Thursday, November 6, 2014

About the New Brooklyn DA’s even newer “Hate Crimes” Unit — A case that suggests a terrible injustice might be perpetrated against a sad soul — All because of somebody's agenda and to make some political points

Prosecutors say Brian Boshell terrorized a noted activist of the Arab American Association of New York and her assistant, chasing them across a couple of blocks of Bay Ridge, hurling slurs and a garbage can, and telling them he wanted to lop off their heads and threatening them with a “weapon”

Alleged Perp left the area before police were on scene and refused to act  on  the alleged victims' complaints  —  Borough Commanders then order investigation by NYPD as a "Hate Crime  —  Brooklyn DA throws the "Hate Crime" book at a local sad and troubled soul in the "... Brian Boshell" case

Here’s what one report of the incident said, “I am going to cut your heads off like your people did to us,” he allegedly shouted at association director Linda Sarsour and a co-worker, according to a criminal complaint. ***  The alleged attack came just one day after the terrorist organization calling itself the Islamic State released a video depicting the beheading of an American journalist in the Middle East....” (See “Crazed vagrant threatens to behead Arab community leader” by Max Jaeger. 9/9/14, Brooklyn Daily/ Courier Life []).   Well that seems fairly straightforward, right ?   Not so fast....  There is something else to it; or to put it in a slightly more critical way, maybe there is LESS HERE THAN MEETS THE EYE !

Max Jaeger in the Brooklyn Daily went on to say this:  “Sarsour saw the man — whom she knew from the neighborhood but had never spoken with — sleeping outside her Fifth Avenue office at noon. She instructed a co-worker to call the police to have them move Boshell, she said. Then moments later, when she and deputy director Kayla Santosuosso left the office for a meeting, the man reportedly sprang up and launched into his tirade, according to Sarsour....”

The need to be suspicious of these charges

All of this took place only a day or two after a beheading by ISIS was on TV. Now, what if I told you that the police didn’t arrive for more than 45 minutes after the first calls from the alleged victims, and that there was no mention of “hate crimes” or attempted assaults in the first 911 calls to police; and the supposed “hate crimes” occurred  between the time this Linda Sarsour called the police to have a sleeping drunk removed and when the police finally did arrive ?  Then, what if I told you that the first police to respond saw no reason to investigate further, because nobody was hurt and the alleged perpetrator was no longer on the scene.  Also a while later,  that after the complaining political activist had a meeting with people from City Hall, NYPD Borough Commanders ordered Brian Boshell to be hunted down and arrested, and the Brooklyn DA’s new Hate Crimes Unit decided to charge Boshell with a raft of so-called hate crimes ?

I don’t know what happened between Boshell, and Sarsour and Santosuosso on September 3, 2014  —   But I do know that Linda Sarsour had turned it into a national news story appearing on many media outlets within a few days  —   And given the political climate, this does fit the common agendas of Mayor Bill De Blasio, Brooklyn D.A. Kenneth Thompson, the new Brooklyn “Hate Crimes” A.D.A.  and both of the alleged “victims” Linda Sarsour and Kayla Santosuosso.

All of the important events happened immediately before and shortly after noon on September 3rd 2014, somewhere between 68th Street and Ovington Avenue along Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.  Brian Boshell was arrested elsewhere in Bay Ridge almost five hours later (some reports indicate it was in the evening of September 3rd). However, some local observers have suggested, and  I think it was very possible, that the very willful Ms. Linda Sarsour and others might have attempted some form of “self help”in removing a sleeping drunk from in front of their premises before the police arrived. (Whether Boshell had been waken up with some degree of roughness and responded in a disoriented and possibly hostile manner it remains to be seen whether that might be established as a fact supported by evidence).

So far, what is all of the “evidence” in this case ?   —   Some might say that it is only being based on the complaints of Ms. Sarsour and Ms. Santosuosso  —   however, in reality even that is not yet evidence, as such, even if the complaints have been sworn to by the alleged victims of the crimes/ hate crimes.  Nonetheless, as a result mostly of what happened  AFTER THE INCIDENT, and completely out of his presence, Brian Boshell, the well-known Bay Ridge neighborhood drunk, has been charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors, adding up to sixteen(16) counts, most of which are being characterized as “hate crimes,” which calls for stiffer penalties. The reality is that this man of about fifty years of age (50 y/o/a) is facing the possibility of spending the rest of his life in jail.

Only the PEOPLE OF NEW YORK, in whose name this case is being prosecuted, can stop what looks like a serious prosecutorial overreach

The good people, of Bay Ridge Brooklyn and elsewhere, need to stay on top of this case to see to it that Brian Boshell is not railroaded by Brooklyn D.A. Kenneth Thompson and his new “Hate Crimes” boss,  Marc Fliedner, who is also Mr. Thompson's civil rights bureau chief. The case: People of New York v. Brian Boshell [Kings Co. # 07426-2014] is  next scheduled to be heard in the Brooklyn Supreme Court, Criminal Term on 11/12/14 –  Part 19R.


Anonymous said...

Boshell is a neighborhood rummy. Hate crime, I think not.

Anonymous said...

This case is part of a concerted Pro-radical Islamic pushback against the bad PR for Arabs and Islam after the ISIS beheadings on television.

Linda Sarsour is very well known as an Arab and pro-Islamic spokesperson and activist. What she is doing is doing all the time, and particularly in this case against a poor but annoying neighborhood guy like Brian "Bobo" Boshell is known as "Soft Jihad."

"Soft Jihad" is using various cultural and societal weaknesses in the West, in this instance in the Brooklyn Courts in the United States, as a tool of Islamic Jihad against the Infidels to establish a Caliphate under Sharia Law in the United States. This case against Brian Boshell is nothing but an example of "Soft Jihad" and Linda Sarsour is nothing but a "Soft Jihadist."

Sarsour is an attractive woman by Western standards. She uses makeup, she dresses in modern clothes, like tight jeans, and she is very media savvy. Even before this case, she had been on TV news programs pushing the propaganda line of pro-Islamic groups like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Anonymous said...

Soft Jihad? Really that's a bit over the top. Sarsour has an open invitation with Commissioner Bratton and meets him regularly.

Anonymous said...

is it a hate crime or a white crime?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7:20 AM: Your discussion begins with a modicum of intelligent analysis yet all credence is lost in your last paragraph. For what gratuitous reason is it necessary or even relevant to mention that Mr. Sarsour is an attractive woman? And what are these Western standards? What is the relevance to the issue at hand that she chooses to wear tight jeans except of course to give the male reader a lascivious prurient visual image? If she were not attractive by Western standards (whatever they are) would your analysis be different? Sadly, your entire argument has been swallowed up by your objectification of Mr. Sarsour because she is female.

Anonymous said...

In a way you may have gotten my point, but you don't seem to want to recognize it because of your own overly-feminized world view.

Islamic culture, certainly the Sharia-law variant, would not tolerate a "Linda Sarsour" in their own midst, going around all made up and dressing that way in public. However, she is EXCEPTED and ACCEPTED in the Bay Ridge Islamic and Arabic cultural center, because she is recognized as an operative whose whole appearance is closer to "Western styles" and "Western tastes" making her more acceptable in the general society.

Fashion and even more serious surveys indicate that women dress to impress women more than to attract men. The reason that Linda Sarsour dresses the way she does is to be less threatening to American women, and not to stir up lascivious thoughts among the American men in Bay Ridge.

That Sarsour regularly meets with de Blasio's police brass, like Bratton, only shows that her "Soft Jihad" is very much succeeding, while we chatter about whether it exists.

Anonymous said...

I understand your point above and I do not want to distract from the blog administrator's purpose in posting this story which I suspect is to bring to our attention an infuriating situation that if not acted on will result in a grave injustice done to a man who needs treatment and not jail time. However, Mr. Sarsour should not have the need to assimilate in order to be "accepted" in Bay Ridge. She should be able to walk down Third Avenue in the full burqa if she chose to and not have to worry that she is a perceived Islamic threat to the community. Her religious dress is an outward expression of her Muslim faith. It is unfortunate that either she feels the need or the community has made it necessary for her to compromise that expression. It is ironic but not surprising that probably the very same Bay Ridgers who mourn for the days when the Sisters walked through OLA school yard in the full habit and wimple are the very ones fearing the woman in Jihab as an Islam threat.

But the issue remains: Brian Boshell has a twelve count indictment against him that includes a felony hate crime which under the penal law mandates a twenty year sentence. That is an outrage. Mr. Boshell may be the local rummy as someone so eloquently said above. He may be a down and out drunk. But he is no hate monger. He is no racist.

Anonymous said...

You have moved from a pro-feminist willful ignorance of seeing what is plain to see to a politically correct willful ignorance of what is plain to see.

Sarsour argues for the rights of the fundamentalist Islamic women not to assimilate, however she conducts herself differently. She is not trying to assimilate, she like yourself accepts the right of people not to assimilate.

What she is doing is presenting a false image. She is playing her part in the "Soft Jihad" by presenting herself as a "modern" Islamic Arab woman that wears stylish "Western" clothes and makeup.

You need to understand Linda Sarsour in order to know what she is willing to do to this Boshell character to achieve her objectives.

Anonymous said...

A crime is a crime - put Brian in your home and offer to pay his attorney fee if you support him so much!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that so Kantian of you. The point is for individuals like Brian there are alternatives to incarceration and treatment courts in Brooklyn whereby he could potentially get the help he needs and be a productive member of society instead of the local bum you yourself have probably stepped over at the ATM machine some mornings. However, since Brian has been unfairly charged with a Hate Crime(s) he is not eligible for these alternatives. Which leads us back to the purpose which is to bring to the readers' attention the potential injustice in the criminal charges and the motivation of both Linda Sarsour and the Brooklyn District Attorney in this case.

Anonymous said...

To: Galewynd Massey

You observations and sentiments about this are understandable. You and a lot of your friends and associations have seen "Bobo" for years around Bay Ridge (just like "Bay Ridge Bob" and a couple of others). Like most of the people that bumped into him, you probably treated Brian like an annoyance. I'm pretty sure that I'm right about that because its the normal Bay Ridge way - if they don't dry out and do AA after one or two tries, they are written off as skels and burnouts.

Your getting behind Brian Boshell now, because it suits your agenda with this Sarsour person, and the Arabs that want Sharia, but both your approach and your title title to your article is all wrong.

IT IS a terrible injustice that has long been perpetrated against Brian not just some sad soul that did of didn't do something last Septemebr.

Its not "...A case that suggests a terrible injustice might be perpetrated against a sad soul..."
Its a case that ADDS a terrible injustice TO WHAT ALREADY HAS BEEN perpetrated against Brian Boshell.

Anonymous said...

To the commenter above: Your compassion for Brian is very obvious. Please come to court on November 12th and if you will sit on the defendant's side. Support such as this is sometimes all neighbors can do. And I trust it would be appreciated. It at 320 Jay Street.

native joe said...

Her "look" is a big deal. It's kinda why she is always on tv. So your big long winded comment is completely bullshit. Did you get to use all of your word of the day calender words?

native joe said...

Her "look" is a big deal. It's kinda why she is always on tv. So your big long winded comment is completely bullshit. Did you get to use all of your word of the day calender words?