Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Is Nicole Malliotakis an absolute moron ??? Or does she think everybody in her electorate in Brooklyn and Staten Island are ?????

Nicole Malliotakis made the completely hollow political promises that her first bill after being elected to congress will be to fully fund the NYPD  ---  I kid you not  ---  I'd love to see what such a proposal would look like as a "bill"

Does Nicole Malliotakis even have the slightest idea what her duties and abilities as a newly-elected Member of the U.S. Congress might be ???

Does she even have a clue what goes into the budgeting process for grants to police departments in places like New York City ?????

On top of that,  Nicole got into a whole bunch of gibberish malarkey about cross-deputizing NYC Police Officers as "Federales"; and putting federal money into something she called "guaranteed lockboxes for public safety and security" to ensure that funding for the NYPD never decreases.  

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!   Nicole, you make big joke for everybody to laugh.....

Much more likely, GOP-Conservative Party Candidate for Congress Nicole Malliotakis seems to know nothing about the duties of a U.S. Congressperson,  how congressional budgeting works, the basics of Federalism, or how someone like herself might even begin go about obtaining targeted funding for local projects or local governmental activities.