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Re-post of: Will Dirty DA Hynes Legacy Help Pelosi to Return in January as Speaker of the House ???

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Friday, November 16, 2018

Will Dirty DA Hynes Legacy Help Pelosi to Return in January as Speaker of the House ???

Democrat Kathleen Rice, the Long Island Congresswoman, is one of a hand-full of Members of Congress that have come out publicly against the return of Democrat Nancy Pelosi as Speaker  ---  BUT  ---  According to "The Hill," Rice also has been mentioned as a possible opponent to run for the top spot against the venerable former speaker and current Minority Leader

Needless to say,  this will put Ms. Rice's less than spotless record under a microscope 

During her years in Brooklyn,  ADA Rice was close to DA Hynes, and top ADAs Vecchione and Amoroso, and she worked on cases with Detective-Investigator Scarcella  ---  Later on, when she ran for public office, her problem files in the Brooklyn DA's Office were "scrubbed"

This blog has looked at Kathleen Rice closely in the past in connection with her time working under Brooklyn DA Charlie Joe Hynes.  And based on that old research,  one wonders how the emerging and very progressive Democrat majority in the House could possibly get behind a "Kathleen Rice" for anything, much less as Speaker.....  (See "GOP Congressional Candidate Bruce Blakeman needs to Tie former Brooklyn ADA Kathleen Rice into more than Nassau DA's problems as Moreland Commission Co-chair 'Assisting' Investigators" by Galewyn Massey,  8/4/14  [on this blog below 4+ years ago][]).

Kathleen Rice was known to be close to, even the protege of,  some of DA Hynes' most nefarious and infamous henchmen, specifically:  Michael Vecchione;  Dino Amoroso and even the very problematic detective-investigator Louis J. Scarcella.  Needless to say, that would mean she had involvements with many of the Hynes' office's bad cases. She was the lead prosecutor in one particularly dirty Hynes prosecution, the "persecution" of one,  Antoine Butts.  This one was so bad that,  once his conviction had been overturned, it cost the City millions of dollars to settle his case for damages.

Of course, many have mentioned the obvious racial component of so many of the Hynes' office's bad prosecutions.  However, nobody has asked how so many of Hynes' top people, like Rice,  stayed in the Brooklyn DA's office when it became known to them that Brooklyn DA Hynes had such a very close personal association with the Breezy Point Cooperative in Queens,  during an era when that lilly-white enclave was widely viewed as a racially and religiously segregated community within the boundaries of New York City.

Oddly,  it might be something else that Rice did, or actually didn't do, during much of her time as an ADA for Hynes that will be her ultimate undoing.   VOTING  ---  or should I say  "NOT VOTING".....  Initially,  Rice registered as a Republican like her parents,  but she figured that this might interfere with her progress in an office run very politically by Hynes.  So what did Kathleen do, she let her voter registration lapse by  >>> not voting <<<  for eighteen years (18 yrs.).....   In openly admitting to that fact,  Rice added that she only re-registered when she started thinking about running for elective office.  As a result, anybody digging into Kathleen Rice's history could easily argue that  >>> she only votes when something is in it for her. 

To many reading this, it might seem that all of that doesn't add up to very much,  however that is only what I know.  Wait until Palosi's bloodhounds drop this on some of their friends in the national press,  then you'll see how it adds up pretty quickly,  especially when they find even more tidbits from her days working for Hynes.



Anonymous said...
Gail, did you put any of this stuff on Wikipedia, or did you get it from there?
Anonymous said...
Hynes & Golden were such a jolly couple. Press conferences together, fundraisers together. And eventually the voters had enough so they both got tossed out. But not together.
Anonymous said...
Long and Kassar convinced Hynes he could hang on as Brooklyn DA by running on conservative line. They convinced Marty to get a recount and were there for the end of Donovan. These guys are the election night Grim reapers for everyone except Grimm.
Anonymous said...
Artie Lange returns. Save the material 8;37 the Louie CK warm up show.

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