Friday, October 3, 2014

“Republicans for Kemmerer” Comes to Life — Something New In Local Brooklyn Politics aims right at Marty Golden

Who is behind this group is still a mystery   —   The name of the group is suggestive of a riddle  —   The real agenda of this group is an enigma

First mention of this group might have been on this blog back in May of this year

Several hours ago a facebook page went up with the provocative title “Republicans For Kemmerer” (See “Republicans For Kemmerer” [//]). Their first message was a simple one “We are registered Republicans who support James Kemmerer's campaign to unseat State Senator Martin Golden in November. Join us!”  —   Very simple, but it stayed on message and was repeated three times on the social media site that also contained headshots of the Democratic nominee for state senator and contained a link to Mr. Kemmerer’s own site: [ ].

At this moment I have no idea if this is a legitimate and open “Republican” group that is opposed to State Senator Golden and supports the Democratic Candidate Jamie Kemmerer, as opposed to something that is ulterior in its ways and means and nature. To that extent it is a mystery. At this moment, this group appears to be something that is completely new and unique, but to the extent that they say they are registered Republicans seeking to unseat the only incumbent Republican completely elected in Brooklyn, they are a bit of a riddle. What motivates these particular registered Republicans is certainly an enigma.

Group possibly announced itself right here on this blog within days of Jamie Kemmerer’s announcement of his candidacy  

A quick computer search has turned this up. It is very possible that the people behind this new group announced themselves, their possible affiliations and loyalties, and their intentions in two comments, the first made on May 15, 2014 and the second on May 20,2014  —   both on a thread to an early post on this blog about the prospective candidacy of Democrat Jamie Kemmerer  (See comments: “Anonymous said... Republicans for Kemmerer!!!!!!!!  I hear that this group is growing very fast.........  May 15, 2014 at 11:54 AM ” and  “Anonymous said...  I hear Golden is having some trouble - I am sure his feud with Eaton lost him a lot of support, as the communities he serves are starting to see his true colors. I am sure, like someone said above, that he will use all of his funds from his current Senate position to buy his way back into the is not right. I hope Kemmerer has enough support to pull though. Republicans for Kemmerer!   May 20, 2014 at 5:21 PM”  to 5/14/14 post, “Bay Ridge Blogger and Political Activist Jamie Kemmerer Reported to be Ready to Run Against Marty Golden” below on this blog).


Anonymous said...

mommabear56 has been removed, however I am still blogging as,

Marty needs to take a very LONGGGGGGGGG leave from Politics!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Marty can go out on dissability.

Anonymous said...

WHat 'group'? Their's no "Group'. This is a fictitious REpublicans organization that is only illegally using Republican's logos to promote a Democrat like Kammerer instead of a Hard Working Republican like Golden. No real REpublicans want the DEmocrats incharge of the State Senators branch again.

Anonymous said...


Does anyone know what he does for a living, where he came from?

Anonymous said...

Actually, quite a few of us Republicans believe that Skelos/Golden and their corrupt crew need to be removed from power, and if that means a Democratic Senate for two years, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Kemmerer is a software and web developer. His company is Geekpak

Before Brooklyn, he lived in PA and attended college in PA.

A lot of republicans will be voting for him this season.

Anonymous said...

Either Golden or his stooges at the Home Reporter have got to be trying to kid everybody.

In the Home Reporter story about the debate it said that Golden said these words, “I have fought my whole life against corruption as a police officer and I will continue to fight against corruption.” What a LOL line of crap that one is! For some reason or other, State Senator Golden has always kept his real record as a NYC Police Officer a top secret. When he was a City Councilman and before Golden was elected as a state senator, Vinny Gentile asked Golden about his police disciplinary history and his police medical retirement records. Golden refused to tell anything about them then and State Senator Golden has refused to tell ever since.

All of a sudden, Golden wants to confess to the world that he ratted on his fellow police officers. Jamie Kemmerer’s claims that Golden is corrupt must be driving Golden and his people so crazy that they will do or say anything to get out from under this stuff.