Thursday, October 9, 2014

Russell Gallo has a very interesting and provocative opinion piece posted over on that other locally produced “Republican” blog “Behind Enemy Lines - Blogging From Within”

Gallo says that “Besides being insane, liberals are also liars. To beat a liar/liberal (even one that suffers from a mental disorder) one must tell the truth even if it is politically incorrect....” 

RG has other hit tunes, something like this one: “In order to win elections where [R]epublicans can actually win, our candidates need to have a platform and actually stand for something more substantial than 'Obama is bad.' Make no mistake, Obama is awful...  not offering solutions and/or truth”

You gotta love this lug  —   He almost makes me want to end my man crush on Joseph Hayon  —   but I’ve put too much into that  —   and what would the kids say !

According to Mr. Russell... er ... Mr. Gallo, “*** Note- the truth is often politically incorrect! ***” and the way that RG tells the truth, boy is it ever ( See “WAAR Plan for Victory in 2014, 2016 & Beyond” by Russell Gallo, 10/9/14, Behind Enemy Lines [Radio] - Blogging From Within (BEL[R]BFW) []).

HERE ARE SOME OF THE VINTAGE WHINES* FROM GALLO:                                   

[* Really they are more like "rants" than "whines" -  

but (wink - wink) you know why I used the other word ]

“Economy:  I doubt that Common Core curriculum ... [can] bring back a single job....” (It really doesn’t quite say that but I wish it did.);

“Energy prices hurt everyone.... [And most] Americans have caught on to the climate change hoax or simply don’t care anymore. Drill baby drill and frack baby frack should be our mantra....”;

“Obamacare: ,,,,  kill this leftist beast [N.B.: “Obamacare” not Obama] which is eating the golden egg of our once great health care system....”;

“National Security:  We are now fighting ISIS/ISIL/Al-Qaeda/Khorasan Group. They are all the same thing! ... [And] Islam is no “religion of peace.” Every major conflict the United States has fought since Viet Nam has involved a Muslim country either directly or indirectly ....”  He’s not finished yet — “We are at war with Islam much like we were at war with the Nazis. Were all Germans Nazis? [maybe the rest of the Nazi comparison needs a bit of moderating for the faint of heart]....”;

“Ebola:  Simple. Stop Liberians and anyone else from countries with Ebola outbreaks from entering this country until the threat is neutralized....”; and last but not least

“Immigration and Border Control:  Also simple. Close the southern border. [RG has some really tasty tidbits in this section that you really shouldn’t miss — as the moderator of this blog I just couldn't put hem here];

Wait there is still more  —  two extra tracks  —  containing encore performances of Russell’s hit renditions (just like the CIA used to do them) of “Voter ID: ...” and the always popular “Gay Marriage:...”

Don’t think only educators, environmentalists, health care professionals, the lame the halt, and the just plain sick, Muslims, Moslems and other followers of Islam, the poor, the tired and the huddled masses yearning to breath free, disenfranchised voters, and the LGBT community will be offended by RG’s post; Russell Gallo destroyed so many liberal Democrat Sacred Cows that the Hindus are after him too.

So it’s really worth your while to take a look at Russell Gallo’s post at the cite given above.


Anonymous said...

Because there isn't enough hatred, anger, and division in our world go read a local hate blog to ensure your mind is saturated. You, fellow reader, will find no substance, no thoughtful analysis of issues, no suggestion for reform, but you will be able to wallow in someone's else's anger and hatred for all things different from his myopic world view.

It is quite disappointing Mr. Massey that you would promote the above. I cannot figure you out at all.

To paraphrase Lewis Carroll, "Who are you this time?"

Anonymous said...

Russell is a terrific guy, but his math on gay marriage is way off. Every reputable poll shows a substantial majority of Americans support a person's right to marry whom they choose.

Galewyn Massey said...


I am shocked that "Anonymous...3:40AM" would quote Lewis Carroll (The Reverend Charles L. Dodgson), given all the controversy about his "sexuality" and his probably vast collection of early technology photographs of naked little girls that was destroyed shortly after his death.

Anonymous said...

And in turn it is so fitting that you would quote Jabberwocky - a piece of literary nonsense and gibberish . . .

"Who in the world [are you]", asked Alice, "Ah, that's the great puzzle."

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