Tuesday, August 28, 2018

It's been more than two weeks since the report of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury about the sexual abuse of children by priests and other grievous acts of commission and omission by the Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania and elsewhere

The bombshell report about several Pennsylvania Dioceses has opened a can of worms for Catholics across the United States  ---  and led to disclosures of many grave shortcomings by almost all of the Roman Catholic hierarchy,  up to and including the Pope himself, in dealing with the victims and the myriad other problems caused by pedophile priests and bishops

If you perused the New York Post on Tuesday,  you would have again seen several articles indicating the breath and scope of the Roman Catholic pedophile problem here in the United States and around the world  ---  including Pope Francis' own personal failings on these matters.....

Today's Post also did an editorial that said the time had come for the laity in the Roman Catholic Church to rise up and clean out the pedophile mess inside the institutional Church  

That is certainly not what certain Catholics in the New York State Senate want to do  ---  instead at the bidding of New York State's Bishops and a certain Cardinal in New York City,  Republicans in the New York State Senate have proposed spending public funds to pay the victims of Roman Catholic pedophile priests  ---  Marty Golden apparently backs this NY State Senate Republican "compromise"

On the issue of effectively purging the Catholic Church of its unique and pervasive priest pedophile problem  ---   most Republican State Senators are blocking the effort  ---  Catholics must turn on them in righteous indignation and fury and purge them from office in 2018  

In Bay Ridge, Marine Park and several other neighboring communities,  that means any good Catholic must become active in the removal of Republican-Conservative State Senator Martin Golden for his personal opposition to the 2018 New York State Child Victims Act,  and for his support of funding the Catholic Church's program of pay-offs and coverups, now by proposing the use of public funds for the pay-offs

Even if you feel that there is some reason or justification for your continuing to support State Senator Martin J. Golden,  then, at very least, you should call him and tell him to support the 2018 "Child Victims Act" [S-809].  

Equally, important,  tell Marty Golden to oppose the phony "compromise" bill put forward by State Senator Catherine J. Young, and other NY Senate Republicans like Marty Golden, that would use public funds to subsidize the Catholic Church's longstanding program of hushing-up the reports against pedophile priests, and trying to pay-off any victims that do come forward in exchange for their silence.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Stunts and Dirty Tricks by Marty Golden himself --- anything to get elected one more time

More and more things are piling up that are proof that  >>> DOUBT <<<   has invaded the inner workings of the Marty Golden re-election machine

The latest stunt is having the candidate himself,  State Senator Martin J. Golden, put his signature on a full campaign mailing full of lies  ---  and mail them out as "Thank You" post cards to countless people around his district

It all seemed nice enough,  a post card from "Friends of Marty Golden" and it says this:   "Thank you for joining thousands of our neighbors in signing the nominating petitions for my State Senate race. It is greatly appreciated."  ---   Then it's signed,  "Warmly,  ...  Marty" 


A very good friend of mine got one of these cards in the mail  ---  and btw,  there isn't a chance in the world that he signed a Marty Golden petition.

This suggests several nefarious possibilities  ---  I'm sure that you can figure out what some of them  might be.

The full scope of this stunt, dirty trick, possible evidence of large scale election fraud,  and obviuosly, MAIL FRAUD,  needs to be looked into by somebody with the a real interest and the resources to do so.....

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Jerry Kassar has done it again --- His newspaper column “Common Sense” has/is the proof --- of a concerted effort to discredit a Bay Ridge citizen’s group and limit its First Amendment rights

The entire column by Kassar last week is evidence that the entire Golden staff was involved in a media war with “Fight Back Bay Ridge” after waging and then losing what the Golden crowd themselves described as a political battle for the streets of Bay Ridge  ---  After that epic fail,  Golden’s top staffers pivoted to a social and other electronic media campaign, along with Kassar’s column in some local newspapers to make outlandish claims and cry foul

Kassar’s column tracked social media messages previously posted by the likes of John Quaglione and John Seravalli, and on the record comments by Michael Tobman and Arlene Rutuelo  ---  All of which shows that the Golden Staff meltdown over the Third Avenue Strolls fiascos was not something by John and John going rogue,  but rather a coordinated attack including a consultant like Tobman and Golden’s long-time Chief of Staff Kassar

Read it all for yourself in Jerry Kassar’s “Common Sense” column,  “Fighting Back” in the August 17-23,  2018 edition of the Home Reporter, and presumably other Brooklyn Reporter publications  (I’ll get you the online cite/site when I track it down).

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Beware !!! --- THE ASYMPTOTE.....

Our quest for an independent conservative Republican polity locally is  ---  at best  ---  an ASYMPTOTIC pursuit

Whether you see your politics simplistically, for example like intersecting "x" and "y" axes in one plane, or even more simply as the zero-sum game on a single finite line with "x'" and "y" as the polar extremes,  or in a very complex way, with an infinity of multi-dimensional variables  intersecting at various spots in the infinitely criss-crossed universe  ---  one's search, or the hunt for a "sweet spot" will almost always leave one short-of or to the long-end of one's mark(s),  but so very often tantalizingly close.....

That is not a good reason not to take up the quest and begin one's pursuit 

There must be a goal or objective at all times....   Certainly, those like us need such goals.   Mere shibboleths, name-calling and naysaying are a vain pursuit, and hardly worthy of any that would call themselves "REPUBLICAN"..... 

Always remember what Teddy Roosevelt said:   "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.”

In equal measure,  neither should we fear any that might choose to criticize us.


That is why in 2018,  it is no longer sufficient, or proper, or even just, to stand aside or "above the fray" and to merely criticize a certain nominally conservative Republican office holder in our midst.....   The time has come, WE MUST ACTIVELY OPPOSE HIM,  both directly, and where necessary and efficient, indirectly  ---  often on parallel paths.

It is for that reason that I will be looking for a non-partisan vehicle by which to support an opponent of/to State Senator Martin J. Golden in the 2018 election.

And let me now close as I opened,  with this caveat:   "Beware, the asymptote".....

Friday, August 17, 2018

A story with some legs locally --- The "FBBR" -- Marty Golden fight for the streets of Bay Ridge made the local news.....

Bay Ridge's hometown paper saw the political fireworks over the 3rd Avenue Stroll as a big story.....  

Staffer John Quaglione and campaign guru Michael Tobman were prominent in the "Brooklyn Reporter" coverage of Marty Golden's flap with Fight Back Bay Ridge [FBBR]

For those who seem to think that Julianne Cuba and Julianne McShane aren't fair in their reporting of the tiff between "FBBR," and  Marty Golden and his supporters,  how about this report by Meaghan McGoldrick,  "Ridge political divide takes shape beyond Summer Stroll" in a completely different newspaper  ---  the umbrella weekly news publication, "Brooklyn Reporter,"  parent-successor to the Home Reporter and The Spectator.....

According to Meaghan McGoldrick's report  ---  "A Bay Ridge political back-and-forth which erupted on social media in the wake of the August 3 Summer Stroll on Third has led to questions of legality, and it has more to do with just balloons and tote bags.Days before the stroll – where liberal activist group Fight Back Bay Ridge distributed stop-sign shaped fans and yellow tote bags filled with literature detailing state Sen. Marty Golden’s voting and driving record, while the pol’s staff handed out nearly the same color yellow balloons with his name on them – the pol’s re-election rep penned a letter urging the New York State Board of Elections (BOE) to investigate the grassroots group, which, Golden’s campaign claims, had failed to register as an independent expenditure committee despite raising funds to unseat the longtime pol....   Following the stroll, objections to Fight Back Bay Ridge’s campaign were also raised on Facebook and Twitter by Golden staffer John Quaglione, in a post that garnered hundreds of comments as area residents debated whether, as Quaglione asserted, the people at the event for Fight Back Bay Ridge were aggressive in their efforts, a complaint that members of the group flatly deny....   See  "Ridge political divide takes shape beyond Summer Stroll"  by Meaghan MCGoldrick,  8/15/18,  The Brooklyn Reporter   [https://brooklynreporter.com/story/ridge-political-divide-takes-shape-beyond-summer-stroll/]).   

The article goes on to note that:  "The letter, penned by Golden’s campaign spokesperson Michael Tobman, focuses on Fight Back Bay Ridge’s distribution of flyers, as well as its creation of a GoFundMe page to fund the printing of literature as well as 'other ideas that will help unseat Marty Golden.'...  Tobman has also written to GoFundMe in hopes of getting the site to remove the fundraiser. To date, it has raised more than $1,500 towards its $2,000 goal...." 
 McGoldrick also told the FBBR side of the story:
"The group had its own rebuttal. Its attorney, Bay Ridge resident Eugene Strupinsky, sent the pol’s office a cease and desist letter demanding that Golden’s staffers stop 'discouraging and criminalizing' the group’s First Amendment rights to free speech – with Quaglione’s post and subsequent comments made by fellow Golden staffer Arlene Rutuelo, a focal point....  The letter, sent to Golden’s office on August 8, claims that, following the stroll, Quaglione 'stated on social media his intent to prevent the group from participating at future strolls' and that Rutuelo, 'who approves applications for tables at the event, also publicly claimed the group lacked a permit, and so were in violation of event "rules.” '....    'My clients don’t need a permit to engage in protected First Amendment activity, nor do they need to rent a table for an act of protest on a public street,' said Strupinsky, who, with his letter, produced proof of threatening comments from local residents which came in response to Quaglione’s post, which he eventually deleted on Facebook, which stated that Fight Back Bay Ridge was 'creating hostility' at the Stroll....   'I don’t know if he was acting under your authority as your communications director, but to state such things numerous times, and throughout the weekend, only to finally delete many of these comments when some of your purported defenders offered to bring ‘bats’ and ‘riot gear’ to the next stroll, was irresponsible at best,' Strupinsky wrote, stressing also Quaglione’s original wording, which referred to the scene at the stroll as a 'battlefield.'..."   
The article continued with several  he-said, she-said comments by Michael Tobman, a spokesman for Marty Golden, and Mallory and Sally McMahon for FBBR,  all of which are great to get a flavor of the infighting between the two sides....


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Liar, Liar --- Pants on fire !!!!! Golden's staff vainly tries to misdirect calls about Speed-Cams for school kids

Is the whole Marty Golden team in complete melt-down ???

How low can these folks go  ---  when many interested citizens called State Senator Martin J. Golden's office concerning his on-again, off-again position(s) on speed camera legislation, they were told to stop bothering Mr. Golden and his staff, because they had important work to do. Instead, they were told to call Assemblyman Peter Abbate and/or Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie

When the issue hit social media, this was the response of a typical unglued Golden supporter --- "Constituents my ASS! Majority of these calls are [from] paid workers or snowflake progressive volunteers for #DesperateAndy or the Commie @RossBarkan ! Stop the political bullshit! Marty fights for the hood and is honorable proven leader! Voting for @SenMartyGolden !" --- And then this: "Marty is going crush #DesperateAndy ! Take a look at the district map dickhe#d lol! Citizens not illegals , snowflakes and Racist Muslims do not live there and they know @SenMartyGolden is a proven leader that [delivers] for taxpayers! @agounardes delivers @BPEricAdams lunch!"


The best, or should I say the worst, social media messaging on this issue was by the Marty Golden satellite operation "South Brooklyn Red".....

Yesterday, whatever Golden stooge (Moe, Larry, Curly, Shemp or Curly Joe), who is now in charge of SBR since John Q. or John S. were unceremoniously relieved of their duties >>> chose to Retweet and re-publish NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson's Tweet about PET ADOPTIONS, but completely ignored the Council Speaker's statements and Tweets about the need for the State Senate to immediately re-authorize Speed Cameras in School Zones to save kids' lives..... That editorial choice by the Golden Stooge running South Brooklyn Red's Twitter site, together with all the other social media shenanigans on this issue, earned their boss, Marty Golden, a PIN THE DONKEY TALE ON MARTY for all the unforced errors in social media messaging when it came to dealing with all of Marty Golden's troublesome Speed-Cam issue(s) yesterday.

Is all of this the Golden Team's best effort at damage control and better PR on STATE SENATOR GOLDEN'S SPEED-CAM FIASCO ?????

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Is Cynthia Nixon going to beat Andrew Cuomo in next month's Democratic Party Primary ???

Cuomo's favorability edge over Nixon looks like it is less than half of his lead in the straight-up gubernatorial primary polling  ---  and over 40% of the Democrats' "likely voters"  that have been polled say that they haven't decided who they are voting for yet..... 

Who knows who is coming out to vote on primary day ?

Will motivated, self-identified women's issue voters come out to vote for Andrew Cuomo instead of Cynthia Nixon ???

Isn't there a solid  >>> base <<<  of Democratic voters in New York State that just don't like anything about Andrew Cuomo ?????

With less than a month to go,  Cuomo's "lead" largely appears to be the result of an "inevitability factor"  ---  which is often a myth concocted by the incumbent's team.

It's both a blessing and a curse,  but with less than a month left to make her mark,  people still don't know very much about Cynthia Nixon.

In spite of all that,  in this off year election in this "Age of Trump"  ---   the country appears to be  trending left and  activist women appear to be very motivated in most areas of the country due to the whole President Trump thing. 

Cynthia Nixon is clearly to the left of Andy Cuomo and she is a woman.   On the other hand,  if you have listened to or read about Andy Boy lately,  he sounds like he is running against Trump for President already.

Predictably, the polls should narrow as we get closer to any election,  even if it's a primary election.  However, will that just be a normal dynamic in the inevitable Cuomo win,  or will it be the signal of a trend that will sweep Cynthia Nixon one step closer to the Governor's Mansion ?

At least one sage old Dem that I know says that he is now sure that Cynthia Nixon will win.  But he also adds this caveat,  "But, I've been wrong before."

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Pennsylvania Report Shows the Catholic Church is not doing a good job of "Cleaning House" when it comes to pedophiles

Breaking News  ---  "Pa. Catholic Church sex abuse report names hundreds of priests, accuses leaders of cover-up: 'They hid it all.' "----  Philadelphia Enquirer/  Philly.com

This is the official Grand Jury Report for most of the Pennsylvania Dioceses, which the local Roman Catholic hierarchy and many named priests have tried to suppress  ---  it's been released under court order with a few names and details redacted

Latest blow-up of the generations-long scandal of  Roman Catholic priestly child abuse  ---  AGAIN PUTS THE  >>> SPOTLIGHT <<<  ON  STATE SENATOR MARTIN GOLDEN'S REFUSAL TO PROTECT CHILDREN AND OTHER VICTIMS

According to an article in today’s  “Morning Call”  ---  “A scathing grand jury report released Tuesday reveals accusations of sexual abuse against 301 priests, whose actions went unchecked for decades in dioceses across Pennsylvania, including Allentown….   Instead of reporting pedophiles, dioceses routinely shuffled them from parish to parish, enabling them to prey upon new victims, the document shows. The statewide grand jury spent two years on what may be the most exhaustive investigation of the church taken on by a state. It covered allegations in the Allentown, Erie, Greensburg, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Scranton dioceses, which collectively minister to more than 1.7 million Catholics….”  (See  “Scathing Pennsylvania grand jury report accuses hundreds of priests of sexually abusing more than 1,000 children”  by  Emily Opilo & Tim Darragh,  8/14/18,  The Morning Call/ News/ Breaking News    [http://www.mcall.com/news/breaking/mc-nws-grand-jury-report-catholic-dioceses-20180612-story.html#]).

The piece by Morning Call reporters Emily Opilo and Tim Darragh went on to note that  “….  The 23 members of the grand jury took testimony from dozens of witnesses.  But it was in the church’s own files — more than half a million pages of internal diocesan documents in “secret archives”  —  that the grand jury found the names of more than a thousand children who were victimized, most of them boys….   ‘We believe that the real number — of children whose records were lost, or who were afraid ever to come forward — is in the thousands,’ the report noted….   Several victims who joined Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro at a news conference in Harrisburg wiped away tears as a video of their stories played….  Shapiro said the abuse was “systematically covered up by church officials in Pennsylvania and at the Vatican.” He said the faith was weaponized to use against victims and to protect the institution at all cost….  The 884-page redacted grand jury report was due to be released by the end of June, but the state Supreme Court stalled its release when more than a dozen of those named in the report filed objections, claiming the allegations would damage their reputations while denying them their constitutional right to due process….   Every redaction, Shapiro said, represents a story that needs to be told….”  

Cardinal Bevilacqua, formerly of Brooklyn.....

What is told in the Morning Call article are several stories detailing the abomination of Roman Catholic priestly sexual abuse over a protracted period;  even more abominable is the systematic coverup by the hierarchy.  Most notable to me  were reports of specific directives by Philadelphia’s Cardinal Bevilacqua, formerly of the Brooklyn Diocese, based on Church documents and the testimony of his top aid, who was since elevated to be Bishop of Allentown .
There are similar reports in several other notable newspapers and across all news mediums.

Tell Marty Golden that he has to change his position on the New York State Child Protection Act of 2018....


Monday, August 13, 2018

RESOLVED: Forget FBBR --- What Bay Ridge needs is a real ANTIFA street operation --- to counter a real Fascist in Marty Golden


Things seem to be percolating nicely now that FBBR has belled Marty Golden's cat.....

The battle lines have been drawn pretty clearly  ---  most of the people have a pretty good idea what's happening  ---  one way or another.

Let's keep it simple and straight forward  ---  the first question is who are the real FASCISTS in these parts  ---  AND  ---  Who is with us and who is with them  ?????


* To the extent that I might involve myself in this debate,  my POV,  my bias if you will, is clearly informed by my belief that Ayn Rand was anti-communist and anti-fascist,  because she was first anti-authoritarian.  My belief system puts me somewhere between Jennifer Burns and Karl Popper on questions like those raised in this so-called "debate".  But, let's wait and see if one breaks out within the cockpit that I have outlined, even if it's by accident.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Maybe Marty Golden won't top the hit parade again as a "loser of the week" --- but this was one bad week for State Senator Marty Golden --- now, just one of many .....

NYC'S  DAs lambasting Golden and the other GOP state senators for endangering school kids and probably costing the lives of some  ---  Golden's staff openly threatening and trying to intimidate Golden's political opponents, even saying they might need bats and riot gear  ---  Golden getting outed in the NY Post by one of his opponents for laundering almost $800,000 through his family's catering hall  ---  and just yesterday, getting caught trying to jinn-up a hoax at Ft. Hamilton H.S. into a major act of violence

Maybe, Marty won't get to the top of the list of losers by "City and State"  ---  But, it's still been a pretty bad PR week for somebody whose grip on the narrative has been slipping badly lately

In case you missed this or have forgotten,  Marty G. was as high as "Number 2" on the "losers" hit parade just a couple of weeks ago: 

"Marty Golden - New York City’s school zone speed cameras have finally come to a screeching stop, while Marty Golden's Cadillac has presumably not, now that he is free of the cameras that have given him 14 tickets in the past four years. Though the GOP state senator has sort of backed up on his opposition to the life-saving program, the damage to his image has been done. Not that his image has been in tip-top shape, considering he’s also run over and killed a senior citizen and yells at law-abiding cyclists. The failure to continue the program has mostly been pinned to state Senate Republicans, which could bode poorly for Golden, who is only one of two Republican senators in New York City...."  (See "Who's up and who's down this week?" by staff, 7/26/18,  City and State/ Winners and Losers [https://www.cityandstateny.com/articles/winners-losers/winners-losers/whos-up-and-whos-down-week-july-27-2018.html]).

This week wasn't that bad  ---  but, it sure wasn't good for Marty and his gang of incompetent operators.

Time for a song for Marty, John Q, Jerry K, and the rest of the Golden re-election team:

[Cue Creedence ...]

"I see the bad moon arising

I see trouble on the way

I see earthquakes and lightnin'

I see bad times today

Don't go around tonight

Well, it's bound to take your life

There's a bad moon on the rise

I hear hurricanes a blowing

I know the end is coming soon

I fear rivers overflowing

I hear the voice of rage and ruin

Don't go around tonight

Well, it's bound to take your life

There's a bad moon on the rise

Hope you got your things together

Hope you are quite prepared to die

Looks like we're in for nasty weather

One eye is taken for an eye

Well don't go around tonight

Well it's bound to take your life

There's a bad moon on the rise

Don't go around tonight

Well, it's bound to take your life

There's a bad moon on the rise...."

So, what's up with Marty Golden's social media posts about a "slashing" at Ft. Hamilton H.S.

State Senator Martin J. Golden was completely gulled by a hoax  ---  he did a running Tweet storm about an alleged incident of violence with racial overtones at a high school in Bay Ridge.....  

All that Golden accomplished by all of this was his showing the whole world that he is an incendiary alarmist

The State Senator's own words can tell the whole story better than I can [Golden Tweets from the earliest to the latest]:  

"Senator Marty Golden‏ @SenMartyGolden ...  13 hours ago....   A School Safety Agent has reported a stabbing at Fort Hamilton High School. We are awaiting further details and will provide updates...."

      "Senator Marty Golden‏ @SenMartyGolden...   13 hours ago....   Fort Hamilton High School update per NYPD: The victims wounds are superficial. He was transported to NYU Langone to receive care. The #NYPD are still working to identify a suspect. #FortHamilton #BayRidge….”

      "Senator Marty Golden‏ @SenMartyGolden...  13 hours ago...   The dispute was over the use of equipment at the park at Fort Hamilton High School. The suspect, a male African American per NYPD, pulled out a knife and slashed the victim. Luckily, the victim was able to move and avoid more serious injury. The suspect fled on foot….”

      "Senator Marty Golden‏ @SenMartyGolden...   13 hours ago....   I want to thank the @NYPDSchools safety agents who responded to today’s slashing behind Fort Hamilton High School. They did a tremendous job and we are lucky to have you. Thank you to the @NYPDnews and @NYPD68Pct who also did a fantastic job. Thankfully the victim will be okay!   “

      "Senator Marty Golden @SenMartyGolden...   12 hours ago...   Update regarding the incident behind Fort Hamilton High School this afternoon. NYPD has alerted my office that the wounds were self inflicted and the story fabricated by the teenager...."

     (All Tweets from [https://twitter.com/SenMartyGolden]).

These Tweets do not necessarily bespeak a racial animus,  although there is clearly a racial component in Senator Golden's narrative.  However, they are clearly alarmist and inflammatory  ---  and ultimately, most of them turned out to be quite inaccurate and misinformative.

One does have to ask,  was there any legitimate purpose behind our State Senator's running commentary about this particular ongoing police activity  ???



Friday, August 10, 2018

So ! What Will It Be On 3rd Avenue Tonite ?

Does the beat of the battle for the streets of Bay Ridge go on one more time ?  ---  Will it be another face-to-face scrum between the Golden-bots  and the FBBR “outsiders” at the last of 2018’s  “Strolls on Third” ???


It was just a week ago  that I wrote ironically,   “… Get out the flying squads and send in the goons…”  ---  who knew that John Quaglione’s and Marty Golden’s  friends and supporters would threaten to do exactly that


Maybe, the GOLDEN & Company complaints to the no account NYC BOE  ---  and the counter-jabber by the FBBR Legal Eagles’  “Cease & Desist” letter will diffuse things  ---  Eh, maybe not…..


Personally, I think it’s just too sultry for free-for-all wrestling and low level mayhem;  and for once, there will be less here than meets the eye.


Thursday, August 9, 2018

“A Bridge Too Far” for Brooklyn GOP & Conservatives ???

Marc Molinaro, the GOP candidate for Governor,  who is conducting “Town Hall” events all around New York State, chose the nearby venue of Richmond Town for his first foray into NYC

The absence of any Brooklyn GOP or Conservative Party representation at the first NYC “Town Hall” appearance of the GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Marc Molinaro highlights the disorganization and alienation of Marty Golden’s entire Brooklyn operation

The latest crises with speed-cams and BRFB complaints apparently have completely diverted the attention and manpower of the entire Marty Golden team  ---  a major GOP and intra-party event was completely blown by both the Brooklyn Republican and Conservative Party establishments

Tonight, Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro, the Republican, Conservative and Reform Parties candidate for NYS Governor held his first “Town Hall Meeting” in New York City at the Columbian Hall, 397 Clarke Avenue, Richmond Town, on Staten Island.  The candidate spoke for about twenty (20) minutes; and then Mr. Molinaro  went on for about another forty (40) minutes taking a variety of questions from a crowd of over a hundred (100+).  Originally scheduled at the Old Courthouse in Richmond Town,  the larger than expected crowd required the short move to the larger Columbian Hall nearby.

Also at the event were Congressman Dan Donovan, Assemblywoman Nicole Mallotakis, City Council Member Joe Borelli, Member of the Assembly Ron Castorina, NYS Reform Party Chairman Curtis Sliwa, Staten Island Reform Party Chairman Frank Morano and Brooklyn Reform Party Chairman Bob Capano.

Quite notably, neither State Senator Martin Golden nor Kings County GOP Chairman Ted Ghorra showed up;  and there was no other representation from the Brooklyn Republican or Conservative Parties either.

Bob Capano was the only Brooklyn party official from any of the parties endorsing Marc Molinaro who attended the event.  Thankfully he represented Brooklyn ably and was well received by all of the Republican officials there  ---  including warm greetings and felicitations from GOP Candidate Molinaro and his small entourage.

I have also been informed that while Bob Capano worked the room and was in all his glory;  a big point was repeatedly made that the Brooklyn GOP seemed to be in complete disarray at the present time.  Many of the Staten Island GOPers openly agreed,  with others it was more sotto voce.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Another couple of bad days for Marty Golden

Yesterday,  New York City's top law enforcers  (Four of five NYC DAs)  called for renewal of Speed-Cam authorization around schools as a matter of safety for the children  ---  they focused on the Republicans in the New York State Senate as the cause of the log jam

Then today, John Quaglione's fight against a few people on Third Avenue became his boss, State Senator Marty Golden's fight against an outraged citizenry  ---  With the Golden-Quaglione supporters threatening to bring bats and riot gear to the next 3rd Avenue Stroll and making a complaint to a BOE kangaroo court (packed by Golden himself) against "Fight Back Bay Ridge" (FBBR) 


FBBR pushed back  ---  issuing a "Cease and Desist" letter to the Office of State Senator Martin J. Golden mentioning all of the governmental and quasi-governmental actions by Golden and Golden's staff against FBBR's  rights under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution 

Goldens flacks have pooh-poohed all of this;  however things are just beginning to percolate.


According to a report in the Daily News  ---  "... 'How is it possible that our legislators could not pass this in Albany?' said Manhattan DA Cy Vance. 'We know speed cameras work. We know they save lives.'...   The state’s speed reduction program came to a screeching halt July 25 when hundreds of cameras switched off when a temporary law governing initiative expired....   'It’s really shameful that the senate leadership would play these politics games with lives, children’s lives, parents’ lives, teachers’ lives. Now the cameras have gone dark and we’re here, the district attorneys and I, fighting for them to stay on....”  ( See  "DAs from across the city press lawmakers to get back on track with speed cams in school zones"  by Leonard Greene & Esther Shittu,  8/7/18,  NY Daily News/  New York  [http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-metro-speedcams-20180807-story.html#]).


My BSIs are on it.  When I get more details I'll comment on these things below.....

Meanwhile,  comment  responsibly.

Ground Control to Major Tom --- OR --- EARTH TO STEVE SAPERSTEIN

Steve you do know that you are on the first manned mission to the sun  ---  don't you  ???

Ray Denaro's pictures of your addressing  "....  We few, we happy few, we band of brothers...",  which were posted on Ray's Twitter page (See [https://twitter.com/raydenaro?lang=ar])  ---  at whatever or whose-ever "headquarters" you were using  ---  told whole stories worth thousands of words

And here's what one of those stories say:   Steve Saperstein is totally being used by the  >>> RE-ELECT MARTY GOLDEN <<< campaign

Here's the takeaway:  Marty Golden posters make wonderful wall art for any Steve Saperstein event.

Thanks, Ray.   Like I said,  "A few pictures are worth a few thousand words".....

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

John Quaglione just keeps makin' veiled threats after his "3rd Avenue Stroll --- 'political battleground' Tweet"

John Quaglione shows the world that he's a thug on social media

State Senator Martin Golden's staff spokesperson, John Quaglione, seems to like threatening all kinds of people, places and things

One of Quaglione's own comments following his infamous "3rd Avenue Stroll  ---  'political battleground' Tweet" created an even more threatening environment for anybody opposed to his boss Marty Golden in 2018 

Way to go,  Johnny Q.   ---   Way to go,  Marty G.  ---   Keep up the good work.....

Lets get down to it.   As reported in my earlier post above  (See Main Post:  "Is Marty Golden's top communicator,  John Quaglione threatening violence"  at 8/4/18  above ),  here's how John Q. started off this Tweet storm:

"John Quaglione‏ @JQuaglione

Tonight’s @SummerStroll3rd was a political battlefield- this was never the intent of the strolls. Electeds and candidates should have info tables (I had one last year) but groups with political agendas creating hostility on @3rdAveBayRidge shouldn’t be allowed to ruin a fun night

6:39 PM - 3 Aug 2018 from Brooklyn, NY"

If there were any doubt whether Quaglione's use of the phrase "...shouldn't be allowed..." was anything but coercive and threatening,  it was eliminated by this follow-up Tweet by him to somebody that responded to his initial Tweet above,  pointing out that he physically attempted to strip some things from her hand: 

"John Quaglione‏ @JQuaglione Aug 3

I had no idea who you were and now I know. Nice to meet you. I wanted one [whatever was being distributed, I believe it might have been a hand fan]  so we can see what they are all about - always good to know what the enemy is saying - also asking @3rdAveBayRidge @SummerStroll3rd to review rules - you have a business? You have a non-profit?"


Maybe, John Quaglione's strings are tuned a little too tight and he needs a long rest.  

These are your fellow citizens and your boss's constituents,  who have the same exact rights to be strolling on Third Avenue as you and Marty Golden do  ---  and to be exercising all of their rights to politic openly just like you and the State Senator.

And what is everybody supposed to make of this  ---  "...   also asking  @3rdAveBayRidge @SummerStroll3rd to review rules - you have a business? You have a non-profit?"

John, that sure seems like you're threatening a person's livelihood in their business;  and possibly their church or other civic affiliations, as well.


MAYBE,  MARTY IS OKAY WITH ALL OF IT.....                                                                                                                                   

Monday, August 6, 2018

Ralph Perfetto is back as Democrat leader of the Northwest corner of Bay Ridge

Ralph was the CONSENSUS CHOICE to replace his long-time nemesis Kevin Peter Carroll as Brooklyn member of the State Committee and Brooklyn Executive Member from 64th AD

Perfetto is anxious to get back to work with his own former "co-leader" Joanne Seminara rebuilding the Democratic Party infrastructure in the northern end of Bay Ridge,  where he says that Assemblyperson Nicole Malliotakis has built up something for the Republicans in the Dem vacuum of the last few years

Ralph plans to reach out to all the existing local Democratic clubs to ask for their help in his party building efforts.  That includes embracing the same club that had launched the career of Kevin Peter Carroll,  the man that had taken the leadership of the 64th AD from Ralph several years ago  ---  the "Brooklyn Democrats for Change."

Another important contact for Ralph is Councilman Justin Brannan.  Ralph said that he was very close to Justin before he became a member of the NY City Council;   and that longstanding relationship will be cultivated now that they both hold politically significant offices simultaneously.  Brannan's base is with the "Bay Ridge Dems,"  a club that Ralph hopes will be 100% onboard for his rebuilding program in the 64th AD.

At this point Ralph says that he is only partially vindicated  ---  he intends to continue fighting the charges brought against him several years ago by DA Hynes, who was doing a political contract for Perfetto's political opponents  ---   "John O'Hara's charges were overturned, now I'm using the same team to work on mine...."


Sunday, August 5, 2018

FLASH BANG --- "BIG CAPANO" to move on Golden Staff Tweets

I can confirm that Reform Party Chairman Robert Capano has announced that he will be making a complaint to JCOPE about State Senator Martin Golden's staff 

Whether others will be joining Mr. Capano as complainants is not known at this time


On August 5th,  Bob Capano made these Twitter reply statements via smartphone under the categorical title "Big Capano tweets [sic]":

Replying to @FightBackBR @SouthBrooklynR and 5 others

On Monday, I will be publicly calling on the Joint Committee on Public Ethics to look at Golden Staffers using fake Twitter accts for political purposes while on govt time, plenty of evidence.

Bob Capano@BobCapano    4h
Replying to @SouthBrooklynR @NYCMayor and 4 others

I am sure a state investigation of @SenMartyGolden staffers using anonymous Twitter accts. for pol attacks on govt time would not be good for re election chances…."


Several comments in an earlier comments thread on this blog indicate that there might also be some kind of media event planned on Monday,  which also involves allegations surrounding the staff of Senator Martin Golden performing purely political activities while on NYS funded time and using official media resources of various kinds. Indications are that such media event might involve Justin Brannan and Mark Treyger ---  HOWEVER, that could not be confirmed by any direct  communication by me in preparing this post.