Saturday, October 19, 2013

Chairman Eaton and Former Congressman Bob Turner Endorse Republican Candidate Joseph Hayon for 44th City Council District Seat

Endorsements are part of a string of endorsements and other support from key Brooklyn Republicans or Republicans with a keen interest in the Brooklyn GOP and its candidates

Republicans continue to embrace and support Hayon, even though he is the Liaison to the Orthodox Jewish Community for the social conservative Democrat Erick Salgado, who is running against Republican mayoral candidate Joseph Lhota

According to Brooklyn GOP Chairman Eaton, “I’ve known Joseph for a number of years and find him to be a sincere, honest, and loyal individual, dedicated to the needs of the community. Electing Hayon to the New York City Council will improve the quality of services to the constituents of the 44th Council District and will give them a voice in City government....”

Mr. Eaton also indicated that Hayon has been a long-time community activist and a well-known member of the Sephardic Community: and that thanks to Hayon the Brooklyn Republican Party is no stranger in that community and among various other communities of non-Sephardic Frum Jews throughout Brooklyn.

Eaton thought it worthy of special mention that Joseph Hayon was actively involved in the successful races to elect former Congressman Bob Turner and former Senator David Storobin, two of the hallmark accomplishments of Eaton’s term as Kings County Republican Chairman.

Bob Turner was equally effusive on behalf of Joseph Hayon, saying in part, ““I got to know Joseph a number of years ago in my race for the seat in the US House of Representatives.... I won as the Republican challenger against the favorite [ ] Democrat [ ] in a heavily Democrat [ ] district, and Joseph Hayon was there to help me....  [ ] I’m here to endorse his candidacy in acknowledgment of my debt of gratitude....” Furthermore, the former Congressman assured the Hayon Team that the he will make available any political resources available to him to get Joseph elected to the New York City Council.

The extreme political significance of Bob Turner’s  endorsement cannot be overstated, because of Turner’s close personal attachment to the Conservative Party Chairmen Mike Long and Jerry Kassar. Both have endorsed Mr. Hayon’s Democratic Party opponent, and they have given that opponent  the Conservative Party endorsement.



Anonymous said...

Im with Golden on this one. Hayon is an uneducated extremist with NO ties to the Republican Party. He supports democrats himself so he should not be feigning any outrage that Golden (and lots of others) will be supporting the democrat against him.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous above - siding with Golden on anything immediately destroys your credibility. Marty has single handedly ripped the Republican Party apart in Brooklyn, declaring war on someone he used to call a "dear friend." Golden is self-satisfying "politician," if one can even call him that, and bets his cards where he thinks he can gain publicity and spotlight, not where they would benefit the party. Forgot to mention the great job Golden did endorsing Lhota - he is a real winner. Think it's time for your to reconsider.

Anonymous said...

You're both right.

Hayon is a gay-obsessed asshole. Golden is an arrogant Albany asshole.

Anonymous said...

So if Golden believes in God I should take the opposite position? I am just pointing out that Hayon is NOT a republican. He is registered republican but that's as far as he goes.

Look up his record on political contributions. His record on collecting signatures for republican candidates. His record on endorsements. His record on proxies at county conventions. His record of public comments critical of the party. His record of not getting along with anyone registered republican from any and all factions within the party.

I dislike Marty Golden but he is right on this one!

Galewyn Massey said...

Is this what passes for a "Big Tent" nowadays ?

Just askin'.... because I never believed in the concept....

btw, I have friends on all sides of the Hayon thing with Salgado --- and right now, I'm leaning away from Lhota and towards Salgado for about five good reasons and five really petty ones --- that still adds up to about ten reasons....

Anonymous said...

From the looks of the main post above, this Hayon gets along with at least two guys, one named Eaton and one named Turner. Aren't they each Republicans involved with some faction or another? One would think so.

One even would have to think that has to be so, because plenty of Republicans are backing them to be Republican County Chairmen in their respective home counties: Eaton in Kings County; and Turner in Queens County. Isn't it even true that Eaton and Turner are supported by opposite factions, but both of them are supporting Hayon.

What could they possibly have in common other than being Republicans?

Anonymous said...

I don't care who Hayon is. If he great Bob Turner says I should vote for Hayon, then my vote is for Hayon!

Anonymous said...

Quaglione is running the worst campaign with the most money.
The worlds biggest loser.

Anonymous said...

John Q's slogan is "we can do better" - however, we can do much better than him. He is unexperienced and lacks the knowledge on every topic to be a successful Councilman. Vote Gentile!!