Tuesday, February 20, 2018

THE JOHN GIUCA CASE UPDATE: THE "DENNY CHIN SCREWS UP --- AGAIN !!!" EDITION --- Wait a minute !!! That should be Acting NY State Supreme Court scumbag, DANNY CHUN

…. But to be fair,  it has been said by one famous person,  who had appeared in front of Danny Chun before, that >>>  this fine example of an Asian Gentleman “…makes a great lo mein...”  and  “…he never puts too much starch in the collars…”

…. Culinary and laundering issues aside,  obviously,  having a real hard-on for middle-class white guys is no bar to being a biased or even bigoted Criminal Court Judge in New York City or an Acting Supreme Court Justice in New York State

Maybe,  some ethnic groups just have a color problem when it comes to issues that are black and white  ---  Asians  might be a case in point.  

Acting Supreme Court Justice Danny Chun,  who the Appellate Division already ruled blew it with respect to a dismissal motion by John Giuca in 2016,  has taken a second bight out of this former white college student’s ass  ---  this time at a bail hearing earlier today in Supreme Court in Downtown Brooklyn.   

But the real problem was that Chun  acted so completely over the top that he all but said he didn’t care what the Appellate Division, Second Department,  had to say about his earlier rulings in the Giuca Case.....   

Obviously,  in Judge Chun’s court room it's what the Brooklyn DA says that goes;  and as far as Judge Chun is concerned,  John Giuca is still guilty as charged;  and all of his appeals were nothing but a waste of court time and New York State's money.

Not only is Acting Justice Danny Chun completely wrong on the facts and the law,  the remarks and demeanor on display in HIS courtroom show that Judge Chun is manifestly biased to the point of bigotry when it come to somebody who is middle-class and white.

Let's see if the New York State Justice system can fix this new kind of racism that has crept into the New York Courts.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Is Marty Golden Unveiling a new 2018 Election-Year Strutteegurree --- being even less Conservative and less Republican than before

Attacking the Sisters of Mercy along with a bunch of anti-Catholic Democrat Pols might show that NYSS Marty G is even more R.I.N.O. and less conservative than before

Rather than sticking his foot in his mouth  like he has in the past  ---  AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN  ---  Marty is sticking his foot in his mouth in new and possibly more popular-looking leftish ways

Possibly gone are,  the older but still recent,  days like this:  when our State Senator told the down-town bike guy that he, Marty Golden is not a State Senator, but a cop; and then, like a kid caught stealing on camera, the old silver-haired goniff tried to lie his way out of it   ---   or after telling Brooklyn Eagle interviewer Paula Katinas that the opioid epidemic involved doctors' kids and is not "a ghetto drug";  again, the old silver-haired goniff tried to lie his way out of it.

Now,  we see that our supposedly conservative Republican State Senator is just trying to blend in with a mostly-Democrat pack of wolves trying to pounce on a bunch of Catholic sisters when they appear down and almost out

Otherwise,  how else does Marty explain this:  ".... Golden concurred  [with Abbate, who had said 'The seniors deserve this....  Those nuns who are there today are a disgrace to this order']  vowing to stand by the seniors as they fought to stay.  'It isn’t right for our Narrows seniors, and we’re not going to take it,'  Golden said...."  


"....   'The Sisters of Mercy put out an RFP and they didn’t listen to their own agreement,' asserted Golden. 'Part of that agreement was that affordable senior housing be built at this location. They did the wrong thing, and that’s why we’re here.'..."

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Local Pols organize an anti-Catholic Nun-hunt

---  Marty Golden and  “Conservative Leader” Fran Vella-Marone stoke-up a vicious mob against formerly beloved  >>> Sisters of Mercy <<<
---  Peter Abbate even calls upon the Pope to disband the venerable religious order entirely

Leading a crowd of the great unwashed and undeserving gathered in the butt-fuck-end of  Dyker Heights,  who were likely armed since they were acting like they were the blood-thirsty villagers in the James Whale "Frankenstein"  series  of movies  ---  folks like Fran Vella-Marone, Justin Brannan, Marty Golden, Peter Abbate, Carlos Menchaca, Vincent Gentile,  Max Rose,  Ross Barkan and  Andrew Gounardes verbally beat-up on a group of good sisters,  whose order had once been referred to as the “Walking Sisters” when founded in Dublin by Catherine Mc Auley,  and who have been active in this country since 1843, and in the Diocese of Brooklyn since 1862…..

Obviously, after years of pent-up rage, no doubt for most of them going back to real or imagined hurts in grammar school, a bi-partisan (actually multi-partisan) group of politicians of all stripes have seized upon an opportunity to go on the hunt for some Catholic nuns  ---  or at least one small group of them,  The Sisters of Mercy  ---  with possibly much more mayhem being promised in the future

And what were the sins of these,  now-obvious-to-the- politicos,  miscreant,  non- religious and greedy women  ---  they intend to leave this part of Brooklyn, and they’re trying to sell THEIR property at a fair market value.   (You know,  like most sensible people would do under the same circumstances)…..

You don’t’ have to believe me,  it’s all in black and white in several reports on the events at,  and the circumstances surrounding,  the Angel Guardian site at 64th Street above Tenth Avenue,  in that last sliver of Dyker Heights near the cut for the “N” train. (Although I must warn you that the local press definitely adopted their local pols’ secular, anti-Catholic, anti-nun agenda  ---  and clearly the papers did it without the spin,  colour and penache of my headline and sub-headlines above  ( See  “Senior center at Angel Guardian gets three-month reprieve; fight continues” by Meaghan McGoldrick,  2/2/18 [later dates in print editions],  The Brooklyn Reporter/ and associated newspapers   [http://brooklynreporter.com/story/senior-center-angel-guardian-gets-three-month-reprieve-fight-continues/];   “Reprive: Angel Guardian nuns cancel senior center’s early eviction following protest”  by Julianne McShane,  2/5/18 [updated;  later dates in print editions],  Courier Life’s Brooklyn Daily   [https://www.brooklyndaily.com/stories/2018/6/br-angel-guardian-protest-2018-02-09-bk.html];  "Community Debates Sale of Angel Guardian Home”  by Marie Elena Giossi,  2/7/18,  The Tablet/ Diocesan News   [https://thetablet.org/community-debates-sale-of-angel-guardian-home/]).

Interestingly,  almost all of the politicians mentioned above (most notably Marty Golden and Fran Vella-Marone),  carry the water and fight for the "property rights" of big-time mega-land-developers, like Silverstein, Kalikow and the Wilpons,  because they chow-down like pigs and sows at the troughs of REBNY and other big-money real-estate-mogul donors.  >>> I guess the Sisters of Mercy didn't send their checks in the mail to the right folks when they were supposed to. <<< 


Service Without Honor  ---  An Op Ed piece by Lucretia Regina-Potter

“Some people are stepping on their soap boxes demanding the resignation of Assemblywoman Pamela Harris, the indicted politician of the 46 AD who has been a no-show in Albany and is still collecting a legislative salary….

As her former  opponent, and a woman who is passionate and protective of her community, I clearly brought to light that there were questionable financial activities going on throughout the campaign, but very few would listen to my message and even doubted it's credence. My findings about her and many other local political activities have gone unnoticed and deliberately ignored, especially by many in the local Press, some of whom have encouraged disparaging and demeaning columns to be written about me and my candidacies, distracting the voter from the real issues at hand….

One would expect me to be the first to demand her resignation,
However, I do respect the constitution and believe that every American citizen deserves due process. Everyone is entitled to their day in court. So let Pamela Harris have her fair say….

Should she resign? Of course that would be best….

The $79,500 question is why no one in the Legislature of our beloved New York State ha[s] asked her to resign?   Why are they circling the wagons?   And who is paying for this imbroglio?   Their silence is deafening.

Perhaps Pamela Harris will respect the constituents that elected her by doing what is best for our beleaguered 46[th] Assembly District, and step down.

An honorable woman would do so....”

Lucretia Regina-Potter is the President of the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization and the former Republican District Leader of the 46 Assembly District. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Holy Skulduggery, Batman !!!

Picture the Dark Knight, Batman, stabbing Robin,  "The Boy Wonder,"  in the back.  ---   Now,  picture the suddenly very dark persona of State Senator Martin Golden stabbing his staff's  "...Boy Wonder,"  John Quaglione, in the back.  ---   Then,  ask yourself this,  which imagined dastardly deed is more likely to happen ???   Or, if you saw somethings like either of those scenarios on social media,  which would you believe is more likely to be true ???

Look at this buzz from out there in the Twittersphere: 

"...   Zack Fink Retweeted  

Bay Ridge Democrats@BayRidgeDems 7h7 hours ago  [at 6:10 PM EST]

Bay Ridge Democrats Retweeted Zack Fink
Sounds like Marty got some poll results back….

Zack FinkVerified account @ZackFinkNews
Sources say @SenMartyGolden is working behind the scenes to get @agounardes to run for @AMPamelaHarris seat instead of Bay Ridge State Senate seat...."


For those interested in such things,  Zack Fink is a reporter for NY1.....

I wonder why he's saying all this stuff ?????  The Bay Ridge Dems sure seem to like it enough to do an RT  ---  a few others just gave it a "like"  ---  presumably,  the liked it.....


Don't fret, John-Boy, this might be the best thing for you.....

Of course, I don't believe that, but I thought it would be a nice thing to say.....