Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Judge Alan Marrus Adjourns Sal Perrone’s Case Yet Another Time — This Time For Two Months — Until December 12th — For a Psyche Exam [ For the Defendant - Not the Judge ]

Still failing to move the case forward, Acting Supreme Court Justice Alan Marrus used the excuse of  having Defendant Sal Perrone submit to another psychiatric exam, because of Perrone’s repeated requests for discovery from the prosecution and complaints about subpoenas from the Court

Observations of those in Court, especially the writer for the Daily News, might well have demonstrated that it is Judge Alan Marrus that needs a psychiatric evaluation of his fitness to continue

A report in the Daily News tells the story of a defendant in a case involving three murders in Brooklyn in 2012, Salvatore Perrone, who made too many complaints about not being given all the discovery that he needed to defend his case, his inability to view surveillance video evidence in jail, and also about the judge’s failure to be impartial on the case, in which the defendant is self-represented.  Alan Marrus, the Acting Supreme Court Justice on the case,  responded to the Defendant Perrone about all of this, as follows:  “You’re either lying to me on these claims or you’re delusional....   I’m concerned you might have some mental illness.’ ” (See “Second psych exam ordered for accused serial killer 'Son of Sal' ” by Oren Yaniv, 10/6/14, NY Daily News [http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/nyc-crime/psych-exam-ordered-accused-serial-killer-son-sal-article-1.1965279]).

Later on, according to the News’ report, while the defendant was reading from one of the many letters that he has been sending to the Court and the press,  Judge Marrus summarily ordered Perrone to leave the courtroom.

The letter that the defendant was reading alleged “forgery, tampering, tainted evidence, misrepresentation, fraud....”  And when Perrone then asked the judge. “What do you say to that?” ***   Marrus replied: “I’m going to say you’re getting a 730 [psychiatric] exam.”

Notably, the Daily News reporter specifically made these relevant observations: “A court insider said the judge had planned to order the test prior to Monday’s hearing....”; and  “Despite his fantastical claims, [Salvatore Perrone] appears coherent and responsive in court.”

It is clear that Judge Marrus had made up his mind before anything had happened in court on Monday.  So, his purpose was to conduct a dog and pony show, and as a result, Judge Marrus appeared to have no patience to listen to the specifics of Salvatore Perrone’s complaints and demands, or to make a full record of what Perrone might have to say before the judge’s making of his order for Defendant Perrone to receive a psychiatric examination and evaluation.

Given the observations made by Oren Yaniv of the Daily News, perhaps it is Alan Marrus, who is the one that needs a psyche exam to determine his fitness to continue on this and other cases.  [Yes, this is the same Judge Marrus that made so many arbitrary pro-prosecution determinations in the Fisher-Giuca-Russo case.]


Anonymous said...

Marrus is the most incompetent Judge in the World

Anonymous said...

PostScript. Perrone WAS found unfit to proceed after the psych exam Marrus ordered. I guess the judge was right and you were wrong.