Monday, February 25, 2013

Bob Capano, a Former Brooklyn Republican City Council Candidate and District Director for Congressman Bob Turner Endorses John Catsimatidis for Mayor

Capano is the first prominent Brooklyn Republican Activist* to formally announce his unequivocal support for Catsimatidis' run for NYC Mayor  ---  With his strong personal endorsement of John Catsimatidis, Capano rises to the level of the two other Brooklyn GOP activists who have made endorsements, Craig Eaton, who endorsed Adolfo Carrion, and Martin Golden, who did the same for John Lhota 


*Bob Capano joins Staten Island Republican Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, who represents a small portion of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn 

Bob Capano, a former President of the Brooklyn Young Republican Club, in 2008 ran for the Assembly in the 46th AD, and in 2009 was the Republican, Conservative, and Independence Party candidate for the 43rd City Council seat in Brooklyn. Until the beginning of 2013, Capano was District Director for Republican Congressman Bob Turner.

Today Bob Capano announced that he had endorsed John Catsimatidis for Mayor. Catsimatidis is one of the few candidates that stands out in the crowded Republican field; and he probably has the best chance to succeed Michael R. Bloomberg in getting to City Hall on the Republican line.

Capano stated, “John Catsimatidis is the Republican candidate that has the vision, background, and experience to reach out to New Yorkers and win the general election. His experience creating jobs and commitment to keeping New York City safe, as demonstrated by his stated desire to keep NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly part of his administration, is exactly what we need in our next Mayor. This city cannot afford to go back to the days when New Yorkers in too many communities feared walking in their own neighborhoods.”

Capano, who was one of the first Brooklyn Republicans to support and aid then candidate Michael Grimm in his 2010 primary added, “As an immigrant from Greece who grew up in Harlem and created his vast success in business from scratch that created thousands of jobs, John Catsimatidis has the unique background and experience to reach out to all New Yorkers. His desire to simply give back to the city that he loves and independence from special interests is a message that will resonate across our boroughs.”


Galewyn Massey said...

UPDATE: Republican Mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis and Brooklyn-Staten Island Assemlywoman Nicole Malliotakis do press event on 92nd Street near entrance to the Verrazano Bridge (See “CATS OUT OF THE BAG – John Catsimatidis Holds Court in Brooklyn”
By Ross Barkan 2/25/13, []). Mr. Catsimatidis, used the press event in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to criticize the MTA’s fare and toll hikes planned for March 3013, and to layout his own plan to freeze additional bridge tolls or any increased bus and subway fares. Mr. Catsimatidis did not lay the blame for such increases on his Republican rival in the mayor’s race, Joe Lhota, who was the Chairman of the MTA when the March toll hikes had been approved.

As a result of the scheduled Verrazano Toll increase, it is expected that Mr. Lhota might face a backlash from voters on Staten Island and other commuters who will have to pay more to cross the Verrazano Bridge if the increases aren’t stopped.

Anonymous said...

I guess this will finish-off Bob Capano in Brooklyn Republican politics - once and for all - for the last time - for good - never to be heard from again - - - AGAIN !

I wonder if there is no life after crossing Golden and Eaton for backing a Greek-American supermarket mogul for mayor like there was no life after crossing Golden and Eaton for backing a former US Marine and FBI Agent who worked a deep-cover assignment for congress....

Galewyn Massey said...

BACKFILL: (from “Eric Ulrich Picks Bob Capano To Run Campaign” by James Arkin, 8/3/12, NYDaily News/ Daily Politics Blog []) “Capano ... has experience in Brooklyn politics, previously working as an adviser to Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz and as an aide to former Congressman Vito Fossella. [He also ran for office as a Brooklyn GOP candidate in Bay Ridge] He most recently worked with Rep. Bob Turner the district director in Brooklyn.... ‘I'm thrilled to appoint Bob Capano as my campaign manager,’ Ulrich said in a statement. ‘Bob has a stellar reputation for knowing the ins and outs of New York City politics and his expertise will be an invaluable asset in my campaign for state senate’.”