Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fiorello LaGuardia Club Calls for Unity as Brooklyn GOP nears “ANNIHILATION” following 2013 Elections

Says that Brooklyn GOP needs to regroup and strategize to avoid complete wipe-out of all Republican elected officials in Brooklyn

Calls on leaders of all factions in Brooklyn GOP to come together

Lucretia Regina-Potter and Marcus Aurelius Nussbaum the GOP State Committee Persons and District Leaders of the 46th AD have sent out the following  “Open Letter” to their fellow District Leaders in Brooklyn. It speaks for itself; so, I have reproduced it below:

November 2013

An Open Letter To All Republican District Leaders

Dear Brooklyn Republican District Leaders:

Now that the annihilation of the Kings County Republican Party is only one elected official away from being completed, we must regroup and strategize an effective way to prevent such an annihilation in becoming a fait accompli. We must assure that a united effort will return the status of our party to the days when the Republican Party was able to elect public officials and judges.

We must face the future with an eye on the recent past with learning and understanding.
Dissidence and disagreements have for too long been a part of our political activities within our Party. Fears and destructive internal battles have cursed the Republican Party in Brooklyn into becoming what it is nowadays.

We strongly urge that the leaders of both sides of the two factions partitioning the Republican Party in Brooklyn to lay down their swords and turn to a more peaceful solution for their adversarial actions. Most of all we urge all those Republican District Leaders in Brooklyn, who have dedicated themselves to enhance our party and who are the real backbone of our countywide organization, to exercise their rights as Leaders through the process of selecting and electing those who our party represents and who our elected officials should be.

Only through a unified effort of the true loyal and dedicated Republicans who have no ulterior motives in mind, nor are interested in protecting a private or personal interest, will the catalyst for change become viable.

We ask our fellow leaders to join with us to improve our prospects for the Brooklyn Republican future with dedication, hard work and by sharing the responsibility of choosing and supporting candidates for all public office and judiciary that run in their district.


Lucretia Regina-Potter and Marcus Aurelius Nussbaum
Republican District Leaders-46th Assembly District


Anonymous said...

It was an interesting letter, from a group of people that none of the District Leaders like.

They are too bossy and think we are living in ancient Rome.

Don't know why they ever made him 1st Vice Chair.

That means at some point he could be Chair......Craig better get a food taster fast.

Anonymous said...

They are the leaders in the bedrock district of the Brooklyn GOP. Quaglione's and Storobin's numbers show some of the result of NOT HAVING the LaGuardia Club on board. The Annarummo-Sarta numbers show the result of opposition by the LaGuardia Club.

It's not magic: organize, campaign, organize some more....(two election cycles).

Anonymous said...

This letter is so poorly composed it's not even clear what they're trying to say. Gale, a translation would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

The Whigs just elected a judge in Philadelphia.

People (except the clueless) realize that the Republican party is, and always has been, the party of big government, big spending, and big deficits. Starting with Lincoln, who created paper money, to Wilson who created Federal Reserve, to Nixon who took us off the gold standard. And dont forget the last Bush.

I'm sure someone will wax nostalgia about Barry Goldwater, but please remember Barry and his crew got control of the Republican party for 90 days in 1964 and it had its worst year ever.

Wake up. Your losing elections because you stand for nothing.

Galewyn Massey said...

Woodrow Wilson was a Democrat....

Anonymous said...

Although I was happy that Lucretia Regina-Potter and Marcus Aurelius Nussbaum won the election, I wonder if they are a bit naive. You don't cuddle up to back stabbers and that's what Marty is. Maybe he is holding out an olive branch to Lucretia but he shouldn't be trusted. He double- crossed Craig Eaton and REPUBLICANS who took out petitions for him for years. I doubt that his County Committee members will be out ringing doorbells in 98 degree weather. BTW Marty is not the only Republican office holder in Brooklyn. There is a congressman and an assemblywoman representing part of Brooklyn who are Republicans. Of course, if they are on the same petition as Marty, they may not even get on the ballot. Maybe Jerry can get the signatures for Marty.
Also FDR first took us off the Gold Standard (he was a Democrat). President Nixon stopped the conversion of dollars to gold.