Tuesday, November 11, 2014

LATE NEWS — VERY LATE NEWS — State Senator Marty Golden has won re-election to the New York State Senate in a walk over Kemmerer ( Or should that be “in a walk-over over Kemmerer” ?)

Jamie Kemmerer celebrates his “beginning” loss at the first stop on  “Michael Grimm’s Famous Bay Ridge Wine Bar Crawl”

Both Kemmerer and Golden thank DEMOCRATS  —   HMMMMM !

Golden or somebody like him said, “We are now the party in charge in Albany....”  —   HMMMM !

This post is like too many of my term papers back in college — a week late and not quite sure what it all meant....  Actually, I was waiting for Jerry Kassar’s column so I could do a riff on that, but he is obviously even more dilatory than I am (maybe, it’s because he had more to celebrate at Pippin’s last week). I gave the election results, now I want to talk about the parties, and what was said about the Parties and other stuff.

So I guess I’ll have to stick with the almost week-old  basic coverage in the Home Reporter (See “State Senator Marty Golden secures his seat, trumps Kemmerer” by Meaghan McGolderick, with reporting contributed by Heather Chin, 11/5/14, Home Reporter/ Spectator [http://www.homereporternews.com/news/government/state-senator-marty-golden-secures-his-seat-trumps-kemmerer/article_c39d974a-653f-11e4-afa8-2f004b770846.html]).

Speaking of the “Republicans” –  maybe

According to the Home Reporter - Spectator reporters, “Republican State Senator Marty Golden celebrated a two-to-one victory over his Democratic challenger, James Kemmerer on Election Night with friends, family, constituents and colleagues at the Ridge’s Pippin’s Pub near 97th Street and Third Avenue....”  I got a personal report from one of the attendees, the party was kept small and on the DL for a few reasons (more about that later).

According to Meaghan and/or  Heather, the “unofficial election results, at final count Golden had received 22,598 votes (69 percent) and Kemmerer, 10,152 (31 percent).”

Here’s a little of what State Senator Marty is supposed to have said,  “I want to thank you all because without you, we couldn’t have done this....  [The Republicans]* had an overwhelming sweep across the district and it’s because of each and every person in this room....  I want to thank the Democrats in this room that went out there and made their support for me known....“[The Republican Party]* swept the district tonight [ thanking those closest to him, his family – wife, Colleen and sons, Patrick and Michael – and his staff – Jerry Kassar, Ray Riley and John Quaglione, among others, for] making this win happen.”


* Note on the Golden quote above: Obviously State Senator Golden’s own quotes were somewhat more colorful, descriptive, and perhaps even problematic, than the Home Reporter’s editorial insertions of “The Republicans” and “The Republican Party”  —   I wonder what those specific words and thoughts could have been ?

The Home Reporter noted that Golden then specifically thanked the New Era Democrats, who were hailed as one of the first groups to endorse him formally in the 2014 election cycle.

Speaking of the Democrats !

Still going by what the fine young women writing for the Home Reporter had to say, “On the other side of the Ridge at the Owl’s Head Wine Bar** (479 74th Street), [Jamie] Kemmerer thanked volunteers, family and neighbors and beyond during his concession speech, vowing that ‘this is just the beginning’ because ‘We have a lot of work to do in this part of Brooklyn and in our own party. I intend to do that work with [everyone here].’... ”

**Note on the Owl’s Head Wine Bar: Yes, that is the Bay Ridge establishment whose bathroom was made part of the news by Congressman Michael Grimm in late September 2013.  This incident was covered in my October 15, 2013 post “Is Congressman Michael Grimm embroiled in another scandal ? This one looks something like what sunk Congressman Vito Fossella...” below on this blog.  For those who have forgotten, it was at that Bay Ridge off-5th-Avenue bistro where Congressman Grimm and another sweet young thing needed to take a 15-17 minute break together in the powder room.

Speaking of the “party in charge in Albany” ? ? ?  –  !  !  !

The Home Reporter coverage ended with this: “Golden’s win was  part of the GOP’s successful effort to take back the State Senate, where a power-sharing arrangement had persisted for the past two years between Republicans and the Independent Democratic Conference. ‘We are now the party in charge in Albany.’...”   Now, that is a truly provocative quote  —   Does anybody know who said it ?  And, equally important, to what political party were they referring ?


Anonymous said...

I get the feeling Kemmerers "consulting" business may be getting some new clients from the State of New york.

Anonymous said...

Kemmerer has annointed Golden Senator for life.
Godd work losers

Anonymous said...

The Owls Head wine Bar.
Did you know Charles Lindberg drank there while JFK was in the mens room with Norah O'Donnell.?

Galewyn Massey said...




J. Dozier Hasty has long been a friend of people like Mike Long, Jerry Kassar and Marty Golden. Seldom does one see such a blatant tipping of a hat as was shown in Mr. Hasty’s Brooklyn Eagle’s post-election coverage of the 2014 Elections ( See “Incumbents reign in Southwest Brooklyn, by Paula Katinas, 11/5/14, Brooklyn Daily Eagle [http://www.brooklyneagle.com/articles/2014/11/5/incumbents-reign-southwest-brooklyn]).
The picture that accompanied the richly symbolic article had this caption: “Assemblymember Nicole Malliotakis was among the incumbents cruising to victory in races in southwest Brooklyn. She is pictured with two of her key supporters, New York State Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long (left) and Brooklyn Conservative Party Chairman Gerard Kassar....”

The words and pictures should be deeply troubling to Brooklyn Republicans. First, the picture is a “file photo” from October about a statewide ballot proposal concerning legislative paperwork; and it has no connection to any of what happened on Election Day 2014 in Southwest Brooklyn. Second, none of the people depicted in the photo are elected incumbent office holders from anywhere in Southwest Brooklyn [Malliotakis is from Staten Island and has represented only a shifting sliver of Brooklyn since 2011].

What gives ? It looks like spiking the ball and a victory lap by the Conservative Party and another kick in the pants to Brooklyn GOP Chairman Craig Eaton.

Galewyn Massey said...




On Monday, the New York Post published one of the most important Fred Dicker columns ever. Seldom does such political backroom dealing get such a complete airing “on the record” by high level political operatives.

According to Post NYS political columnist Fred Dicker, “The state’s most powerful Republican secretly worked for months to help Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo win re-election — in exchange for Cuomo’s promise not to aid Senate Democrats in their Long Island races, a top New York GOP leader has charged. *** Former state Republican Party Executive Director Michael Lawler — who managed Rob Astorino’s ill-fated gubernatorial run against Cuomo — told The Post that he learned of the alleged bombshell deal between Senate GOP leader Dean Skelos and Cuomo just days ago, after suspecting for months that it existed. *** ‘Dean Skelos clearly was working against Rob’s campaign — he and the governor cut a deal,’ seethed Lawler, a protégé of GOP Chairman Ed Cox. *** The Nassau County-based Skelos and his aides ‘fight for nothing, stand for nothing except staying in power,’ Lawler charged....” (See “Cuomo had a secret re-election ‘pact’ with Republicans” by Fredric U. Dicker, 11/10/14, NY Post [http://nypost.com/2014/11/10/cuomo-had-a-secret-re-election-pact-with-republicans/]). Dicker tied all of it to GOP Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and his operatives, who backed Democrat Cuomo in his recent race against Republican Rob Astorino.

Obviously, this kind of skulduggery was not limited to Long Island. What is needed is somebody on the inside with the likes of Marty Golden, Mike Long and Jerry Kassar to describe all of their deals with Cuomo and/or other Democrats to insulate the likes of Golden from a real challenge.

Anonymous said...

There is more than one way to burn a book. And the world is full of people running about with lit matches.

Tell me, was he right, That it is a pleasure to burn?

Remember, any comment worth deleting is surely a comment worth reading . . .

Anonymous said...

Marty isn't out of danger yet. Between his own bad judgment and the temptations that come with real majority power and seniority ... 2016 will be rather interesting. Especially if the Dems don't sabotage the Senate campaign in order to play with turonout in the congressional race.

Anonymous said...

Professor Marvel, aka the Wizard, spent so much time with his personal war on womyn that he missed important stuff like another Hynes' connection associated with the New Era Democrats endorsement of Rep-Cons. Marty Golden.

New Era Dems doyen Mary Sansone got Hynes money for years for some kind of community outreach. Golden
was so thankful, he gave a shoutout to the New Era DEms on election night at Pippins.

Anonymous said...

Hynes had to distance himself from Mary when CIAO came under investigation by the AG for misappropriation of funds. She was often seen hanging around his office though.