Saturday, February 11, 2017

The U.S. District Court in Seattle and the 9th Circuit Court have unlawfully interfered with the President’s performance of his lawful duties

These faux-orders by the U.S.D.C. and the 9th C.C.A. are an exercise of judicial fiat. They have no basis in real law; and they are part of an attempted judicial coup d’etat  

Trump needs to drain all the swamps from Washington, D.C. to Washington State and beyond

The purported federal court orders coming out of Seattle, Washington and a panel of the 9th Circuit in San Franciso are acts of insurrection by fewer than a handful of appointed judges. These faux-court orders, stopping the President's lawful Executive Order on certain travelers and refugees, are entitled to as much respect as any of the other recent seditious acts by the rest of those courts' left-wing allies  ---  And certainly not more than all those anarchist street rioters active since the 2016 election

If the top judicial administrators don’t fix this fast,  POTUS must step in and fix it himself  ---  with or without congressional support

America now sees something that should have been obvious for a very long time  ---  THE UNITED STATES COURTS and most of the STATES’ COURTS  have imposed a judicial tyranny on the people, the states, local subdivisions in the states and the various agencies of the states…..

The courts have not followed the law for years.   The courts have become a law unto themselves.   The courts are part of the fetid swamp that President Trump needs to drain to remedy the dysfunction of government in 21st Century America, and in order to make America great again.

The U.S. District Court in Seattle and a panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals have attempted to undue the result of the 2016 elections by their lawless interference with the President’s lawful exercise of his Constitutional and statutory duties.  They less insurrectionists than the left wing rioters that have clogged our universities, parks, streets, government sites and business centers since the election of Donald Trump by the people of these United States.

Trump needs to forcefully put down all aspects of this leftist rebellion with all the tools in his executive tool box.   I mean all the tools  ---  and I’m sure the brass knuckles and rubber truncheons are in there somewhere; along with a progression from tear gas, through rubber bullets. bird-shot, buck-shot, automatic weapons, napalm, MOABs and even nuclear weapons.

The suggestion above tends a little toward the prosaic;  but it’s almost poetic to say that it seems in the light of a clear and present danger,  Trump needs to drain all of the swamps from Washington D.C. to Washington State and wherever the fetid waters go from there…..


Anonymous said...

Because of Trump you'll see the NY State Senate Independent Caucus switch from the GOP to side with the Democrats. That means the GOP in NYS will become non existent.

Anonymous said...

How can it be unlawful if a Court does it?

Anonymous said...

The postings about the council race are fun. This presidential stuff is small potatoes