Monday, November 4, 2013

’Twas the Night Before Election Day ... And all through the County, Not a Creature.... Is finding the choices a bounty

Now is not the time for Republicans  to assign blame or fault for the 2013 City- and County-wide campaigns     Or what happened to this, that, or the other City Council candidate  —  There will be time enough for that in a few days

Republicans need to hang tough with a ticket that is largely uninspiring especially at the top  —  and let’s hope for the best for some of our down-ticket candidates

Let’s start with the top of the GOP ticket.

MAYOR —  For a conservative minded voter, or even a mainstream Republican, the race comes down to the Republican-Conservative Candidate Joseph Lhota, who isn’t really in any way conservative and a Democrat Sir Taxalot, whose heroes include the Sandinistas and some Carribean and South American leaders for life. Between these two there is no choice it’s Lhota for a lot-a-reasons. However, there is also a candidate in the race that has run a campaign almost solely on social conservative issues, Reverend Erick Salgado, who is running on the School Choice “Party” line.  My recommendation is that everybody follow the advice of Jerry Kassar, edited slightly as follows: “...[V]oters need to have a laser focus on the issues. [These] candidates have spoken on them many times.  And there is clearly a world of difference [among them].  So take the time to review their positions and make an informed decision before you walk into that polling site....”

COMPTROLLER — Since the office of New York City’s Public Advocate is not contested by a Republican candidate, the next position for your consideration is the CFO of the City of New York, the Comptroller.  Unquestionably one of the surprises of the 2013 election cycle is John Burnett. John has been a natural entrepreneur, who demonstrates an innate business sense, he is also an accomplished financial executive and manager. Throughout John’s career in the financial services industry, he learned how to manage money and people in a highly interdependent global economy. John has said, “My experience working with a myriad of investment products, audit and governance affords me a unique perspective on what is needed to optimize pension fund performance and operational effectiveness of our city agencies.” John Burnett is not only a fitting choice for NYC Comptroller, he is the only fitting choice to be in charge of the City’s fisc and to audit the performance of the various NYC agencies.

KINGS COUNTY DA  —  Inasmuch as there is no Republican candidate for Borough President of Brooklyn, the next office to be considered is the Kings County District Attorney. Charles “Joe” Hynes is the long-term incumbent DA for Brooklyn. For several of his terms in office he has been endorsed as the candidate of the Republican Party. This will be DA Hynes’ first opportunity to be elected principally as the Republican candidate. He is the best and most competitive Republican candidate for DA in my lifetime. His main campaign pitch that his past good performance in the office of DA, as compared to his opponent’s flimsy resume for the position is incontrovertible. In order to win re-election, DA Hynes needs a very high vote on the Republican line. Republican voters need to pull the GOP lever for DA Hynes to continue to keep Brooklyn streets safe  —  Any change of DAs now would just be too big a risk to take with such a new man waiting in the wings.

CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATES  —  Candidates for the Council, John Quaglione, Joseph Hayon and David Storobin have all run excellent campaigns and stand excellent chances of being very competitive in the 43rd, 44th and 48th Council Districts respectively  —   and reasonably one or two of those districts should pass into the Republican column. The remaining Republican candidates for City Council, Veronica Thompson in the 36th Counc Dist,  Anthony Testaverde in the 46th Counc Dist and Andy Sullivan in the 47th have been ready, willing and able campaigners, who mounted the best campaigns possible given the financial and other constraints on their campaign efforts  —  they deserve your vote as an item of party gratitude and loyalty, as well as to encourage their further efforts at elective office under more encouraging and conducive circumstances.

Vote from the ticket above for as many candidates as you can, and for all offices that you deem appropriate.

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On November 4,2013, an email was sent by Secretary of the Brooklyn GOP Russell Gallo on behalf of the Kings County Republican Chairman Craig Eaton. In pertinent part it stated the following:

“Help these candidates do some damage tomorrow! Vote from the bottom - up!
Mayor- Joe Lhota
Comptroller- John Burnett
District Attorney- Charles Hynes
City Council Candidates-
36- Veronica Thompson
43- John Quaglione
44- Joseph Hayon
46- Anthony Testaverde
47- Andy Sullivan
48- David Storobin

Another Brooklyn GOP organization posted the following on its blog:

“On Election day Tuesday Nov 5th, the Brooklyn Young Republican Club Urges everyone to get out and vote for the following Candidates. Joe Lhota for Mayor, John Burnett for Comptroller and Joe Hynes for Brooklyn DA, and the following City Council Candidates John Quaglione, David Storobin, Andy Sullivan, Joseph Hayon and Anthony Testaverde....” (See “THE BROOKLYN YOUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB URGES YOU TO PLEASE VOTE FOR THE FOLLOWING CANDIDATES.” Posted by Brooklyn Young Republican Club, 11/4/13 []).