Saturday, April 20, 2019

Serious charges of "juror misconduct" leveled at multiple jurors in the Chanel Lewis retrial

At least three jurors allegedly acted in an imperious and improper manner to ram through their prejudiced views and conclusions regarding Chanel Lewis and his  "GUILT" on all charges

The boldness and overbearing attitude of at least three offending jurors suggests that they felt confident and well-placed to control the outcome of the verdict, as well as insulated from any negative fallout from their unlawful activity

As one veteran Brooklyn GOP observer might say,  "The Question Begs"  ---  Did New York State Court personnel in Queens assist Queens County prosecutors by  "seeding" the jury pool with a bunch of specially chosen "hanging" jurors immediately in advance of the retrial of Chanel Lewis

In the past few days,  multiple media outlets have reported on (an) affidavit(s) claiming that several improper acts by several jurors seriously tainted jury deliberations in the Chanel Lewis retrial;  and at least one counter affidavit submitted by the Queens DA's office.

Special attention needs to be given to two articles in particular  (See "Vetrano trial juror affidavits detail allegations of misconduct and counterclaims" by David Brand, 4/18/19, The Queens Daily Eagle   [];  and   " 'My Mind Is Made Up': Affidavit Details Alleged Juror Misconduct In Chanel Lewis Trial" by Jen Chung, 4/19/19,  Gothamist/ News   []).

At least one post-trial submission indicates that at one juror certainly is still actively cooperating with the Queens DA's office.

Don't expect much from any hearing on these matters by Queens County NYS Supreme Court Justice Michael Aloise.  He is a pro-prosecution hack; and is a "Cracker Jack Jurist" only to the extent that he obtained his credentials as a jurist as prizes in boxes of Cracker Jack(s).