Saturday, October 12, 2013

Part of what Joseph Hayon and the GOP will be up against when they take on Democrat-“Conservative” (Yeah, right !) David Greenfield — It is something that looks like it might be a conspiracy of big cash payoffs in exchange for even bigger fiscal and political returns

A well-funded cabal gets behind the cryptic-eclectic Orthodox Jewish Councilman from Borough Park  —  All that’s missing is a bloody corpse on the first few pages, and you could have the beginnings of a Dan Brown novel  —  As it is, it’s still the story line of a very revealing article by Chris Bragg in Crain's - New York Business that is quite comfortable referring to its subject as "...MYSTERIOUS" in its title

Finally, a possible explanation of the Marty Golden, Jerry Kassar and Conservative Party fascination with David Greenfield  —  possibly, the beginnings of an explanation of Marty Golden’s 2013 attacks on Craig Eaton and related phenomena, like the Republican Councilmen's ousting the GOP County Leaders from controlling most of the NYC BOE apparatus and personnel (with Golden strangely involved)

Not very long ago, Jerry Kassar got right into Republican and social conservative activist Joseph Hayon’s grill and said words to the effect: “Aha !  It was me ( we all know that in spite of graduating from Xaverian and some college, Kassar would never say ‘It was I...’) ... It was me that caused you to not have any money for your campaign....”  The words only made an impression on Hayon insofar as the young Orthodox Sephardic Jew didn’t have a clue what the Kings County Conservative Party Chairman was talking about.

Well, thanks to the “Insider,” Chris Bragg and Crain's Business, maybe it was something related to the runaway train that looks like it might be on track to take over the reins at one end of City Hall (now that is a mixed metaphor, even if I were to refer to the train as an “Iron Horse”). Jerry Kassar would have everybody believe that he’s up front in the cab of the engine of that train, within easy reach of the brake and throttle, but that would really be a loco story. In reality, Kassar is way back in the caboose, with strict instructions from ykw not to interfere with the more important operations of the train. For those who really want to know what Kassar’s doing there, he’s hard at work over the little pot-bellied stove in the caboose making a meal of trafy trife or is that trify trafe slop to feed to some of his Conservative Party members, who will take just about any trifle as their cut of the deal that puts this one particular Democrat’s train onto the main line for Council Speaker (or course there’s probably a lot of $$$$ for ykw, which usually explains his part in any deal).

In yesterday’s article in Crain’s, Mr. Bragg said this: “In September's primary elections, a new super PAC promoting City Council candidates friendly to small business made something of a splash. It signed up hundreds of small businesses as supporters, raised $379,000, and backed winners in 14 of the 18 races it took part in, securing pledges from candidates to curb fines and reduce tolls. ***  Largely unnoticed, however, was that little of its funding came from small businesses. The PAC was bankrolled mostly by real estate interests in southern Brooklyn's Sephardic Jewish community, raising the question of what they hope to gain and whether their spending will ultimately benefit the enclave's ambitious political patron, Councilman David Greenfield, who is looking to play a big role in the upcoming race for council speaker....” (See “The inner workings of a mysterious 'small biz' PAC” by Chris Bragg, 10/11/13, Crain’s New York Business/ Insider []). The article is chock full of interesting tid-bits that show the some of the interactions between big money, Greenfield, the Brooklyn Democratic machine, the 2013 City Council races and even the most recent Marty Golden – Conservative Party “Golden Calf” of a candidate, Charles “Joe” Hynes.


Anonymous said...

Nice research on the PAC $
2013 will not be a good year for Marty Golden.
However, I think Carl Paladino will run for Governor next year only on
Conservative party. He could overtake Republican.
Amazing, another deal that benefits Long & a Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

Kassar and Long and the Conservative Party are causing a lot of trouble right now, and the Republican Party needs to fight off Long and Kassar and their brand of phony conservatives called “The Conservative Party” whenever they and the Conservative Party pop up and wherever they don’t belong.

Just yesterday, Long who is the Conservative Party’s State Chairman endorsed a local Republican, Lee Zeldin, to go after Suffolk County Democratic Congressman Timothy Bishop in 2014. Obviously, Long and whatever Conservative Party members are loyal to Long are trying to play some kind of “king maker” in the Second Congressional District in Suffolk County.

There are plenty of real problems with what Long is trying to do. First, he has no business endorsing in that race yet, because the local Conservatives might not be endorsing anybody Long proposes. Second, he is trying to use the Conservative Party to whip the local Republicans, as well as the local Conservatives into line behind his chosen candidate and he has no right to do that. Third, the election against Bishop is more than a year away in November 2014 and it's still almost a month until the elections for this year. Fourth, it already looks like the Republican nomination will be contested by at least one other candidate, George Demos. And last, Lee Zeldin is a sitting Republican State Senator, who might be needed to hold the New York State Senate for the Republicans, and he is not even a declared candidate for congress yet.

Anonymous said...

Kassar did exactly the same thing with Nachman Caller, who has his own fund for candidates that backs conservatives and non-conservatives and REpublicans and Democrats like David Greenfield, who does himself many very liberal Democrats.

Galewyn Massey said...

REBUTTAL: I have been informed by one of my Baker Street Irregulars, that Nachman Caller works through Moshe Friedman. Caller has some contacts with some Republicans, but makes his own deals with Democrats through Friedman. And even if there might be a few specific dealings with somebody like Golden, here and there, they are more likely to be arranged between Caller's guys and somebody at Golden's level or slightly higher, and all of that would be without any of Kassar's input.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Hayon is the only Orthodox Jew elected to a key position by the Republican Party leaders. He is also the only person from the Craig Eaton side not to be named in the lawsuit.

Seems Marty Golden and Gerry Kassar are having their differences about Hayon.

Anonymous said...

The new territory for the GOP in Brooklyn is with the Orthodox Jews & Russians that are already voting Republican. That was the key to Starobins Senate victory.
When the GOP fought for a vote, as they did with Starobin, they won.
A countywide race for GOP with a hand me down Democrat like scandal ridden Hynes is only going to hurt.
Quaglione looks like a fool for aligning himself with Hynes.

Galewyn Massey said...


The J*P Updates reports that certain Orthodox Jewish groups are distributing an "8-page full colored booklet ... over the past weekend in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn which is part of the Council District of New York City Councilman David Greenfield. *** The booklet does not indicate who is behind it, but sources say the Zali sect of Satmar in Williamsburg [has something to do with it] (See "Booklet Calling Councilman Greenfield 'Traitor' Circulated in His District" by "JP Newsroom", 10/13/13, JP Updates []). JP Updates includes a download of the 8-page booklet, which it describes as being in "Yiddish".

The report indicates that "The 8-page booklet attacks Mr. Greenfield for interviewing Rabbi Dov Lipman, an Orthodox Knesset member in the Yesh Atid Party, on his radio show and for unofficially backing Christine Quinn for mayor, at a time when the Jewish community is deeply concerned over the issue of Metzitzah B’Peh. *** Mr. Greenfield is also accused for spreading hate and feeding the non-Jewish press with stories that, supposedly, blackened the face of the Orthodox community."

If one is to judge by the comments following the JP Updates' report about the anti- Greenfield booklet, there would appear to be a base of support in the Borough Park Orthodox Jewish community for the social conservative views of a Republican candidate opposing Councilman Greenfield like Joseph Hayon.

Anonymous said...

Lee Zeldin did announce his candidacy for Congress recently...

Anonymous said...

Please translate the flyer into English.

Galewyn Massey said...


Material relevant to a translation of the anti-Greenfield pamphlet mentioned in the comments above appeared in “City & State” ( See “Anti-Greenfield Literature Posted Throughout His District” by Nick Powell, 10/16/13, City & State []) — as follows :

“HEARD AROUND TOWN: New York City Councilman David Greenfield apparently has some enemies in his district. An 8-page pamphlet printed in Yiddish was circulated over the weekend in Borough Park titled: "David Greenfield: A Failure, A Traitor." According to the blog, Perpetual Voices (See “Panic at Councilman David Greenfield’s Office” posted by Pete Appel, 10/15/13, Perpetual Voices []), which translated the document, the pamphlet lists several reasons why voters should vote against Greenfield in November, including his "cynicism" for issuing a press release announcing his sponsorship of a bill to overturn the city regulation requiring parental consent before a rabbi performs the controversial metzitzeh b’peh bris--a bill that the pamphlet charges was nothing more than a "political ploy" to get votes in his district. The literature also charges that Greenfield leaked the infamous "blackface" photo of Assemblyman Dov Hikind in a Purim costume to the media.

[*]While it is unclear who issued the pamphlet, sources say that it comes from members of the orthodox Satmar community. It's worth noting that Greenfield does have a Council opponent in November, Joseph Hayon, a Republican. Hayon denied issuing the piece, but did reiterate several accusations against Greenfield that were highlighted in the pamphlet, including his support for a Council resolution urging Albany to pass the Women's Equality Agenda which, among other things, would codify abortion rights. "I'm aware that [the pamphlet] attacks David Greenfield, I am not aware of its details," Hayon said, later adding that "there are certain issues that David Greenfield did do that he shouldn't have done." Greenfield did not return a call for comment.”
[*] Paragraph break not in original City & State post

Galewyn Massey said...


According to the blog Perpetual Voices, Joseph Hayon hammered his opponent over the intrusion of the City of New York into the Orthodox community’s religious practices saying that “David Greenfield offered lip service, but no flesh.” By posting the video link entitled “Hayon blames Greenfield on Metzitzah B’peh” blogger Pete Appel made the very simple and straightforward charges against the incumbent Orthodox Councilman accessible to thousands (See “Othodox Jewish NYC Councilman Ignored Attacks on Traditional Circumcision” by Pete Appel, 10/22/13, Perpetual Voices []). In addition to showing Hayon make his main charge against the Councilman for his failure to adequately oppose Mayor Bloomberg’s regulations covering certain religious practices, it also gives Hayon’s account of Greenfield’s introduction of Christine Quinn to a group of Orthodox families including young children where Quinn spoke about her homosexual lifestyle including living with her wife.