Monday, October 14, 2019

Christine and Liam's Wedding --- a social success that underlined the power couple's continuing political clout

Liam was dapper and Christine lovely at their very proper, yet quite trendy affair at the Liberty Warehouse at the end of Conover Street in Red Hook  ---  the Statue of Liberty, Governor's Island, Lower Manhattan at sunset --- perfect.....

And the politicos on hand were a Who's Who of the newest generation of GOP and Conservative Party types from Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan and the rest of the metropolitan area  ---  with a good smattering of another generation of "oldtimers"

Virtually the whole Malliotakis team,  including everybody from the candidate herself to its newest members,  were working the room hard  ---  as much to wish Liam and Christine well as talk up their good, bad or indifferent campaign for congress in Staten Island and Southwest Brooklyn

This wasn't a "football wedding" at the Sheridan K of C,  your run of the mill catered affair at the Bay Ridge Manor, or even something like they might throw in what's left of the Dyker-Bensonhurst catering palaces.....   It was classy, glitzy and trendy;  and it was very much downtown and "New Brooklyn".....

Christine's dress was something that moved many of those traditionalists present,  especially the women.....  Her bare shouldered silky sheath dress, with its complex crystal halter were the perfect dynamite look for the church wedding and evening reception.

Liam was in his glory, as he looked like Cary Grant,  Sean Connery,  Bradley Cooper and  Hugh Jackman rolled into one in his classic dinner jacket tux.

Even though the wedding event was social and sociable,  when it comes to a couple like Christine and Liam,  politics is never far away;  and last Thursday night was no exception. So many of the toasts and testimonials were about who met whom during what campaign,  the non-political folks in the large crowd must have felt out of place,  or at least in the dark.

The room was full of the latest generation of conservative Republican movers and shakers, as well as by-now-old-timers like Jerry K. and  Fran V-M;  and they were all there to celebrate Liam  and Christine.  The love and affection were real.

Although there were some soto voce "comments" here and there about some past screw-ups of this, that or the other;  but none of it could diminish the fact that it was Christine and Liam's night.  More than once in the evening, during very animated conversations,  Liam McCabe all but burst out singing Stephen Sondheim's  "I'M STILL HERE"..... 

Based on what was obvious last Thursday night, he's right;  and Christine is right there by his side. It is clearly a very formidable "two for the price of one" team in Brooklyn GOP and Conservative Party politics going forward.