Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Local Republicans ride a wave to victory on a night when the bigger story was the national trend and the National GOP’s takeover of the U.S. Senate

Grimm wins re-election in a race whose 12.5% margin of victory was much more than might have been expected  ---  given all the problems that he had

Golden has big personal victory,  as the Republicans look like they will again have a majority in the NYS Senate

Nicole Malliotakis scores big in Brooklyn and Staten Island

There were only a hand full of elections in Brooklyn where  Republican candidates stood any chance of winning. To be expected, only three Republicans running in Brooklyn came away with victories. They were Michael Grimm, Marty Golden and Nicole Malliotakis.

11th C.D. Result

The unofficial results in the New York 11th Congressional with 100.00% of the EDs reporting were decisive: Republican-Conservative Michael Grimm received 56,221 votes, or 55.35% of the votes cast for that office; Democrat-WFP Domenic Recchia trailed with 42,786, which was 42.13% of the total; and Green Party Candidate Henry Bardel obtained 2,558 votes, which was 2.52% of the vote.

22nd S.D. Result 

Republican-Conservative-Ind incumbent State Senator Martin Golden cruised to an easy victory over Democrat-WFP candidate James T. Kemmerer, got 29.22 % of the vote, for a total of 10,152; compared to Marty Golden’s total of 22,598 votes and 65.05 %.  Golden’s big win was made all the more satisfying for his folks, because he probably will be going back to Albany as part of a new Republican State Senate majority, after the GOP took back three seats from Democrat freshman State Senators.


There were only two competitive Assembly  races that were completely located within Brooklyn’s boundaries, both resulted in GOP losses.  However in a third district that included both Brooklyn and Staten Island EDs, the Republican candidate achieved a lopsided victory.

45th A.D. Result

In the 45th Assembly District, Democrat-WFP-Ind candidate Steven Cymbrowitz won re-election garnering 6,208  votes or 51.63%  to overcome the strange challenge by the nominal Republican candidate Ben Akselrod, a Democrat who obtained the GOP line in an Opportunity to Ballot Write-in Primary. Mr. Akselrod  received  40.16% or 4,829 votes which, was the highest percentage obtained on the Republican line by any candidate running in Brooklyn. Although only by a small margin, Democrat Ben Akselrod obtained the highest percentage of the  vote for any candidate running on the GOP line in any assembly race wholly within Brooklyn. Doubtless, Akselrod would have had a higher number of votes, but for the last minute letter of the Russ Gallo, a well recognized GOP community activists and Republican Party Executive Member. It definitely makes one wonder, "What might have been...."  --- no matter which side you're on.

46th A.D. Result

In the 46th Assembly District, candidate Alec Brook-Krasny who was running on the Democrat-WFP-Ind parties, handily won re-election. He received  8,512  votes or 53.14 %  to Republican-Conservative candidate Stamatis Lilikakis’ total of 6,089 votes or 38.02 %of the votes cast. Some might have hoped that Mr. Lilikakis would obtain higher percentage and vote total, but he did no better than most Republicans that have to campaign in South-western Brooklyn.

64th A.D. Result 

In the most one-sided race favoring a Republican running in Brooklyn, Democrat and WFP candidate Marybeth Melendez lost with 25.91 % percent of the vote,  getting 5,213 votes; compared to Republican-Conservative and Independence Party candidate Nicole Malliotakis, whose 14,339 votes came up to a whopping  71.26 %.  Even though most of Ms. Malliotakis’ votes came out of the Staten Island portion of her Assembly District, she did a very creditable job in Brooklyn too.


Anonymous said...

Why do you write like Russell Gallo keeping Ben Akselrod from possibly winning an Assembly seat is a good thing for Republicans? He was the Republican candidate in the 45th AD.

By your logic Dov Hikind's big win over Nachman Caller is a good thing too, because he was supported by David Greenfield.

Both Akselrod and Caller were the Republican candidates in their districts- period.

Anonymous said...

Russell Gallo has absolutely no credibility ans I am told office seekers run away from him when he tries to work for them. Ask Bob Turner if you do not believe me. He detests the guy. And Bob Turner is a good man. He is a daily communicant.

Anonymous said...

where did you learn to do math?

Krasny/Lilikakis totals are not 53%/37.... they were Krasny 58% Lilikakis 42%.

That's much better than any other republican has ever done.

Anonymous said...

It isn't his fault on the lack of mathematical ability. He took the short bus to school.

Galewyn Massey said...



Re: Comments by Anons 8:54 AM an 9:00 AM

Obviously, many people that comment on this blog are quite ignorant and uninformed; and they seem to be happier that way. So be it.

My results numbers and percentages were taken directly from the NYS Board of Elections Home page []. If there are any math problems they are theirs at the NYSBOE. If you look at the BOE numbers and percentages for the 46th AD, you would see that there were about 10% of of the votes in the categories of “blanks,” “voids” and “write-ins.”

Keep it up, and you’ll find yourself in the same category as my favorite commenting Tootsie, “Dorthy,” whom I will deal with next.

Anonymous said...

Dorthys not behaving again Gail.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear, I do not know what the blog administrator is in a huff about as I was supporting his miscommunication of the BOE stats. I saw it as not his fault. However, I must now amend that in light of the newly found evidence that he was schooled under the stern yet exacting hands of the good Sisters (see above ref. to Joseph Bernard. Is she still alive by the way?)Indeed, he was taught and taught well. He just was not paying attention and thus the above is his fault. I fully retract the excuse I made for him. And since I am here I will make the observation that the Brooklyn Republicans seem to have the habit of being disloyal to members of their own party. The Gallo person above is a perfect example of a sheer opportunist who will jump the Republican ship and root for the other team* whenever it suits his own selfish interests. That is completely anathema to what it means to belong to a political party. One would go so far as to even label that behavior as un-American.

*Professor 'iggins, is that a mixed metaphor? ships and teams?

Galewyn Massey said...



Re: Comments of Anons 7:49 AM and 1:39 PM on this thread, and at 7:47 AM on the thread to my 11/3/14 post “THE BROOKLYN GOP RACE TO LOOK AT: Lilikakis versus Brook-Krasny in the 46th A.D.”

Dorthy, you have some truly benighted notions. Why would or should the Brooklyn GOP actively campaign for Lucretia Regina-Potter in the Republican Primary in the 46th AD; was she more Republican than Stamatis Lilikakis ? Did you know that Mrs. Potter has run repeatedly for the Assembly, losing every time; and that she never had a credible showing, whether running against Democrat Pater Abbate in two general elections, or Peter Cipriano, Tom McCarthy or Stamatis (Steve) Lilikakis in the GOP primaries in 2010, 2012 and 2014. In 2010, she continued to campaign after losing the primary, and she urged Republicans to vote for her as a write-in, instead of working as the GOP District Leader for the winning Republican then running on the Republican line against Mr. Abbate, the Democrat.

Where did you get so much of your bad information about Russell Gallo ? — “... I am told office seekers run away from him when he tries to work for them.” You need better sources of information. In 2014 he was formally associated with the Tirone Campaign in Staten Island, in 2010 he helped run Turner’s Campaign in Brooklyn, and before that he managed Bob Capano’s campaign for City Council, and I am sure there are many more campaigns where he delivered a vote in the old 47th A.D. where he was GOP District Leader. In addition to that, Russell Gallo formed an active Young Republicans Organization in Brooklyn, which was the only such organization recognized by the NYS Young Republicans and the Kings County Republican Chairman in the last five or six years.

Bob Turner ? Bob Turner ? When did he become the measure of anything ? Daily Communicant ? Whether true or not, of what possible relevance is that ? Bob Turner does not have any real political connection to Brooklyn other than a few personal relations with certain Brooklyn activists, no doubt his views are colored by their world view.

What the 1:39 PM comment is meant to convey is a complete mystery to me....

Anonymous said...

Since now we seem to be just flogging a dead horse shall we move on? But quickly before doing so:

You offer a different perspective on the candidacy of Lucretia Regina Potter and one that sheds a brighter light on my view. Yet from my critical lens it seemed to reak of both Republican stupidity and arrogance not to actively support her. She is a solid community person and equally important she is the real deal on pro life issues - unlike almost every other Republican from Brooklyn or New York State. And yes that matters (even to some feminists). It is odd that this Republican blog as well as the locals seemed to disparage her. Especially in light of the fact that this blog is often critical of Golden and it is obvious that the Lilikakis person was/is a tool for him. As far as Gallo, it is irrelevant that he worked on campaigns and/or created a Young Republican Group that- by the by - only served to further divide an already divisive and tattered constituency. I base my views on the information that was given to me by reputable sources. I did not seek this information and did not receive it on my own volition. Someone who reads your blog (apparently) felt it was necessary to send it to me. I do not know this Gallo person first hand. Wouldn't recognize him from Steve - or Eve. But based on the information given to me which I read the person is . . . (not a decent person) Fill in whatever descriptors you like.

And yes, I do know Bob Turner personally as he was once long ago very supportive of me. He is a daily communicant - and, yes actually, sometimes . . . that makes all the difference.

Galewyn Massey said...


The latest complaint from Lucretia, herself, is that she is upset at Eaton & Co. for not sending Lilikakis to the LaGuardia Club for vetting after Lilkakis had approached Eaton for the 46th AD nomination for the Assembly slot. Lucretia's complaint seems to be that Eaton had no right to reject Lilikakis out of hand without consulting Arnaldo and Lucretia. Frankly, this gripe really doesn't pass the credibility test. The LaGuardia Club wanted to vet Lilikakis before rejecting him, is that it ? Nothing else would fit that club's MO, so what would have been the point.

This "Tempest in a Teapot" probably could be contained in a decent sized teacup.

Anonymous said...

And one more thing: Your play reference did not escape me. So in keeping with the climate around here it is. Katherine actually had the upper hand and delightfully beat up Petruchio. But poor dopey Petruchio didn't realize it. He was probably a Republican . . .

Anonymous said...

Good for you Dorothy.

Stand your ground.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy said, 'The Gallo person above is a perfect example of a sheer opportunist who will jump the Republican ship and root for the other team* whenever it suits his own selfish interests. That is completely anathema to what it means to belong to a political party. One would go so far as to even label that behavior as un-American.'

Russell Gallo said this: 'Russell C. Gallo @RussGallo · Nov 4
Vendetta trumps partisanship. Vote for @SteveCym today #AD45...with Gallo's letter'

Not only did Gallo win this debate, his campaign against Democrat Ben Akselrod running as a wolf in sheep's clothing won the election for Steve Cymbrowitz, a wolf who ran as a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon at 9:21 and at 10:23: Thank you. I have no hesitation in correcting the blog administrator when he is wrong. He, however, proves his ancestral heritage stereotype true when it comes to being thick headed and unyielding in light of clear evidence he is misguided. I don't mean that for every issue as often he is spot on correct. It is odd that he acts like a baton twirling majorette for the likes of Gallo and Gene Bererdelli when there are so many genuine Republican activists throughout Bay Ridge and Brooklyn. And I do not mean the ones that Marty Golden sent over to Joe Hynes to be paid. I am referring to the real community people. For example, on election night Grimm publicly thanked an older woman named Clorinda for her tireless work in Brooklyn. It seems these are the kinds of people who make Bay Ridge what it is. And I do not like Michael Grimm for many reasons however I will say if I lived on Staten Island and lost my home during Sandy he is sure the man I'd want in office helping me.

Anonymous said...

Follow the money.

That old battle axe Clorinda is on Grimm's payroll. As a matter of fact just about every member of team Eaton (Gallo and Berardelli included) work for free for the GOP.

The only person associated with indicted congressman Michael Grimm and currently investigated Marty Golden working for free is Glenn Nocera. I think that speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy is Joe Hayon. Look at what he writes. It's Hayon.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous November 5, 2014 at 7:49 AM

You have zero credibility in my book. You have no idea of the relationships that Gallo has with electeds and candidates over the years, and currently. And you sound like a broken record going on with the lie that Turner hates Gallo. You live in the same delusional world as Obama, you must be a RINO.

Anonymous said...

Akselrod stole the Republican line, but he is NOT a Republican. With crazy OTB rules in this state, you can have a Communist on the Republican line. Doesn't make them a Republican candidate....

And whoever things Clorinda is a real community activist needs a reality check. She's been receiving a Grimm paycheck for years and she only started coming around to ask for GOP help for Grimm as election day approached.

Anonymous said...

Clorinda! Now Dorothy says she likes CLorinda? Whatis Lucreature going to say about that? WHat will DOrothy say next?
Dorothy is so uninformed about stuff, she doesn't know that Clorinda is Cruella the wicked lady that wants to take her little dog.
I don't think that Dorothy knows that her crush Lucreature knocked Cruella out of the leadership in the 46th AD after succeeding her as the leader in the old 49th AD, and Curella tried to knock her out of that for years. Or that Grimm switched his loyalty from Lucreature to Cruella in the middle of 2010, just like Dorothy is doing right now.
Everybody needs to wake up to see the reason Dorothy doesn't knowstuff like that is because DOrothy isn't Hayon and not a Rino, either. She is a Democrat femanatzi kammerer volunteer form Queens and a Bay Ridge Dem that knows Gail told me that, and Gail knows alreadt he says.

Anonymous said...

Dororthys too cute to be a feminazi and she's a hottie. Plus she has a crush on Gail that's why she always writes here.

Anonymous said...

Dorthy's Joe Hayon.

Anonymous said...

Russel Gallo is a Jew hating anti-semite. always was and is.

Anonymous said...

"And I don't mean the one that Marty Golden sent over to Joe Hynes to be paid." Do you know how they were paid? What if there is no record to be found but you still know? How would you show that to someone who might want to know? Who paid them? Were they paid in cash?

Anonymous said...

Joseph Hayon hates Catholics and thinks women are slaves. A real Neanderthal with a funny hat.

Anonymous said...

Gails a twirler? Gail do you were a twirler uniform?

Galewyn Massey said...


"For those who like that sort of thing, that is the sort of thing they like...." - J.B.

I don't twirl, but I lead cheers like Trent Lott used to do; they put me on top of the four-high pyramid...

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know what this means, if anything?
"Anonymous said...
"And I don't mean the one that Marty Golden sent over to Joe Hynes to be paid." Do you know how they were paid? What if there is no record to be found but you still know? How would you show that to someone who might want to know? Who paid them? Were they paid in cash?
November 6, 2014 at 10:27 AM"

Is it answers in the form of questions and questions in the form of answers or what? The way it looks it is plain old gibberish.

Anonymous said...

That's Dorothy's childish gibberish again. She needs another time out in the corner Gail.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon at 10:27: You misquoted the quote. It is ones (plural) not one (singular). For obvious reasons the distinction is important. To answer your questions: 1. Yes 2. There were always records. Ask Dino or the man who wore the yarmulke and was permitted to sign checks - that narrows it as there was only one. 3. Ask Dino as he could explain it with far more specificity 4. See answer to number 3. 4. Not usually.

To Anon at 1:56: You are sexist and your comparing women to being corrected like children is blatant male chauvinism and I call on the blog administrator to reprimand you but he I gather is too busy baton twirling for the two idiots named somewhere above.