Saturday, October 26, 2013

Andy Sullivan Hasn’t Abandoned Campaign in 47th Council District

Sullivan’ successes in debates with Democrat Mark Treyger are having little impact without followup in the day-to-day campaign; Sullivan has seen no resources expended in that district from the GOP or most of its key operators

Slogans like: “It’s a blue-collar district, and I’m a blue-collar guy” just aren’t making any impact with a large majority of Democratic leaning voters in a district that is overwhelmingly Democratic 

What looked like a pretty good showing in an early October debate against his Democrat opponent Mark Treyger almost looks like ancient history as the candidates head into a ten day homestretch to Election Day. Even though Sullivan, a multiple marshal arts practitioner, was able to force Treyger back onto his heels over the police policies surrounding "stop and frisk" ( See “Treyger pushed to call for Community Safety Act repeal” by Will Bredderman, 10/7/13, Courier Life/ Brooklyn Daily [ _2013_10_11_bk.html]), that victory could not be leveraged into a visible knockdown, or even significant public recognition of  Andy Sullivan's candidacy.

Ever since Republican Andrew Sullivan confirmed that he had decided to run for the council seat in the 47th Councilmatic District, most of which was represented by term-limited Democrat Domenic Recchia Jr., Sullivan has been struggling to gain traction in a district that stretches from Sea Gate and Coney Island, through most of Graves End and into the edges of Bensonhurst and Bath Beach. In spite of  Sullivan’s belief that he could  rally a coalition of older “Reagan Democrats,” as well as socially  conservative Latinos and Asians behind him in what he described as a working-class district, there is no indication that he has made much of an impression among any of those groups. One of the problems confronting Hardhat Andy Sullivan is a general lack of press coverage of Sullivan’s race against Democrat Mark Treyger. In addition, many of Sullivan’s appearances with GOP city-wide candidates were at events that occurred outside the district.

When, as a move toward party unity, Andy Sullivan switched his campaigning from the adjoining 43rd City Council District to the 47th, Sullivan had been led to believe that his race in the 47th Counc. Dist. would receive the full support and attention of both the Republican and Conservative Parties. To Andy and those who are interested in his candidacy, it doesn't look like it's worked out that way, at all.


Anonymous said...

This guy is toast

Anonymous said...

Nice guy, but his campaign is childish and shows little thought to the district. Does his lit an poster really need to be green to telegraph that he's Irish?

Anonymous said...

He looks like a "one man band" that thinks he can play halftime at the Superbowl.

He also doesn't get that talking about his campaign is not campaigning unless it is to somebody who can vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Andy was promised that he would receive help. However, he was instructed that the parties do not run campaigns. Political science 101 teaches that political parties have yielded most if not all of their campaign related powers to the candidates themselves. This is actually a good thing and was a reform implemented decades ago to stem corruption.

Its been said before on this blog. A candidate for public office must prove to the voters that they have some organiztional skills, some support from people in the district, and have a brain in their head.

Unfortunately most of the republican candidates this cycle are 0 for 3.

Andy is a good guy but doesn't have his own team behind him. Ask him who has been offering him any support. I think you would be surprised.

Aren't you guys getting tired of republican candidates who claim to be Ronald Reagan Republicans (read- rugged individuals) then crying that the useless and corrupt party machine isn't calling all the shots for their campaigns? I know I am...

Anonymous said...

A seasoned politico once gave me his words of wisdom.

When a party leader tells you he's not going to do anything for you, believe him.

Anonymous said...

Everybody loves Andy.

It's just that everybody knows he's also a loveable fuckup, and can't get his campaign act together to save his life.

Why would any party leader help him? Here's a sampling of how he spent his campaign funds since January of this year:

$200 to a Queens Republican Club (his district is Brooklyn-only)
$100 to a local scholarship fund
$600 to a Catholic mens organization dinner
$1,000 to the Conservative Party for various dinners and events

Notice any Brooklyn Republican events listed? Nope.

He shouldn't be wasting his campaign dollars on this other nonsense in the first place, but it does show where his loyalties are.

Galewyn Massey said...

I take issue with, or more accurately, I wish to distinguish what might have been said ON THIS BLOG as opposed to what has been said BY THIS BLOG. The part of the comment above that went like this: "... Its [sic] been said before on this blog. A candidate for public office must prove to the voters that they have some organiztional [sic] skills, some support from people in the district, and have a brain in their head...." Doesn't look like anything I've written or edited.

There are a few of us who have a hand in what "Galewyn Massey" has to say, but I'm pretty much the gatekeeper of what gets posted or at least how it finally looks. The quote above makes far too much sense to have come from any of us on this blog.

Maybe this commenter is referring to one of our smarter comment makers. I'm sure this blog has many very talented and astute readers, some have even made some very apt comments. The one immediately above would be one of those.

If however, I or my colleagues might have stumbled onto the sensible formulation quoted above, it was done in a moment of unconscious genius.

Anonymous said...

Andy, Andy, Andy.......

Anonymous said...

The comment you are referencing was in reference to another commenter from earlier posts and not anything that gale or any other author has written.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like somebody is angry they didnt get a taste of the action

Anonymous said...

Absolutely a fuckup, but barely lovable. Drug abuser, women user, 911 fraud... and since you're looking so closely at his CFB, did you happen to notice that he hasn't listed ANY expenditures in months, yet has had several fundraisers at local watering holes? And fresh literature? How did he pay for those things? I'd put money on it that he'll eventually be found out to be in violation of CFB rules. Maybe even serious enough to get him fined...or worse. He's an embarrassment to the GOP and the Conservative party. What. An. Ass.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's keeping the money for himself! FOR SHAME ANDY SULLIVAN, FOR SHAME.

Corey McGraw said...

Anonymous said...

Andy is a hero! I mean, who else can make these kinds of claims?
No one can place him at ground zero on 9/11, but yet he is the only person who drove home at the end of the day of "rescue" over closed bridges!! His "perfect birds eye view" (of everything! He must be a very special person to be able to SEE THE 1st plane hit in the building from across the street, fight the people in that bilding who wouldn't let him out, run across the street AND up 30 flight of stairs to save the ONE man from his crew that was in a locked room crying and praying, took him down 30 flights of stairs and all BEFORE the fire dept got there. Where is this man's cape???
Then he saw the 2nd plane hit. After he told the fire dept that he knew the building was going to collapse since he built it.

The man's ego of lies is bigger than New York!
Well, he's got the lying,womanizing, and theft down. Heck, a vote for Andy is a vote for politicians as we know them!

Galewyn Massey said...

Where did you obtain this very interesting 9/11 narrative about Andy Sullivan ?

Galewyn Massey said...

Are any of the comments above submitted by one of the named Plaintiffs-Petitioners in the case against Republican Chairman Craig Eaton and the rest of the Brooklyn GOP leadership ?

Anonymous said...

He tells one version in the film "Sacrificed Survivors: the untold story of the ground zero mega mosque.

Here is a version with the rescuing Pablo story that he never mentioned in the Sacrificed Survivors Movie when he told his 9/11 story (he later claimed Pablo's family was scared for him to tell the story until now. lol. Pablo has never come forward and Andy says he is out of the country.
Probably because he doesn't exist.

Here he tells another version of the story, still one that would be impossible - but the host gave him a lot of time to talk.

Here he states "I never went into the tower"

There is a lot more documented information in this facebook group -- and people willing to tell you how they have been burned by this liar and thief