Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Modest Proposal — Vote for Libertarian Mike McDermott for Governor

Libertarian Republicans,  are you looking for a Proper Protest for 2014 ?   —  Think about voting for Michael McDermott on the Libertarian line  —   It could make  A REAL DIFFERENCE  in the long run.....

By voting for Michael McDermott,  the Libertarian candidate for Governor in 2014  
  You can stick it to the Conservatives, WFP, Greens and "Independence Party" types, all in one shot

As Republicans in New York, too many things are just passing us by. There will be no surge of support for Republican Rob Astorino at the 11th hour  —  his showing in the 2014 election was preordained when the GOP fund raisers and the GOP establishment [like the GOP Governors Association] decided that his campaign didn’t and/or shouldn't have a shot against Governor Cuomo in 2014  —  and flowing from that, Astorino sank to place holder status as the GOP gubernatorial candidate this year (better luck next time).

Some of my left-wing BSIs have been urging me to something earth-shattering, like urging my fellow Republicans to vote for Howie Hawkins on the Green Party line; and they have lots of reasons that appeal to their left-wing ways of thinking about such things.   The only reason that I thought it might appeal to many good Republicans, who might think about doing such a thing, would be in the hope of driving the Conservative Party further down the ballot, away from its current spot threatening the GOP’s integrity and the Republican Party’s position on the ballot. The problem was that I really couldn’t bring myself to do such a thing, because candidate Howie Hawkins and the Green Party just oppose too many things that I happen to support; and come to think of it, a lot of the stuff they do is just plain annoying.

On the other hand, I figured out a way that much of what I think many Republicans wanted vis a vis the existing third parties could be accomplished in 2014; and it didn’t involve getting on board with somebody else's long liberal agenda. It’s also something that is simple and straightforward.

If all libertarian oriented Republicans voted for Mike McDermott for Governor in 2014, then the Libertarian Party would get a good shot at permanent ballot status. Automatically, that would weaken and dilute the positions of all the parasite parties, like the Conservative, Independence and Working Families parties; and it would largely countervail against the Greens, as well.

About Michael McDermott

In 2012, Michael successfully got on the ballot for Congress in Long Island’s third congressional district. He debated Congressman Steve Israel and Candidate Steve Labate at the League of Women Voters and did extremely well. In 2014 he decided that he should try the same thing, but this time running for Governor of New York.

As a Libertarian, Michael is in favor of keeping government, local and otherwise, out of personal relationships, stopping the government from spying on its citizens with drones and other electronic surveillance, and eliminating long prison terms for non-violent offenses without identifiable victims. Michael is leading the fight to remove red light cameras from our communities by local ballot referendums. Michael is also a staunch advocate of our right to free speech, and other free expression, as long as such action does not interfere with the rights of others.

Though many of the issues facing New Yorkers are important, there are a few that stand out and have made Michael McDermott come to realize that he could no longer stand on the sidelines and do nothing about what was happening, especially since each affected him so personally  —  those issues are the Common Core Curriculum [the national education policy mandate], the fettered economy, the NYSAFE ACT, and the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act [aka Obamacare]. McDermott’s positions on each of these are explained in detail in the sub-link to each on his webpage (See[ ]). Check it all out there..

It’s time for all libertarian Republicans to stand up and say that enough is enough. Take a close look at Michael McDermott and see if his Libertarian fight is worth supporting and pushing forward. If you are an active Republican libertarian, you are 90% of the way there. You know that history is not made by those who stay home and do nothing, it’s made by those who get angry, get up, go out and do the right thing.

If you agree that much of this is something you should get behind in 2014, then you probably should vote for Michael McDermott for Governor and Christopher Edes for Lieutenant Governor  —   Even though both of them are running on the Libertarian line, you don't need to change your party or personal beliefs to vote for them this once.  You see, I think such a vote is a good protest. In addition, McDermott and company are a good potential allies for us Republicans in the future; plus supporting McDermott’s 2014 run can be a good port in the storm for many Republicans, right now. There's no need for the 2014 surge to pass us by in New York without accomplishing anything


Anonymous said...

I was seriously considering a vote for Libertarian McDermott until I watched the televised gubernatorial debate from Buffalo.

McDermott did everything but fellate Cuomo in front of the audience. He wasn't subtle at all.

Anyone who can be bought off so easily by Cuomo won't get my vote.

Galewyn Massey said...



If slovenly affection for and loyalty to Andrew Cuomo is a deal-breaker, then....

Galewyn Massey said...



Given the obvious obsession with male-on-male oral sex exhibited by the commenter at 7:01 AM, I’m pretty sure that it is one of the supporters of Howie Hawkins mentioned in my main post above. That particular BSI has a history of seeing things that aren’t there and hearing things that aren’t said when he is off his prescribed meds. Here are some more reliable reports of what Mr. McDermott did say at the only debate between “some of the candidates,” including Astorino and Cuomo.

In the Buffalo News and WNED-WBFO debate on 10/22/14:

“Libertarian Michael McDermott criticized the major party candidates and urged voters to carefully consider their options. *** “Democrats and Republicans are the problem,” he said. “Just vote Libertarian, one time.” *** McDermott added that he opposes the common core, which he believes is ‘an abomination for our children.’...” (See “Cuomo, Astorino Face Off In Buffalo Debate” by Marcia Kramer, 10/22/14, CBS News [w/ video link to debate] []).

“Libertarian candidate Michael McDermott, [ ] urged voters to consider voting for a third-party candidate. *** ‘Please, listen to everything that's said,’ said McDermott, of Long Island. ‘The Libertarian philosophy that we espouse is one of individual liberty and individual freedom and strict adherence to the constitution.’...” (See “Cuomo, Astorino spar over corruption, taxes in only election debate” by Jon Campbell, Democrat & Chronicle/ Gannet [w/ video link to debate]

“...Libertarian, Michael McDermott, a real estate broker from Long Island[ ] expressed frustration with Republicans and Democrats. *** The hourlong encounter was leavened by a few moments of comic relief, such as when Mr. McDermott said that the Common Core education standards were such an “abomination” that he had taken to doing his 9-year-old daughter’s homework for her because “she just doesn’t get it.” Mr. McDermott also earnestly trumpeted “industrial hemp” as a source of both job creation and less expensive clothing....” ( See “Cuomo Repels Astorino’s Jabs With His Own in New York Governor’s Debate” by Thomas Kaplan, 10/22/14, NY Times []).

“The tension between [Cuomo and Astorino] during the back-and-forth in Buffalo late yesterday didn’t go unnoticed by Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins and Libertarian Michael McDermott, who laid out their platforms while Cuomo and Astorino spent little time answering questions to focus on attacking each other. *** ‘I wish this was the first of several debates,’ Hawkins said in closing. ‘We barely touched on the issues.’ *** McDermott said the debate showed that ‘Democrats and Republicans have a problem.’...” (See “Cuomo Tangles With Astorino in Debate on Taxes, Abortion” by Freeman Klopott, Bloomberg News []).

Anonymous said...

Howie Hawkins on Green Line has my vote

Galewyn Massey said...


Is this "Deep Throat" or a different BSI ?

Anonymous said...

What exactly is this Conservative GOP obsession with male on male BrokeBack Mountain kinds of things? I have observed it nationally but now since you have the pleasure of my visiting this blog I must remark that it too seems to be a local Brooklyn Republican male on male interest. It is all so eclesiastically clerical of you. I'm thinking you all came of age when Mugsy was the Queen.

Galewyn Massey said...


RE: Anon 6:43 AM

This is a pure Saul Alinsky-type attack.

If you look closely, you'll notice that this comment maker above is the one that some like to call "Dorothy." She swings between trying to tie everything to Hynes, or claiming that she has won some argument or other that nobody even knows about, or calling Brooklyn GOP activists KKKlansmen or male chauvinists, and attacking me as being a North Korean. She now says that we are all Brokeback Mountaineers, because of a response I made to something a Democrat-Howie Hawkins-advocate, who is actually one of "Dorothy's friends," said about McDermott fellating Cuomo at the Buffalo Debate.

Anonymous said...

"That is not what I meant at all. That is not it, at all. - J. Alfred P.

Oh Dear, I apologize for the confusion. I would never ever compare any person or persons to the KKK as they were a horrific group that hearkens back only to a terrible time in our Nation's history. I must have been too subtle which I can be sometimes. The white hoods, exclusion of women, misogyny and meeting under the full moon was a reference solely to the Brooklyn Tea Party Patriots. A very dangerous group although I have received word on good authority that they are now defunct. They died as they lived - quickly and without fanfare.

And I also must have misread another matter as Governor Andrew Cuomo is a Democrat and being such I am sure he is nothing but a ladies man and would never ever enagage in (well, that) with a male.

You are correct on the rest.

Anonymous said...

What the heck is "Dorothy" going on about now that she knows nothing about?

First she says this, "I would never ever compare any person or persons to the KKK as they were a horrific group that hearkens back only to a terrible time in our Nation's history." Then she doesn't miss a beat and says "I must have been too subtle which I can be sometimes. The white hoods, exclusion of women, misogyny and meeting under the full moon was a reference solely to the Brooklyn Tea Party Patriots." That's what most people call a complete contradiction. in fact, it is intrinsically contradictory.

Also the Brooklyn Tea Party (TBTP) is the only Tea Party in Brooklyn, and the Tea Party Patriots (TPP) were never formally organised in Brooklyn, as such. The TPP is organized in Staten Island and still is a going operation there.

The Brooklyn Tea Party certainly still exists, as well. Frankie Russo, the ABC radio show host is its president. It recently had a joint meeting with the Brooklyn Young Republican Club at the home of BYRC President Glenn Nocera. If "Dorothy" read any of what is posted on this blog other than her own comments, she would know all that, and she could have corrected her "good authority" about the Brooklyn Tea Party being defunct.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that explication of the presence of the Tea Party in Brooklyn and on* Staten Island. It is helpful. Have you considered writing a Wikipedia entry for this group? As it would be helpful to those of us on the outside looking in. Since you mention the name Franke Russo I realize I was remiss in stating that the Brooklyn Tea Party died with no fanfare. Indeed it was the instigator of a terrible Donnybrook during last year's general election. So much so that Dov Hikind and Frank Seddio (did you see him on the Good Wife last week in his cameo?)held a news conference on a Sunday morning on the steps of Boro Hall denouncing the acts of the Tea Party and the unseemly things they were doing to divide our county during the campaign. I recall that name came up. Although in fairness many more have blamed the Brooklyn GOP but it seems Dov Hiknd felt it should sit squarely on the shoulders of the Tea Party led by Mr. Russo. But I could be completely wrong and maybe this is a different Frank Russo unless of course it is the Frank "Let's Go Joe" "Get on the bus" Russo of Republican candidate "you know who". (I will not mention his name as the blog administrator seems to get annoyed when I do and the last thing I would want to do is annoy him). Anyway Dov Hikind blamed them for the tactics but others said the Brooklyn Tea Party was not smart enough or organized enough to be so involved in tactical campaign work. I wonder if the Tea Party died out as a result of their behavior in that campaign. I mean if you lose the good will of Frank Seddio and Dov Hikind in Brooklyn you might as well pack it in.