Thursday, October 23, 2014

Congressman Peter King calls for honesty in confronting Islamic Terrorism — And checking for it wherever it might be festering

King says:  U.S. and local law enforcement need to focus on radical activities at mosques  —   President Obama has failed to set the proper tone for necessary and proper defense of the U.S. homeland against terrorists by mis-characterizing a pattern of activities as individual acts

CNN  —  Later report indicates Ottawa shooting suspect had ties to Jihadists 

Attacks at Canadian Parliament on same day as an intruder gets stopped near the White House

Sometimes Congressman Peter King sounds like a “Johnny One Note” on the threat of Islamic Extremist Terrorists, but in the wake of the attacks in Ottowa on the guards at the War Memorial and at the Parliament building, and after yet another intrusion onto the White House grounds, maybe Pete King’s rants rate reasonable and  rare reflection.

Congressman Peter King issues warning about Muslim extremists and mosques

“When you see a person who is a Muslim convert carrying out an attack two or three days after another similar type of attack, after ISIS [has] called upon individual Muslims to carry out these attacks, then we have to realize that this is a real issue and not something we can hide under this cover of political correctness,” King said, referring to two deadly attacks on Canadian soldiers this week by separate homegrown Canadian jihadists. ***   ‘Anyone who thinks this is a coincidence is crazy,’ he added. ***   On Wednesday, Canada native Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, believed to have been ‘radicalized,’ gunned down an unarmed ceremonial guard standing watch at the Ottawa War Memorial before firing his way through the parliament. And on Monday, another purported jihadist, Martin Couture Rouleau, ran down two soldiers near Montreal, killing one of them....” (See “Rep. Peter King: Forget PC 'Morons,' Call Terrorists What They Are” by Melissa Clyne, 10/22/14, Newsmax []).

King says surveillance needed at mosques in the U.S.

Congressman King went on to tell Newsmax that,  “We can have all of the technology in the world, but we have to find out what's happening on the ground in these Muslim communities.... What the NYPD used to do, but those morons at the New York Times Editorial Board and the American Civil Liberties Union went after them. We have to find out what people are thinking and what's going on in the mosques, which often are incubators of this type of terrorism. We have to go all out with surveillance and be quick to call it terrorism.”

King wants increased electronic surveillance, because of porous borders

The Newsmax report of Congressman King’s remarks also reached the subject of electronic surveillance, which had became very controversial since former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked thousands of classified documents about phone and Internet surveillance. According to the congressman, it is also essential to stopping terrorist attacks before they happen; and this is especially vital in order to effectively monitor the United States’ porous northern and southern borders. This is some of what Congressman King did say about electronic surveillance, “I strongly believe without in any way violating the Constitution we can have effective security...  It's very appropriate for police to monitor local organizations and look through their sources to find out who in communities can be dangerous or have terror leanings. Electronic surveillance should be done with court supervision, but in many ways it's the only way to find out what's happening.”

Canadian shooter had "connections" to Jihadists

According to a mid-afternoon CNN report on Thursday, “The suspect in Wednesday's shootings in Ottawa had ‘connections’ to jihadists in Canada who shared a radical Islamist ideology, including at least one who went overseas to fight in Syria, multiple U.S. sources told CNN on Thursday. ***   The gunman was Quebec native Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a convert to Islam, U.S. officials said. ***   Zehaf-Bibeau was connected to Hasibullah Yusufzai through social media, according to a U.S. counterterrorism source. Yusufzai is wanted by Canadian authorities for traveling overseas to fight alongside Islamist fighters in Syria, The Globe and Mail, a Canadian newspaper, reported....” (See “Sources: Ottawa shooting suspect had ties to jihadists” by Jason Hanna, 10/23/14,  CNN [ with video link] []).

Synchronicity  —  the attack on the Canadian Parliament, along with another invasion of the White House grounds in Washington

Yesterday’s incident at the White House appears to be unrelated to the terrorist acts in Canada. According to the Secret Service, Dominic Adesanya of Bel Air, Maryland, was unarmed when he was arrested on the White House grounds after being confronted by Secret Service dogs that stopped and attacked him after he jumped over the fence ( See “Maryland man charged after jumping White House fence, dogs cleared for duty” by Susan Heavy (Reporting by Curtis Skinner & Jeff Mason; editing by Bill Trott), 10/23/14, Reuters []).  Also according to the report, surveillance ideo showed the intruder punching one of the dogs and Secret Service agents surrounding him on the north lawn of the White House.

Whether or not this White House intrusion is otherwise connected to the events in Ottowa, Canada, or it isn’t, the event did occur on the same day; and it contributed to a heightened level of alert and anxiety in Washington, D.C.  It does rate a closer look.

According to Reuter’s report, “The White House was locked down for almost two hours after the incident on Wednesday, the same day a gunman attacked Canada's parliament in Ottawa....” This was about a month after another intruder penetrated several layers of White House security, actually entered the Executive Mansion and traversed several internal checkpoints. The most recent intruder was stopped shortly after entering the grounds. However, but according to a family member, the suspect Dominic Adesanya is mentally disturbed, and this was not his first incident at the White House. On a previous occasion, he had been stopped at the W.H. gate after asking to see the President.


Anonymous said...

Peter King speaking out on terrorism. How loverly. Loverly. Did he confer with his friend Gerry Adams first I wonder.

Peter King, proof that one man's* terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.


Anonymous said...

Peter King is a useless clown.

Anonymous said...

Actually Pete King is extremely useful.

He's the poster boy for turning American into a Surveillance State.

None of the 9/11 hijackers were Americans. Why are we treated like criminals by our own government?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Peter King is a hypocrite when it comes to the issue of terrorism and the Islamic community. Mr. King claims to have been "radicalized" when in early 1980 he visited Bobby Sands on the H Block and said after seeing what he saw that America must do something. (He never visited the women in Armagh prison however.)So Mr. King decided that the bars in New York should raise money to fund the poor oppressed folks harmed by the violence in Ulster. He arranged to have the pro-IRA band The Druids come to New York to sing only Republican tunes and galvanize support for "the cause." Now The Druids are no Frankie Marra "I'll take you home again Kathleen" Show Band kind of group. Unlike Frank Marra, they do not make you feel like you're sitting in the parlour with the Danaher Brothers sipping something or other. The Druids who Peter King brought over sing songs that have actualy fomented* more sectarian violence in the North than the face of Maggie Thatcher herself, rest in peace.This summer in fact the Druids were banned in that nice village of Ardoyne for inciting sectarian violence. I am not sure if that is hate speech but since Mr. Massey is ever vigilant and rightly so about that matter I just wanted to point it out at this time. And now I'm even thinking that no one here even heard of The Druids because the Frankie Marra Show Band is the local favorite. I know that because there was once even talk of having the nostalgic voice of that band sing on election night last year of one very important Irishman who was hoping for an upset victory. The Frankie Marra Showband was not booked and I will not say it was because there was not enough seized drug money to pay for his melodies for the evening. I would not say that at all. And it isn't that I won't say it because I know Mr. Massey will delete it or his blogger policeman (it is surely a man)will do so for him. I will not say it because there is no proof that there wasn't enough seized drug money not to pay for the band.

*Is it foment or ferment Professor 'iggins? I always forget.