Thursday, November 6, 2014

Look at this quote: “Few things changed with this election.... Not many changed, ultimately...” — Who said it? — And, what were they talking about ?

If you said, “President Barack Hussein Obama; and the GOP taking over the U.S. Senate....”   Bahhhn !  You lose  —   No, it was Mayor Bill de Blasio, and he was talking about the failed Democrat-WFP attempt to take over the NYS Senate.

“Mayor Bill de Blasio wanted to be front and center in this year’s battle for the New York State Senate. ***  Just not like this.”  —   NY TIMES

Some might even argue that the open and notorious attempt by Mayor de B. and his left wing lunatic fringe allies to take over the state senate facilitated the State Senate Republicans’ defense of their turf; and even enabled them to gain enough seats to regain complete control in GOPers hands. 

According to a Wednesday report in the New York Time “Mr. de Blasio woke up on Wednesday confronting a stark new political reality. The Republicans he had devoted considerable resources to defeating this fall will now fully control the State Senate. And their victories were fueled in large part by ads tying Democratic opponents to someone who represents the epitome of big-city liberalism: the mayor of New York....” (See “De Blasio Deflects Blame for Losses in New York Senate Races” by Michael M.Grynbaum, 11/5/14, NY Times/ NY Region []).

Mr. Grynbaum went on to say in his piece that “The outcome weakened Mr. de Blasio’s hand in Albany and could curtail the scope of his first-term agenda. Lacking the partnership of the Senate, the mayor’s plan to restore New York City’s authority over its rent-control laws is likely a nonstarter. And his efforts to expand rights for immigrants and raise the city’s minimum wage could face significant opposition....”

When he was asked if his involvement in the attempt to capture the NYS Senate had backfired, de Blasio calmly responded,  “I just don’t buy it....  I don’t think that’s how politics works....” He then added that he did not think that ads aimed at upstate voters, which depicted him as a liberal boogeyman, had any effect on the outcome.  Instead, he said,  “I think it’s about the issues the candidates choose. I think it is about the vision they put forward, and I think it is about how they reach people at the grass roots.”

The mayor then went on to praise the collection of labor unions, liberal donors and political operatives, some of which had been handpicked by him out of  his own successful mayoral campaign operation.  He referred to it as the team that had tried to win the state senate for the Democrats, and said it was unlike anything he’d seen in the last quarter century. Nonetheless, on election night, his “team” came up decidedly short. In virtually every state senate swing district, the Democratic candidate lost, despite hundreds of thousands of dollars raised by the mayor and his supporters, along with a full gamut of operatives that contributed to the total effort.

In shrugging it all off, Mayor de Blasio looked quite presidential.  That is, of course, if you think shrugging off responsibility for failure is presidential, because Barack Obama does it so well and so often.


Anonymous said...

If you crossed Obama with Recchia, you wold get deBlasio

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Diblasio always has the stupid grin. Has he been tested?

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Recchias problem was the democratic national committee didnt put enough money into it.
I mean who can get there message out with only 5 million dollars.

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Dorothy, you should know this since we now have been told that you are a Democratic Party trespasser on this blog, was the Domenic Recchia that ran against Grimm auditioning for the role of the Scarecrow?

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is this comment above me on drugs?

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A trespasser on this blog? Oh Dear this must be Massey's brain trust at it again. What do you think you're Alfalfa guarding the He- Man Woman Hater's Tree House so Darla can't climb in?

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is this commenter above also on drugs?

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the word on the street is Grimm shot Bin Laden