Saturday, December 7, 2019

Who, What, Where is the "BROOKLYN GOP" or the "Brooklyn Republican Party" ???

If you plug "Brooklyn GOP" or "Brooklyn Republican Party" into you search engine, almost everything up front shows that Craig Eaton is still the man in charge;  what does that say about the formal Republican county organization of Marty Golden's handpicked GOP County Chairman Ted Ghorra ?

Even if you look on social media, it is much the same  ---  with a smattering of stuff for Liam McCabe.....

Is there any evidence of an active presence by a viable political entity called the "Brooklyn Republican Party " or the "Brooklyn GOP" in 2019 going forward into 2020

This is a Republican Party that seems frozen in time at least five years ago if not longer.

Ted Ghorra can't do the job as GOP County Leader;  and it looks like nobody else wants the job enough to make any effort at a takeover.

So should we be sad, mad or glad ???