Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Ulrich backers in Brooklyn are about  to infect the Brooklyn GOP with the "Ulrich brand" of Queens GOP chaos

It looks like "Chairman" Ghorra has his marching orders from the real Brooklyn GOP chairman

Why ruin a perfect record ?   KCRP Faux-chairman Ted Ghorra never gets this kind of stuff right.....

One of my BSIs reports that  >>>  Curtis Sliwa has reached out to the Brooklyn GOP's pretend "Chairman" Ted Ghorra four times,  using both email and telephone,  to seek an endorsement interview in advance of the KCRP's  pretend "Executive Committee" meeting to discuss the upcoming Public Advocate race.   So far Ghorra has completely ducked Sliwa  [Also note:  Ted Ghorra's non-response to Curtis Sliwa has changed the Ghorra-watchers' nickname for Ted from "15 Watt" to "7-and-a-half Watt"].

Everybody believes that the "KCRP ... Committee" is going to be meeting sometime this evening;  and "the question begs"  ---  "Why would the Brooklyn GOP not want to consider all candidates seeking their support ?"

 >>> Is Ghorra already in the bag for Eric Ulrich? <<<

Mr. "Chairman" (Guffaw !!!), how can this possibly be  ---  when Eric Ulrich actively opposed the Brooklyn GOP's selection for Mayor last year, Nicole Malliotakis  ---  and he has persisted in his divisive attacks upon her  ---  one as recently as last month,  when he viciously attacked her on Twitter  ---   and significantly, that was after it was clear that Malliotakis would become Brooklyn's only Republican elected official after January 1st. 

Watch what happens at any real KCRP meeting

The buzz is that, if there is any proper order and quarum of KCRP Executive Members, there will be several Republican District leaders confronting "Chairman" Ghorra as to why he is keeping them from formally hearing from Public Advocate candidate and NYC radio talk show star Curtis Sliwa.  They also intend to put  it on the record that Eric Ulrich has created chaos in the Queens GOP,  in response to which former Queens Chairman and Brooklyn/Queens Congressman Bob Turner openly endorsed Sliwa over Ulrich this past weekend.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Sliwa throws his beret into the ring --- by saying he really doesn't want the job for himself or any of the other candidates

Curtis Sliwa hopes to be seen as the "man of the people" as he talked about entering the race for public advocate in February’s special election to replace NYS Attorney General-elect Letitia James

NYC's first "Guardian Angel" openly states that his run in this Special Election for for Public Advocate is motivated by Republican candidate and City Council member for Southwest Queens Eric Ulrich's announcement of his candidacy for the same office in the same special election


Sliwa says that Ulrich is unfit to run for anything as a Republican endorsed candidate, because the Queens Councilman has shown terrible judgment by endorsing a "baffoon" like Bo Dietl, over Brooklyn & Staten Island Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis for the Republican nomination in last year’s mayoral election

Curtis Sliwa is described by the "Kings County Politics" blog as   ---  "....  The bold, tough-talking founder and face of the civilian vigilante group the Guardian Angels, radio personality, and perennial Reform Party candidate...".  In an exclusive interview that he gave to KCP,  the feature's lead was a discussion of Sliwa's strongly asserted position to eliminate the office for which he is likely to be running, with or without GOP support, in February  (See "Curtis Sliwa Could Be Wild Card In Public Advocate Race"  by Michael Rock,  12/13/18,  Kings County Politics  [www.kingscountypolitics.com/curtis-sliwa-could-be-wild-card-in-public-advocate-race/]).
According to KCP,  Sliwa noted that with the exception of  one past  NYC Public Advocate,  since the post was established in 1994, every one of them had used the position as a springboard to campaign for higher office using the taxpayers’ dime.  Sliwa then specifically mentioned Mayor Bill De Blasio,  Mark Green, and of course most recently, Letiticia James.
Curtis Sliwa promises to be a threat to the very office for which he will be running
If I were to run for Public Advocate…I would take the oath of office if I won, [and then I would] fire myself, fire everyone else, and padlock the office....  You do not need a public advocate, because all they’re advocating for is themselves.”
Mr. Sliwa also made it clear that if the people voted to maintain the public advocate office in a referendum that he is proposing if elected, he would respect the will of the people.  In that case, he said he would use his position to “be Bill De Blasio’s worst nightmare”  ---   Sliwa then used the KCP article to highlight his own July 2017 arrest at Gracie Mansion while attempting to serve the mayor court papers.
The first Guardian Angel then proceeded to explain that his top priority would be the subway system. “I was birthed in the subways. For 40 years, I have been patrolling the subways with the Guardian Angels....  [a]nd that’s something the mayor disdains. Riding the subway. He’ll do it for a photo-op, but he refuses to ride the subway [for real].”  Staying on the subject of subways and other transit modalities,  Sliwa then accused Governor Andrew Cuomo of being too aloof on too many matters directly effecting NYC's residents  ---  with the decaying MTA at the top of the list.

Sliwa's [R]ock-Block Strategy

He also explained to interviewer Michael Rock that he was motivated to run by the announcement of Republican candidate and City Councilmember Eric Ulrich,  sort of as a blocking maneuver.  Sliwa indicated that he opposes Ulrich for endorsing former cop Bo Dietl, whom he referred to as a “buffoon,” over Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis for the Republican nomination in last year’s mayoral election; and Sliwa also spoke out about how Ulrich voted to approve  the left-wing radical former City Council Speaker and Democratic P.A. candidate Melissa Mark-Viverito  to be the Speaker of the NYC Council as part of a deal brokered by Mayor De Blasio.

Sliwa offers forgiveness to Ulrich if he REPENTS

However, Sliwa acknowledged that Ulrich is the only true Republican in the race and that Ulrich could be redeemed for his past mistakes if he apologized.  He then compared what Ulrich needed to go through as "the Stations of the Cross"  (possibly a reference to a ritualist practice in the Roman Catholic faith sometimes done as a penance).

Public Advocate Candidate (and CIty Council Speaker) MM-V needs to focus on New York City's and real New Yorker's needs 

As to Council Speaker Mark-Viverito, Sliwa told KCP that he respected her intelligence, passion, and dedication to her goals.   On the other hand, Sliwa said that he felt she was out of touch with the needs of real New Yorkers.  “I’ve always thought that Melissa Mark-Viverito’s heart was always in Puerto Rico. She seems to be much more attached to [that] island’s needs....   Why [does she] want to run for public advocate here?  [She]should run for Mayor San Jaun or Ponce,  or] Governor of Puerto Rico…   [The New York City Public Advocate  should] not be thinking about Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic or anywhere else...."  
By stark contrast Curtis Sliwa emphasised  ---  "We’re thinking of the five boroughs of the City of New York.”

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Queens Republican City Councilman Eric Ulrich gets Staten Island support for his run for Public Advocate

Faces serious opposition from growing field of "Democrats" in "non-partisan" special election for short term fill-in for spot vacated by NYAG-Elect Letitia James ---   which field now includes:  Jumaane Williams,  Rafael Espinal, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Michael Blake and Ydanis Rodriquez

Ulrich also will have to contend with serious personal opposition to his candidacy from many fellow Republicans, some of whom look like they could bolt and support Curtis Sliwa or another "Anybody but Ulrich" Republican alternative

Of particular interest to this blog, Ulrich must deal with a growing NYPD-Queens DA Office scandal from his home borough & district  >>> there is fall-out all over him concerning his personal involvement with the failed attempt to railroad a Brooklyn black man with special needs for the murder of Karina Vetrano  ---  most of which has popped up like mushrooms since a Queens jury failed to convict the Brooklyn black man [and which at one point seemed near to a complete acquittal]  ---  all of this scandal is
 in Ulrich's home-borough of Queens; and particular aspects of it are in and around his backyard neighborhoods of Ozone Park and Howard Beach

The Staten Island Republicans put out an E-mail announcement yesterday that they are endorsing Ulrich's very long-shot campaign to steal the Public Advocate position for a very temporary period. 
Some are already saying that the S.I. GOP process and the announcement are tainted.  Near the top of the list of those unhappy with the announcement are many of those close to Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis

Meanwhile, the Brooklyn GOP is completely fractured over supporting or not supporting Mr. U's race.

This blog had previously tied the fiasco of the Vetrano-Lewis investigation and prosecution to prospective candidate Ulrich.....   Now, that he is clear that he IS running for Public Advocate, he should be fully vetted and his personal involvement in the attempted railroading of a possibly innocent person needs to be fully explored.

There's a lot to unpack here.  More when I get it.

Monday, December 10, 2018

.... But more than anything else, Detective Lieutenant John Russo is the "Achilles Heel" for any attempt at a retrial of Chanel Lewis

"Hero cop"  ---  AH-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA !!! ---  Neighborhood vigilante and thug is more like it  ---  and  ---  pretty much a "Bully boy" -  "On the job"


NYPD Detective Lieutenant John Russo testified in court in the Vetrano-Lewis case about his first encounter(s) with a man that he later fingered as the man guilty of the murder of  Karina Vetrano.   Russo said that his recollections from his May 30 & 31,  2016 encounters with Chanel Lewis were that:   he saw an "out of place'' man wearing 'long sleeves' and his "hood up in warm weather";  that  "[a]fter several minutes of watching, [he] believed [Chanel Lewis] was about to commit or had previously committed a burglary... so [Russo said he] called 911 and reported a suspicious a male....." ; all told, Russo testified the he had been watching Chanel Lewis' unusual behavior for nearly an hour on that first day;  and that on the following day, Russo tracked Lewis down in the same area and called detectives to question him.       

      Hmmmmm !!!    "[O]ut of place"  ---   "... believed he was about to commit or had previously committed a burglary..."  ---   what a neighborhood watcher that John Russo was at the end of May 2016  ---  a regular "Black Knight"..... If only it had ended there;  however, surely, it did not.
      All of that was reported in a very good compilation by the Daily Mail about the Vetrano-Lewis trial  (See "High-ranking NYPD cop who cracked the Queens jogger case recalls his dramatic first encounter with the man who brutally 'raped and strangled' Karina Vetrano"  by Jessica Schroeder & Snejana Farberov,  11/9/18 [updated 11/12/18],  Daily Mail/ Dailymail.com  [https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6370655/NYPD-officer-cracked-Queens-jogger-case-testifies-court.html]).

      That very same Daily Mail report stated that  "[Chanel Lewis'] dramatic arrest came eight months later during [an] investigation in[to] the killing of Karina Vetrano, who was murdered in the same area Russ[o]l had his encounter with Lewis....  Russo ordered detectives to track him down, and they ultimately found DNA from [Chanel Lewis'] home that matched the DNA at the crime scene...."

      That sort of begs two questions:  how was it that an "off duty" and "volunteer"  Det. Lieut. John Russo could "order" detectives to do anything;  and why did it take him all of six months into the Vetrano murder investigation to throw his substantial NYPD weight around.