Monday, November 4, 2013


Attacks by Hayon’s Campaign and Orthodox Anti-pedophile Blogs on Councilman David Greenfield Force Conservative Party  to Come Out of Its Funk Hole to Defend Him

Brooklyn Conservative Party Chairman Jerry Kassar Forced to Deliver a Syllabus of Lies   —   Some, his own; and some, those of other Greenfield cronies  

Right off the bat, Conservative Party Chairman Jerry Kassar makes his statement  in support of David Greenfield  as if he is newly announcing that support.  That’s a very odd thing to do, because everybody knows that such an “announcement “ had already been made almost eight months ago. Then Kassar opened his new re-“announcement” with the biggest lie of all  —  “David Greenfield is the only Conservative candidate in this race....” (See  “Brooklyn’s Conservative Party Urges Voters To Support David Greenfield On The Conservative Line” by YWN Desk, 11/4/13, Yeshiva World News

Sadly, it seems that Mr. Kassar has himself wandered so far from his conservative roots because of a career of compromising dirty deals, he cannot tell a liberal Democrat from a conservative one. He certainly cannot tell the difference between a genuine social conservative Republican and the liberal Democrat that his party originally and prematurely endorsed way back in March 2013  (See “Brooklyn Conservatives Nominate City Councilman David Greenfield Endorsing Re-Election,” by Ross Brady, 3/12/13, Brooklyn Conservative Party Blog []; see also “Conservative Party backs Greenfield’s re-election bid,” by Paula Katinas, 3/13/13, Brooklyn Daily Eagle []). At that time, even I had hit Kassar and his Conservative Party with a brickbat about the haste in selecting a candidate as inappropriate as Greenfield   —   “...[H]ow can the Conservative Party explain the haste that attended its endorsement process in 2013....”(See “Conservatives endorse Democrat David Greenfield — Independent Republicans look around for “Organization GOP” support for an independent GOP stop-Greenfield opponent” by Galewyn Massey. 3/13/13 [ below on this blog]).

Hayon has again hit a nerve of the falsely named  “Conservatives” and their endorsed falsely identified and labeled liberal candidates like Greenfield and Lhota.  They are buzzing and swarming like a bunch of hornets, whose nest has been knocked to the ground.  Kassar and his ward, Greenfield, have been forced to pull out all the stops at the Eleventh Hour to try to impede Hayon’s momentum; these included tar buckets wielded by Kassar and Kalman Yeger, and a quick rewrite of history by State Senator Simcha Felder, a similarly endorsed Democrat-Conservative.


Anonymous said...

Joe Hynes will win tonight.

All naysayers will be proven wrong.

Anonymous said...


if kassar and his few sycophants inside the conservative party looked at greenfield's real political associations, alliances and allegiance, and looked at his real everyday votes in the city council they would see that he isn't worthy of any support or endorsement from anything that calls itself a conservative party