Saturday, June 23, 2018

What happened to the once-upon-a-time fairy tale "Fusion Club" of Brooklyn and Queens ???

It once was a so-called "nonpartisan" political club that united a handful outer-borough Republicans with some of their Democrat counterparts,  and its members included a bunch of folks who had jobs in various city & state agencies, and/or the courts;  however, it disappeared years ago and is now virtually forgotten

The Republican names were Queens guys like John  Haggerty, Bart Haggerty and Joe Kasper, and GOP Brooklynites included Marty Golden,  and Democrats-turned-Republicans Joe and Ann English;  among the notable Democrats often associated with the club were Queens powerhouses like Melinda Katz and Alan Hevesi 

The meetings' venues generally alternated between spots like the Bay Ridge Manor in Brooklyn and various Queens restaurants and halls in Ozone Park, Richmond Hill  and Woodhaven

The reason I thought about this particular "in the day" political hybrid is that some folks seem to be talking about reviving it  ---  or something very close to it in 2018.   Except that  ---  this time I don't think Brooklyn GOPer Marty Golden will have the inside track, either when it comes to the politics or the catering.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

For the GOP Battle of Brooklyn 2018 --- It's Golden against Grimm .....

.....  and Liam McCabe

The Donovan-Grimm primary for congress is shaping up as another surrogate fight involving Marty Golden and his crew up against Liam McCabe and his crew

After running him over like he was a little old lady in 2017,  Marty actually looks and sounds like he is going to the mattresses for two GOP primaries in a row against Liam McCabe 

There's a lot at stake in this year's GOP primary for congress,  and a lot of it has little to do with who will represent the GOP as it's congressional candidate for the Southwest Brooklyn seat now held by Dan Donovan.   For two primaries in a space of less than seven months,  Golden is doing some serious work for a side without his name being on the ballot in any way;   in 2017 it was for John Quaglione for City Council and in 2018 it is for Dan Donovan for the U.S. Congress.

By now,  all of you should have gotten the Marty Golden robocalls and/or the personal but official-looking letter, specially made to look like it's from the "Office" of New York State Senator Golden.  So far,  it looks like Marty is going all-in for Donovan to carry the Brooklyn end of the congressional district.

Without a doubt,  the real fight for all the world to see is if Marty Golden can stop Mike Grimm from carrying Brooklyn,  which it looks like he is going to do.  That's very much how it was when Grimm first ran for the seat in a GOP primary several years back in 2010 against Michael Allegretti,  when Golden strongly backed Allegretti.   But this time the real kicking and knifing under the table isn't between the Marty-controlled Brooklyn GOP and the old LaGuardia Club,  it's between Marty's guys and those in it for Grimm aligned with Liam McCabe.

Make no mistake about it,  if Grimm carries the Brooklyn portion of the two-county congressional district,  it will be a real feather in the cap for Liam.  That's important because there is already talk of another Brooklyn GOP organizational fight in 2019 due to the very weak performance of Ted Ghorra as County Chairman ( BTW,  I don't think that his phoned-in support in the Grimm-Donovan race will count for anything).   It's obvious that Golden doesn't want Liam to rebuild any momentum whatsoever,  especially after Marty's helping to crush the lad in his 2017 primary tilt against John Quaglione.

Well,  with less than five days to go,  let's see what happens next.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Chairman Bob should have let it go.....

Try never to let them know when they hit you with a  " 'Gotcha !' moment "  that scored.....

A can of beer on a crowded subway  ---  It's not quite the stuff of a Nuremberg prosecution,  you know  ---  Certainly,  given the public intoxication standards of one or two of our local elected Republicans,  and the consequences for them,  this is very light beer indeed

Going full counter-force against various perceived "routine suspects" was neither the best tactic nor the best strategy for the top local Reform Party guy.

Instead,  I would have countered with something witty like this:   "The 'standing woman' in question (and in the photo)  really looked like she had probably chosen her spot with an eye toward some good healthy IRT-quality frottage.  I offered her my seat,  but she demurred and said that her chosen spot was where she really wanted to be....   Who was I to interfere with her life choices ?"

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Brooklyn Reform Party Chairman Bob Capano's Latest >>> BOMBSHELL

Capano's latest release, verbatim: 



Reform Party Primary Uniquely Allows Independent Voters to Participate 

(Brooklyn, NY)- The Kings County Reform Party voted this week to issue Wilson Pakula authorizations to both Democrat Andrew Gounardes and Republican Marty Golden in the hotly contested race for the 22nd state senate district (Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Marine Park, Gerritsen Beach). This means there will be a Reform Party primary between these candidates on September 13th, with the winner appearing on the party's line in the November general election.

The New York State Reform Party is the only one that allows independents, or voters not affiliated with any political party, to participate in their primaries. 

Bob Capano, Chairman of the Kings County Reform Party, said his Executive Committee also voted for a primary in the 46th Assembly District (Brighton Beach, Coney Island, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights) between Republican Steve Saperstein and Democrat Chris McCreight.

"Today is a great day for independent voters in southern Brooklyn. Unlike any other party, we allow them to participate in our primaries, and they will help choose our nominee in the two most contested races in Brooklyn. For the first time in Brooklyn history, these voters, who are pejoratively referred to as 'blanks' and often dismissed by the major political parties, will be actively engaged by those seeking to be on a party line in the general election," stated Kings County Reform Party Chairman Bob Capano. He added that the Party plans to host a debate for each race focused on key priorities of the Reform Party, including term limits, initiative and referendum, and non-partisan elections.

Capano also noted that those not affiliated with any political party are the fastest growing group of voters in the country. 

NYS Reform Party Chairman Curtis Sliwa stated, "Each of these candidates took the time to seek our support because they understood the importance of our line. Now, they will have the opportunity to engage voters who are often ignored. We look forward to active and competitive races in these primaries." Sliwa added that since both of these races are expected to be extremely competitive, the Reform line will play an even more significant role in the outcome.

The Brooklyn Reform Party also endorsed Republican Yevgeny Goldberg in the 44th Assembly District (Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Kensington, Borough Park, Midwood) in his race against incumbent Robert Carroll, and Republican Daniel Ramos in the 52nd Assembly District (Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, Gowanus). The incumbent is Jo Anne Simon. 

A Wilson Pakula is an authorization given by a political party to a candidate for public office that allows the candidate not registered with that particular party to run as its candidate in an election.

The Kings County Reform Party is expected to make additional endorsements in state races next week.