the Brooklyn hustings for  “Courier Life’s – Brooklyn Daily”  ---  “….  [Clearly referring to Republican Candidate Bob Capano]  This is simply more Trump-style tactics from a third-rate candidate desperately looking for attention. Justin Brannan is a lifelong Bay Ridge resident with a demonstrated commitment to this community and the record in public service to match,’ said campaign rep Jon Greenfield.  ‘Justin recently joined Council Member Gentile’s office as Deputy Chief of Staff to assist his former boss of five years to continue important community work during the Council member’s final months in office. In doing so, he took a significant pay cut from his previous job with the Department of Education. To suggest that this is somehow illegal or improper is simply ludicrous.’…”  (See   “Mud-slinging in Bay Ridge’s Council race”  by Julianne Cuba2/23/17,  Courier Life/ Brooklyn Daily/ “Party Line”… Julianne Cuba   [http://www.brooklyndaily.com/stories/2017/8/pl-party-line-capano-versus-brannan-2017-02-24-bk.html]).


Capano’s complaint is that the NYC Charter says that no public servant,  who has “substantial policy discretion” is allowed to do campaign-style fund-raising  ---  other than an elected official.   According to Capano’s interpretation of that ordinance, the law would specifically include somebody like his prospective Democratic opponent Justin Brannan,  who is working for Councilman Gentile.

Here’s the rub for Capano  ---  NYC outlines which positions subject to the rule above are on the so-called “policymaker list.” Specifically, it includes members of agencies such as the Parks Department or the Department of Transportation; and it lists staffers for certain elected officials,   like, for example, the Borough President, also specified named positions for other officials,  like the City Council Speaker’s chief of staff.
According to Julianne Cuba, from her article cited above,   “....   The Conflicts of Interest Board, which rules on such matters, would not comment specifically on Brannan’s situation unless a formal complaint is filed and adjudicated, but a rep said individual council staffers are not typically barred from mounting their own campaigns….   ‘The individual chiefs of staff for Council members [have] not historically been on the list, and the board has not historically required them to be on that list,’ said rep Wayne Hawley….”
As near as I can tell, Capano is expected to be filing a complaint with the NYCCOIB shortly.   Who knows when we all might get a definitive answer on any of it ! ! !

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Daily News and NYPD lose their sh** creating a special protected status for Linda Sarsour --- the former by featuring her in a puff-piece -- and -- the latter by announcing they were going to “investigate” somebody's internet "threat" to “spit” in Sarsour's face

The deBlasio NYPD is now officially protecting the completely wrong kind of people  ---  by going after a righteously irate citizen, who might have been marginally guilty of slightly inflammatory speech, instead of the object of his ire, a true “... Enemy of the People...” with multiple demonstrable foreign loyalties

The NY Daily News continues it’s generations-long decent from its patriotic acme during the days of its post-war, anti-Communist populism and social conservatism  ---  this time by elevating the cred of a local Islamic radical at the expense of a run of the mill American doing his run of the mill American thing,  and >>> taking some potshots at Bay Ridge in the process

The Daily News article, which is so wrong in so many ways, opened its report, as follows:   “Cops are investigating a social-media threat against a popular Muslim advocate and co-organizer of last month’s Women’s March on Washington, by a Brooklyn man who wants to “spit in her face,” officials said Tuesday….   ‘This b---h is in Brooklyn,’ the poster, identified on Facebook as Glenn Maccioli, said about Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian-American activist who is also the executive director of the Arab American Association of New York….   ‘Anyone know where (in Brooklyn)? I would like to spit in her face,’ Maccioli posted….   He made the threat in a comment on an article about Sarsour calling President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu two ‘bigoted peas in a hateful pod.’…”   (See  “EXCLUSIVE: NYPD investigates Facebook threat to Brooklyn Muslim advocate Linda Sarsour” by  Rocco Parascandola &Thomas Tracy,  2/22/17,   NY Daily News/ NYC Crime   [http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/exclusive-nypd-investigates-threats-brooklyn-muslim-advocate-article-1.2978395]).

If there was any doubt about how the DN writers and editors were weighing-in on this, later in the article,   the folks at the News supposedly filled-in some additional “facts” with this:   “….   Maccioli responded to the Netanyahu article [referred to above] after it was posted on the “Bay Ridge Talk” Facebook page on Friday….   After several Facebook posters gave him spots in Bay Ridge for Sarsour’s home and office, Maccioli promised to make good on his threat….   He even invited everyone to watch, stating, ‘If I get the address I will tell you all where and when. That’s my word.’…   Many visitors to the Facebook page from the conservative Brooklyn community shared [Maccioli’s] views on Sarsour — but none threatened her.   ‘She should be deported back to hell,’ wrote Merill Trilli….” 


The Daily News coverage closed with this tidbit:   “….   In 2014, a man allegedly threatened and threw a trash can at her while she was leaving her workplace.

Those of you who have followed this blog since the time in 2014 referred to by the News in its last item about Sarsour know what a phony complaint that was.   I believe it was that false alarm by Ms. Sarsour that brought her to my attention (maybe not, it’s tough to remember things at my age  ---  I never liked her, so it’s tough to recall when I started disliking her…..).

So now it looks like Linda Sarsour is developing a real MO of making false reports about people that don't seem to like her.  She complains to the cops about threatening words and behavior when really nothing close to illegal has happened.  And, because of Sarsour's deBlasio connections, the cops obviously are on board to do her bidding.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A sign of changing times --- Now, even a Palestinian “Reverend” enters the Democratic Primary race for the City Council for Bay Ridge & Dyker Heights

“El-Yateem Throws Hat In The Ring”  ---  Kings County Politics

And then there were five...  Democrats in the race

The Reverend El-Yateem’s campaign kickoff bash is slated for 2 p.m., this Sunday, Feb. 26th


According to the report in Stephen Witt’s “Kings County Politics” blog,   “Khader El-Yateem, Pastor at Salam Arabic Lutheran Church…  in Bay Ridge [?] is officially throwing his hat in the ring to run for the vacant 43rd District City Council Seat….   El- Yateem’s entrance in the race brings to five the number of Democrats running for term-limited Vincent Gentile‘s seat representing Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and parts of Bensonhurst and Bath Beach. The others who have announced or are acting they are running include Justin Brannan, Kevin Peter Carroll, Nancy Tong and Assemblyman Peter Abbate….   El-Yateem’s entrance in the race, as far as KCP knows, is groundbreaking as he is the first Palestinian-American to run for public office in New York City. El-Yateem hails from Bethlehem, West Bank in what is now Israel….   Bay Ridge has a large Arab-American population, and Palestinian Arab-Americans make up a large part of that demographic in the neighborhood….” El-Yateem Throws Hat In The Ring…” by Stephen Witt, 2/20/17,  Kings County Politics/ Notes From The Campaign Desk/ 2017 Citywide Elections   [http://www.kingscountypolitics.com/el-yateem-throws-hat-ring-butler-gets-labor-endorsements/]).

The “El Yateem…” segment in the KCP article ended with this:  “….   El-Yateem’s campaign kickoff is slated for 2 p.m., this Sunday, Feb. 26 at Le Sajj Restaurant, 8221 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge...."

The fact that Khader El-Yateem is the Pastor at Salam Arabic Lutheran Church and is now an active political candidate is a break with an almost universal tradition in Southwest Brooklyn politics  ---  clergy members just have not run for political positions.   Even the membership of a priest on School Board 20 was quite controversial at the time…..

For those of you who need a “Weatherman,”  this is yet another sign that   “…  The times they are a changin’…”.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump --- Sweden/Norway --- Henrick Ibsen --- “... Enemy of the People” --- AND --- According to the Washington Post, comparisons to “… HITLER” & “… STALIN”

Think about all that  ---  and if you think it’s something to do with a Scandinavian playwright or historically off-the charts bad foreign dictators   ---  you’re barking up the wrong tree (even if some of those things ARE in there) 

Among other things, President Donald Trump is making AMERICA look at itself and he is making it confront many of it’s false fronts  ---  recently, he has talked about  the threat and reach of terrorism, both here and abroad;  also Trump has pointed out how the so-called "free press" and the rest of the mainstream media in AMERICA are impeding his LEGITIMATE EFFORTS TO PROTECT AMERICANS and/or TO PUT AMERICANS FIRST as a class in America; and to that extent, Trump has made perhaps his most caustic description of the press and media, that they are "The enemy of the people"

Many political, social and literary observers have used the term and helped to define the meanings of "enemy of the people"; with Robespierre going so far as to tell us what needs to be done about those who are identified as >>> enemies of the people

Last week, President Trump said a few provocative things like he often does. 

In one of his more accurate descriptions, in one of his tweets he called the American mainstream media “…the enemy of the people…”   For the sake of historical accuracy here  is what he tweeted, his >>> words <<< are verbatim:
Donald J. Trump [Verified account]@realDonaldTrump….   The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!....   1:48 PM - 17 Feb 2017” [various Twitter items removed]  

The press and the rest of the MSM were not amused.  

Why, the Washington Post even quoted the New York Times near the top of one of it’s articles on the issue, as follows:   “….  The New York Times, which among others was called out specifically, labeled it ‘a striking escalation’ from a leader who ‘routinely castigates journalists.’…”  (See  Trump called the news media an ‘enemy of the American People.’ Here’s a history of the term”  by  [https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/02/18/trump-called-the-news-media-an-enemy-of-the-american-people-heres-a-history-of-the-term/?utm_term=.7117049313a5]).   Oh,  and this gem of a quote by the WaPo writer:  “  Gabriel Sherman, national affairs editor at New York magazine,  described it as  “… ‘ full-on dictator speak.’…”   Trust me that WaPo piece got a lot worse;  but, more on that later.

In one of his more flubby-type moments Trump mentioned Sweden and the reach terrorism…..   It wasn’t  one of his best or clearest examples to prove his point  ---  Trump’s own media team cleaned it up a bit in post-production,  but not much.   

However,  the combination of the use of the term “Enemy of the People”  and  the mention of Sweden made me think of Henrick Ibsen (because I never can keep it straight that August Strindberg is the Swedish playwright and Ibsen is Norwegian)…..   I know that’s a bit screwed-up and backwards, but that’s how I think and THAT’S HOW I GOT THE IDEA TO ON AND ON ABOUT IBSEN AND HIS PLAY.   A little research showed me that the American media types were all over Trump’s use of the term   “…enemy of the people…”  and they also saw the tie-in to the Norwegian Henrick Ibsen and his 19th Century play,  “An Enemy of the People”…..   Even the WaPo article by Amanda Erickson integrated that connection   (of course, she would, after all her name is   “Erickson” isn’t it ! ! !). 


An even better Trump-Ibsen analysis is in the more recent article in “The Daily Beast” by Michael Tomasky  (See  “How Donald Trump Made a Norwegian Playwright The Most Important Man of the Moment”.by Michael Tomasky,  2/20/17,  The Daily Beast  [http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2017/02/20/how-donald-trump-made-a-norwegian-playwright-the-most-important-man-of-the-moment.html]).   Spoiler alert  ---  Mr. Tomasky’s article is a snarky anti-Trump and pro-press take on the plot of Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People”;  however, he shows that right up front with this sub-headline,   “…  Donald Trump likely has never heard of Henrik Ibsen, but the president just put journalists sticking up to him in excellent company….”

Even though Mr. Tomasky doesn’t go to the extremes that the WaPo’s Amanda Erickson does with her comparisons to Hitler and Stalin;  like most of the press- and media-oriented types,  Tomasky makes a mistake in immediately assuming that it is the press and media that wear the same mantle as Ibsen’s hero and necessarily that are sharing Ibsen’s POV.

You see, Ibsen’s hero,   Dr. Thomas Stockmann,  the enemy of the people in the title stands alone in pointing out the dangers that are really facing the people.   BTW, the first half of the movie “Jaws” broadly follows the plot line of Ibsen’s “An Enemy of The People” and the danger to bathers lurking in the local waters.   Doesn’t that sound more like Trump and his personal crusade against “The Swamp” than anything else ???


Never forget that Trump is first and foremost a  “POPULIST”  ---   and as such,  he is always in his element when he sides with “THE  PEOPLE”  against any and all perceived threats to their way of life and/or  personal well-being.   In this regard,  Trump is like some of Ibsens’s antagonists;  and all the naysayers opposing him are rightly called,   “The enemy of the people….”

Interestingly,  Michael Tomasky also noted that the term  “enemy of the people”  had earlier been  used by Robespierre.   Here’s how Tomasky put it:   “The phrase was used before Ibsen wrote his play in 1882. Notably, and unsurprisingly, Robespierre gave it a good work out (how’s that for company? Trump I’m sure has never heard of him, but certainly Steve Bannon would smile). To enemies of the people, the sea-green incorruptible once said, the state owes “nothing but death.”   Boy, that’s a lot to get one’s head around;   I think I need a rest…..

Sunday, February 19, 2017

VERY LONG-TIME ASSEMBLYMAN Peter Abbate announces that he wants to be a NYC COUNCILMAN

Kings County Politics article shows how old-time machine politics is still alive and kicking in the 21st Century

Big fight brewing inside the Brooklyn Democrats if the Bay Ridge Dems dig in and “Just say ‘No !’”

Sometimes a shop-worn very old idea pops up and some people will try to convince you that it’s something shiny and new.   That’s how it goes with the roll-out of Assemblyman Peter Abbate’s candidacy for the City Council.   The long and the short of it is that it looks like Peter Abbate is running for the NYC Council,  because he said he is  (See  “Abbate Enters Race, Tong Stiffed & Other South Brooklyn Political Intrigue”  by Stephen Witt,  2/17/17,   Kings County Politics Blog  [http://www.kingscountypolitics.com/abbate-enters-race-43rd-district-city-council-seat-south-brooklyn-alive-politcal-intrigue/]).

Readers of this my independent Republican blog really need to read the above-cited  article by Mr. Witt  >>>  if they want to see how real politics is still being practiced in the obviously majority and patently controlling party in ALL of Brooklyn.  ---  So, just do it…..

Heres the meat and potatoes of  Mr. Witt’s KCP piece:   “Assemblyman Peter Abbate Jr. (Bensonhurst/Sunset Park) quacked like a candidate, preened like a duck, and according to Coney Island Female Democratic District Leader Delia Schack, announced last night he is running for the vacant 43rd District City Council seat this year….   Term-limited City Councilman Vincent Gentile currently holds the seat which includes the neighborhoods of Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst and Bath Beach….   Abbate showed up and participated in Schack’s candidate’s forum for the seat last night at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 1305 86th Street in Dyker Heights. Also participating were announced Democratic candidates Justin Brannan and Kevin Peter Carroll.   ‘He [Abbate] (as in original) said he was running and that with all the things going with the presidency, Democrats need to come out, and not take things lightly. Of the three candidates, I think he was the best one,’ said Schack….  [ ] Curiously absent from the forum was announced candidate and female Democratic District Leader of the 47th Assembly District Nancy Tong. According to her male counterpart as the Democratic District Leader, Charlie Ragusa, Schack didn’t invite Tong….”

The rest of this compact article is just loaded with the kind of flavorful and vivid detail that makes the bigger picture look and SOUND real.

I will have lots more to say about most if not all of this; but that is a story for another day…..

Suffice it to say, if Justin Brannan and his crowd in the Bay Ridge Dems dig in their heels and choose a fight to the death (something JB hasn’t done yet),   Abbate, Schack and the whole Brooklyn Democratic Party organization will have a real competitive fight on their hands.   (Rubbing my hands with glee)  Oh boy, I can only hope  ---  and hardly wait…..

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Not to be outdone trying to make hay in the late winter sun, Will/Liam McCabe announces a "fundraiser" about a week after Capano’s

It’s scheduled for March 6th @ 7:00 PM  ---  At Chef Andrea’s, 7312 13th Avenue

The event is characterized as a “Kick-off Fundraiser” (where have I seen that before ???),   however, there is little in the way of available information as to sponsorship,  guest appearances or even the minimum expected donation…..


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Suddenly it’s Bob Capano that has a confusing message --- or is it a muddled STRATEEGERY

After emphasizing that he is not in direct competition with Justin Brannan  ---  Bob Capano turns around and goes after  >>> Justin Brannan



Lately, there has been a lot of back and forth about Bob Capano’s fund raising effort showing relative weakness  ---  especially when compared to the very big haul by Democrat Justin Brannan in his early fundraising.

Some commenters had been quick to point out, in defense of Mr. Capano,  that comparisons to Mr. Brannan’s fundraising were not apt, because Bob Capano was not yet in direct competition with Justin Brannan;  and that Brannan was gearing up for his own possibly difficult primary fight with people like Peter Abbate and Kevin Peter Carroll,  and even some other notable Democrats from the Asian and Arab communities.   These Capano supporters argued that before any race against an, as yet unidentified, Democratic Party nominee, Capano was in his own intra-party fight with Republicans John Quaglione and Will/Liam McCabe;  as a result, any fair fund raising comparisons should only be vis a vis Capano’s Republican opponents.



Here are the guts of the Capano attack on Brannan:   “….  Today, Bob Capano, the leading Republican candidate for Brooklyn's 43rd Council District (Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst) and staunch supporter of the NYPD, slammed Democratic candidate Justin Brannan for quietly taking a job in the office of Councilman Vincent Gentile shortly after he left a patronage position with Mayor de Blasio. Councilman Gentile is term limited out of office this year….   Capano, a Bay Ridge resident who manages a business in the private sector stated, ‘This is exactly why voters are tired of political insiders like Justin Brannan. I am not sure if Mr. Brannan left his position with Mayor de Blasio voluntarily because he understood the political risks of being associated so closely with his mentor, or if he was forced to leave because he was running his campaign from City Hall on the taxpayers' dime. Either way, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that Gentile gave Brannan a wonderful Valentine's gift by allowing him to continue to collect a government salary while he campaigns. The councilman's office should be used to help constituents, not serve as a launching pad for a political campaign.’…   According to a Facebook post by the Commodore Barry Club of Brooklyn, on February 6, 2017  ‘Justin Brannan, Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs for Councilman Gentile, installed the Commodore Barry Club Officers for 2017.'..."


One Republican wag recently went down a laundry list of problems that he saw with the early campaign of Bob Capano.   At the top of his list was a lack of a recognizable strategy as to how to obtain the GOP nomination and then win in November against whomever the Democrats choose as their candidate   Close behind that was his strong belief that Bob Capano had made a big mistake by not emphasizing fund raising in his early campaign  ---  specifically that wag mentioned the negative aspect of any comparison of Capano’s early fund raising to that of Justin Brannan.

By shifting his campaign’s focus to Brannan,  Capano has only succeeded in re-shifting EVERYBODIES’ attention to direct comparisons of Capano and Brannan.   Without getting too far into the weeds on this,  to date it appears that Justin Brannan has raised about five times (5X) the money raised by Bob Capano.   Equally important,  Brannan’s donations are largely small and local  ---  easily qualifying for the big multiplier of “matching funds.”   So far,  Bob hasn’t reached that plateau (and he has repeatedly assured some of his more skeptical supporters that he will easily reach that level in  his  >>>NEXT<<<  round of fund raising).

So far we can only compare what Brannan has done already with stuff that Bob promises that he will get done some time in the future.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Capano Campaign Kick-off And Fundraiser is set for end of February --- at a Bay Ridge venue right under Marty Golden’s nose

The E-mail sent out to Bob Capano’s list of those who should be interested in attending is quite inviting; and I daresay, quite provocative.....  

Join Curtis Sliwa for an afternoon of Food, Drinks, and Politics at The Bean Post (7525 5th Avenue) in Support of Brooklyn's Next Republican Councilman- BOB CAPANO”   [YES,  that is just a couple of hundred feet  >>> AWAY FROM and NOT AT <<<  Golden's Bay Ridge Manor]

WHO WILL BE THERE ???   Well,  according to the Capano Camapaign,  the “Special guests” will include:   Curtis Sliwa, Craig Eaton and John Catsimatidis

Here’s the body of the Capano E-mail:  
Please join me at my kick-off fundraiser for City Council in Bay Ridge on Sunday, February 26th [emphasis in orginal] (2-5 p.m.) with special guests Curtis Sliwa, John Catsimatidis, and Craig Eaton.

I would be honored to have your support at this event. Please see the attached invite for additional details.

You can RSVP directly by replying to this email  (please include number of guests).  Contributions can be made at the door by check, money order, or cash. You can also contribute online at:  http://bobcapano.com/donate/ [link removed]

Join Curtis Sliwa for an afternoon of Food, Drinks, and Politics at The Bean Post (7525 5th Avenue) in Support of Brooklyn's Next Republican Councilman- BOB CAPANO [End of Text]”


Obviously, somebody who didn't want to go for Marty Golden's "FULL BUFF"  ---  AND ---  somebody who wanted to send an early message to Brooklyn's only elected Republican.....

Well, according to this observer, it’s just a BRILLIANT move ! ! !

Monday, February 13, 2017


HOT OFF THE "FORWARD" WIRE FROM ONE OF MY TOP GUYS IN THE FIELD --- With a personal "sweet nothing" to my guy in the field from the McCabe Man, himself

Here it is, minus the little sweet nothng to...[even initials would give it away] :


Former New York State Senator David Storobin Endorses Liam McCabe for City Council
Storobin calls the Brooklyn 43rd Council District Candidate a “proven winner”
Monday, February 13, 2017 – Brooklyn, NY Former New York State Senator David Storobin met with City Council Candidate Liam McCabe at Cherry Hill Gourmet Market while the candidate was campaigning in Bensonhurst on Sunday, February 12.  Storobin endorses McCabe, a “proven winner who is ready to fight for and protect his constituents.”

An immigrant who fled the USSR for the United States when he was a child, Storobin built a business and was elected to the New York State Senate in 2012 with the help of chief advisor McCabe.  Storobin says McCabe “understands what it means to struggle and to succeed in Brooklyn.”

Of Storobin, McCabe says, “I respect David.  He showed strength and courage when he fled to the United States for a better life and he worked hard to succeed in Brooklyn, and to honor Brooklyn and our residents by committing to work in public service.  Like David and so many others who have not taken the easy road into politics, I come with energy and commitment to serve.  I am ready to fight for all of the individuals and family in my district.  That includes those who have been in Brooklyn for generations and those who are coming to Brooklyn seeking a better life.”

Liam McCabe announced his candidacy for City Council on February 2, 2017.  He is a lifelong Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, resident and an active member of local politics and community activity.  He is CEO of consulting firm Steeplechase Strategies and has worked with multiple New York State and New York City candidates and elected officials.  McCabe has left his most recent position in the office of Congressman Dan Donovan, to run for City Council in the 43rd District of Brooklyn...."


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Quaglione, “The Communications Director,” attempts to clean up his boss Marty Golden’s Buffoonery --- The result: A CLASSIC FAIL on top of A CLASSIC FAIL

Quaglione dIsmisses Golden’s getting caught way off base in a completely made-up 9/11 riff as  “…HE MIS-SPOKE…”

Here’s what Marty Golden said  ---  “….  A number of them that drove the planes into the — 9-11 — into the building at World Trade Center that killed 3,000 Americans — are you ready for this? They were in this community, they lived here in Bay Ridge, they were visiting in this community….”

That’s not Golden’s mis-speaking  ---  that is a 100% FAKE FACT  ---  the only question now is this:  WAS JOHN QUAGLIONE COMPLETELY RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL OF THIS AS GOLDEN’S COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR  ---  Did Quaglione not properly brief his boss for his WNYC interview by Brian Lehrer ? ? ?

According to the Brooklyn Paper,   John Quaglione, described as  “….  A rep from Golden’s office,”   had said that his boss Marty Golden had mixed up the deadliest attack ever on American soil, one in which 2,996 people died, with the World Trade Center’s 1993 truck-bombing that killed six  ( See “Pol made up Brooklyn’s 9-11 connection to defend Trump travel ban”  by Max Jaeger, The Brooklyn Paper   [http://www.brooklynpaper.com/stories/40/7/all-marty-golden-makes-up-brooklyn-terror-connection-2017-02-17-bk.html]).

Here’s the Quaglione money shot according to Max Jaeger of the Brooklyn Paper   ---  “…’He didn’t make it up, he mis-spoke,’ said chief of staff Quaglione  [did John  get a promotion and a raise because of this?].”   The only problem in trying to credit Quagione’s lame excuse in any way is that his boss was recorded; and this is what Marty Golden said:   “….  A number of them that drove the planes into the — 9-11 — into the building at World Trade Center that killed 3,000 Americans — are you ready for this? They were in this community, they lived here in Bay Ridge, they were visiting in this community…” 


Since Quaglione is now a declared candidate for the City Council, he needs to come clean to all the voters about his part in State Senator Martin Golden’s latest major flub about a major population in Quaglione’s hoped-for council district.

Don’t forget that Marty Golden was seen on almost every local and city-wide media outlet following the September 2016 Chelsea and New Jersey terrorist bombings, with other un-exploded bombs.  That means that a strong anti-terrorist presentation is part of State Senator Marty Golden’s communications strategy;   and THAT means John Quaglione was directly involved as Golden’s Communications Director. The unanswered questions are what, when and to what extent it's Quaglione's heavy hand behind the scenes.

The U.S. District Court in Seattle and the 9th Circuit Court have unlawfully interfered with the President’s performance of his lawful duties

These faux-orders by the U.S.D.C. and the 9th C.C.A. are an exercise of judicial fiat. They have no basis in real law; and they are part of an attempted judicial coup d’etat  

Trump needs to drain all the swamps from Washington, D.C. to Washington State and beyond

The purported federal court orders coming out of Seattle, Washington and a panel of the 9th Circuit in San Franciso are acts of insurrection by fewer than a handful of appointed judges. These faux-court orders, stopping the President's lawful Executive Order on certain travelers and refugees, are entitled to as much respect as any of the other recent seditious acts by the rest of those courts' left-wing allies  ---  And certainly not more than all those anarchist street rioters active since the 2016 election

If the top judicial administrators don’t fix this fast,  POTUS must step in and fix it himself  ---  with or without congressional support

America now sees something that should have been obvious for a very long time  ---  THE UNITED STATES COURTS and most of the STATES’ COURTS  have imposed a judicial tyranny on the people, the states, local subdivisions in the states and the various agencies of the states…..

The courts have not followed the law for years.   The courts have become a law unto themselves.   The courts are part of the fetid swamp that President Trump needs to drain to remedy the dysfunction of government in 21st Century America, and in order to make America great again.

The U.S. District Court in Seattle and a panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals have attempted to undue the result of the 2016 elections by their lawless interference with the President’s lawful exercise of his Constitutional and statutory duties.  They are.no less insurrectionists than the left wing rioters that have clogged our universities, parks, streets, government sites and business centers since the election of Donald Trump by the people of these United States.

Trump needs to forcefully put down all aspects of this leftist rebellion with all the tools in his executive tool box.   I mean all the tools  ---  and I’m sure the brass knuckles and rubber truncheons are in there somewhere; along with a progression from tear gas, through rubber bullets. bird-shot, buck-shot, automatic weapons, napalm, MOABs and even nuclear weapons.

The suggestion above tends a little toward the prosaic;  but it’s almost poetic to say that it seems in the light of a clear and present danger,  Trump needs to drain all of the swamps from Washington D.C. to Washington State and wherever the fetid waters go from there…..

Thursday, February 9, 2017

After trashing the “White Working Class” --- “Never-Trump” Neo-Con Republican leader Bill Krystol might as well become a progressive Democrat

Bill Kristol Says ‘Lazy’ White Working Class Should Be Replaced By ‘New Americans’

Kristol said that he hoped  ‘…this thing isn’t being videotaped or ever shown anywhere. Whatever tiny, pathetic future I have is going to totally collapse.…’  ---  The Neo-Con American Enterprise Institute obligingly tried to deep six the videotape as an “unlisted” item

Better luck next time, Bill ! ! !

Here’s how it was reported in the Daily Caller:   “Weekly Standard editor-at-large Bill Kristol said Tuesday afternoon that the white working class should be replaced by immigrants as they have become “decadent, lazy” and ‘spoiled.’…   ‘Look, to be totally honest, if things are so bad as you say with the white working class, don’t you want to get new Americans in?” Kristol told author Charles Murray during an event hosted by the American Enterprise Institute titled ‘It Came Apart: What’s Next for a Fractured Culture.’ Murray recently wrote a book, entitled ‘Coming Apart,’  which focuses on the cultural separation between the wealthiest and most educated white Americans and the poorest and least educated white Americans….   Before delving into his theory about replacing the white working class, Kristol said that he hopes ‘this thing isn’t being videotaped or ever shown anywhere. Whatever tiny, pathetic future I have is going to totally collapse’…”   (See  Bill Kristol Says ‘Lazy’ White Working Class Should Be Replaced By ‘New Americans’ ” by Alex Pfeiffer, 2/8/17, The Daily Caller  [ http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/08/bill-kristol-says-lazy-white-working-class-should-be-replaced-by-new-americans/]).   
In case you might have missed his point, Krystol further stated,   “You can make a case that America has been great because every — I think John Adams said this — basically if you are in free society, a capitalist society, after two or three generations of hard work everyone becomes kind of decadent, lazy, spoiled — whatever…”   

From the look and feel of this, it seems that it’s only a matter of time before Billy-boy starts talking up “Black Lives Matter” and reciting the routine progressive rants about the persistence of racism in America resulting in some kind of super-caste social reality called “White Privilege.” 


According to the Daily Caller,  “The event [Krystol’s interview] was filmed by AEI, but as of [The Daily Caller’s] press time is  marked 'unlisted' on the think tank’s YouTube channel, so that it doesn’t come up in search results….”

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How many of my Democratic Party friends are going to be running at the same time ? --- Now, it looks like Kevin Peter Carroll >>> IS <<< running for the City Council

The newest news about KPC is in the KCP  ---  and be sure that you don’t miss the COMMENTS following the 2/7/17 article in the Kings County Politics blog

Mentioned as a likely candidate in the early chatter,  Kevin Peter Carroll sort of slipped off the radar for a few months  ---  Well, HE-E-E’S  BA-A-A-ACK  ---  and looks like it’s going to be in a big way

According to Steve Witt’s Kings County Politics blog,  “In a move not unexpected, Kevin Peter Carroll, the Democratic District leader of the 64th Assembly District [ which includes a piece of Bay Ridge] will announce  [ ] he is running for the open 43rd District City Council Seat [sic] this year….   Carroll grew up in the district and is a graduate of the New York City public school system having attended McKinley Junior High and Fort Hamilton High School in Bay Ridge. He then continued his academic career in the City University system (CUNY), graduating from the College of Staten Island with a BA in political science and a minor in history….”   (See  “Carroll Jumps Into The Bay Ridge City Council Fray” by Stephen Witt, 2/7/17,  Kings County Politics/ Elections   [http://www.kingscountypolitics.com/carroll-jumps-bay-ridge-city-council-fray/]).  

Mr. Witt’s piece also noted that there are similarities between Mr. Carroll and both Justin Brannan and Nancy Tong.  Like them, Kevin Carroll is well connected politically. He is part of a Carroll family that has long been politically active in Brooklyn.   That clan includes his cousin, Assembly member Robert Carroll  (D-Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Kensington).  In addition, he currently works for Stephen Levina Democrat Councilman from Downtown and Northern Brooklyn.  And, KPC is also a founding member of the political club, Brooklyn Democrats for Change (BDFC). 

The coverage by the Kings County Politics blog was sort of thin and incomplete.   However, that was somewhat  made up for by the COMMENTS following the article.   Among the noteworthy info concerning KPC appears o be a lingering animus by many Democrats concerning Kevin Peter Carroll’s first leadership race in the 64th AD  ---  that race involved some strange goings-on vis a vis the former leader in that  AD,  Ralph Perfetto.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Justin Brannan is the most likely candidate to be the successor to City Councilman Vinny Gentile --- some say

Brannan is the mainstream Democrat in a district that has gotten more and more Democratic (with a big “D”) over the years

Brannan also is a solidly local product who has seen a lot and done a lot

Brannan promises to continue his efforts in the City Council with all the passion and effort that marked his whole life.....

Early fundraising totals show that, unlike ALL the other campaigns, the Brannan Campaign is for real and ready to go 


Justin Brannan describes himself as   “…  an artist, small business owner and community activist. He was born and raised in Bay Ridge, the son of a salesman and a Catholic school educator who shared their enthusiasm for the arts with Justin.

After studying journalism at Fordham University and the College of Staten Island, Mr. Brannan pursued a career as a professional touring musician,  performing in over fifty countries across five continents;  and his band's album sales reached into the hundreds of thousands. Through its very raw sound,  the music delivered a positive message that focused on social justice, human rights, the environment.  In addition, during that time, Brannan individuality espoused his views warning young people about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and promiscuous sex. 

During a brief pit-stop as a radio announcer at the world famous WNEW, as a member of AFTRA, Justin Brannan served as a de facto shop steward.  It was in that capacity that he represented and defended the interests of his fellow employees and advocated to get all union employees retroactively paid for decades of overtime work on weekends and overnights. 

When the music stopped, Brannan moved on to the world of venture capital where he successfully raised millions for a number of renewable energy startups based out of Silicon Valley. After that, Justin then followed his passion into the world of charitable giving as a fundraising consultant where he helped raise funds for several vibrant non-profit humanitarian organizations. 

Closer to home  ---  Justin Brannan was the co-founder of Bay Ridge Cares, a not-for-profit humanitarian organization born in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. He is also a former member of Community Board 10 and a former member of the board of directors of BRAVO, the Bay Ridge volunteer ambulance corps. Also, Justin and his wife, Leigh, operate The Art Room, a fine arts school for children; it’s located on Third Avenue near 87th Street in Bay Ridge. That business is co-owned by Justin’s wife and his mother, Mary Brannan. 


Justin got his start in politics as an animal welfare advocate in the early 1990's, a much longer and consistent record than someone like, let’s say  Will/Liam McCabe .    He also has tackled many issues vital to the diverse residents of his Bay Ridge-Dyker Heights community. For example, he has organized rallies protesting the city's closing of crucial firehouses and headed protests giving voice to those in favor of same-sex marriage. He has coordinated the energies of small business owners in support of more favorable legislation and practices by the city and stood with unions against corporate greed. 


As for government positions, Mr. Brannan served as the Director of Communications and Legislative Affairs for Councilman Vincent Gentile. In this role, Justin has helped draft and pass several pieces of important legislation including laws to increase access to NYC benefits, programs and services for veterans (another instance of Brannan’s clearly beating Wll/Liam McCabe to the punch) and laws protecting the unemployed from job discrimination. In addition, Justin helped oversee the creation of a citywide animal abuse registry and is considered one of a handful of people who helped make animal rights a hot-button topic in the 2013 race for New York City Mayor. 

In each of these pursuits, Justin's identity remained crystal clear: His "do-it-yourself" attitude, tireless work ethic and passion for the values he holds most dear—engaging with his community, helping as many people and touching as many lives as he can—has been always evident.

In each of these pursuits, Justin's identity remained crystal clear: His "do-it-yourself" attitude, tireless work ethic and passion for the values he holds most dear—engaging with his community, helping as many people and touching as many lives as he can—has been always evident.

And not so long ago, Justin Brannan made a general promise to everybody who followed his career that he would continue to follow his passion to connect with and raise up those around him, no matter what shape his journey might take in the future.  And, obviously, that now includes running for the public office of New York City Councilman.


Recently, Brannan released his early fundraising results in anticipation of his making a filing with the New York City Financial Control Board of the city Board of Elections.  Based on those filings, it looks like Brannan raised $57,000;  and almost all of that  came from over four hundred (400) individual donors.

In discussing his current campaign for City Council, Justin Brannan observed that   ---  "The incredible grass-roots support we've received shows that the hardworking families from Colonial Road to Cropsey Avenue intend to have a voice in this election....   As a longtime advocate and activist, it's exciting for me to see hundreds of my fellow residents contribute to this campaign and take an interest in the future of our community….   I grew up in this community. My wife and I own a small business here. I love my neighborhood and the chance to make a difference as our next council member is the reason I'm in this race."


I recently had a sit down at Skinflint's with a pair of long-time Bay Ridge politicos. 

When the conversation turned to Justin Brannan, everybody agreed that right now Brannan looks like he's ahead of the pack.

Both warned that there are others who might come on strong at the finish  ---  one thought that Abbate might drop into the race late with a lot of institutional support;  the other said that he thought McCabe was a "new face" with a different kind of pitch.

Again  ---  right now, they think that Brannan is the front-runner overall..