Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Extra – Extra – Extra ! ! ! TOMORROW — Jamie Kemmerer having a joint presser with former Democrat Governor Candidate Zephyr Teachout

"Ethics and Corruption" among the issues to be discussed  

ALSO: CWA Local 1180 Endorses James Kemmerer For State Senate

According to one of my most dependable Baker Street Irregulars inside the Jamie Kemmerer campaign, Mr. Kemmerer will be having a  joint press conference with former Dem gubernatorial candidate Zephyr Teachout tomorrow.  The two are expected to be speaking out about ethics reform and the problem of open corruption in the New York State government.

Mr. Kemmerer is the candidate running for New York State Senate against the incumbent Marty Golden (R-C, SD-22).  Kemmerer has made waves in his race by bringing up issues that suggest the current state senator might be personally involved in corruption. Marty Golden and his campaign have responded to these charges with indignation, with a general denial that the charges are all false, and specifically stating that his campaign financing and use of the Bay Ridge Manor are all being done legally and with the necessary and proper disclosures being filed.

CWA Local 1180 Endorses James Kemmerer --- Stating Kemmerer’s Opponent Golden Crossed CWA Picket Line In 2011

In a 10/6/14 release, the Communication Workers of America Local 1180 announced their support today for Brooklyn small businessman James Kemmerer, the Democratic candidate for State Senate in southern Brooklyn’s 22nd district. Among his other remarks Arthur Cheliotes, President of the Communications Workers of America Local 1180 made this strong point:  “... I urge our members to remember that James Kemmerer’s opponent, Marty Golden, crossed a CWA picket line at the HEIGHT of contract negotiations. This is something we know James  [Kemmerer] would never do."


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“Exactly four weeks from Election Day former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Zephyr Teachout said ‘It's hard to see it happening’ when asked if she had made any headway in her decision about endorsing incumbent Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo for re-election.... ***
Money continues to flow into her campaign, Teachout said, explaining that she is still employing a small staff and is organizing those who agree with her progressive, traditional Democratic values.... On Tuesday, Teachout repeatedly expressed her immediate focus on the Senate. ***
A Fordham law professor, Teachout is embarking on something of a mixed-purpose journey as she clarified that her schedule is part book tour. ‘It's a book tour with a focus on what's happening in New York and what we can do about it,’ Teachout said referring to her book Corruption in America as a starting point for a conversation that will be about the need for a Democratic takeover of the New York State Senate and for significant campaign finance reform. *** Saying that she will be asking, ‘Why are Republicans supporting a broken system of private financing?’ Teachout said that she is motivated by the key, larger question at play: ‘Who's going to have power in Albany next year?’ (See “Teachout on Cuomo Endorsement: 'It's hard to see it happening' ” by Ben Max, 10/7/14, Gotham Gazette [http://www.gothamgazette.com/index.php/government/5370-teachout-on-cuomo-endorsement-its-hard-to-see-it-happening]).

Some of Zephyr Teachout’s remarks specifically addressed the campaign of James Kemmerer against State Senator Martin Golden. According to the Gotham Gazette, “She specifically cited an appearance planned for Wednesday in Brooklyn with Democratic State Senate candidate James Kemmerer.... Of Kemmerer, who is looking to unseat incumbent Republican Sen. Martin Golden, Teachout said he's "facing an uphill battle," but that it should be a Democratic seat and it's the type of race the governor should be involved in.”

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Thank you, Mr. Massey, for this shout out on an important event in the race for the Senate seat in the 22nd District. Zephyr Teachout has become our Nation's leader in ethics reform in government and she believes that this State Senate race is so critical to ending corruption in New York that she is coming to Bay Ridge at noon tomorrow to show her support for reform candidate Jamie Kemmerer! All the way to Bay Ridge!

And because the political world is so full of ironies this anti-corruption/call for ethics reform press conference is being held at 476 76th Street. All are welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Kemmerer is gaining momentum at the right time.

Anonymous said...

Marty will beat all of your sorry arsses

Anonymous said...

Faith and begorrah, can you believe it? Right there on 76th Street down from 5th in front of ground zero the anti-corruption and reform candidates will be standing speaking on ethics and campaign finance reform.

In other news, the Hynes/Golden Evidence Shredding Truck will not be parked at 76th Street today as previously stated. This is due to alternate side of the street parking but operatives within the Golden campaign are whispering that 'Gerry with a G' Kassar has advised removal of the truck from the area so as not to give the Kemmerer team a great photo op to drive home the dramatic irony of the event. Mr. Kassar is so smart, I'm thinking that is why Mr. Hynes always wrote him so many emails asking advice.

Anonymous said...

What you mean Candidates, white man?
Tonto only see one candidate. Masked man see with google-eyes or speak with forked tongue. Teachout strikeout in primary and no more be candidate, Ke-mo sah-bee

Anonymous said...

Here is an update on today's press conference at Bay Ridge corruption ground zero:

Heads up Bay Ridge, today at noon 76th Street just off 5th Ave (near Bay Ridge Manor):

Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu Join James Kemmerer to Call for Ethics and Campaign Finance Reform

Kemmerer to Propose Legislation to Stop Lawmakers from Enriching Themselves with Campaign and Taxpayer Money

WHO: Former candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of New York Zephyr Teachout and Tim Wu and Democratic candidate for State Senate in the 22nd District James Kemmerer

WHAT: Teachout, Wu and Kemmerer will lay out their plans to fight corruption in New York State politics with a prime example of current abuse, Senator Martin Golden’s family catering hall, as a backdrop. Kemmerer will propose legislation, which he is calling The Golden Rule, designed to stop state legislators from enriching themselves by using taxpayer or campaign money to boost their own or a close family member’s business. His opponent, Senator Martin Golden, according to the most recent campaign finance filing, has seen over a half million dollars funneled into his family catering hall in recent years.

Also, remember - no Golden/Hynes Shredding Truck available today. For further dates, times, places just dial G for Gerry and he'll assist.

Anonymous said...

Tonto, again.

Seeing many losing candidates in one place outside big Golden wigwam...

Granola and cucumber sandwiches ala Occupy Wall Street, with yogurt instead of mayo, almost make Tonto puke.

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Zephyr Teachout endorsed ethics reform candidate Jamie Kemmerer today and had this to say about Senator Marty Golden:

I’m speaking out against Marty Golden as one of the worst examples of the old boys club and the broken system that is governing our state,” said Ms. Teachout. “What he is doing here is, his company, his family business has received over half a million dollars from campaign funds and state funds. And you don’t need to be a genius to recognize there’s something wrong with that. That we have a system that allows a state senator to instead of serving the people of Bay Ridge to be serving his own business and his own interest.”

Jamie Kemmerer for State Senate.