Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Carl Paladino: In case some people don’t think my threats against the NYS GOP are CRAZY enough, let me clarify....

Paladino continues to back up his threats against the GOP with a renewed promise to align with Mike Long’s NYS Conservative Party in 2014   —   IF THE GOP DOESN'T DO EXACTLY AS PALADINO SAYS

Former quirky GOP candidate lashes out at rumors that he might be getting more reasonable, as follows: 

“On Friday I spoke with both Ken Lovett of the N.Y. Daily News and Rob Astorino and explained to each of them my current position on New York State Republican politics. This morning Ken Lovett wrote an article interpreted by the pretenders of the Republican establishment that I have weakened in my position. Not true.” 

According to a report that appeared in the Albany Times Union, “The surprise Republican gubernatorial nominee in 2010, [Carl] Paladino in a widely distributed email pushes back against Ken Lovett’s Monday column suggesting that he’s feeling warmer about the idea of a 2014 run by Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino. Paladino says this should not comfort anxious Republicans.” (See “Paladino: Bring me the heads of Skelos and Kolb” by Casey Seiler, 11/18/13, Times Union

Kicking off with an homage to Sam Peckinpah, TU’s Casey Seiler sees Carl Paladino’s most recent e-mailed conniptions like this: first. Paladino has restated his demands that there must be no RINO gubernatorial candidates put forward by the NYS GOP; and second that there must be the “...voluntary or forced resignation of previously identified RINO County Chairs like Vinny Reda, in Rockland County, as well as Dean Skelos as Majority Leader of the Senate and Brian Kolb as the Minority Leader of the Assembly....”  The Seiler report further quoted Paladino’s screed, thus: “... Their neglect of the values of those who put them in office and failure to provide legitimate opposition to the State’s Democratic Party machine is unforgivable.... The coercion to leave office will come when Republican and Conservative State and County leaders call on their Republican Senators and Assemblymen to send Skelos and Kolb packing with the threat of denying endorsements if they don’t cooperate....”

In case anybody had forgotten his earlier threat, Paladino renewed it like this:  “If they think I’m bluffing and are willing to risk the survival of the party, it only confirms their spineless hypocrisy. My ‘to go’ bag is packed.”

In the past, I’ve been a big fan of Carl Paladino. He had a directness that was refreshing. Lately, that has morphed into a Machiavellian ruthlessness that isn’t quite as charming. Since Seiler kicked things off with some Peckinpah, let me close with a little Brian De Palma  number. Somebody in the New York GOP needs to take the baseball bat out of Carl Paladino’s hands and do a de Niro-Capone tattoo on Paladino’s head.  Who knows! Then, maybe, he’ll be more likeable again.


Anonymous said...

Carl is 100% right. Kolb and Skelos must go. The current situation is not worth saving. Anything would be better and the RNC would be foced to inject much needed $ into NY if the Republican Party was shifted into Row C!

Galewyn Massey said...

That's just more crazy talk. Paladino is a not very long ago converted Democrat, who has only been elected as a member of an upstate school board. Let him try to run for governor with the Conservative Party and they'll be lucky to keep Row "C"....