Thursday, February 23, 2017

Is Bob Capano literally trying to run his campaign out of the Trump playbook ? ? ?

THE ANSWER IS  “YES ! ! !” if you ask JUSTIN BRANNAN’S  “Campaign Rep”  --- JON GREENFIELD

According to a report from Julianne Cuba, my favorite young reporter working the Brooklyn hustings for  “Courier Life’s – Brooklyn Daily”  ---  “….  [Clearly referring to Republican Candidate Bob Capano]  This is simply more Trump-style tactics from a third-rate candidate desperately looking for attention. Justin Brannan is a lifelong Bay Ridge resident with a demonstrated commitment to this community and the record in public service to match,’ said campaign rep Jon Greenfield.  ‘Justin recently joined Council Member Gentile’s office as Deputy Chief of Staff to assist his former boss of five years to continue important community work during the Council member’s final months in office. In doing so, he took a significant pay cut from his previous job with the Department of Education. To suggest that this is somehow illegal or improper is simply ludicrous.’…”  (See   “Mud-slinging in Bay Ridge’s Council race”  by Julianne Cuba2/23/17,  Courier Life/ Brooklyn Daily/ “Party Line”… Julianne Cuba   []).


Capano’s complaint is that the NYC Charter says that no public servant,  who has “substantial policy discretion” is allowed to do campaign-style fund-raising  ---  other than an elected official.   According to Capano’s interpretation of that ordinance, the law would specifically include somebody like his prospective Democratic opponent Justin Brannan,  who is working for Councilman Gentile.

Here’s the rub for Capano  ---  NYC outlines which positions subject to the rule above are on the so-called “policymaker list.” Specifically, it includes members of agencies such as the Parks Department or the Department of Transportation; and it lists staffers for certain elected officials,   like, for example, the Borough President, also specified named positions for other officials,  like the City Council Speaker’s chief of staff.
According to Julianne Cuba, from her article cited above,   “....   The Conflicts of Interest Board, which rules on such matters, would not comment specifically on Brannan’s situation unless a formal complaint is filed and adjudicated, but a rep said individual council staffers are not typically barred from mounting their own campaigns….   ‘The individual chiefs of staff for Council members [have] not historically been on the list, and the board has not historically required them to be on that list,’ said rep Wayne Hawley….”
As near as I can tell, Capano is expected to be filing a complaint with the NYCCOIB shortly.   Who knows when we all might get a definitive answer on any of it ! ! !


Anonymous said...

Here is what some people don't know about Brannan's curious return to Gentile's office. After multiple formal complaints from elected officials belonging to the Democratic and Republican parties, the Department of Education was cracking down hard on Justin for not doing his job and spending most of his work time on personal matters. He saw the writing on the wall and left.

Anonymous said...

You refer to julianne cuba as though she was Katherine Graham.
Are you a Milo type of libertarian?

Anonymous said...

The Trump playbook had the Trump money.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is advising Capano? He's running in a district Trump lost badly, and yet he's trying to out-Trump every other candidate. Except in fundraising, of course.

Anonymous said...

Bob very worried about having a sparse crowd at his fundraiser, his "financial advisers" you know the same "fnancial advisers" who felt that raising $10,000 after a year of campaigning was where they should be, will be rounding up people off the street to attend.

Galewyn Massey said...



So, my very insightful friend you both know what Bob's emotional insecurities are presently, AND you know exactly what his "fnancial advisers" [sic] will be doing to pump up the crowd for Bob on Sunday.

Maybe you should have your own blog so we can share your insights full-time..... Or at least more often than occasionally, like your comment above.

Anonymous said...

$10,000 is half what Bob will need for an election lawyer to keep him on the ballot (if he makes it to petitioning).

Anonymous said...

More than the $0 raised by quaglione

Anonymous said...

He could always pay that clown Eaton used.