Tuesday, September 3, 2013

GOP Mayoral Race Is Gettin’ Hotter’n A West Virginia Still Steamin’ White Whiskey and Drippin’ Lightnin’ in a Jar

Catsimatidis  —  speaking  “TRUTH TO WEAKNESS”  —   tells profound truths about Lhota

Catsimatidis tells Lhota something like, “You have no money and nobody’s giving you any, so it’s time to bow out...”  —   then to really let Lhota know where he stands with a lot of Republican voters, Catsimatidis put out an ad whose theme is “You’re no Rudy Giuliani. It’s not even close !”

Here was the big one-two punch from the “Big Cats”:  According to Celeste Katz, obviously without my corn pone coating, “The battle for the Republican mayoral nomination is heating up as John Catsimatidis prepares to launch TV and radio ads accusing his rival Joe Lhota of riding the coattails of his old boss, Rudy Giuliani” (See “EXCLUSIVE: John Catsimatidis set to launch ad campaign saying 'Joe Lhota is no Rudy Giuliani' ” by Celeste Katz, 9/3/13, Daily News/Daily Politics [http://www.nydailynews.com/news/election/catsimatidis-launch-ads-lhota-giuliani-article-1]).

That followed closely on the tail of Catsimatidis stating, actually re-stating, the obvious — Lhota doesn’t have the resources to wage a competitive campaign (See “CAT FIGHT –  John Catsimatidis Explains Why He Asked Joe Lhota to Exit Mayor’s Race” by Ross Barkan, 9/2/13, NY Observer/Politicker [http://politicker.com/2013/09/john-catsimatidis-explains-why-he-asked-joe-lhota-to-exit-mayors-race/]). According to Mr. Barkan’s report,  “Former MTA Chair Joe Lhota has led each and every poll surveying the mayoral race’s GOP primary. Yet late Friday night, rival John Catsimatidis called on Mr. Lhota to ‘end this charade [and] drop out of the race now.’ ***
Needless to say, Mr. Lhota did not heed Mr. Catsimatidis’s call, which was prompted by a modest fund-raising filing. But Mr. Catsimatidis, a billionaire who is self-financing his campaign, still repeated his call today. ***  ‘The whole thing is, with $157,000 for the whole month of August, where the hell are you going? Where are you going?’ Mr. Catsimatidis pressed when asked about the remarks while greeting voters at a kosher supermarket in Brooklyn, which was buzzing with shoppers preparing for Rosh Hashana. ‘If he beats me, where is he going? What happens is he turns over the entire city to the Democrats because he doesn’t have a chance in hell in November’.”

However, the biggest punch into Joe Lhota’s  labanza came today from Democrat Bill de Blasio in the form of a great polling result from a recent Q-poll, indicating that Bill De Blasio might be running away with the Democratic Primary, and probably not be facing a run-off (See “Bill De Blasio Has Taken A Gigantic Lead In The New York City Mayor's Race” by Brett Logiurato, 9/3/13, Business Insider
[http://www.businessinsider.com/bill-de-blasio-nyc-mayor-poll-christine-quinn-bill-thompson-43-2013-9]; see also “New poll shows de Blasio avoiding runoff vote - has 43% of vote” 9/3/13, NY Post [http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/new_poll_shows_vote_blasio_avoiding_LL6AJHulpuuX9Ez2V6uzwL]). If this polling result plays out, Bill De Blasio will be able to crucify liberal Republican Joe Lhota with Mike Long and the whole Conservatives Party platform for a solid two months, and Lhota will have no campaign worth talking about to counter it.


Anonymous said...

You can't be saying that Catsimatidis, if he wins as the Republican candidate, an then runs against deBlasio with Lhota still on the ballot on the Conservative Party line, stands a better chance against deBlasio than Lhota would on both the Republican and Conservative line.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you must have been drinking Kassar-ade. How can any candidate win a Mayoral election in NYC WITH the Cons Line. We live in a world of bleeding - heart liberals. The Cons Line was the biggest mistake Lhota made by taking it...he should have said, thanks, but no thanks....the Dems will hang that around Lhota's neck and keep tightening it....Catsimatidis is truly the only hope the Republicans have in the General Election - and with Lhota raising only $ 157K in the last month, he is virtually out of money before the real race even begins. Lhota is a nice guy, but he needs money to make it to November and Catsimatidis has what is needed....be smart....this is the truth and the real play for Republicans in NYC

Galewyn Massey said...

That's exactly what I'm saying. The Conservative Party is the "Kiss of Death" in city-wide elections. During the entire existence of the NYS Conservative Party, no Republican candidate who's had the Conservative Party endorsement has ever won a city-wide race. Since the Conservative Party has existed, three Republican candidates for mayor have been elected mayor without the Conservative Party endorsement -- Lindsay, Giuliani and Bloomberg. The Republicans have won five straight mayoral elections without ever having the Conservative Party line.

I'd say more, but "Anonymous September 3, 2013 at 7:17 PM" largely beat me to the punch.

Anonymous said...

Great reporting Galewyn you are the best blog this side of the Pesos and speaking of Pesos Thanks Guys

Galewyn Massey said...

You have me mixed up with Judge Roy Bean -- "The Only Law West of the Pecos"