Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mike Long sends a very clear signal that a Charles Hynes race for Brooklyn DA as the Republican and Conservative Candidate is a "Mission Impossible"

Long's second rebuff of Marty Golden in as many days is nothing but a "Trip to the Woodshed" plain and simple   --   What did Marty do to piss Mike off so bad?   --   OR  --   Maybe Golden is just the whipping boy for YKW, and Mike Long is really shepherding his own flock of Conservative Party crazies in Brooklyn  


MID-DAY  UPDATE:  HYNES "CONCEDES" GENERAL ELECTION  ---   Brooklyn DA finds State Senator Golden's Brainstorm about a November Campaign  >>>  "Unpersuasive"  <<<

As I mentioned in my Comment  yesterday [9/23/13 ],  " UPDATE: OH! HAVE I HEARD THIS SONG BEFORE EDITION" to my own post, "Something the whole Brooklyn GOP can get behind — Elect Joe Hynes [mostly] on the Republican line — Somebody Shout 'HOOOO-RAH !' "  the Brooklyn Eagle quoted Mike Long as making  this seemingly nonsensical remark about trying to go forward with the Hynes race for DA on the Conservative and Republican lines in Brooklyn: "“[Hynes] clearly could possibly be in a position to win if he campaigned.... only 22 percent of Democrats voted in the Democratic Primary.... If he got 35 percent of Democrats and Conservative and Republican voters, he could win.... He certainly would have an uphill battle. It would be a tough road for him....”  At the time I casually remarked that something was "all wrong" with Mike Long's math, and that Long must have been using the terms "uphill" and "tough" when he really means "impossible."

Mike Long sometimes can be cryptic, but usually he's pretty "on message" when it comes to the family business  --  power politics and his Conservative Party. Either Mike Long has gone dotty and can't add anymore, or he's trying to make a few points at somebody's expense.  In this instance, it clearly looks like the latter.

If we used Mike Long's projection in the Brooklyn Eagle article of Hynes' holding 35% of the Democratic line vote with the actual numbers for the last Brooklyn DA race of 2009, you would see that Hynes can't win on the Republican and Conservative lines.  In November 2009, Hynes had a total of 182,597 votes on the Democratic line, 43,324 on the Republican line and 7,700 on the Conservative Party line.  If Hynes carried 35% of his Democrat total over to his Republican and Conservative total of  51 ,024 votes  and added that 35%, or 63,909 votes, the Hynes total would be 114,933 votes.  That would still be 3755 votes less than the 65% of the remaining Democratic vote, which would be 118,688 votes.  But that is a deceptively close number, because Joe Hynes also got 16,064 votes on the Working Families Line, which made Hynes' 2009  non-Republican and non-Conservative total even higher at 198,661.  Even giving Hynes the benefit of 35% of that larger total only puts him further behind.

Until yesterday it was beginning to look like State Senator Martin Golden and Conservative State Chairman Michael Long  were the only key players behind the push for incumbent Brooklyn DA Charles "Joe" Hynes to go all out for re-election on the Republican and Conservative lines. That together with the fact that none of Hynes' Democrat-insider friends are lifting a finger to help, started to make me wonder if this Republican-Conservative DA campaign has anything behind it.   Now, with Conservative Party Chairman Long's remarks to the Eagle, just make that Marty Golden as THE ONLY man behind that effort (btw, that's also what Hynes' insider Dennis Quirk had said in an earlier article --  something like "Ask Marty Golden, its all his idea...").

Mike Long's description of how a Republican-Conservative run for Hynes might turn out was intended as a clear message to somebody ( or maybe everybody )   ---   THIS  CAN'T WORK.

It's interesting that at about the same time,  Chairman Long also cracked the whip, mostly at GOP-Conservative State Senators, about the vote on the Cuomo anti-gun "S.A.F.E. Act."   That was a nifty back of the hand to Brooklyn's Republican State Senator, who had gotten right into line behind Governor C.  The language "open the door"  and  "primary" clearly wasn't an accident by Mike Long either, since everybody knows that Golden's attack on Brooklyn GOP Leader Eaton this year will probably be cause for a Brooklyn GOP State Senate primary next year.

Even more interesting is that this is all happening in the last few days before Golden's big push in his gambit to try to take over the 2013 GOP County Convention and control of the Brooklyn GOP.  Now, it's all happening so quickly,  I'm losing count ---  Was that three sharp wacks by Long on Golden's ass or just two?



According to reports in the New York Law Journal and the Politicker blog, Brooklyn DA Charles "Joe" Hynes will not actively campaign or be participating in any Republican or Conservative Party Campaign for his re-election as Brooklyn DA in November (See "EXITING STAGE RIGHT - Charles Hynes Reportedly Conceding General Election" by Colin Campbell, 3/24/13,  NY Observer/Politicker  [http://politicker.com/2013/09/charles-hynes-reportedly-conceding-general-election/]).

Colin Campbell put it this way, "Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes is apparently hanging up his spurs. ***  The New York Law Journal reported today that Mr. Hynes will not contest his re-election after losing the Democratic primary.   ***  Though Mr. Hynes had initially conceded to challenger Ken Thompson after losing the Democratic vote earlier this month, multiple reports surfaced indicating that he was reconsidering his options, which included the possibility of campaigning on the Republican and Conservative lines. ***  But, after 24 years in the district attorney’s office, Mr. Hynes told the Law Journal he won’t campaign for the November election. He said he was 'flattered people are trying to persuade me, but they’ve been unpersuasive' and his decision was 'very firm'....”

This leaves Marty Golden all alone trying to lead the Brooklyn Republican Party in a November Campaign that nobody else cares about anymore ---   WHAT A LEADER !!! (Note: EATON CAPS)


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Please sir, may I have another!

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If you mean that YKW is Jerry Kassar then I don't think that you are on target. Jerry kassar has often said that Mike Long is 100% behind what he does in Brooklyn and nobody who is a Conservative Party person ever questions it.

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Thanks for bringing back the Eaton CAPS. I miss those. lol.

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It's not the first time Joe has missed last call

Galewyn Massey said...


Last week Republican State SenatorMartin Golden told CBS News, "... that Hynes should dominate among Republican and Conservative voters, who account for about 35 percent to 40 percent of the electorate. That means he would have to secure just a minority of Democratic and independent voters to remain in office...." (See "Republicans, Conservatives Confident Hynes Can Still Win Brooklyn DA’s Race" Report by Irene Cornell, 9/16/13, CBS New York[http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2013/09/17/republicans-conservatives-confident-hynes-can-still-win-brooklyn-das-race/]). However, in Hynes' last election to the office of Brooklyn DA, in 2009, he obtained substantially less than the 35-40% that Golden said he obtained on the Republican and Conservative lines.

In addition to bad math, Golden is also guilty of bad logic. In 2009, Mayor Bloomberg spent a huge amount of cash in his race against Thompson and was competitive in the Brooklyn vote; that will not be the case with the Lhota Campaign in Brooklyn in 2013. It will be very underfunded and he will be trailing de Blasio very badly by election day -- with Bill DeBlasio probably carrying Marty Golden's "stronghold" (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !) in Bay Ridge.

Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton running on the Socialist Workers party for Staten Island DA would have a better chance than Hynes in Brooklyn on Rep & Con lines.
I think Mike Long needs a court appointed guardian.

Anonymous said...

The word is that everybody at the DA's office, who coordinated with people doing that stuff as as their business, have already cleared their desks and are heading for the hills.

ML and his assets are safe.