Thursday, September 5, 2013

As the Golden and Eaton factions come down the stretch — It looks like most of Golden’s folks are in the lead

Going into GOP primary, appeals court confirmation that “technical” cover sheet error was fatal to a bundle of Eaton’s “Unchallenged” CC Delegates makes prospects of holding leadership dubious

Full-scale battle in 46th AD will include face-to-face, mail and phones through the weekend and up to Primary Day

Recent inputs from multiple sources indicate that outside the 46th AD, with a hand full of exceptions involving relatively few possible CC delegates, the main thrusts of the KCRP and “Republicans for Change” are shifting to post-primary tactics and strategies in preparation for a “last stand” or “final victory” at the 2013 GOP County Convention. Some of my inputs are clearly intentional, and in some cases tailored, outputs from the competing sides with the purpose of spinning what appears here  —  that doesn’t make those particular output-inputs  false or meaningless.

Part of the RFC pitch continues to be on message with  “’s all  locked up.” BUT, the recent gopher-popup of a NY State Senator calling to make a variety of personal pitches, some aimed at the primary, and others focused post-primary at the convention, shows at least a little internal tug-o-war. Weather that is merely the result of very complex and detailed targeting, the competing demands inside a fractious  RFC coalition, or is indicative of some other confusion of unknown etiology is not at all clear at this time.

Some outside the “Republicans for Change” ambit are trying to pitch the line that the Golden insertion this early  in the game shows desperation. However, almost everybody that have said that also say or have said that some level of Golden’s participation in the primary and convention had been expected all along.

A more likely explanation of the Golden pop-up, with his manning the phones at this time, is that it shows a cautious strategy of leaving nothing to chance. Whether the live calls by the State Senator are something that was long-ago planned or something more of more recent motivation is not the relevant inquiry. The only important questions now are these: 1) whether the Golden phone calls have an immediate positive effect for his side; 2) whether there will be a price to be paid by Golden for this level of participation; and 3) whether, after evaluating “1” and “2 ” it’s all worth it for Marty Golden going forward. My guess is that, for now, the answer to those would be “Yes” - “Maybe” and “Yes” —   Or else, how would one explain why would Golden have done it ?

Given a series of significant reverses at the BOE and in various courts, the Brooklyn Republican establishment standing behind the current GOP County Leader Craig Eaton are pulling back from a major fight for new delegates. Instead, there will be a focus on the post-primary shepherding their own flock, while influencing the “RFC” folks with various types of informational mailings and calls leading up to the convention, which probably can’t even be scheduled until the delegate races have been certified by the BOE. Some have advocated that approach from the beginning; but with the loss of so many otherwise “uncontested” potential delegates, how can playing a mostly-defensive kind of game win, when the other side looks to have more delegates coming out of the primary and going toward the Republican County Convention ?

Of course, the exception to that is inside the 46th AD where everybody will be “All In” in an all-out primary battle for State and County Committee, because there really is no other way for them to go. Whether there will be any additional outside-in influence in the last days before the primary in any of the 46th AD races is not yet known. With half of the County Committee delegation in hand, the La Guardia Republican Organization has prepared a series of mailings and robo-calls to compliment a door-to-door campaign in key EDs in the 46th AD, including a few in Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights. The unifying theme in the 46th AD is the election of the new leadership team in the 46th AD of Nussbaum and Potter  that will provide diversity and a revitalization of the GOP in Southwest Brooklyn.


Anonymous said...

Gale, that is a large leap....I hear that even with the RFC victory in court, the Golden team is only a few CC ahead of the County - and with threats, intimidation and personal calls from Golden with a message as you yourself stated "I will remember", sounds like the Mooreland Commission or the Authorities should look into that type of a veiled threat....what exactly does he mean by that? What will he remember? And what will Golden do to the people who are not compliant with his threats? Sounds like those naughty people will have problems - just like the people at the BOE who didnt comply and give in to the great Senator. What a shame the levels he is stooping to. And I used to really like him - but not any more.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gale, I hear that Kassar is coming unglued - yelling at EVERYBODY........The pressure of it all must makes him want to just SCREAM.........maybe he is taking advice from Cochrane when he SCREAMS....LOL

Anonymous said...

Looks like Ray Riley was right all along

Anonymous said...

What exactly Anonyous do you think Ray Riley was right about? Ray Riley hasnt been right about anything ever...he has never won a race. Look what happened when he RAN Aligretti's race.....and wsnt he the genius who made a big deal about Grimm's they are best buds....what a joke....

Anonymous said...

Calm down, Big Fella, calm down.... jes jaeckin'

Anonymous said...

We should remind Grimm that Riley was the brai child behind the Medal's fiasco...maybe then Grimm would realuze that Golden and his team are really not with him..even Clorinda has been known to talk badly about her boss....she says "I am the only republican in that office. Grimm hired all Conservatives...hear what she says about Liam, his drinking, womanizing, and Kassar and all his deals with the Dems....She could write a book...

Anonymous said...

Small Quiz for those of you light bulbs out there.

This is a hard question so give it thought before you just think of something that is off of the wall.

What will Golden and Kassar being doing next year at this same date.

a)Business as usual.
b)Out of politics because they are both get older.
c)Out of Politics and working in Marty's catering Hall.
d)Doing volunteer work helping the needy.
e)Working upstate with in different titles and positions.

Anonymous said...

f) 5 to 10 in a penitentiary

Anonymous said...

g)preparing for another Republican Primary!!!!

Anonymous said...

against a well-funded Democrat with a Wilson-Pekula?

Galewyn Massey said...

Focus, focus, focus....

2013 first....

Anonymous said...

Gale think, the focus is not about The Republican Party or The Democratic Party,
It's about what is right or wrong.
Your right is another;s wrong.
Their right is your wrong.
What matters is compassion and who is the best of the best and who will save New York.
We know who this is Gale.

Galewyn Massey said...

Generally, if you're commenting on this blog, your focus should be on things related to the Republican Party in Brooklyn. When you're on this blog, "right" and "wrong" is judged within the context of contemporary partisan "Republicanism" --- or against it, as the case may or nay be.

That's because this blog is intended to be an independent Republican blog that looks at the GOP in Brooklyn and fosters commentary about it and what is going on in and around it. Why else would I be doing so many posts about Craig Eaton, Marty Golden, the rest of the local KCRP cast and others who affect, infect and deflect the Republican Party in Brooklyn (and by now we should all know who I think they are ) ?

Galewyn Massey said...

UPDATE FROM THE 46th AD: Be sure to note the First Class Postage on the extra large word pizza from Clorinda Annarummo... looks a little like the Cochrane letter with a return address to Dominick Sarta’s office. It’s almost two whole pages of words, words, words; and they didn’t forget to SLIP something in for the contested EDs. I’ll give it a full rundown and comparison when I have a copy of what the La Guardias might have in store. Until then the following musical interlude:

“Could be!
Who knows?
There's something due any day;
I will know right away,
Soon as it shows.
It may come cannonballing down through the sky,
Gleam in its eye,
Bright as a rose!”
– LB / SS

Galewyn Massey said...


On September 5, 2013, State Senator Martin Golden announced that “I am very proud to announce that the former District Manager of Community Board 10, Denise Virga, has joined my staff! Join me in wishing her well as she starts the next phase of her career dedicated to our community....” (See Martin J. Golden/Faceback []).

Can anybody explain this "nostalgia hire" to me ?

Galewyn Massey said...

UPDATE: Senator Martin Golden crossed the Rubicon with an endorsement letter for State Committee candidates in the 46th AD.

Lucretia and Marcus are surprised and thankful...

OOPS ! That's not right.

Make that Clorinda and Nick do not seemed surprised, but if the Golden endorsement letter helps them win, they will be thankful (Remember, Golden's endorsements always benefit MG or else he wouldn't have made them.).

Also, note well: This is a sullen and narcissistic crowd; and if everything doesn't work out for everybody, all gratefulness will stop all the way around.