Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What is Bob Capano up to ??? His recent releases and comments are all over the lot…..

The Democratic candidates for the NY City Council seat being vacated by Vincent Gentile must be salivating or they are too busy measuring Vinny’s office for new “window treatments”

Capano, McCabe and Quaglione now have all taken their turn inside the barrel of crazy campaign notions  ---  You know the ones that always start out like this  >>> “Wouldn’t it be a great idea to ……..” ---  A former Democrat City Council candidate, who was once a friend and is now "...  not a bad looking corpse" used to have them all the time

Bob Capano’s latest obviously comes from the wife's sewing circle and some of her’s and Bob’s mutual friends…..   If I were in the mood, I’m sure I could pitch this  (more accurately  “spin this”)  as a loyalty thing to the little woman at home,  but I’m not;  so, I won’t.   

It seems that Bob Capano and company want to get on their crusading warhorses to combat the growing menace of…   [wait for it]   feral cats in Bay Ridge.  ---  That’s right, your eyes aren’t lying to your brain,  I did just write  “THE MENACE OF...  FERAL CATS IN BAY RIDGE.”

Some might have you believe that Bay Ridge is awash in Bengal Tigers or even Carolina Panthers and their fans;  now,  THAT would be a problem worthy of any GOP candidate’s attention and a “YOW-SUH” or two from the bully pulpit…..   But what Bob is getting his tighty-whities in a twist about, now,  is the allegedly growing population of rogue tabby-cats in my beloved  neighborhood by the bay.

So finally, we can add “Tough on the Tabbies” Bob  to “Vets with Pets” Liam and,  of course still my personal favorite,  “Breast-pumper on the Independent Stage” John.  ---  Justin it’s time for you, the Reverend El-Y and good old uncle Pete to double check those drapery measurements,  one of you will probably need them, soon enough.

You know,  I was set to really go all-out for Bob’s again bashing of the Bay Ridge Arabist Team of Sarsour and El-Yateem with the NY Post’s  “international” Op-Ed piece.  However, when Bob’s Retweet about the feral cats showed up;  it left me feeling flatter than Jack D. Ripper’s  “you-know-what”  after the act of coitus.


Anonymous said...

Capano is a total pussy.

Anonymous said...

Gale as an ex fish salesman I can explain this to you.

Republicans in Bay Ridge have been losing for decades. McCabe entered the race and addressed an issue of social concern. The record growing homeless population, and it is at a record high. Republicans usually ignore these issues and the result has been they usually lose. People noticed this and McCabe quickly became the type of Republican who can win against a democrat. Q and Bob have proven that the old style politics of bashing the less fortunate still works. So they had to copy Liam.

Now Q has started with the contrived issues of independent puppet shows where the admission is fresh squeezed breast milk and Bob wants to help the kittens.

Anonymous said...

Gentile just entered the race for DA. Could be good for Justin. Could be bad for Justin.

Galewyn Massey said...




Later on your argument gets completely pied by what is an apparent typo in this formulation: ".... Q and Bob have proven that the old style politics of bashing the less fortunate still works. So they had to copy Liam...."

Some call logic the syntax of syntax --- your comment contains an apparent train of syntax errors, as a result it is neither logical nor coherent.

But, thanks for playing "Beat the Clock."

Anonymous said...

Gail, are we supposed to think that you're really Bud Collier?

Anonymous said...

Liam SAYS he cares about the homeless because of his dad and the famous "promise to his dad down by ye ole railroad trestle" but Bobby Capano will win the nom AND the general because he will stand up to the Dope from The Slope and oppose the construction of a homeless shelter in Dyker Heights. I says it would be hard for Liam to lay claim he's a Republican FOR the homeless while rallying against the siting of a new homeless shelter in the district he wishes to represent

Burgess Meredith said...

Now that is a well taken point 6:26 !

Mayor de Ballsio plans to open roughly 90 new homeless shelters throughout the five boroughs. Where does Mr. Champion of Homeless Vets and Cats Liam McGaybe stand on THIS ISSUE ????