Monday, November 17, 2014

Marty Golden, Mike Long and Jerry Kassar VICTORIOUS — But, ARE THEY INVINCIBLE ?

[Edited and changed at about 5:50 PM on 11/17/14 ( see note below)]

EXCLUSIVE  —  Some Brooklyn GOP insiders say Chairman Craig Eaton to bow out or not run for re-election 

Eaton, Ferraro, Regina-Potter, Hayon, Berardelli and Gallo, all enter the 2014 post-elections looking like Michael Corleone would have looked coming out of the loo at Louie’s in the Bronx if there was no gun in there  

With the 2014 Elections in the rear view mirror, it is clear that the incumbents in Brooklyn (with some overlap into Staten Island) had big wins regardless of party title, affiliation and/or endorsement. A few Republicans and their Conservative Party supporters benefited from national trends and unexpectedly weak Democrat Party opposition. As the title of this post states, Marty Golden, Mike Long and Jerry Kassar were big victors coming out of the 2014 election cycle. The numbers for Congressman Grimm and State Senator Golden were far more impressive than almost anybody thought and/or said they would be. Clearly, people like Jerry Kassar and Mike Long look like they were a big part of that; and they are being given a lot of credit for that result.

Needless to say, it would be expected that a newly energized “Republicans for Change” faction, or virtually the same people under a different rubric or banner, would be emerging in the 2014 post-election and Holiday Season with an eye set on the 2015 organizational election cycle. It might eventuate that whoever it is that might try to take over the Brooklyn GOP, their path will be somewhat easier than in the past, because there will be no Craig Eaton or his palace guard to block the way.

Success in the battle just past would be indicative and apropos of the title, "Victorious."  The prospect of generally favorable outcomes in future battles would be one of the indicators of the hallmark, "Invincible."   Looking at it today, it sure seems like both terms do describe the Bay Ridge Republican-Conservative team of Golden, Long and Kassar.


The section of this post entitled, "The Craig Eaton era is over," which appeared at this location, has been removed, because several reliable sources, including one of my sources for the material that did appear herein, have contacted me and challenged the accuracy of the material contained in the section.  

I will do a further investigation and research into these matters. That will include possibly an interview with Mr. Eaton, concerning the matters that did appear at this location earlier today.  This note will be edited in due course to reflect such research, or to refer to any future post that might reflect the results of such investigation and research. 


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Into a perceived vacuum


Several of the groups that supported Craig Eaton in the past are scrambling to cobble together an anti-Eaton - stop-Golden faction. However, one member wanted me to understand that the Gregory Davidzon supported leaders ( largely the 45th and 46th A.D.s) have asserted that their current agenda is primarily to the end Eaton leadership-of and dominance-in the Brooklyn Republican Party, and that attaining such an objective would yield the strongest caucus of delegates at the 2015 Republican County Convention. Regardless of how that coalition characterizes it, there is agreement by the anti-Eaton - stop-Golden faction that Arnaldo Ferraro would continue as Vice Chairman, and that his role and title will be augmented at or shortly after the next convention.


Some Brooklyn GOP insiders say Golden likely to takeover the Brooklyn GOP in 2015  —  Impact of Chairman Eaton's supporters and new anti-Eaton - anti-Golden caucus not known


In spite of the future plans of the current GOP Chairman Craig Eaton, several Brooklyn insiders have opined to me that State Senator Martin Golden is likely again to consolidate his hold on the Brooklyn GOP by either naming or becoming the Chairman of the Brooklyn Republican Party in 2015. Most of those insiders describe this as sort of a “Back to the Future” scenario, because it will be an obvious revisit of the 2007 substitution of Chairman Eaton for Hy Singer.

What remains to be seen is whether the Eaton faction has a workable plan to maintain control of the Republican Party that can survive the 2015 reorganization process; and/or whether any newly formed anti-Eaton - anti-Golden coalition has its own impact going into and coming out of the organizational election cycle in 2015.


Curly said...

Wow! Great article! Really informative!!! Your predictions will come true because you sit back and completely analyze the cards in a non-bias manner. Marty Golden is taking back the party from the three stooges!!!

Anonymous said...

Will Golden be defeated in a primary? No

Will Golden be defeated in an election? No

So when will Golden leave office? The answer is when he feels like it.

Its about time you malcontents realize who controls the GOP. So until Senator Golden decides to be a congressman please continue to eat shit !!!

Anonymous said...

Has Golden faced a conservative (small "c") in a primary yet? No

Has Golden face a Conservative (capital "C") in a primary yet? No

So when will Golden leave office?

When thrown in jail or primaried by both types of "C"s. Preferably the same person...

Anonymous said...

Dont choke while eating

Anonymous said...

Just what we need in Brooklyn - Chairman Golden. Robbing from the rich, giving it to the poor aka the Manor

Anonymous said...

Golden needs to go...he cannot and should not be able to control any party except the Conservative Party since that is where he gives all his jobs.

Galewyn Massey said...




According to Bill Mahoney and Laura Nahmias writers for Capital NY, “Governor Andrew Cuomo's top donors contributed six times as much to help elect Republicans to the State Senate as they did to similar efforts to help Democrats, a Capital New York analysis shows.... Of these 25 Cuomo donors, Leonard Litwin, a real estate magnate whose holdings contributed $1 million to the governor’s committee this cycle, donated the most to Senate races. *** Only 9 percent of his $1.5 million benefited Democrats; 79 percent helped Republicans.... In addition to Litwin, other real estate interests that have been major Cuomo donors spent substantial sums of money helping Republicans in the Senate. *** The Benjamin Companies, Extell Development, LeFrak Organization, Rudin Management, the Related Companies and SL Green spent $887,700 helping Republicans, more than 10 times they spent on Democrats. A substantial portion of those companies’ donations—at least $370,400—went to the pro-Republican independent expenditure committee Jobs for New York, which raised about 40 percent of its money from donors who are also among Cuomo’s top 25 largest donors....” (See “Top Cuomo donors strongly backed G.O.P. Senate” by Bill Mahoney & Laura Nahmias, 11/17/14, Capital New York []).

Anonymous said...

Don't stuff like that show how people like Marty Golden are corrupt and exactly why they are.

Plus isn't this proof that Golden's Extell Development "deal" was illegal. Golden gave away New York's State tax money to Extell Development for buildings that were completely finished, and then, State Senator Golden and the rest of the Republican State's Senators get money back from Extell.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a "Quid Pro Quo" to me.

Anonymous said...

If you look up the final words of John Wilkes Boothe before he died you'll see he was talking about Craig Eaton

Anonymous said...

useless, useless