Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Lhota Campaign — New Horizons in Disappointment — Daily News says there is Nobody who would be recognizable as a Democrat for Lhota

Lhota’s Ads and some of his Speeches are Out-of-Sinc with his Campaign on the Ground

Daily News/Daily Politics buries lead that Conservative Party Line is Killing Lhota

A few days ago, according to Celeste Katz, the folks inside the Lhota campaign struck-out trying to line up any Democrats with star or near-star quality to lead a “Democrats for Lhota” effort.  And I quote the Katz article, as follows: “After receiving several promises of support from Democrats when he won the Republican nomination, the Lhota campaign can't find a prominent Democrat willing to lead the outreach effort for a Democrats for Lhota drive....”  (See “Democrats who pledged to back Lhota are no-shows as he trails de Blasio” by Celeste Katz, 10/13/13, Daily News/ Daily Politics [http://www.nydailynews.com/news/election/early-promises-support-dems-no-show-lhota-article-1.1483780#commentpostform]); or to put it another way, “...[W]ith polls showing de Blasio up by more than 40 points, no A-list Democrat is willing to be the visible leader of a vigorous pro-Lhota movement....”

Furthermore, according to Ms. Katz, “Lhota has sought to cast himself as a moderate ‘New York Republican’ who splits from the national party on many hot-button social issues, and he has repeatedly castigated Republicans in Washington for their role in shutting down the federal government.”  And while his TV ads proclaim how much he is like deBlasio, and he has avatars of progressive Democrats proclaiming that “He’s one of us...”; Lhota cannot match any of that in his street campaign or even at his campaign headquarters.

Lastly, Celeste Katz finally got around to pointing out what so far has been the unspoken truth about the Lhota campaign. That truth is that Lhota is just like the lead character in the movie "D.O.A."  —  he has obviously taken poison; and he is running around not knowing what happened to him and why. And, at long last, the unspoken has been spoken in the press  —  that Lhota had taken a poison pill  —  right at the beginning by taking the Conservative Party endorsement.

Here’s what Celeste Katz had to say about that. It is on the very last line of her article about Lhota’s vain attempts at getting the support of any key Democrats: “Lhota is also carrying the Conservative Party line — which could turn off some of the very same Democratic voters he needs to attract.”  That line should have been writ large and at the top of the story, because Lhota desperately needs those Democrats to win.

Instead, Katz is guilty of  burying what should have been the lead of an article that could have been about the defining reason why the Lhota campaign has had no traction, not only with all the key Democrats, but with almost all Democrats of any description and most independents, as well.

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