Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Brooklyn Eagle report shows there is general acceptance of Arnaldo Ferraro as KCRP Chairman

Several NYS GOP leaders lend support to Ferraro as "Chairman" elected by 2015 Brooklyn GOP County Convention at "official" KCRP Christmas-Holiday Party


According to a feature article in the Brooklyn Eagle,  "New York State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox came to the Brooklyn party’s headquarters in Bensonhurst to help new Brooklyn GOP Party Chairman Arnaldo Ferraro and his troops celebrate the holiday season. Ferraro, who was elected chairman of the Brooklyn Republican Party on Sept. 30, hosted the holiday get-together at the party’s headquarters at 8024 17th Ave...." (See "State GOP chairman parties with Brooklyn leaders" by Brooklyn Eagle Staff, 12/28/15, The Brooklyn Eagle [][with photo of  "Brooklyn GOP Chairman Arnaldo Ferraro" and Ed Cox]).

The Eagle article went on to say, ".... Jason Weingartner, executive director of the New York State Republican Party, also attended the holiday party. The guest list included Craig Eaton, former Brooklyn GOP chairman; Diana Sepulveda, president of the Brooklyn Young Republicans Club; Jeffrey Ferretti, Republican candidate for the 59th Assembly District; and Jaime Sanders, candidate for the 19th Congressional District. Brooklyn GOP Secretary Lucretia Regina-Potter organized the party with help from GOP Treasurer Stephen Maresca...."

Perhaps the most important aspect of the coverage  by the Brooklyn Daily Eagle of the  "official" Republican event hosted by Mr. Ferraro and Party Secretary Lucretia Potter was this description of how Mr. Ferraro became the Kings County Republican County Chairman in 2015:    "....  This year marked a changing of the guard in Republican Party politics in Brooklyn. Eaton, a Bay Ridge lawyer who had served as Brooklyn GOP chairman for eight years, suddenly stepped down at the party’s Sept. 30 meeting and threw his support behind Ferraro, a retired educator from Bensonhurst. Ferraro was elected chairman by an overwhelming margin, 327-46. Eaton’s political enemy, state Sen. Marty Golden (R-C-Bay Ridge-Southwest Brooklyn), had sought to nominate Ted Ghorra a lawyer from Bay Ridge, for the chairmanship. But Golden’s forces lost a floor fight over proxy votes and Ferraro cruised to victory."


Anonymous said...

Marty will not like it, but he will eventually find a way to establish a decent working relationship with Arnaldo as Chairman. Marty has far more important things to focus on, beginning with his own re-election in a dangerous election year.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, I understand Ed Cox is loyal to Craig Eaton and showed up at the party. That I grant you is noteworthy. Who actually showed up from Brooklyn? Basically no one. That does not bode well for Arnaldo and Lucretia.

Anonymous said...

Gail, who feeds your readers their information? The commentator above at 8:15 AM has his head completely up where the sun don't shine.

Arnaldo and Lucretia's Christmas Party was a full house at their headquarters for about two hours and both Brooklyn GOP candidates and leaders were there.

The only people notably absent from the holiday & festivus celebrations were Golden's peeps and the Brooklyn GOP BOE hanger-ons.

That does not bode well for Marty Golden and .... Well, let's leave it at Marty Golden. Once he gets fixed, the Brooklyn GOP will get back "On Line" as a political party again.

Anonymous said...

I read the article in the Eagle. Aside from Ed Cox doing Craig a favor and showing up there was nobody there. Diane Sepulveda Steve Maresca and the candidates in two districts that they don't have any chance of winning don't count. GM is being biased in favor of apparently their only source of information for Brooklyn GOP politics. Almost no district leaders and hardly any county committee members were there. Golden's party had almost 500 people. You are in denial. It almost doesn't matter what the Courts rule, no one is going to Arnaldo and Lucretia's meetings and almost every one is going to Ted Ghorra's meetings.

Anonymous said...

The Eagle is not unlike the Home Reporter. A rag devoted to ass kissing between political hacks, but, it has more Judges. An endless stream of fatties in toupes wearing plain jackets.

Galewyn Massey said...




If you have a chance, ask Craig Eaton what Marty Golden's real reason for trying to get his toadies in charge of the Brooklyn GOP is all about. Eaton will give you chapter and verse about the various things that Golden tried to pull while Eaton served as the KCRP Chairman. Primarily, it involved pushing the GOP to use food and drink as its principle "outreach" tool, and holding nearly all of its outreach events at the Bay Ridge Manor; and secondarily, it was to get better "control" on the "Republican's piece" of the Brooklyn Board of Elections budget -- a concept that long existed only in SSMG's head.

So far, Golden's attempts to take over the Brooklyn GOP using straw-men like Cochrane and Ghorra has been a parade of failures -- going on continuously for more than two straight years now.

Now, that Eaton has been succeeded as Brooklyn GOP Chairman by Arnaldo Ferraro, it's important to look at what the Chairman has to say about all of it. As far as Mr. Ferraro is concerned, the fued with Mr. Golden needs to stop. He has been steadfast in keeping his hand open, and offering that hand to State Senator Golden going forward.

The lead article at "BROOKLYN" remains the strong but conciliatory one that quotes Brooklyn Republican Party Chairman Arnaldo A. Ferraro and his response to the news about Marty Golden's lawsuit (See "Statement from Brooklyn Republican Party Chairman Arnaldo A. Ferraro" by UNCLE ABE, 10/6/15, []).

In that article Chairman Ferraro is quoted as follows:
"“My main goal as Chairman is to unite the Republican Party in Brooklyn, so we can focus on the #1 responsibility of any political organization: electing qualified men and women to public office.... Any disputes or disagreements Senator Marty Golden may have had with our previous Chairman, Craig Eaton, are in the past. It is time to wipe the slate clean.... If rumors of Senator Golden’s commencement of a lawsuit to overturn my election are true, I am deeply saddened.... Senator Golden thought enough of me and my experience to nominate me for Vice Chairman of the Brooklyn Republicans last week. I was — and am still — eager to work with him to build our Republican Party...."

Mr. Ferraro went on to detail the silliness of Mr. Golden's attempt to hijack the 2015 Brooklyn GOP County Convention: "... if the other rumors of Senator Golden filing a false certificate of election for his own slate of Brooklyn Republican officers are true, it will be unfortunate. The official Party rules, in effect continuously since 2007, give only the outgoing chairman the power to call and conduct a meeting of the county committee. Standing on a street corner with some friends is not a convention, no matter how few Republicans there are in Brooklyn...."

Arnaldo Ferraro's ultimate quote included these solid observations and sentiments: ".... We have important races for the State Assembly and State Senate facing us .... and the Presidential primary .... This is no time for perpetuating internal party hostilities.... We have elections to win. Let’s get to work.”

Anonymous said...

Let's start discussing candidly for a change. Arnaldo knew full well what Craig was going to do days before he did it. If Craig didn't make him Chairman he was going to take Golden's deal. Craig was sharp enough to outsmart Arnaldo and Marty. Let's remember that Craig can stand Arnaldo and Lucretia only slightly more than he can stand Marty. Craig's supporters stood up for him because it was the right thing to do not so that he could take their votes and put those two incompetent people in charge.

Anonymous said...

What is the teleology of the current fight inside of the GOP or even the ending of that fight. That is a far more important question than pointless debates about the history or even the ontology of the dispute or disputes, or the personalities involved.

Anonymous said...

Good question and here is the enduring problem. A lot of the smart people who actually pound the pavement for the Brooklyn GOP support Craig and know exactly what Marty Golden is up to and know that he only cares about himself. At the same time they just can't support the notoriously chaotic Lucretia and Arnaldo.