Sunday, September 8, 2013

As the Golden and Eaton folks head toward the 2013 GOP Primary finish line — It looks like “Republicans for Change” are somewhat ahead, but Eaton’s operatives still have a few more moves to make or break before it's over

Biggest battle is in the 46th AD and includes Marty Golden’s personal mail and Marty Golden’s  robo-calls against the candidates of the LaGuardia Republican Organization  —  Now and forever, State Senator Martin Golden owns the “Republicans for Change” effort in the 46th AD for 2013 and going forward

To counter Golden, Annarummo and Sarta, 46th AD Candidates Regina-Potter and Nussbaum continue door-to-door direct contacts with GOP voters, including last minute efforts in the heart of Bay Ridge 

As recently as Saturday evening, the 46th AD campaign of Lucretia Regina-Potter and Marcus Aurelius Nussbaum included their personal distribution of their own literature to Republicans’ households, both apartments and homes, in the Shore Road, Narrows Avenue and Colonial Road area of Bay Ridge near Fort Hamilton HS. When they actually meet with Republican voters at their homes, they openly converse about many of the issues that separated them from their opponents, Annarummo and Sarta, and when pressed, they speak frankly and critically about State Senator Golden and what they believe that he has done to the Brooklyn Republican Party. They are not bashful to tell that they are the new kids on the block, and why that’s a good thing.

For their part, Golden, Annarummo and Sarta have been working together for at least two or three years to improve State Senator Golden’s footprint throughout bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and lower Bensonhurst, especially including participating in various feel-good neighborhood holiday events (See e.g., “Santa’s helpers come to Cannonball Park” by Denise Romano, 12/15/11, Home Reporter/ Brooklyn Spectator []; also “Crowds Enjoy Christmas Village at Cannonball Park, Stuff Schoolbus With Toys” by    12/16/10, Bay Ridge/Brooklyn Eagle []). And perhaps more important, the Golden-Sarta-Annarummo cabal has been taking potshots at LaGuardia Club stalwarts Lucretia Potter and Arnaldo Ferraro   —   trying and failing to take them out of their leadership posts in the 49th AD for many years (See e.g., “Despite Establishment’s “Atlas Hate Mailer,” Regina-Potter Retains Leadership As GOP Cabal Candidates Flop”  by “John Galt”
9/15/11, Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn [With Commments] []).

The same bunch are now trying to weld together an armor-plated juggernaut of targeted mail from Senator Golden and Clorinda Annarummo along with robo-calls from Golden (with a mention of something from Congressman Michael Grimm), all in a effort to push the Annarummo- Sarta team across the finish line on their home turf. The letter from Clorinda A. shows what a heavy lift that probably is. Clorinda is trying to pitch her past work as “leader” in the 46th AD as demonstrative of her efforts on behalf of Marty Golden and Michael Grimm, and the GOP generally by showing off the Golden and Grimm endorsements as proof of her effectiveness.  Annarummo also wants everybody to believe her work for the GOP has led to diversity, because of her message of outreach and inclusion. What Clorinda Annarummo doesn’t mention is how she needs local Democrats to help her fill GOP Board slots and that her petitioning and vote totals for Golden and Grimm have been dropping like stones into a well. Not one to only toot her own horn, Clorinda takes pains to MENTION  Sarta’s name deep into her letter (if memory serves, it’s somewhere on page two).

What remains to be seen is who will prevail in the State Committee and County Committee contests inside the new boundaries of the 46th AD.  The races outside the 46th AD appear to be isolated, hit and miss affairs. There are reports of  a letter from Marty Golden  targeted for specific County Committee candidates in the 49th AD.  Attempts to verify other RFC out reach is ongoing.


Galewyn Massey said...

Thinking that one picture is worth a thousand words, The Brooklyn Young Republican Club has put out a picture of an event held yesterday. State Senator Martin Golden, Timothy Cochrane, John Quaglione, Clorinda Annarummo and about half a dozen of their closest friends are seen at a brunch on Smith Street. In addition to about ten Lhota signs (btw, signs don’t vote), and what looks like a delicious Ceol Irish Breakfast prominently up front in the shot, the “Republicans for Change” inner circle was trying very hard to look like “a gathering of the clans” in the back room of the Downtown Brooklyn eating and drinking spot, Ceol.

Well, it looked very “backroom” indeed....

Anonymous said...

Gale - How on earth can you call Lucretia a "new kid on the block"? She's been around for quite some time at this point, hasn't she?

Galewyn Massey said...

What I wrote was this: "They are not bashful to tell that they are the new kids on the block...."

But I'll be glad to endorse and own the concept -- Lucretia Regina-Potter is a new kid on the block in the 46th AD, especially in all parts of the 46th AD outside of Bath Beach, which is about 95% of the 46th AD. On the other hand, Potter's running mate, Marcus Aurelius Nussbaum, is absolutely and completely a new kid on the block throughout the 46th AD.

So, if you're a genuine "Republican for Change" --- your choice should be to elect Nussbaum and Potter as the Republican State Committee Members from the 46th AD.

Galewyn Massey said...


What was a merely an expectation and rumor from the other side has turned into a grim reality.... At least one of the Grimm endorsement letters was in the mail box today.

Galewyn Massey said...


Craig Eaton has a robo-call "goin' out tonight" in the 46th AD touting John Catsimatidis and

-- WAIT FOR IT ! --

Lucretia Regina-Potter and Marcus Aurelius Nussbaum for GOP State Committee.

As Mel Allen used to say, "HOW ABOUT THAT ! ! ! "

Galewyn Massey said...


County Leader Craig Eaton sent out testimonial letters from former Congressman Bob Turner to Eaton's fellow Republicans in his home ED in Bay Ridge. The purpose of the letter was to buck-up the folks in the Eaton's ED, so that they would not fail to re-elect Eaton to the County Committee, since his spot on the CC is being contested by an RFC candidate.

It was a solid testimonial, but the Republicans in Eaton's ED are probably getting plenty of contrary instructions from their own Congressman, State Senator and others.

We do live in interesting times....

Galewyn Massey said...


The area around two major Shore Road polling places and several Shore Road apartment buildings were heavily blitzed by Potter-Nussbaum palm cards yesterday and today.

A volunteer of one of the Republican organizations supporting the Potter-Nussbaum ticket in the 46th AD couldn't identify whether material came from the local KCRP operation or the LaGuardia Club or some other source. Taking a out a handful of multi-color cards, he compared it to the B&W blitz material. "It looks like a xerox of the real Potter-Nussbaum palm card, so it really doesn't even look much like the material that I gave out. I still have plenty of these to give out, so who knows who did those."


In the 46th AD, through about 4:00 PM --- voting seemed heavier at the Brighton Beach end of the district.

Anonymous said...

I live in the 64th AD and I received a letter requesting that I vote for two people running for County Committee. The letter was signed by Marty Golden and was a request for support for "Republicans for Change". This might have been OK but the two people were running against me.

I have supported Marty Golden for years. I have taken out petitions for Marty in 95 degree heat, in the rain, up and downstairs till I thought my knees would break, attended fund raisers for him in the interests of the Republican Party. I was a little miffed to receive a letter telling people to vote against me. I called a phone number on the letter to register my displeasure and left a message. Within minutes Marty called back to say he didn't realize what was being done. He promised to make it up to me. But he didn't know how. Maybe he would make me a vice-chairperson of a committee. Big deal.

How can you yell for change when you don't know what you are doing? Don't know what you are going to do?

As a senior citizen, I can only believe that Marty just wants to use us but not let us participate in the decision making of the Republican Party. Be careful Marty there are a great many of us out there.