Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Brooklyn Reform Party Chairman Bob Capano's Latest >>> BOMBSHELL

Capano's latest release, verbatim: 



Reform Party Primary Uniquely Allows Independent Voters to Participate 

(Brooklyn, NY)- The Kings County Reform Party voted this week to issue Wilson Pakula authorizations to both Democrat Andrew Gounardes and Republican Marty Golden in the hotly contested race for the 22nd state senate district (Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, Marine Park, Gerritsen Beach). This means there will be a Reform Party primary between these candidates on September 13th, with the winner appearing on the party's line in the November general election.

The New York State Reform Party is the only one that allows independents, or voters not affiliated with any political party, to participate in their primaries. 

Bob Capano, Chairman of the Kings County Reform Party, said his Executive Committee also voted for a primary in the 46th Assembly District (Brighton Beach, Coney Island, Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights) between Republican Steve Saperstein and Democrat Chris McCreight.

"Today is a great day for independent voters in southern Brooklyn. Unlike any other party, we allow them to participate in our primaries, and they will help choose our nominee in the two most contested races in Brooklyn. For the first time in Brooklyn history, these voters, who are pejoratively referred to as 'blanks' and often dismissed by the major political parties, will be actively engaged by those seeking to be on a party line in the general election," stated Kings County Reform Party Chairman Bob Capano. He added that the Party plans to host a debate for each race focused on key priorities of the Reform Party, including term limits, initiative and referendum, and non-partisan elections.

Capano also noted that those not affiliated with any political party are the fastest growing group of voters in the country. 

NYS Reform Party Chairman Curtis Sliwa stated, "Each of these candidates took the time to seek our support because they understood the importance of our line. Now, they will have the opportunity to engage voters who are often ignored. We look forward to active and competitive races in these primaries." Sliwa added that since both of these races are expected to be extremely competitive, the Reform line will play an even more significant role in the outcome.

The Brooklyn Reform Party also endorsed Republican Yevgeny Goldberg in the 44th Assembly District (Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Kensington, Borough Park, Midwood) in his race against incumbent Robert Carroll, and Republican Daniel Ramos in the 52nd Assembly District (Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn Heights, Boerum Hill, Gowanus). The incumbent is Jo Anne Simon. 

A Wilson Pakula is an authorization given by a political party to a candidate for public office that allows the candidate not registered with that particular party to run as its candidate in an election.

The Kings County Reform Party is expected to make additional endorsements in state races next week.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

DN: Pam Harris to plead guilty today

None of what happens to Pam Harris will help elect any Republican running for any office with any footprint in the 46th AD.....  

To quote the sage, Bill Murray:  "... It just doesn't matter..."

The NY Daily News is reporting that Pam Harris will enter a guilty plea today (See "Former Brooklyn assemblywoman expected to plead guilty in fraud case"  Andrew Keshner,  6/12/18,   Ny Daily News/ New York     []).

Since the Republican Party in Brooklyn is not competitive an any district wholly within Brooklyn (other than possibly Marty Golden's 22nd SD,  where he is trying to fight off an expected Democrat onslaught by Andrew Gounardes),  any news concerning Pam Harris is unlikely to have any political consequence whatsoever  (except perhaps for a Democrat successor).

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Dan Donovan can't get out of his own way because Jessica Proud is in the way.....

Time is running out  ---  Dan Donovan is deep in a hole in his race with Mike Grimm  ---   AND  ---   Jessica Proud just keeps digging it deeper

You all should have heard by now  ---   under pressure from >>> all polls <<< showing him  WAY BEHIND GRIMM,  Dan Donovan sent out his infamous anti-immigrant mailer that thoroughly lacked any humanity

According to Julianne Cuba's take on all of this,   "Critics across the aisle are blasting the Bay Ridge congressman for hitting peoples’ doorsteps with what they charge is offensive anti-immigration propaganda just to win some votes in a contentious Republican primary election that has President Trump and his controversial policies at its center....   'We need new leaders who campaign on hope and ideas, not fear and hate,'  Army veteran Max Rose, a Democrat running to unseat Rep. Dan Donovan (R–Bay Ridge), wrote on Twitter.  '[Donovan] thinks this kind of hateful imagery will win him an election in #NY11. He couldn’t be more wrong.'   Donovan sent out hundreds of mailers this week to voters across his Ridge-to-Rock district week that read: 'Build the Wall. Enforce the Law — Only Unwavering Law and Order will Defeat Illegal Immigration.'... "  (See "Donovan whacked by both sides over ‘hateful’ mailer"  by Julianne Cuba,  6/7/18,   Courier Life's Brooklyn Daily/  Party Line []).

Where are the first string GOP consultants ?????

Without a doubt,  incumbent Republican Congressman Dan Donovan had problems going into this year's elections.   He and his handlers have made things much worse by leaving Jessica Proud in charge of a campaign that looks like it's being run by a bunch of amateurs.

That's not from me,  I'm only a humble blogger.  It's from two longtime Brooklyn pols one of whom knows Donovan and Proud very well.

Maybe, our commenters can provide more detail on what I'm talking about;  or maybe,  somebody out there can set me straight.....

Friday, June 8, 2018

Hmmmmm !!! Due to technical problems, the Reform Party "endorsement" of Marty Golden has been delayed

Treyger seems to be a little bit balky with his stalking horse in the 46th AD race  (who knows, maybe it's part of his Marty G deal)  ---   so, as of this moment, Gounardes continues to be the Dems' guy for the NYS Senate

People just keep bugging Bob Capano,  the Brooklyn Reform Chairman,  about what the Reform slate looks like  ---   And he keeps saying,  "I got nothing for yuh....."

And some folks are grumbling.....

To paraphrase a local political leader,  "That's all for now....."

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Richard Luthmann is back in the news

Federal Judge Jack Weinstein  revokes bail  ---  Luthmann in jail again  ---  June 25th trial date adjourned pending a 60 day psychiatric evaluation 

Sealed order probably tied to a "threatening letter" to a "coldly cooperating... federal witness"  ---  most likely,  Luthmann's wife

Luthmann's wife serves him with divorce papers on his way into court 

Luthmann's lawyer, Arthur Aidala,  foolishly tries to make his client seem like another Kate Spade

Otherwise, things are looking up for Luthmann.....  ( See  " 'Game of Thrones,' again? Alleged threat letter inspired by show costs Richard Luthmann his freedom"  by Mira Wassef,   6/6/18,  SI Advance/  Staten Island Realtime News  

Monday, June 4, 2018

OMG --- Did Steve Saperstein drink the Marty Golden Kool-Aid ???

Marty Golden hit the front page of the Daily News harder than he hit the ground  ---  that's a fact.....

.....   then Steve Saperstein tried to use social media to tell everybody that it's "FAKE NEWS"  just because it overlooked Marty's PR hook  ---  doing it "for veterans".....

Steve it's time to find a new  >>> hobby <<<  outside of politics. 

Any newcomer's hitching their wagon to Marty Golden's star shows some very bad instincts  ---    especially when it's defending the indefensible.....


Personally, I wanted to wait on this story a couple of days;  however, my PR guru said that I needed to "...strike while the iron is hot..."

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Yes, it's "Gods and Monsters" all over again --- This time in Brooklyn

I hear they're doing a new movie called "Killing the Golden Goose"  (YES, ALMOST ALL OF THIS IS MADE UP,  just like so much of the pro-Golden trolling stuff that has been littering my comments lately.....)

The film supposedly opens with the farmer saying this:  "Something is beginning to feel like fingers around the throat of our beloved 'Golden Goose'..."   One of the farmhands answers,  "I'm feeling the exact same thing....."   (Spoiler:  this story doesn't end well for the goose, for the farmer or for the the hands  working on the farm  ---  the townspeople all rally together and burn down the whole farm and in a fury of bloodlust kill everything and everybody on the farm)

Sure it's derivative !!!!!    But just picture James Whale's "Frankenstein" redone as an allegory about some fowl that lays golden eggs  ---  all on glorious black and white nitro-celluloid.....

It could be very explosive !!!!!


***  Open casting calls at  >>> 7408 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209 <<<  tomorrow  ***

Friday, June 1, 2018

It's time for a special SHOW TUNE serenade for Marty Golden.....

All that buzz, buzz, buzz about Andy-boy Gounardes and Tori what's-her-name  ---  FORGETABOUTIT !!!!!

I WAS JUST GIVEN AN EXCLUSIVE ABOUT A SIGHTING OF THE GREAT WHITE WHALE  ---  but I am sworn to secrecy....  Sorry 'bout that....

INSTEAD   ---   I thought that a show tune serenade for SSMG might be in order.....

From "West Side Story"  (music by Lenny and words by Steve):

"Could be!
Who knows?
There’s something’ due any day;
I will know right away
Soon as it shows
It may come cannonballin’
Down through the sky
Gleam in its eye
Bright as a rose!
Who knows?

It’s only just out of reach
Down the block, on a beach
Under a tree
I got a feelin’ there’s a miracle due
Gonna come true
Comin’ to me!

Could it be? Yes, it could
Something’s coming, something good
If I can wait!
Something’s comin’, I don’t know what it is
But it is
Gonna be great!

With a click, with a shock
Phone’ll jingle, door’ll knock
Open the latch!
Something’s comin’, don’t know when
But it’s soon
Catch the moon
One-handed catch!
Around the corner
Or whistling’ down the river
Come on deliver
To me!

Will it be? Yes, it will
Maybe just by holdin’ still
It’ll be there!
Come on, something, come on in
Don’t be shy
Meet a guy
Pull up a chair!

The air is hummin’
And something great is comin’!
Who knows?
It’s only just out of reach
Down the block, on a beach
Maybe tonight
Maybe tonight....."

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Trump's guy Guiliani blows whistle on Obama, Brennan & Clapper on THE BIG CAT'S ROUNDTABLE PROGRAM

Is it time to call it the NEW WATERGATE and unleash a new pro-republic, pro-constitutional special prosecutor on  >>> FORMER PRESIDENT OBAMA <<<  ---  ?????

Rudy didn't pull his punches earlier today while being interviewed by John Catsimatidis on the radio  ---  he said that President Obama, his CIA Director and National Security Advisor all knew about the spying on the Trump election team during the 2016 campaign

This is an interview by the Big Cat that should drive the next few news cycles.....   Here's how it was reported in "The Hill":   
"....   President Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani suggested on Sunday that former President Obama and his top intelligence officials 'knew' the FBI had used a top-secret informant to allegedly spy on Trump's 2016 campaign....   In an interview with radio host John Catsimatidis, Giuliani insisted that former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper were aware of the informant....   Giuliani also suggested that Brennan likely briefed Obama himself on the matter....   'Brennan and Clapper knew about it. Brennan briefed him every day, Obama — well to the extent that he got briefed every day,' Giuliani said. 'You would have to have brought this up, wouldn't you? Gosh, I can't see how you would escape it.'..."  
(See "Giuliani suggests Obama, top intelligence officials knew of 'spygate'" by Max Breenwood,  5/27/18, The Hill  []).

Saturday, May 26, 2018

For the Dems: Jakey is gone and Ralphie's back

Neither Jake nor Ralph are sweet young things anymore  ---  but as we approach the midpoint of 2018,  it looks like Jake is out and Ralph is in

Jake Gold went from being the youngest member of the Democratic State Committee from Brooklyn to the oldest,  being against CBID before he was for them,  and vice-versa;  Ralph,  well there's almost too much to talk about,  but he remembers when Jim McCarthy was a reform Democrat lined up with Nan Shea  ---   lots of water has passed under the Verrazano since then

Perfetto's first job in 2018 ---  working hard on Ross Barkan to pull out.  Frank S. and Ralph P. have had a chin-wag,  and it looks like they are on the same page AGAINST SSMG.

I'll have more "background" on all of this next week,  since I've been invited as somebody's "Plus-One" to a couple of DEM events.....   After all, with the prospects of a Democrat clean sweep in 2018,  "Independent Republicans" have to do what independent Republicans do best  ---  offer to chair "Republicans for....."

As Charles Dickens once wrote: 
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way – in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only...."
(From "Tale of Two Cities";  at least for once in your miserable lives you've seen the whole quote  ---  you can thank me later.....)

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Democrat Presidents spying on Republican presidential candidates is nothing new

President Obama's apparent abuse of the office of the President in the lead-up to the 2016 Presidential election involving his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Republican billionaire Donald Trump (and possibly others) is the perfect "medium" to expose  the unlawful practices used  ---  that's because it was neither "rare" nor "well-done"  (Credit radio legend Fred Allen for that one)

The fact that it is not  >>> rare <<<  came out anew in an excellent retrospective article in Politico

According to the author of a recent piece in the on-line edition of the political magazine,  "Politico"  ---  "President Donald Trump seems to believe that FBI agents infiltrated his presidential campaign for political purposes, and has tweeted that the bureau’s actions could amount to a scandal 'bigger than Watergate.'...   Trump hasn’t provided evidence to support these allegations, but regardless of their veracity, there is precedent for an American intelligence agency spying on a presidential campaign. It happened in the summer of 1964; the target was Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, and the perpetrator was the CIA, not the FBI...."  (See "When the CIA Infiltrated a Presidential Campaign”  by Steve Usdin,  5/22/18,  Politico/  History Dept.  []).

The article goes on to say that  ---  “….   LBJ  [President Lyndon Baines Johnson] wasn’t squeamish about using the inside information, and he did so in a blunt fashion that must have made CIA officers cringe. Goldwater campaign staff noticed that the Johnson campaign had the unnerving habit of responding to points in their candidate’s speeches before he had delivered them. Johnson didn’t seem to care that his actions made clear to Goldwater that he was being spied on….”

The article in  “Politico”  is followed by this note:   “….   Steve Usdin is the author of the forthcoming  [[[ 'Bureau of Spies: The Secret Connections between Espionage and Journalism in Washington']]] from which this piece was adapted.”

Fifty years have passed,  Watergate came and went,  but  Democrats keep showing that they aren’t just bad Americans,  they are bad people.   LBJ  ---  Barack Obama,   there isn’t any real difference.   That’s why bad people like Chuck Schumer and Mark Warner don’t want any Republican congressional oversight into these Obama era abuses of the FBI and Justice Department involving spying on candidate and President-elect Trump  (and others).

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Buzz ! Buzz !! Buzz !!! Maybe, there are too many vowels interfering with their owners' attempts at generating a deep low register BUZZ

There's more real "BUZZ" in a Frankie Valli falsetto   ---  than what's been coming out of some people fast and furious these days

Quaglione & Capano I understand  ---  they are small-fry trying to make a little noise.....    But what about Giuliani and Scaramucci ???

Too many folks are trying altogether too hard at getting themselves into the news talking about somebody else  ---  it's too bad,  actually,  because this time they all probably have something important to say about the somebody else, who is currently running for something and truly could use the boost

These guys with lots of vowels in their names are just lighting up the switchboards (that's an ironic use of an anachronism) for their good guys,  all of whom are running for something  ---  or in one instance,  one of them is saying that another is not doing that,  like it's a bad thing  (Yes,  that's the classic double-switheroo of trying to get a buzz by saying that the other guy isn't,  but should be  ---  do you follow ???)

It doesn't matter whether it a tweet or a toot or a poop, or something else on social media;  or whether it comes via E-mail,  or over a hot open mike, before or after a press conference;  or even in off the cuff remarks during a speech at an over-publicized event on Staten Island.  All of these folks are really stepping all over their own stories about their guys,  who are actually the candidates,  who aren't making enough news for/by themselves.

In case you didn't notice,  I didn't mention a single name of the people who are now running and need the boost of a good buzz kind of late in the game.  But, then again,  why would I mention any one of THEM ?????   This comment is about the buzzers not the buzzees.....

My favorite of the bunch is Giuliani  ---  can anybody guess why ?????   [Look for my reason later on in a comment below.]

Friday, May 18, 2018

Marty Golden is not a "FRIEND" of anybody important whose name has "CAT" in it --- AND --- Golden really isn't mentoring ANYBODY: cats, dogs, sons or daughters

Stop with all the nonsense about Marty Golden and John Catsimatidis  ---  they aren't an item and they never swapped spit or other bodily fluids  ---  and THAT had nothing to do with AIDS or HIV

John Catsimatidis remains very close to Craig Eaton on lots of Brooklyn Republican political matters.  When anything public involves the Big Cat and Marty Golden,  there is a courtesy call to at least one former Brooklyn GOP Chairman,  and it is done as much out of love as respect.

If anybody tells you that Marty Golden is "MENTORING" their daughter about anything, other than maybe serving rubber chicken to hundreds of people,  rest  assured you are being FED some rubber chicken laced with a heavy dose of irony  ---  a bit of subtlety that Marty Golden's folks still don't seem to get, yet.

John Catsimatidis is a lot closer to a Democrat State Senator of Greek descent,  who won his seat from a long-time GOP stalwart, than he is to State Senator Marty Golden....   BTW,  that Greek-American Democrat State Senator has his prestige on the line for getting a Democrat majority in the NYS Senate.   (Here's a hint and a heads-up:  I'm pretty sure that John Catsimatidis also thinks that the Michael Gianaris model can work again in Brooklyn very soon.....)

Let me close with this  >>>  just how many times has Marty Golden been on the Cat's Roundtable program ?????

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

When will the Brooklyn GOP stop being only the Bay Ridge GOP ??? --- OR --- Where is Fred Pantaleone now that his party needs him ?????

In business and life,  Marty Golden's personal bailiwick always has been Bay Ridge,  Brooklyn*  ---  Marty Golden's politics completely reflects that,  even now that Bay Ridge has completely changed from what it was when he was first elected to the City Council almost a whole generation ago


The State Senator's version of the Kings County Republican Party Organization  (you know, the one that calls Ted Ghorra its "Chairman") reflects this Golden-Bay Ridge-centric view of Brooklyn and the world 


Now,  and for what almost seems like forever, Republicans all around New York State and the nation have looked at Kings County as the insurmountable sheer front face of an inaccessible Democrat promentory fortress called New York State  ---  that is because of a local GOP "establishment" that has not succeeded in establishing itself county-wide since Ronald Reagan was President   

After several Brooklyn GOP leaders had made some attempt to plant the Republican flag throughout several other neighborhoods in the Borough of Brooklyn,  Marty Golden's personal go-fer and now-figurehead County Leader,  Ted Ghorra (a Bay Ridgeite himself**),  has returned the Chairmanship to some- body/thing looking like the second coming of Fred Pantaleone in all his glory

Maybe, somebody out there might want to disagree.   Please,  FEEL FREE.....

Except for those few years when Marty was an NYPD vice cop somewhere else.....

** For the record,  Brooklyn GOP First Vice Chairman Brian Doherty is also from Bay Ridge

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Jeopardy --- "...Male, Pale and Stale..." !!! --- "Alex, what is the Brooklyn GOP ???"

Trish James caused a little brouhaha recently when she happened on a phrase that  >>> SHE <<<  liked so much that she is reported to have used it at least twice.....

Some folks finally got around to reacting,  and they reacted somewhat negatively to what they saw as an objectionable comment by a possible NYS Attorney General

In a somewhat different context,  I think that Ms. James gave us Republicans a "gift of great price"   ---   a catch phrase that quickly and 100% accurately bespeaks what is wrong with the Brooklyn GOP,  here and now


Steve Witt on his blog  “Kings County Politics” (KCP) got into his not-very-far-back machine to report on this tid-bit,  just this way:   “If the state legislature names city Public Advocate Letitia James as the interim state attorney general then elderly white male state prosecutors currently working in that office might consider dusting off their resume to look for a new job….   That after James has stated on several occasions that she is tired of male, pale and stale people – a seemingly presumption of prejudice against elderly white males….   James made the statement repeatedly and too much applause at the New York State Black and Puerto Rican Legislative Caucus weekend in February. Specifically, she made the statements at the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Breakfast on Feb. 17 in Albany….   James reiterated the startling trifecta of stereotyping, including age, gender and race, on a recent episode of the online media site, The Wrap. In both known instances of James using this phrase she did so in context of advocating for more female empowerment….   The public advocate’s preconceived notions comes as sources say a worker in James office lobbied several state lawmakers from Brooklyn asking for their support in getting her the interim AG job….”  (See  “James’ “Male, Pale & Stale” Comments Could Affect AG Plans”  by Stephen Witt,  5/9/18,  Kings County Politics/  Attorney General   []).  

What’s the big deal ?   After all,  she didn’t refer to New York City as  “Hymie Town”  or anything really offensive like that…..   So  ---  she sort of looks down on older white men staying on board as Deputy AGs   ---  what’s wrong with that ???   Besides,  before the Eric Schneiderman kerfuffle nobody cared one wit  (see what I did there ?).

It’s America;  isn’t everybody entitled to an opinion ?????    But enough about Trish James’ opinion;   let’s look at  >>> MY OPINION <<<  


I don’t know nuffin bout birthin NYS Deputy AGs,   but I do know that the Kings County Republican Organization as it has been set up by and under Marty Golden and Ted Ghorra is  >>> WAY TOO MALE  ---  WAY TOO PALE  ---  WAY TO STALE  ---  AND  ---  MOST IMPORTANT  ---  WAY TOO FRAIL <<<  

The current Brooklyn GOP is an infamous thing that needs to be completely crushed in 2018.  Why do I Brooklyn’s independent Republican voice say that ???   It’s because the Kings County Republican Organization set up by and under Marty Golden and Ted Ghorra  is manifestly  >>> anti-women (sexist) <<<;  >>> anti-minority  (racist) <<<;  and  >>> anti-young people (age-ist) <<<


Friday, May 11, 2018

Sheldon Silver is found guilty... Guilty... GUilty... GUIlty... GUILty... GUILTy... GUILTY --- AGAIN !!!


Sentencing set for Friday the 13th in June.....  

More when we get it.....

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Republican bigs say that they need Ghorra[-rhea] about as much as a case of the clap

Enough said.....

Now is the time for all good people in the Brooklyn GOP to tell the emperor (Ted Ghorra) that "...  he b' necked as a jaybird !!!"

Lately, the biggest news in Brooklyn Republican politics is Bob Capano and the Reform Party

Capano is prominently mentioned in a very recent NY Post  >>> EDITORIAL <<<   saying that Republican candidate Michael Grimm is a habitual and serial lawbreaker

This story is percolating  ---   AND  ---  among other front-line players,  it pits Bob Capano against one of his 2017  City Council rivals,  Liam McCabe

Some people have a dog in this fight,  like Capano and the Reform Party,  and Grimm and even Liam  ---  I don't.....   

However, I do have to say,  it's already looking more and more like the BOE brouhaha is ready to blow-up in Grimm's face big time (See "Michael Grimm's bid to head back to prison"  by New York Post Editorial Board,  5/7/18,  New York Post/ Opinion/ Editorial []).

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

FLASH UPDATE: It looks like the Reform Party will be going with >>> INCUMBENT DEMOCRAT TOM DI NAPOLI FOR NYS CONTROLLER

A very big name joins THE TOP OF THE TICKET of the fledgling party

Reform Party's interview and endorsement of top NYS official shows both growing power and extreme independence of Sliwa, Capano and the rest of the Reform Party's executive committee

That's enough for now.....

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Curtis Sliwa --- The Reform Party --- AND --- “The Good…. and the Ugly” in less than a day

Curtis Sliwa got close to a hero’s welcome by the organizers of a Bay Ridge racket held at The Salty Dog yesterday   ---   Well,  let’s go so far as to say he got close to a “Local Hero’s” welcome…..

Almost as if to keep Sliwa and his Reform Party from gaining any momentum early in its 2018 campaigning,  or even any traction whatsoever,  for that matter,  the editors at the Daily News came out with a savage attack on the Reform Party on the same day as Sliwa’s unveiling in Bay Ridge

It was like night and day…..

In what some are describing as “Curtis [Sliwa’s] first public appearance as a possible gubernatorial candidate” at  the pro-veterans  Memorial Day Parade Benefit event held at the Salty Dog on Sunday,  many,, many people came up to Mr. Sliwa, in his iconic red beret just to get selfies and other pictures with him in frame.   In addition,   several other folks walked up to him,  talked about his conjectural run for the governorship and urged him to commit to entering  the NYS Governor’s race.   Oh,  and Curtis Sliwa was introduced by the Memorial Day Parade Benefit organizers and thanked for his participation in the event.

During the rather lengthy time that Curtis Sliwa was at the Salty Dog,  there was only one other pol In the house   ---   Max Rose,  the Democrat running for congress against GOP incumbent Congressman Dan Donovan.  However,  my sourceS have told me that several recognizable “unfriendlies” were in the house,  just inside the large garage-type door in the big area between the Salty Dog’s  bar and the old fire engine.   They were trying hard to look invisible and probably they were waiting around for one of their own local stalking horses to show up;  they were also obviously rattled about the fanfare for Mr. Sliwa.

But alas for the leadership of the Reform Party, there is no joy in Mudville…..

On the very same day, the Daily News Editorial Board launched an extremely harsh attack on the Reform Party as a whole  (See “Vote down this waste of the empty Reform Party primaries”  Daily News Editorial Board,  4/30/18,  Daily News/ Opinion/ Editorial   []).  

Here’s a taste of what the News’ editors had to say about  Curtis Sliwa’s Reform Party:   Like locusts, the pests of the Reform Party, with only 360 registered voters out of 4,420,737 in the city, are once again causing the city Board of Elections to waste money, over a million dollars, to conduct essentially empty primary elections….They did this two years ago in four districts; the Board responded by only opening a few polling places to handle the tiny number of Reform voters….   The Reform Party then changed its rules to let both Reform and unaffiliated voters participate. So it's not just the 59 Reform voters who can cast ballots but 113,518. Which means now the board will need 230 polling places and 5,000 workers paid at least $200 each….   Reform this, right now.”

Reform Party supporters were quick to see and describe this as an attempted preemptive attack by insiders and their friends, who are afraid of the Reform Party’s prospects in 2018.

Sunday, April 29, 2018


Later today,  Reform Party Chairman and possible gubernatorial candidate Curtis Sliwa will join supporters of the Brooklyn Memorial Day Parade at their annual benefit at the Salty Dog, Third Avenue near 75th Street,  in Bay Ridge at 1:00 p.m.

Saturday, April 28, 2018


HOW’S THEM APPLES  ???  !!! 



Here’s what Stephen Witt had to say in his Kings County Politics blog:   In an affront to freedom of speech, both the Dyker Heights Golf Club and the Brooklyn Republican Party today pulled the plug on a scheduled fundraiser featuring former White House advisor Sebastian Gorka and President Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr….   The cancellation follows a mass campaign from both the mainstream and left-wing edge of the Democratic Party, who sources say put heavy pressure on management of the golf club to cancel the fundraiser, and put up fliers in at least one local public school denouncing the event and promoting protest against it….”  (See  News Editorial: Brooklyn GOP Pulls Plug On Fundraiser” by Stephen Witt,  4/28/18,  Kings County Politics/  Commentary/ Editorial   []).

I must say that the “LIBERTARIAN”  in me completely agrees with the overall content of Mr. Witt’s article,  and with the specific tenor of his chosen words.



….   As a Brooklyn Republican partisan,  I think that if anybody is despicable in all of this it’s Golden and Ghorra.   These guys are supposed to know who we are in Bay Ridge,  Dyker Heights,  Bensonhurst and the hipper neighborhoods of Brooklyn…..   Whatever the facts might be about  Mr. Sebastian Gorka,   the optics and the politics of inviting him to speak in Southwest Brooklyn at this moment in local and national history is more than insensitive,  it borders on social irresponsibility.

Doesn’t Marty G hear the drumbeat of “racism” growing among his critics out there on the left ???   Doesn’t Marty and his hand-picked chairman, Ted,  know that it’s even becoming a sore point with many Republicans ?????

What next Marty and Ted,  a “Pre-election Kristallnacht Wine and Cheese Party”  right before the 2018 General Election ?????   Maybe Franz Liebkind or Kenneth Mars will be available to come in and regale us on what a good dancer the Fuhrer was…..  


After something as horrible as this,  these questions need to be asked:   “Why have there been so many unforced errors lately by Marty Golden  and/or  his top people ???   Is Marty drinking too much lately ?????  ---  AND/OR  ---  Is he just too OLD to handle the job of State Senator anymore  ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Friday, April 27, 2018

Will it eventually be “Governor Curtis Sliwa” ??? --- It sure is sounding like it soon might well be “Candidate for Governor Curtis Sliwa”

“Outspoken radio host and Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa said Thursday he is considering running for governor on the Reform Party line….”   --DN 

The back story here is that Reform Party Chairman Sliwa is engaged in the classic ploy of  "Showing Some Leg" when it comes to his party's selection of its candidate for governor

Daily News political correspondent Ken Lovett sees a Reform Party run for governor by Curtis Sliwa as a big/ real/ sensible possibility  (See  “Radio host Curtis Sliwa mulling gubernatorial run as Reform Party candidate”  by Kenneth Lovett,  4/26/18,  NY Daily News/ Politics   []).  

“….   Sliwa said on his WABC afternoon radio show with Rita Cosby that he’s been approached about running by Reform Party members and might take the plunge if he can get medical clearance from his doctors. He has suffered from chronic Crohn’s disease as well as high blood pressure and hypertension….   ‘If I can get a clean bill of health, doctors who say to me that if you run you won’t drop dead...then I believe I have no other choice,’ Sliwa said.”
According to the Daily News’ Ken Lovett,   one reason Sliwa might run is to try to ensure that the Reform Party would receive the necessary 50,000 votes in November 2018 guaranteeing a Reform Party spot on the general election ballot for the next four years.

Based upon Lovett’s quotes of the presumptive GOP nominee  Marc Molinaro contained in the article,  the GOP nominee seemed a little taken aback by Mr.  Sliwa’s announcement.



LEG  ---  This move by the talk radio personality and Reform Party Chairman does raise a couple of obvious questions:  "Why is Chairman Sliwa doing this ???"  and "Why is he doing this now ?????   

If nothing else,  the radio host is pushing one of his brands,  ala "Donald Trump 101".....   It's an old trick that the pretty young things know very well  ---  the nice girls try to attract by wearing  ribbons in their hair;  the smart ones know how to trump that by showing a little leg.....

LEGS  ---  Newsday reported on most of this story on what would be day two.  Editorially, that shows Newsday's judgment both that it is a newsworthy story, and one that probably has some legs  (See “Guardian Angel Sliwa mulls run for governor,  targets Cuomo”  by Michael Gormley,  4/27/18,  Newsday/ Long Island Politics   []).

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Do Marty Golden & Ted Ghorra even know why some people are calling Sebastian Gorka a Neo-Nazi and Fascist ?????

Do they care  ---  one way or the other  ???

Or is it  >>> THEIR STRATEEGERY <<<  to go after that part of the electorate that has been clambering for decades,  “Why doesn’t anybody go after the Neo-Nazi – Fascist vote  ?????”

Here’s the tepid lead in to the Brooklyn Eagle article about this very controversial upcoming GOP event:   Two luminaries of the far right wing — the president’s oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., and controversial former presidential adviser Sebastian Gorka — will headline the Brooklyn Republican Party’s Spring Gala next month in the borough’s GOP stronghold….”  (See  Donald Trump Jr., Sebastian Gorka to headline Brooklyn GOP gala’  by  Paula Katinas,  4/23/18,  Brooklyn Eagle   []).   However,  the other side of the story was never that far away.  


Starting with the her  sub-headline,   “…  Hopeful Ridge Democrats are seeing red…”,   Paula’s article got very interesting after about the halfway point,  with this:   “….   Gorka’s appearance at the dinner is making blue Democrats see red….  ‘Gorka has stoked Islamophobia and hatred of Muslims in this country. He … sees immigrants as enemies. His values are completely un-American,’ said lawyer Andrew Gounardes, one of two Democrats hoping to unseat Golden in the fall….   Gounardes will protest outside the May 16 event….   The other Democrat in the Golden race, Ross Barkan, also decried the GOP for inviting Gorka to Brooklyn. ‘It's not exactly surprising Brooklyn's Republicans would invite a foot soldier of hate to our borough,’  he said.   ‘However, it’s still despicable and all Republicans involved in these efforts, including Marty Golden, should be ashamed of themselves.’…”  

The  Republicans’  riposte  was  very thin gruel, indeed,  given the severity of the Democrats genuine outrage  ---  “….   Michael Tobman, a spokesman for the party, defended the high-profile party guests and dismissed the Democrats’ contention that the GOP is a fringe element in Brooklyn.   'The Brooklyn GOP is both contributing to current successes and building for the future,' he told the Eagle. Brooklyn is diverse and dynamic and the Brooklyn GOP reflects that energy.”   ( I wonder if he wanted to add,   "....  and that energy includes people  that are comfortable with Neo-Nazis and Fascists..."  among other things.....



UPDATE: After publication, the spokesman for the Brooklyn Republican Party, Michael Tobman, said, "Yesterday's story on an upcoming Brooklyn GOP fundraiser incorrectly implied that the party's Chairman, also an attorney, used his professional position and business contacts to facilitate obtaining speakers and special guests for the event. He did not." 




Friday, April 20, 2018


The items shown below seem to ring the bell of  >>> UN-TRUTH <<< 

 WHAT DO  >>> YOU <<<  THINK  ?????


The following  “Comments”  appeared after an article on the  “Bklyner.”  blog:
“John Q   April 18, 2018 at 9:58 pm…   From the story, “A day ago, McCabe used a similar hashtag, #TimeForChange after a month-long Twitter hiatus.”
Liam took a month long absence for a month because he was in rehab again….   He talked about recovery when he announced his Council run last year and now will do the same….   Voters won’t be fooled. Liam needs to work out his very well publicized demons rather than running for office again….”  
“Ted G   April 19, 2018 at 2:34 pm  Steve Saperstein is the right choice for Republicans..Liam needs to take care of his personal issues and get a steady real job before running for office again..if this happened again to him after he lost last year, what will happen if he loses again this year….   Politics isn’t everything Liam….”  (See  “Comments”  following  “Republican Liam McCabe Likely To Run For Assembly Seat Vacated By Pamela Harris”  by Kadia Goba, 4/18/18, Bklyner.   []).
Maybe it's just me,  but I don't believe that a real "Ted G" or  "John Q" made those comments.  However, some of you out there might see it differently.