Friday, October 4, 2013

The missing corner newspaper boxes caper --- is there somebody in the rouddy wing of the GOP responsible ?

Word is circulating that about a dozen Courier-Life Newspaper boxes have disappeared off of some of the key corners in Bay Ridge  ---  some Dems are even blaming YKW or his supporters for this

One of my usually reliable Baker Street Irregulars, who would put a pox on both Craig Eaton and Marty Golden, and both of those guys' normally retained entourages, has caught wind of a strange string of thefts.  It seems that about a dozen of the Courier-Life newspaper boxes, which were placed in prime spots around Bay Ridge, have suddenly disappeared from those locations -- some with full loads of this week's BAY RIDGE COURIER.

There are two politically sensitive articles right up front in the most recent editions of the Courier-Life papers ---  "REPUBLICANARCHY !"  and "Gentile-Quag debate blame."

It appears that Courier-Life did an extra distribution in order to fill in some of the possibly blacked-out territory.

Some leading Democrats are saying this is an old trick that some older GOP hands have used in the past, and the implication is that it's the Republicans who probably have an interest in doing it now.


Anonymous said...

The Senator is not amused by news accounts that portray him as a powerless spectator whose staff's incompetence fucked up a sure thing.

Anonymous said...

Maybe a dozen people just wanted to read the Bay Ridge Courier.

Galewyn Massey said...

Did you mean that maybe a dozen people wanted to read a bundle of identical newspapers and needed the dispenser boxes to store them in their living rooms ?

Right !

Sure they did.

Galewyn Massey said...


The buzz is that State Senator Golden has taken a very strong interest in this caper. It's even possible that he spoke to the folks at Courier-Life and offered to call the 68th Pct. about the stolen newspaper boxes.

Why would he be offering to call any particular precinct ? Hmmm....

Anonymous said...

Create a problem and become the solution.

Anonymous said...

Golden is a criminal - would not put it past him. Maybe he ran out of toilet paper?