Thursday, October 16, 2014

Below the Radar: Assembly Race in North Brooklyn pits the GOP’s Bill Davidson against long-time incumbent Democrat Joseph Lentol

TO START OFF:  Bill Davidson is the GOP Candidate in the 50th A.D. in Greenpoint and parts of Williamsburg Brooklyn, where he is challenging the ages old Democratic machine that is responsible for incredibly high state and city taxes, and the encroachment of government into our everyday lives, such as the educational establishment’s imposition of the so-called “Common Core Curriculum”

BREAKING NEW GROUND: Davidson is a libertarian Republican, who would like to formally change the NYS laws prohibiting the possession and use of marijuana   

FURTHERMORE: Bill Davidson is a well-educated very experienced individual, who has been working in a very competitive technical industry, as well as being an up and coming community spokesman for the GOP in North Brooklyn

Bill is a 30-year old Bio-pharmaceutical Logistics Coordinator for a shipping company, called Worldnet International, that operates in Queens, in the vicinity of JFK International Airport. He has been in the logistics industry for over six years. Prior to that Bill Davidson went to the University of New Hampshire, earning a Baccalaureate in History with a minor in Art History. He has also completed several credits towards his Masters Degree from UNH and other schools.

Mr. Davidson has also become the recognized community voice for the Brooklyn Republican  Party in many parts or the 50th A.D. in Northern Brooklyn.


Life-long Republican active for a variety of GOP candidates over the years

Bill Davidson has been active in Republican Party politics since 1994 [that’s right, since he was 10 –  you do the math].  Over the years, he worked on a variety of GOP campaigns.  These included the campaigns of John Flanagan for the NYS Senate and Rick Lazio for Congress, both on Long Island. In 2008, Bill worked as the County Campaign Manager for Rudy Giuliani’s run for the GOP nomination for President of the United States in Los Angeles, California. And in 2012, Bill Davidson was active in the presidential campaign of the libertarian Republican Ron Paul.

Republican District Leader in the 50th A.D.

Since last year, Bill Davidson has been the Republican State Committeeman and GOP District Leader of the 50th Assembly District, running unopposed in 2013 and serving in the position since September 2013. Not being content with his selection as the Republican leader in the 50th AD, Bill took his fight to the Democrats and made a last second run for Borough President of Brooklyn, mounting a small word of mouth write-in campaign in the General Election.

Came in right behind B.P. Marty Markowitz in 2013 voting

According to Bill Davidson, “My run for the Borough Presidency went surprisingly better than I had anticipated....   So I came in 4th overall [right behind the then-sitting Borough. President  Marty Markowitz]....   I honestly can’t thank those who wrote in my name enough....”


In many ways Bill Davidson is a cross between a contemporary “Libertarian” and a traditional Republican.  He brings all of that into his very uphill campaign against the very-well entrenched Joseph Lentol, who is running on the Democratic Party line.   Bill Davidson says that “I stand for: the traditional Republican position in favor of lower taxes; the conservative Republican small government position opposed to the “Common Core Curriculum” in our local schools, and the libertarian and populist position of legalizing marijuana.


The way William S. Davidson, the “Young Republican” GOP candidate for Assembly in the 50th Assembly District, has put it, “I think that everybody will better off if I run my campaign four-square, out front and sticking to the libertarian issues I believe in.”

The people of the 50th Assembly District can’t afford to have both a Cuomo in the Governor’s mansion and an Old Line Democrat in the State Assembly representing them. After forty (40) years of service it’s time for Joe Lentol to move into a well-deserved retirement.  There is little doubt that Joe Lentol has dedicated his life to the people of Greenpoint and Williamsburg; but forty (40) years of the very same representation is not politically healthy for any district, state or country.

It is time for a change.


“People ask me why I support marijuana legalization. ***  I support legalization because it makes sense....   In the end I believe legalization is more beneficial than harmful.... So far, the actual data shows that there’s aren’t any  “victims” of the “crimes” of possession and use of marijuana.

“Also if a legal industry is established, imagine what New York could raise in revenue.  This revenue can greatly aid in relieving the New York’s debt; and it can also ease many of the tax burdens on the middle class ( and even the poor) who pay the biggest parts of their incomes on other regressive taxes.  In addition to generating much needed revenue for necessary public initiatives, I believe that legalization of pot will cut down on many categories of New York State’s expenditures. Almost as important as all the rest, police and other law enforcement agencies  will be able to refocus their watchfulness and be freed up from all the junk busts which will keep them from fighting more serious crimes.  Add to that: Court costs going down with the lessening volume of low-end, pot-related drug crimes; and jails being less overcrowded with marijuana offenders which will lessen expenses associated with incarceration for marijuana offenses.”


“If elected, the people of the 50th Assembly District will have fresh and young representation in Albany and here in Greenpoint and Williamsburg.  This is very much needed in and for a district that is getting younger every day.  I believe that, if I’m elected, the people of my district will have a better shot at a higher quality of living, with lower taxes; and our school age citizens will greatly benefit by an end to the Common Core Curriculum. It is my sincerest hope, that with my election and strong representation with fresh ideas and a fresh outlook, the people will be able to relax and enjoy themselves instead of having to worry about living paycheck to paycheck, with the police looking over their shoulder to see how they are relaxing.”


On the fund raising front, Bill D. said this: “I’ve had two fund raisers and those did as well as I expected.... [ and posters and palm cards have been purchased with those funds].  Once again, I can’t thank everyone enough for those who donated....”

As most of you know, a small and independent Republican campaign in Brooklyn, like Bill Davidson’s, can always use some $$$$$. So if you can throw a couple of spendolas his way  ( Checks should be made payable to "Friends of Davidson,"  c/o Nancy Marks, Treasurer, PO Box 677, Shirley, New York 11967).

Also visit Bill Davidson on Facebook:
Bill Davidson for New York Assembly 2014


Anonymous said...

"…the recognized community voice for the Brooklyn Republican  Party in many parts or the 50th A.D. in Northern Brooklyn."

Recognized by who? I'm a Republican in the 50th and, until this blog, I knew little about him. (The County GOP website still lists a guy who's been dead several years as district leader.)

"Since last year, Bill Davidson has been the Republican State Committeeman and GOP District Leader of the 50th Assembly District, running unopposed in 2013 and serving in the position since September 2013. Not being content with his selection by Republican voters as their leader in the 50th AD..."

He was not elected district leader unopposed or otherwise by Republican voters in the 50th. I never saw his name on a ballot. According to what I've read, he was appointed to the position by Ed Cox.

Anyway, glad to see a Republican running in the 50th actually attempting to do something rather then just be a name on a line. Good luck.

Galewyn Massey said...

Thanks for your critique and other information.

I have been told that a member of the "Republicans for Change" took over one of the GOP websites; I don't know if it's the one you are talking about. In any case, neither Mr. Davidson nor I control the County GOP website.

Bill Davidson did petition for a 50th AD GOP State Committee slot in 2013. Although he was not certified by the BOE. Since he was unopposed, both the County and the State GOP Chairmen selected Davidson to fill the vacancy shortly after the 2013 Primary.

Anonymous said...

Instead of the Reublican candidate against Lentol getting 19% this guy will get 21%.

Anonymous said...

the website he is referring to was not taken over by the Republicans for change it was the Facebook page the website still does not have updated district leaders names.

Galewyn Massey said...

Thank you for that clarification