Thursday, December 31, 2015

As we move deeper into New Years Eve and start to count down to the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016.....

Let's hope the Brooklyn GOP finds itself in time to do something meaningful in 2016

Wishing all my friends, and political and blogging associates of all stripes, hues and descriptions  >>>  A Happy New Year for 2016  

And to all the villains in my life  >>>  A miserable undoing before the next New Year

I intend to revel very quietly and think fondly of many New Years past. At the same time, I will be grateful at not having to wait in Canarsie or Mill Basin for a bus back home to Bay Ridge well into the AM; and be amazed that all of that seems not very long ago, even though it's been close to fifty years.

Also my images of that revelry are intruded upon by a few moving picture images of people shouting "HAAAPP-PEEE NEW YEAR !!!" -- like William Powell, as Nick Charles in "After the Thin Man," or  Joe E. Brown, as Cap'n Andy in "Show Boat".....  Something that shows the power of certain mediums to substitute fabricated images in place of, or at least ahead of, real ones.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Brooklyn Eagle report shows there is general acceptance of Arnaldo Ferraro as KCRP Chairman

Several NYS GOP leaders lend support to Ferraro as "Chairman" elected by 2015 Brooklyn GOP County Convention at "official" KCRP Christmas-Holiday Party


According to a feature article in the Brooklyn Eagle,  "New York State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox came to the Brooklyn party’s headquarters in Bensonhurst to help new Brooklyn GOP Party Chairman Arnaldo Ferraro and his troops celebrate the holiday season. Ferraro, who was elected chairman of the Brooklyn Republican Party on Sept. 30, hosted the holiday get-together at the party’s headquarters at 8024 17th Ave...." (See "State GOP chairman parties with Brooklyn leaders" by Brooklyn Eagle Staff, 12/28/15, The Brooklyn Eagle [][with photo of  "Brooklyn GOP Chairman Arnaldo Ferraro" and Ed Cox]).

The Eagle article went on to say, ".... Jason Weingartner, executive director of the New York State Republican Party, also attended the holiday party. The guest list included Craig Eaton, former Brooklyn GOP chairman; Diana Sepulveda, president of the Brooklyn Young Republicans Club; Jeffrey Ferretti, Republican candidate for the 59th Assembly District; and Jaime Sanders, candidate for the 19th Congressional District. Brooklyn GOP Secretary Lucretia Regina-Potter organized the party with help from GOP Treasurer Stephen Maresca...."

Perhaps the most important aspect of the coverage  by the Brooklyn Daily Eagle of the  "official" Republican event hosted by Mr. Ferraro and Party Secretary Lucretia Potter was this description of how Mr. Ferraro became the Kings County Republican County Chairman in 2015:    "....  This year marked a changing of the guard in Republican Party politics in Brooklyn. Eaton, a Bay Ridge lawyer who had served as Brooklyn GOP chairman for eight years, suddenly stepped down at the party’s Sept. 30 meeting and threw his support behind Ferraro, a retired educator from Bensonhurst. Ferraro was elected chairman by an overwhelming margin, 327-46. Eaton’s political enemy, state Sen. Marty Golden (R-C-Bay Ridge-Southwest Brooklyn), had sought to nominate Ted Ghorra a lawyer from Bay Ridge, for the chairmanship. But Golden’s forces lost a floor fight over proxy votes and Ferraro cruised to victory."

Monday, December 21, 2015

“Bay Ridge” Bob Capano’s Letter to CB-10 Shines Bright Light on Problem of Radicalism In Our Midst

Islamic Radical Linda Sarsour’s rabble-rousing antics resulting in her arrest at Gracie Mansion highlight a growing alliance between jihadi-oriented Arabs and American Black radicals fomenting riots and other anti-police violence across the country 

Letter to CB-10 also points up how far left the local Democrat-dominated planning board has swung

Even though Bob Capano’s E-mail announcement this morning is about the “Vast News Coverage...” of several of the interviews on his boss John Catsimatidis’ “Cats' Roundtable...” show on the radio, Capano deserves his own kudos for putting his own spotlight on a news story and problem that is closer to home for those of us living in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights.

Of course, if you’ve been reading this blog or the local newspapers, you’d know that Mr. Capano has been publicizing the nefarious exploits of Bay Ridge’s own Islamic radical, Linda Sarsour  —  this time in connection with her out of control attacks on the NYPD, which resulted in her recent arrest and which are part and parcel of her alliance with the domestic Black radicals and trouble-makers that have been fomenting riots across the country throughout 2014-2015.


The most recent coverage of the Bob Capano-Linda Sarsour story appeared as a “Letter to the Editor” in the Courier Life’s “Brooklyn Daily” section, but it was really a “cc” of a portion of Bob Capano’s recent letter to the CB-10 Chairman Brian Kieran.

Capano thinks that it is necessary for the local board to reign-in Sarsour, who was recently arrested in an anti-cop demonstration at the Mayor’s residence – Gracie Mansion.  Sarsour has been increasingly vocal and active in her attacks on the NYPD.  Those attacks have run the gamut from her complaints about NYPD surveillance programs that were aimed at Islamic terrorists right here in Brooklyn, to her more recent rants on behalf of “Black Lives Matter” and the “Justice League of New York.”  Thanks to Bob Capano's efforts, everybody now knows that Linda Sarsour is a CB-10 member that was put there by the incumbent Democratic City Councilman, Vincent Gentile.

However, don’t expect very much to come of that.  CB-10 has slipped very far left lately – even though it is ostensibly being controlled by people identified as middle-of-the-road Dems, like Mr. Kieran, who also writes a Democratic-liberal column for the Home Reporter.


Long-gone are the days when people like Craig Eaton held sway over CB-10. Now, it’s as if local Republican electeds, like Marty Golden, and the people on their staffs, like Jerry Kassar and John Quaglione,  no longer have any interest whatsoever in the community-based board for Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights. Once upon a time, things had been completely different. When Golden still cared about such things, he made sure that his interests were heard on CB-10; and that was long after he’d moved-on from the NY City Council to the NY State Senate.

If nothing else, Bob Capano’s push-back on Sarsour’s activities by way of his direct appeal to the Community Planning Board Chairman puts at least one local Bay Ridge Republican on the record in favor of the NYPD in the face of the growing attacks against them.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Important Announcement: Craig Eaton is still the KCRP Chairman

Marty Golden's blockage of the "certification" of Arnaldo Ferraro as the duly elected KCRP Chairman actually means Craig Eaton continues as the Brooklyn GOP Chairman beyond his term, because Chairman Eaton is NOT "Functus Officio"

Craig Eaton's last official act should have been to complete the transition of his leadership to Arnaldo Ferraro ---  the actions of the State Senator Martin Golden - Ted Ghorra cabal at the NYC Board of Elections and in court have had the effect of extending the Chairmanship of Craig Eaton until the selection of the new Brooklyn GOP Chairman is "certified" 

It looks like Craig Eaton has some other cards to play in this game....   

One of the things that "Chairman" Eaton might do is re-convene the County Committee of the KCRP to report on what has happened since the convention elected Arnaldo Ferrao and for additional matters related to the election of Arnaldo Ferraro. After such matters have been conducted by the County Committee, a new certification of the election of Arnaldo Feraro might be submitted to the BOE; and a motion made to the court that the current pending matter should be dismissed.because the case is moot.

Maybe there will be an announcement about some or all of this at the "official" KCRP Christmas/Holiday Party.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Marty Golden — Robocalls — Parties at the Bay Ridge Manor — And lots of brass

You’ve got to hand it to Brooklyn Republican State Senator Marty Golden  —  He sure does have a pair of brass bells when it comes to holding his Christmas/ Holiday Party at the site of his family business, The Bay Ridge Manor

Marty might be having all his friends and insiders in to bring out a figgy pudding, and they won’t go until they have some  —  But, SSMG doesn’t seem to give a flying fig about Preet Bharara or what the U.S. Attorney’s done lately to some of Marty’s good friends of Christmas Past

Did you get your robocall invitation to State Senator Marty Golden’s holiday party at the Bay Ridge Manor ???   Well, I did  !!!   Given all that’s been going on with Marty Golden this year, I must say that I’m a little bit surprised.

If you are a regular follower Capital New York you already know that  —   last Friday's corruption conviction of former Republican Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos knocked out another of the “three men in a room” who have controlled the Albany for years. However, unlike the guilty verdict handed down a month before to former NYS Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver, Dean Skelos’ partisan opposite, the Skelos' conviction will touch off a political war that will probably dominate Albany next year; and which will most likely probably side-track any efforts at serious legislative reform in the state capital ( See “The partisan reform war launched by the Skelos conviction” by Jimmy Vielkind, 12/11/15, Capital New York/ PoliticoNewYork beta []). Judging from outward behavior, that suits Brooklyn GOP State Senator Marty Golden just fine  —  because it all seems like water off of a duck's back; or in this instance, off the back of a Christmas goose.

But, as we get closer to Christmas in this Year of Our Lord 2015,  might there be more than visions of sugar plums dancing inside Marty G’s head ???  Are there things that he should be more worried about than hitting his electronic breezer with messages inviting people to his annual holiday soiree ???

If you read deeper into Jimmy V’s article, cited above, you’ll see that he buries the Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst and Marine Park state senator both literally and figuratively.  Literally – since there is only one sentence  mentioning Marty; and its almost in the perfect middle of a paragraph at the perfect middle of the article. However, Vielkind’s figurative burial of Senator Golden might be more significant, because that one sentence specifically says “....  Marty Golden, a Republican from Brooklyn, acknowledged that federal prosecutors were looking at campaign money he spent at a catering hall now owned by his brother....”  It’s not a quote by SSMG   —   but, it is about as close to a quote as you can get (about a month from now anybody will be able to put quotes around it, and then you’ll have the damn quote).


Before my favorite “fans” followers start razzing me that I’ll put up any little negative thing about Marty up there on my blog as soon as I get it, let me say that other local pundits and punters beat me to the punt on this one. One of my oldest and loyalist BSIs sent me the link to the Jimmy Vielkind article two days ago  —   shortly after that, he sent me a link to some commentary about that article posted by “Kip” in the Bay Ridge Journal.

According to Kip  —   “....  Politwatchers are now waiting for the next shoe to drop, with eight Long Island senators subpoenaed during the Skelos investigation, and federal prosecutors looking into campaign money that Republican state senator Marty Golden dropped on the Bay Ridge Manor, which nominally belongs to his brother....”  (See “What's Next for Corrupt Albany?” by Kip, 12/12/15, The Bay Ridge Journal []).


I must say that, if nothing else, Marty Golden sure is a bold one. He seems completely unmoved by the observations and running commentary the likes of Jimmy Vielkind, Kip, Galewyn Massey and all similarly situated carpers and whiners.  I get that  —  and part of me even respects and likes it.

On the other hand, what I don’t get is SSMG’s getting right into the grillwork of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, fresh off of some more corruption convictions, one of whom was Marty’s Republican caucus boss in the NYS Senate.

I feel that going back to the Bay Ridge Manor well – one more time – in such an open and notorious manner does not demonstrate wisdom.  However, in the spirit of the holidays it does show that Marty Golden does have one big pair of brassy Christmas bells that he is tugging, moving and  shaking to beat the band for the 2015 holidays.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

In what looks like a budding political campaign --- Bob Capano goes back to some favorite old themes

Former Republican City Council Candidate Bob Capano has been  hacking away at the opposition on his computer issuing statements going after Bay Ridge Islamic activist Linda Sarsour for her more outrageous anti-police rhetoric and lawless behavior  ---  The once [and future?] GOP City Council Candidate again goes after Linda Sarsour and NYC Councilman Vinny Gentile in a series of E-Mail releases



*Note:  Emphasis and Caps were Mr. Capano's

Mr. Capano, was Director of Community Boards under former Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, today called on Linda Sarsour to resign from Community Board 10 or for Borough President Eric Adams and Councilman Gentile to not re-appoint her after a video showed her participating in an anti-police protest and getting arrested.  His thoughts were contained in three similar E-mail releases that were distributed to separate mailing lists maintained by Capano.
Since Mr.Capano also was the Republican, Conservative, and Independence party candidate against Gentile in 2009,  one cannot escape concluding that these releases definitely look like they have a political purpose that goes beyond bashing Ms. Sarsour and the Democrat officeholders that Capano mentioned.

According to Capano's statement  ---  “When I was director of Brooklyn community boards, I always recommended to the Borough President individuals for appointment who were in touch with the general values and needs of a community. Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights has always been communities known for their strong support of the NYPD and the 68th Precinct. Linda Sarsour, through her active participation at this protest where vile statements were made against the NYPD, and where she was arrested, demonstrates that she does not represent the values of the community and should not be a member of Community Board 10. She should resign. If she does not, Councilman Gentile and Borough President Adams should finally say ‘enough is enough’ with her pattern of irresponsible and extreme actions and make sure she is not re-appointed.”


On Thursday, December 3rd, protesters led by something called "The Justice League of New York" protested against the NYC Police Department outside of Gracie Mansion. Video from the event showed a protester yelling in the face of a police officer, “Nobody looks at you like a hero, just a racist.”  In addition, there were repeated chants  at that demonstration  about “the violence of the racist police."   The video also showed a number of protesters being arrested, including Linda Sarsour, the Islamic activist from Bay Ridge.


Reflecting on what he saw in the video, Bob Capano made note of the following:  “Having been born and raised in Bay Ridge, I know that these comments do not represent the community.  Maybe Chairman [of Board 10] Brian Kieran should call for a vote expressing the support of Community Board 10 for the NYPD to demonstrate that Linda Sarsour does not represent the views of the board, Bay Ridge, or Dyker Heights.”

Maybe it's just me, but maybe  -- just maybe --  this is  beginning to look a lot like a budding political campaign for something.

** NOTE:  A link to the video referred to by Mr. Capano is at:

Saturday, December 5, 2015


In light of the recent terrorist attack on Americans in their homeland, and the NY Times front-page editorial about a  so-called "Gun  Epidemic" ---  Americans must do something to END  >>>  The Knee-jerk Liberal Epidemic In Response Guns and Gun Rights in America and the simultaneous attempts to completely disarm us in the face of rising threats foreign and domestic

It's about time to consider BANNING all speech, writing or mass transmission of anything that seeks to limit the Second Amendment in any way -  Shutting down the New York Times would be a good way to start

​It is a moral outrage and national disgrace that Liberals can legally speak-out against the lawful purchase of firearms protected by the U.S. Constitution. This is especially true now, when Americans face an onslaught of radical Muslim Jihadis within their borders, in their communities --- and just this week, being present to kill Christians and Jews at their year end holiday observances.

All REAL AMERICANS feel sorrow and righteous fury about the latest attack on our freedoms first by terrorists  --  and now by the Liberal Establishment's main organ of propaganda the New York Times.

Across the country  REAL AMERICANS are searching for a proportional and effective response, including addressing the vital question of whether the Times and other liberal outlets might need to be SILENCED in their hateful jihad against Americans'  bedrock and essential right to bear arms.

Given these times and the outrage perpetrated by the terrorist and the New York Times, that is only right and proper.

What better time than during a presidential election to show, at long last, that our nation has regained a righteous sense of itself?  An outraged citizenry needs to rise up --  and  --  SHUT DOWN THE NEW YORK TIMES --  to silence its hateful and un-American rantings once and for all.

Friday, December 4, 2015


A NYS Supreme Court Judge, Hon. Edgar Walker, JSC, has delayed the progress of the State Senator Martin Golden-sponsored case against KCRP Chairman Arnaldo Ferraro for at least another two months  

In ordering  the second adjournment in the case,  Justice Walker wanted both sides to clarify their positions on the issues by filing additional briefs by January 26, 2016,  allowing both sides to "reply" by February 2, 2016  --  the next date in NYS Supreme Court is now scheduled for  February 5th 

The Golden groupies left court & went home like a bunch of grumpies !!!

In an exclusive interview with the attorney for KCRP Chairman Arnaldo Ferraro and the KCRP, Ezra Glaser, Esq., of the firm Conde & Glaser, LLP, I have obtained several details of today's session before the Honorable Edgar Walker, JSC, in the case brought by several named petitioners ( but, as in 2013, sponsored by NYS  Senator Martin Golden [R-C]).

The formal result of today's appearance in front of Judge Walker is that the matter was again adjourned --- this time until February 5. 2016.  Before that date, however,  the Court directed the opposing parties to submit briefs to narrow the issues and clarify their positions on those issues -- the date for serving and  submitting briefs is January 26th; and all sides were given an opportunity to serve & submit reply briefs by February 2nd.

All of that was the result of an abbreviated argument this morning wherein Mr. Glaser had argued to the Court that ".... Those challenging the validity of the duly convened 2015 GOP County Convention have a heavy burden to demonstrate with evidence that the formal convention was not duly conducted according to the law and the KCRP rules...."
The main arguments on behalf of the Golden team were made by John Ciampoli, an attorney long-associated with  NYS Senate Republicans, including Marty Golden on some matters.  Ciampoli appeared as the retained counsel for Diane Rudiano and some other allied petitioners.  One of the main arguments advanced by Mr. Ciampoli was that the 2015 KCRP Convention was not conducted pursuant to "Robert's Rules...";  in addition, he argued about  the deliberations of the "Credentials Committee" designated by the former County Chairman and the Temporary Chair of the Convention. He said those deliberations were not open to all sides for observation, there was no submission of any report of the "Credentials Committee" for any vote at the convention, and that a majority of the proxies were eliminated without a "hearing" or the submission of any evidence.  Mr. Glaser countered all of those arguments.

After asking both sides several questions showing a familiarity of the papers previously submitted, Justice Walker indicated that the mornings arguments went well beyond what was in the papers before the Court.   When the Court first mentioned the need for a briefing schedule, Mr. Ciampoli and his co-counsel for other petitioners demurred and argued for a decision on the papers before the Court, or for the taking the Petitions on submission along with allowing the later submission  of supplemental papers.  Mr Glaser argued against that;  and the Court granted the complete adjournment of proceedings on condition of a clear briefing schedule in advance of the adjourn date.

Although he heard none of the specific conversations by those on the Golden side,  Mr. Glaser seemed certain that the Golden folks were completely dissatisfied at what had happen in court today.  His observations came down to this:  You could tell  by the body language and everybody's pantomime movements that it wasn't a happy crowd.

A CLASSIC FAIL --- Hillary Clinton only "Gets It" after her Benghazi-like diversion about San Bernadino fizzled and not acknowledging "Terrorism" became a political liability

Clinton's first impulse was a classic diversion ---  to respond just like Barack-O  by attacking all American's Constitutional rights and blame the San Bernadino carnage on gun violence



According to a print report from CBS News ---  "Hillary Clinton on Thursday evening commented further on the shooting in San Bernardino, California that killed 14 people a day earlier, saying it's 'becoming clearer that we are dealing with an act of terrorism....   I have confidence that the local police working with the FBI, we will learn more about what went on and who these people were and what their motivation were. But it is becoming clearer that we are dealing with an act of terrorism something that included bombs, luckily one that didn't go off,' Clinton said after calling hours earlier for gun safety reform in the wake of the shooting...."  (See "​Hillary Clinton: Becoming clear San Bernardino shooting 'act of terrorism' " by Hannah Fraser-CHanpong, 12/3/15, CBS News []).


Rather than rallying America against a rising and real threat to the nation, homegrown Islamic terrorists and terrorism, Hillary Clinton was quick to join President Obama in scoring quick political points, making the focus "gun violence" and calling for more gun-control on good law abiding Americans.

CNN has reported that  ---   "....  Clinton told a crowd of supporters in New Hampshire on Thursday that she would 'not be silenced' on gun violence....  (See "Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders seek gun control reform after shootings" by Dan Merica and Tom LoBianco, 12/4/15, CNN []).

The CNN report on Mrs. Clinton's remarks was careful to note the following:  "....  Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, carried out the San Bernardino shooting massacre, according to investigators. Law enforcement officials said Thursday that Farook was apparently radicalized and in touch with people being investigated by the FBI for international terrorism...."  Then it contued with this quote from HRC:  ".... 'They should not have been able to do this,' no matter 'what motivated' the shooters, Clinton said. 'I don't believe we can stop every incident of gun violence but we sure can stop a lot of them ... We need to take action now.'...   Clinton also defended Muslim Americans during her forceful remarks, telling the audience at an event focused on women in business that 'the vast majority of Muslim Americans are just as concerned and heart broken about this as anyone else.'..."

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

So !!! Why is Conservative-Republican State Senator Marty Golden tryin' to tear down the Brooklyn GOP >>> AGAIN ??? ..... or is that >>> STILL ???

For the second election cycle in a row,  SSMG, and his main gunsels, Jerry Kassar and John Quaglione, have gone to mattresses along with a bunch of  Brooklyn GOP Board of Elections types, in what has been a long-time and quite futile attempt to gain full control of the Kings County Republican Party

Some say that since almost none of the organized GOP clubs are carrying Marty Golden's petitions anymore --- Pretty much, the Golden cabal is trying to avoid the cost of hiring "consultants" to go out and get him on the GOP ballot for 2016 --- Team-Golden needs to hold control at the BOE to force GOP appointees to collect signatures for their boss (And, yes, that would be a felony, if it were to be proven against any individual or organization)

The current Republican leadership team seems very confident that the Golden-sponsored court case will again be dismissed without much fanfare -- sooner or later [like last time] -- but hopefully sooner, because of that precedent

This week the mixed bag of Republican opportunists and hangers-on to State Senator Golden's ever diminishing coat-tails will again go into Brooklyn Supreme Court to argue why they should be put in charge of the Brooklyn GOP.  Perhaps "ARGUE" is not the coorect word for what they will be doing  ---  if the past is in any way a guide, they will make noise in court and come away losers.

You see, it will be the attorney for the Brooklyn GOP, Ezra Glaser, who will be arguing the law and the facts to the court -- a duly noticed and  properly conducted convention; an authoriized and properly empaneled credentials committee,  and an openly conducted vote for chairman with the results announced and certified at the convention. He will also argue the presumption of validity and the past precedents of the Brooklyn Supreme Court's endorsing the  results of duly-conducted GOP County Conventions in the past  ---  and that the challengers to that presumed valid  result have the burden at the outset of  showing with admissible evidence that something invalid occurred during the proceedings.

So giving this case the seriousness it deserves ---  Let the games begin !!!   ---  and if you have a mind to do so, enjoy whatever fun there is in any of it.

And remember, please, this an exhibition for the entertainment of some only,  brought to you by the Marty and his Goldenistas; so, please, NO WAGERING.


One of my best Baker Street Irregulars informed me of this interesting bit of Brooklyn GOP history, as told by that BSI. Several election cycles back, there was a blow-up between SSMG and the head of the Fiorello La uardia  Republican organization.  Golden said he was refusing to be "shaken down" and the representative of that club said Golden being a "dead beat," not being willing to pay his fair share of the expenses for his petitioning.  The La Guardia Club hasn't gotten Golden any signatures for years,  and other clubs have functionally joined that boycott. As a result, since then, Marty Golden has come very near to not qualifying for the GOP line once or twice.

The cost of qualifying with an independently run petitioning effort run by a "consultant" has gotten higher and higher.  So as to avoid that expense (with real documented campaign $$$$) the Golden team needs to gain control of enough Republican Board of Elections jobs to guarantee a cadre of petitioners working at the good old volunteer rate (00.00), and the not nearly so good  "consultant" ($$$$) rate. That, says my BSI, is why SSMG's fighting to get control of the GOP County leadership to lock in the BOE crew, once and for all.

I think there might be something to that ---  what do you think ?